Birthday Surprise for Him

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Its your birthday and I’ve been planning for weeks to make it an extra special and particularly memorable one for you. Its early in the morning still and I’m finalizing all the plans I’ve been working on so diligently so they will be perfect for this evening.

I make a few phone calls to ensure everything will be ready. I run some errands to pick up all of the items I will need to make this an amazing birthday celebration. I get back home and start to go through everything and start setting up the surprise.

First I place candles throughout the house. I’ve purchased several dozen strawberry scented candles of various sizes and soon the smell of them fills my nostrils. I strip the bed of my boring everyday sheets and slip on new deep green silk ones. The feel of the material beneath my fingertips is so inviting and I can hardly wait to be naked with you on them.

I go into the kitchen and start cutting up all of your favorite fruits. Once done, I start preparing dinner as it will need to simmer for several hours. I’m making one of your favorite meals. Once dinner is set and simmering, I go back out to the livingroom and start to go through more of the items I went out to buy this morning.

I set aside the outfit I bought just for the occasion and start looking over the new toys I bought. Just looking at them starts a throb between my legs and I start to daydream a little about us starting to use them all. The throb becomes stronger as my fingers slip along the various implements of pleasure. I realize I won’t be able to wait until you get here to start as I start to undo my jeans.

I lie back on the livingroom floor and slide my jeans down to my knees. My pussy is already getting wet and as my fingers slide into the edges of my panties, I’m already starting to twitch a little as the excitement builds. I slip my panties down to my jeans and then let my fingers slip in between my lips.

I slip a finger down into the wetness, covering the tip with my juices. I then move it up and circle my clit with it as I think of you lying here with me, watching me as I satisfy my needs. As I rub my clit, I let my other one of my other fingers gently slide into me. I can feel my orgasm building as I increase the speed of my fingers. My hips are rotating against my hand as it pushes and fondles me.

A light sweat breaks out on my skin as the end comes closer. I use my other hand to apply more pressure and my hips lift from the ground with each thrust of my hand. I’m so close and my heart is racing as I think about you entering me, bringing me to completion. I love the feeling of your cock inside me and this is the closest I can be to that feeling right now, thinking of you as you bury into me.

My breathing is labored as I start to moan. My hands are still moving and pleasing as the image of you dances in my head. I think of your kisses, your touch, your cock. I think of you fucking me here on the livingroom floor and it sends my orgasm into overdrive as I cry out your name.

I slow the movements of my hands as my orgasm starts to wind down. I lie there a moment, still thinking of you as I start to take my hands away. Once I feel that I can stand again, I start to put myself back together and resume setting the stage for your birthday surprise.

I set up more in the livingroom, then take a few things into the bedroom for later use. I also put my outfit into the bathroom where it will be ready for me to put on after my shower. I go out to check on the dinner simmering on the stove and then spread out a large sheet on the floor. I place a few candles around it as well as some body oils.

Once everything is in place, I start to actually set the plan in motion. I call you to see how your day is and to tell you I’m thinking of you. I tell you briefly about my little masturbation session, just to get you in the right frame of mind. I know how you like to hear all my dirty little thoughts and about how I pleasure myself. You tell me how you’re getting hard and its making it difficult to stay at work. I tell you I’ll be here for you when you get off work and say goodbye.

I start to light all the candles in the house and turn out all the actual lights. There are so many that the house is actually very well lit. I get the rest of dinner started so that it will be ready for you when you get here. I then go to take my shower. I turn on the water and take off my clothes.

I step into the shower and get my entire body drenched. I wash my hair and then start with primping my body. I lather up and clean every inch. There is still a heat between my thighs but I want to leave it until you get home. I shave my legs and pussy, making sure I’m nice and bare just for you. I rinse off and wrap myself in a towel as I shut off the water.

I step out of the shower and dry off. I grab a bottle of raspberry vanilla lotion and rub it into my skin. First my legs, then my arms, then over my bare pussy. I brush out my hair and leave it to dry naturally. I then almanbahis adres start to get dressed. I slide on a pair of black thigh high stockings and the feeling of their silkiness is just filling me with images of you sliding them off me. I put on the garter and attach the straps to the stockings. I decided that no panties was absolutely the way to go for tonight.

I take the black corset I bought out of the bag and start to put it on. I pull the laces up tight, pushing up my breasts above it. Once I’m satisfied with how it is fitted, I grab a short black skirt and pull it up to my waist. I zip it up and then take a look in the mirror. I’m pleased with how it works together and then go to get a pair of boots that you like to call my “fuck me” boots.

I slide them on, pulling them up until the rest just beneath my knees. I stand in them and start to lace them up. They are tight around my calves and the heels are high, making me stand at about 5’10”. I finish off my outfit with a long, lacy robe that almost reaches the floor. I wrap it around myself and fasten it with the small buttons on the front. My breasts are pressing against the material and are eagerly awaiting your touch.

I go back into the bathroom to finish getting ready. I sweep my hair up into a loose pile at the back of my head and pin it up. Tendrils fall from it in various places as they tickle my neck and face. I apply some black eye liner and then set out to the kitchen to finish up the dinner. You’ll be here soon and I’m so excited I can hardly stand it.

I set out dinner on the table as you come in the front door. I come out to greet you with a deep kiss and wish you a happy birthday. Your hands start to explore my body and you tell me how incredibly delicious I look. I take your hand and lead you to the diningroom table where I serve you a plate. I serve myself and sit down next to you.

I slide one hand under the table and into your lap as you start to eat. I reach for the bulge between your legs and can feel that you are already hard. You look into my eyes and smile. I smile back at you and lean over to kiss your cheek. I gently rub your cock through your pants as you continue to eat. You attempt to stop eating and start to reach for me when I tell you that isn’t allowed tonight.

You look questioningly at me and I then tell you the rules for the night. I tell you that tonight is YOUR night and that I will be telling you what you can and can’t do. The first order is that you finish your meal, no matter what it is I’m doing to you. You look at me lingeringly and then nod that you accept this.

I continue to rub as you eat. I’m watching you as I feel the hardness of your cock through your pants. I then find the zipper and slowly pull it down. I again remind you that you must continue to eat until you are done as I start to slide my way down and under the table. I position myself between your legs and reach my hand inside your pants and boxers. I pull your hard cock out and gently kiss the tip.

I lick and suck at the head of your cock as my hand gently strokes the shaft. The feeling of your hard flesh in my mouth causes me to start getting wet. I then move my mouth down along the shaft, sucking at you as I pull away. I move so slow because I don’t want to make you come yet. I just want to drive you crazy.

I can hear the sounds of your fork hitting the plate from time to time as my mouth continues to run itself along your hard cock. I flick my tongue around from time to time as I move along you. You’re so hard and you feel so good in my mouth. I get you close and then slow down again. I want this sensation to last for both of us.

I lick and suck and pull at you with my mouth and my fingers start to dig into your thighs. I hear a slight moan from above as one of your hands comes down under the table and grabs a handful of my hair. I move faster now, ready for you to come. I can feel it building for you as your grip on my hair tightens. I move faster still until you explode. I lick at you lightly and gently caress your cock as I pull my mouth away.

I come up from under the table and see that you’ve finished your meal. I’m so proud of you! You lean over and kiss me, running your hands through my hair and along my face as you do. I stand up, leaving my dinner half eaten and pull you up from your chair. I lead you into the livingroom to the sheet I spread out on the floor. I lift up your shirt, kissing you stomach and chest as it passes up and then over your head.

I kiss your lips once your shirt is gone and then start working on your pants. I pull them down, again kissing as I hear your quiet moans each time my lips touch your skin. I kneel before you, undoing your shoes and having you step out of them and your pants. I also remove your socks before again rising before you and starting to work down your boxers.

As I reveal your cock, I give it several kisses and it jumps at the touch. I lick it briefly before pulling your boxers down to almanbahis adres the floor and again, have you step out of them. I then pull you down onto the sheet and have you lie on your stomach. I seat myself on your ass and you can feel the materials of my outfit on you, as well as bits of my skin from my thighs.

I grab a bottle of body oil and pour it into my hand. I put the bottle down and start rubbing my hands together to warm it. I then start to rub your shoulders and back, spreading the oil around and working it into your skin. The heat of your body between my thighs is getting me hot but tonight is not about me. Its about you and making you feel as amazing as possible.

I rub the oil into you, moving down your arms, around your neck and down your back. I start to slide myself down along your body, adding more oil as needed and working on your ass and legs. Once I feel as though I’ve fully relaxed your backside, I tell you to turn over.

You do as I tell you and I can see your hard cock in the candlelight when you get onto your back. This sends a new wave for me and I genuinely have to fight the urge to seat myself on you, allowing you to penetrate me. I seat myself just below your cock, feeling the heat of it between my thighs and the pressure of it against my stomach as I lean against you rubbing oil into your chest and arms.

I move down along your stomach, rubbing and feeling your flesh beneath mine. I again start to slide down along your body, running my hands down along either side of your cock as I rub the oil in. You’re so hot and ready and I want you more than you can possibly know, but right now is not the time for that.

I rub my hands along your legs, rubbing and massaging, my hands moving easily along your skin. I then move up along you again and start to gently massage your cock. The oil blends well with the heat of your cock and I can feel your desire for me. I stroke, moving up and down along your shaft, then turning my hands around it slowly as I let the oil sink in.

You reach for me as I continue to stroke and I tell you no. You lie back again as my hands continue to rub you, faster and faster as you fill with the need to come. I can feel my juices dripping down my thigh as my walls start to twitch. I want you so much right now, but more than that, I want to give you ultimate pleasure.

I keep rubbing and I can feel you getting harder still as your orgasm begins. I hold you tightly in my hands, my fingers still moving along you as you finish. I still gently rub you as you start to soften, my pussy still twitching with need. I run my hands down along your legs one last time and then stand over you.

You’re looking up at me, admiring my outfit as I reach a hand out to you. You take it and start to get up from the floor. I push you backwards into a chair and you sit down willingly. I tell you to let your arms hang down as I step behind you. You feel the soft touch of the tie downs as they wrap around each of your wrists. I pull them tightly down and tie them to the chair, restricting your movement.

I then come around to the front of you and kneel, tying each of your ankles to the chair as well. I leave you there, heading to the kitchen. I return with a bowl of fruit and a bowl of whipped cream. I set them down next to you on the floor. I can feel your eyes on me like heat from a lamp and the feeling sends thrills through me.

I start to unbutton my robe and then let it fall to the floor. I’m standing in only my skirt, corset, thigh highs and boots. I start to move, rotating my hips and running my hands along the material of my corset. My hands slowly move up over the bare mounds of my breasts as I continue to move towards you.

I straddle you in the chair, pressing so close to you that you can feel the heat of me on your skin. I gyrate against you, wrapping my arms around your neck for leverage. I can feel your bare thighs grazing mine as I move against you. Your cock is getting hard again and I once more must fight the urge to impale myself on it.

I rest myself down on your legs and reach down for a piece of fruit. I sweep it through the whipped cream and bring it to your lips. You open your mouth for me as I gently tease your tongue with it. You bring your mouth down, biting into it as I release my hold on it and reach down for a swipe of just whipped cream. I trace my finger along your collarbone, leaving a tasty white trail that my mouth follows. I lick at you, and then bite gently as I lap up the remaining cream.

I grab another piece of fruit and more cream, then trace it along my collarbone, leaning in close for your awaiting mouth. The pressure of your cock against me joined by the feel of your mouth as it devours causes my body to shake ever so slightly. I rotate my hips against you again and moan a little as your teeth sink in to me.

I move closer to you still, allowing the lips of my pussy to graze your cock. I rock against you, feeling and wanting you. My arms are wrapped almanbahis adres around your neck again and your mouth is continuing to find places to kiss and nibble. I pull back and ask if you want me. You tell me that you do and with that, I rise and allow you to sink into my warm, wet and hungering pussy.

I let out a little moan as I slip down all the way and run my fingers up into your hair. I start to ride you slowly, feeling my thighs touch yours briefly as I move. I’m so hot and ready, but I want this to be incredible for you. I move along you, feeling you slide in and out. I kiss you as I rise and fall against you, feeling you hit every spot inside of me.

I lean back a little as I quicken my pace a bit. I can feel every bit of you as I slide down and my thighs meet yours and I enjoy every moment of it. I continue to move, working towards your orgasm as I avoid my own. It isn’t time for me, it is time for you. I push hard and fast against you, slipping along you with ease. My hands move along you, feeling your arms as they struggle against your restraints.

I strive to bring you all the pleasure I can and want only to satisfy you. I move along you faster still as my hands continue to grasp at your arms. I can feel you tightening as you get closer and I push forward, bringing you to your release. I thrust again and again until you start to shake a little and I can feel your cock shifting inside of me. I’m so very close myself, but it still isn’t time for me.

I lift myself off your cock and kneel before you again. I gently kiss your stomach, thighs and cock as I untie your ankles. I move up along your body and kiss your chest, neck and mouth before moving around you and untying your hands. I help you stand and you hold me close to you as you kiss one of the most passionate kisses I have ever received on my desperately awaiting mouth.

You hold me there for a moment before I take you by the hand and lead you to the bathroom. I start the shower and then guide you into it. I leave the curtain open so I can clean you while still standing outside the tub. I get your body wet and then soap you up. I rub my hands along your entire body, over your chest and back, down your arms, along your legs, over your ass and then finally to your amazing cock. I feel the heat and weight of it in my hands and enjoy cleaning it as you look upon me.

Once you are cleaned to my liking, I rinse you off and shut off the water. I grab a towel and start to dry your skin, stopping to kiss it from time to time. You step out of the shower and I dry your feet off. I make sure I haven’t missed any spots and then take your hand once again.

I lead you to my bedroom, also filled with candles, and seat you on my bed. I tell you that you can only watch unless otherwise directed. You sit watching me as you await my next action. I start to untie the strings of my corset and slowly remove it, allowing my breasts to fall free. I then unzip my skirt and slide it down stepping out with one leg, then lifting the other with it still around my ankle, holding it out for you. I tell you to remove it and you do as I ask.

I come towards you in only the garter, stockings and boots and I reach for your delectable skin. I lean forward, my breasts hanging before me, and kiss you. I allow my lips to trace down your body, kissing, licking, nibbling as I make my way to your cock again. Its ready and waiting for me, just how I like it as my mouth consumes it again.

I get your cock wet with my saliva and then take it away as I inch body closer between your thighs. I press my breasts against either side of your cock, holding it tightly between them as I start to move up and down while looking into your eyes. The hardness of you pressed against me like this is so inviting and again, all I want is to feel you inside of me again.

I continue to rub my breasts against your cock and then ask you what you want most right now. Your answer is everything I could have wanted to hear right at that moment. You tell me that you want to be buried inside of me, making love to me until you hear me screaming out your name.

I tell you that you are free to take over now and no sooner have the words left my lips than you have me swept up in your arms and are gently resting me on the bed. You lie me there, boots, stockings and garters still on, and kiss every inch of me. Your hands roam across my body, stroking and caressing my arms, thighs and breasts.

You then come over me and slide yourself between my thighs. Your heat and the smell of you is filling me with so much need. I want you so much right now and its all I can think of. You slip in to me with ease and press your entire body against mine. Your arms fold around me, holding me closer to you as you kiss me. I can feel the heat of your breath on my skin as you start to thrust deep into me.

Our bodies feel as though they are becoming a smooth and fluid machine. Working together to accomplish a common goal. Your cock pushing inside of me as my pussy welcomes you. Your nails dig in to my back as you continue to thrust. My arms are wrapped around you and pulling you into me. You push yourself up on your arms, and as you do, I lift one of my legs up over your shoulder.

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