Black Female Slave

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Angel Wicky

My name is Bernadine Bernavil. A tall and kind of chubby, dark-skinned and big-bottomed Black woman of Haitian origin living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. I have a deep submissive streak inside of me. Simply put, I love to serve white people. That’s why I walked away from my job as librarian at Brockton Community College to become the house servant of an elderly white woman named Louisa Wilson. And to be honest, I’ve never been happier.

I love working for Mistress Louisa Wilson. She lives in the west side of Brockton, in a nice house. I love to tend her garden, and clean her house. I also love to cook nice meals for her and take care of her when she’s sick. I live to serve. My friends and family think I’m weird but I don’t care. The only way I seem to find fulfillment is by serving others. Especially domineering white women like Louisa Wilson. She’s an older lady who lived in the old days when a lot of Blacks and Hispanics served Whites. Although the world has changed, she did not. And I like to be her submissive servant. For there is something deep inside of me that craves white female domination.

Mistress Louisa Wilson is a six-foot-tall, flame-haired and green-eyed white woman in her early sixties. She used to be a lawyer back in the day but now she’s retired. I take care of her because she’s getting up there in age. Not that she would ever admit it but this feisty old woman sometimes needs help. And I don’t mean just with housework and things of that nature. There are other services that I provide for her. Unique services. I would do anything to please my white mistress because she’s the light of my life. Before Kurtköy Escort I met her, I was profoundly unhappy. Now, I’ve found fulfillment.

Sometimes, Mistress Louisa likes to show me who’s boss. And I absolutely delight in this. A lot of black women have trouble with white female authority. I’m not one of them. I love to submit to white chicks, especially older white women like Louisa Wilson. When she summons me to her room, I come to her obediently. Then she fastens the slave’s collar around my neck and tells me that I’m her property. I’m her black female slave who must do as she says, or else. I would never disobey my mistress. Serving her is the light of my life.

Mistress Louisa Wilson puts the leash around my neck and walks me around the house. I follow her around on all fours while she calls me all kinds of names. Many people would be offended by these names but not me. I know that my mistress means them in the most affectionate of ways. Mistress tells me that she likes me the way I am. A lot of black women these days have sassy mouths and they quite often talk back when confronted by older white women. I’m not like that. I’m nice, neat and submissive. Mistress loves a black woman who knows her place. I’m always polite to her and her people. I know my place. And Mistress appreciates that about me.

Mistress Louisa Wilson controls my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I live in her room, and sleep at the feet of her bed. Sometimes, I crawl into her bed at night to perform certain unique services for her. I’m at her beck and call twenty four hours a day. I always do exactly as Kurtköy Escort Bayan I am told and never question a direct order from her. Mistress loves how well-trained I am. She tells me she wishes there were more black women like me out there. I don’t. If there were many others like me, then I would cease to be unique and Mistress wouldn’t need me anymore.

Sometimes, I displease my Mistress and she punishes me. She takes out her cane and has me strip naked. Then she whacks my big black butt with some solid hits of her cane. I take my punishment without screaming because Mistress hates it when I make noise. She thinks I should be seen and not heard. I understand why she does what she does. I don’t question her orders. It’s my fault for displeasing her in the first place. After Mistress gives me a solid thrashing, I crawl before her and beg for forgiveness. Sometimes she forgives me, sometimes she doesn’t.

What I love is when my Mistress wants me to make her happy. In those nights, I crawl into bed with her and lick her pussy. I love licking my Mistress’s pussy. It tastes so good. I love to lick and probe it with my tongue. I love licking my Mistress asshole when she lets me do it. I love to smell her pussy and asshole. My Mistress flaunts her aroma and it is like sweet nectar on my tongue. Sometimes, Mistress whips out her strap-on dildo and fucks me with it. I love it when she takes me roughly. She puts me on all fours, spreads my ass cheeks and fucks me in the ass while calling me all kinds of names. I would scream as she fucked me, delighting in totally submitting to her. For this is what makes Escort Kadıköy me happy. My Mistress fucks me hard, and reminds me constantly that I’m her slave and she can do whatever she wants with me. And I love it!

Mistress has forbidden me from leaving her property without permission. She also forbids me from watching television, reading books or masturbating. My time is spent cleaning the house, or working in the kitchen or the garden. That’s how I spend my days, and I am happy. Sometimes, I think about my life in the old days. Before Mistress came along and brought light into my world of darkness. Back when I lived on my own. I was married to a black man named Jerome. We lived in a house together. He was a policeman and I was a librarian at city college. Those days were okay, but I felt profoundly unhappy. Then one day I met Mistress Louisa Wilson and she showed me what my life was missing. I needed someone to serve and someone to dominate me. My husband was too nice. He couldn’t dominate me properly. That’s why I was so mean and sassy when talking to him. That’s why I treated him so shabbily. Mistress took me into her home, and changed my world. Now I happily serve her and I don’t even think about my old life anymore.

Many people out there in the world would think I was crazy if they knew what my life was like. I don’t care what they think. Mistress forbids me from reading books and newspapers and from watching television because she doesn’t want me to become corrupted by the ideas of the outside world. I am fine with that. Really, I am. Mistress is the center of my universe. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m not suffering. I’m not in pain. I’m not being degraded. I’m simply living out my fantasy of being a black female submissive to a domineering older white woman. Life simply couldn’t be better. I hope you can understand that someday. Peace. Now, if you’ll excuse me, Mistress is calling me to work!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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