Biracial Women in Ontario

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Balls Lick

Man, sometimes the things I do surprise the hell out of everyone, including me. The name is Adam Jean-Pierre. I’m a big and tall young Black man of Haitian descent living in the town of Nepean, Province of Ontario. I’m a business major at Algonquin College. Next semester I will transfer to Carleton University. It’s going to be a really busy time for me. And these days, I am on the prowl for some hot pussy. And I swear that these days, it comes to find me. All kinds of pussy. I don’t discriminate, folks. I’m just a young Black man having fun in the summertime. If you folks can actually catch my drift.

Presently, I’m banging a nerdy Biracial chick named Amy Charles. I don’t usually go for Biracial females. Especially chicks who are half Black and half White. I really don’t. There are many reasons why. I find them kind of nerdy and annoying. Their hero-worship of White folks, especially in North America, annoys the hell out of me. And they look down on other Canadian immigrant groups, especially Arabs, Hispanics and Africans. I swear I think Biracial females are trying to become just like White people but don’t quote me on that. Their attitude turns off a lot of their fellow immigrants, especially in Canada. Amy Charles approached me while I was dining solo at the Saint Laurent Food Court. She was all giggly and lame, and it was obvious what she wanted. I don’t really feel Biracial chicks but Amy Charles had an okay body on her. That’s why I went along with it. Pussy is pussy, you know?

That Amy Charles chick, man, I knew her life story before she even told me anything about herself. Amy is the offspring of a Black immigrant woman from the Continent of Africa who married Demetevler Escort a White Canadian male from the Province of Quebec. She grew up in a lily-White neighbourhood in the city of Montreal. All of her friends are White. She only goes out with White men. And she usually doesn’t associate with people of African descent. Ever. Like most of the Biracial women of Black and White descent living in the Province of Ontario. I stay away from them Biracial females, man. I really do. They’ve turned their backs on the Black community as a whole. They seem to think the White community will accept and embrace them. Don’t make me laugh at that silly notion. White folks love their own and despise all others. That’s why there is racism in the world. Biracial women of Black and White descent can’t see that. I see them as traitors. And I don’t usually deal with them. However, this time I was horny.

Amy Charles turned out to be a pretty good cock sucker. I found this out when we got busy in my apartment. She was around five-foot-three, and weighed one hundred and ten pounds soaking wet. Her body was skinny, light brown in skin tone, flat in the chest and flat in the behind. Biracial chicks are built like White chicks. Nice hair, okay faces, no chest and basically no butt. Truth be told I’ve never had Biracial pussy before and I was kind of curious. Is it true that they always love feel different from regular Black chicks? This brother was determined to find out.

Amy gasped when she saw my dick. I’m about eight inches long, a bit thick and uncircumcised. My parents don’t believe in circumcision. My brothers are uncut. Otele gelen escort My father is uncut. And we’re all proud to be natural men. The way nature created men to be. To hell with outdated religious practices and bizarre social norms. Amy seemed fascinated by my cock. And she couldn’t wait to suck it. I am a gentleman deep down and I didn’t want to keep the lady waiting. Amy sucked my dick eagerly and stroked my balls. I guess she liked having something big and Black to suck on. Most women do.

Amy polished my dick with her surprisingly long and agile tongue. When I came, she eagerly drank my manly cum. You should have seen her going at it, folks. She seemed like a thirsty nomad drinking at an oasis in the scorching desert heat. I laughed and urged her to continue. When she licked my cock dry, I laid her on the bed and went to work on her. I spread her skinny legs and fingered her bald cunt. She was soon moaning in pleasure. After I made her cum a couple of times, Amy made a very strange request. One I was kind of used to getting. The nerdy Biracial slut wanted me to go wild on her. She wanted me to dominate her. Man, I’ve lost count of how Hispanic, Arabic, Indian and Caucasian broads who just can’t wait to kneel before a Black stud in the bedroom. And now this Biracial bitch had the same syndrome. I can’t explain it.

I did exactly what she wanted me to do. I put her on all fours and spanked her flat ass. Her Black mother didn’t give her the booty that Black women are universally famous for. I guess her White father’s genes were pretty dominant. That’s quite okay with me. I spanked her ass until her Balgat Escort high-yellow butt went red. She yelped but urged me to continue. I never meet Black women who want to be dominated because most pure Black women are pretty dominant. In and out of the bedroom. Females who have the desire to be dominated by Black men are usually Arabic, Hispanic, Asian or Caucasian. Smacking the ass of this mixed slut is the closest I’ve come to dominating a Black woman in the bedroom. And I must say that I kind of relished it.

After spanking Amy Charles flat high-yellow butt until it turned red, I decided to fuck her. In the ass. And she was okay with that. Face down and flat high-yellow ass up, that’s the way I took her. I lubricated her asshole with some lotion, then pressed my dick against her backdoor. Slowly, I eased my dick into her. I held her skinny hips tightly and thrust my dick into her asshole. The lubricant helped but her asshole wasn’t as tight as I thought it would be. I guess she’s been taking deliveries through the backdoor for a while now. Since she’s a Biracial woman of White and Black descent in Canada, she usually goes for White cock. Well, now I wanted her to feel my awesome Black cock. And so I did.

I slammed my dick mercilessly into Amy’s asshole. I spanked her ass while fucking her. I went as rough as I could. And when I was done, I came, flooding her asshole with my cum. Amy howled as my hot manly cum filled her asshole. I laughed. After a couple of minutes, I pulled my dick out of her now gaping asshole. I spat in her asshole. Hey, I’m nasty, you know? Amy was stunned. I just laughed and told her to get the hell out of my apartment. She seemed surprised and asked me if she wasn’t good enough for me. I flat out told her no. The only women I can love and care for are Black women. Pure Black women. Women of other races, including Biracial women, are good for fucking and nothing else. Amy stared at me, wide-eyed. Then she got dressed and left. Back to her lily-White world. Just like the Biracial bitch she is.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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