Birthday Pleasure

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Jill and Lisa decide they want to have a girl’s night out and have some wild fun. They get all dressed up, short skirts, shinny tan pantyhose, and sexy heels and low cut tops. They rented a limo and headed for the city. They arrive at a nice bar in uptown of the city. They walk into the bar sit down and order their drinks. They are very outgoing and not shy by any means so they talk to everyone. There are a lot of really cool people, men and women, that they start talking to. Soon they get out on the dance floor and start dancing, a group of guys was sitting at the table closes to the dance floor and when the song is finished the guys motion for them to come over to their table. The guys order them drinks and invite them to sit.

The girls start feeling frisky seeing these 6 hot looking guys sitting there. One of the guys, Kevin says they are out celebrating their friend’s birthday. Jill says oh that’s cool what are you doing for him? Kevin said bar hoping and hasn’t figured out the rest yet. Jill looks at Lisa and starts to giggle and jokingly says to Kevin you want us to help? Kevin looks at Mark, the birthday boy then back at the girls and says what do you have in mind? Lisa looks at Jill then to Kevin and rest bahis şirketleri the guys and says with a wink you will see and the girls turn and start for the door. Jill grabs Lisa’s arm and whispers to her how hot she thinks they are and how wet she’s already getting just thinking about them. The guys stand and follow them out of the bar.

Once outside the bar the girls tell them that their limo is waiting, the guys let the girls in first. Jill tells the driver to take them to the hotel nearby. They get a room and go in, Its a huge beautiful room there’s a huge king size bed, hot tub and bar. First off Kevin introduces his friends to Jill and Lisa.

There is Mark the birthday boy, Lisa playfully leans over and softly kisses his cheek, Pat, who had an ass to die for, Jeff was tall and really cute, Greg, was the tall dark and sexy one and then Brad the cute innocent looking one. They sit down and have a couple drinks talking and getting to know one another. Pat and Jeff say they will be back.

The girls start getting frisky and decide to tease the guys, Jill stands up first and starts dancing and stripping in front of them, Lisa joins in. They get down to the pantyhose and heels; Lisa grabs Jill’s hand and bahis firmaları leads her to the bed. Lisa lays Jill on the bed and starts kissing and touching her breasts feeling her nipples get harder under her fingers. This is turning the guys on; they walk over to the bed and start watching.

Lisa lets Jill up and whispers in her ear, just what, the guys don’t know until the girls get up and walk around in front of the guys and starts undressing them. Lisa got in front of Mark teasingly takes her finger starting at his mouth slowly running it down his body and stops at his chest then with a little push he lays back on the bed. She bends down with her ass in the air, her legs spread you can see her pussy wet through her crotch less hose and starts sucking his dick.

Meanwhile Jill is being felt up by Kevin and kissing on Brad. Greg can’t help but notice Lisa and goes over to her and gets down on his knees and starts licking and sucking her clit and all around her pussy. Kevin is down between Jill’s legs and Brad’s cock is in her mouth.

A few minutes later Pat and Jeff make it back and laid 4 bags next to the bed. They just stand there watching the 6 naked bodies all on the bed, and not one of the 6 even kaçak bahis siteleri notice them standing there. They undress, open up the bags and take out bottles of oil. They open them and start pouring the oil all over everyone. They all start stroking each other’s slippery bodies. Pat and Jeff climb onto the bed not missing out on any of the fun.

Lisa crawls over to Pat and straddles his cock sinking down onto it as Jill does Jeff. The girls hose, shoes and bodies are dripping with oil, glistening under the lights of the room. Greg makes his way over to Jill this time, moves up behind her and puts his dick in her ass while she’s fucking Jeff. Since all her holes are not occupied Kevin decides that they need be and sticks his rock hard cock in her mouth. Not wanting anyone to be left out Lisa calls over to Brad and tells him to fill her ass with his dick.

Mark watches a while stroking his cock then moves to Lisa. She opens her mouth to take in Marks cock. All holes are filled. The girls both cum several times. There’s a lot of sex each getting their fill several times, this lasts for hours until the dawn. When the last guy’s cums they decide to shower then climb into the hot tub. They laugh and talk and have a couple drinks and just relax. When everyone is finished they get dressed, say their good-byes and Mark thanks the girls for the great birthday and wild sex, he will never forget. The girls leave knowing they will never see the guys again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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