Black Men are Gods Ch. 16

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The name is Steve. I’m a big and tall, openly bisexual young man of Haitian descent living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. My friend Wendy came by my house for a visit one Saturday night and things got kind of crazy. I liked it, though. Wendy and I go way back, folks. We met when we were both students at Bay State University in downtown Boston. Fast forward five years later and we’re people with very different lives. I’m working in law enforcement while also publishing my fiction novels through an independent publishing agency. Wendy’s a manager at a large store, and she’s also unhappily married to some guy who doesn’t appreciate her. Life goes by so damn fast it’s not even funny.

Wendy and I both needed to get our minds off the daily grind. Hooking up was fun for both of us that night. I’ve been unlucky with both guys and chicks lately. The city of Brockton is the most diverse town in New England. One hundred thousand people live here, and more than half of them are of African-American, Hispanic, Asian and Cape Verdean descent. The city is also queer-friendly and has thriving gay and lesbian communities. We even have an openly gay African-American city councilman. How about that? You would think a bisexual Black man’s dating prospects would be cool in such a city? Apparently not. I spend six out of seven nights alone in my bed. Being bisexual definitely does not improve one’s dating chances. That’s the truth, pure and simple. Bisexuals have a tough time in the dating game. We’re not all serial bed-hoppers. Unfortunately, most people I know buy into that myth. Isn’t that something?

Anyhow, Wendy came to my house wearing a tight Black t-shirt and tight Black pants. The gal was looking good. She’s around five-foot-eight, curvy, with short Black hair, dark brown skin, large breasts, wide hips and a huge, round ass. I’m six-foot-one, kind of chubby but still ruggedly handsome. And I really like curvy Black women. A lot of people think bisexual guys fuck anything that moves. I’m not like that. I have a deep, abiding love for Black women. Especially Haitian and Haitian-American women. That’s why I like it in Brockton. There are thousands of Haitians and Haitian-Americans in town, and many of us are doing alright. Many of us canlı bahis attend local schools like Brockton Community College, Bridgewater State College, Bay State University and the University of Massachusetts. There are Haitian-Americans in the Massachusetts State House. How about that? We’re definitely a people on the move.

Anyhow, I was feeling pretty depressed about the way my life was going lately. I’ve got a degree in Criminal Justice but most places aren’t hiring. The budget for the local department of corrections and the metropolitan police department has been slashed. So they’re definitely not hiring new officers. Hell, they’ve let go of many officers they already had. The entire country is feeling the Recession but the state of Massachusetts has been hit hard. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts illustrious Governor, the first Black man to win such a position in our state, has his hands full. Sharks from the republican party are jockeying for his position in the upcoming gubernatorial elections. The first Black man elected as President of the United States recently visited our state’s first Black Governor. Great photo-op but whatever. Our elected officials have their hands full in this economy, just like the rest of us. Watching the news has become depressing lately. I hardly see any good news regardless of what channel I watch. All I see on television are ruthless politicians, racist people, mass murdering psychos and other freaks. Are there any decent people left in the United States of America? I am sincerely beginning to doubt it.

All I hear is talk of evil people. A Louisiana lawmaker denied a marriage license to a Black man seeking to marry a white woman. I’m still waiting for him to get the punishment he deserves. A Chicago nightclub denied entry to African-American students from Washington University yet allowed their white friends access to the establishment. A Dallas police officer gave a ticket to a Hispanic woman because she couldn’t speak English. Yes, racism is alive and well in the United States of America. That’s all I see. Is it any wonder I’m so frigging depressed? Well, that Saturday night my good friend Wendy found a surefire way to cheer me up. Nothing cheers up a guy who’s feeling down like some really bahis siteleri hot sex. Trust me on that one.

Wendy and I sat in my living room, watching an episode of All Of Us on television. We both liked that show. It focused on the lives and loves of a group of middle-class African-American professionals in the Los Angeles area. My favorite character, TV star Robert James, clearly still has feelings for his tall and gorgeous ex-wife, sexy businesswoman Neese James. And I could tell she still had feelings for him. They both dated other people in the series but anyone could see they were still in love with each other. Wendy and I were a bit like Robert and Neese. We weren’t married or anything but we still had feelings for each other. Wendy’s one of the first people I ever told about my bisexuality and she was cool with it. We’ve always had a connection, especially in the tough times. My last relationship with a man ended ages ago. His name was Marlon and he was a bed-hopping Latin-American businessman. I recently split with my longtime leading lady Stacy when I discovered she was a heartless wench and a gold digger.

As Wendy and I watched the show, she kept brushing up against me. I smiled and looked at her. She looked at me with a longing look in her eyes. Before I knew it, we were kissing passionately. It had been a while for both of us. We took our sweet time as we kissed and caressed each other. We’re old friends venturing into familiar territory. It was passionate, intense and tender at the same time. I ran my hands all over Wendy’s sexy voluptuous body. Hot damn I missed her. Feeling her big, round ass in my palms turned me on like you would not believe. Wendy laughed and played with my chest hairs. I took her in my arms and took her to my bedroom. That’s where we made the magic happen.

I laid Wendy on my king-sized bed, then we began making love. I kissed a path from her lips to her chest, sucking on the areolas of her large breasts before making my way to her belly. I gently spread her thick, sexy legs and breathed in the scent of her womanhood. I began to tease her pussy with my tongue, and inserted two fingers inside. Wendy moaned under my expert touch and urged me to continue. I continued to play with her pussy, bahis şirketleri gently biting her clit and probing her with my fingers. Oral sex is one of my favorite sexual activities. Doesn’t matter if I’m with a male or a female. I got skills, as they say. After I got done licking Wendy’s pussy, we tried something else. I’m really into face sitting and Wendy liked it too. She sat on my face while stroking my cock. We got into the sixty nine position and I began licking her asshole while fingering her pussy. She took my cock into her mouth and sucked me off. We rocked each other’s worlds.

Wendy and I were still not sated, in spite of having climaxed already. I put her on all fours and began drilling her hot pussy from behind. Wendy went wild as I fucked her. She asked me to smack her butt and pump her pussy. Folks, I did just that. After fucking her snatch for a while, we tried something else. Wendy spread her ass cheeks as I applied lube all over her asshole. Then I pressed my dick against her backdoor and eased it inside. Slowly, I worked my dick into her asshole. I could tell Wendy was no stranger to anal sex though this was our first time trying it together. I held her wide hips tightly with my big strong hands and pushed my dick deeper into her asshole. Wendy squealed in delight as I pumped my dick into her asshole. We went at it until I came. Then I licked her ass and she licked my cock. It was so much fun.

We lay side by side, tired but feeling more alive than ever. The bed was soaked with our fluids. Wendy told me she had a surprise for me. Grabbing her handbag, she produced a strap-on dildo. I looked at her, puzzled. Wendy smiled and told me she always wanted to do me that way. I felt curious, and decided to give it a try. Wendy looked really sexy wearing her strap-on dildo. My sexy lady put me on all fours, lubed me up and then took me for a ride. I felt a bit tense as Wendy eased the dildo into my ass. She promised me she’d be gentle. This was a new experience for me since I’m usually a top with both women and men. Wendy held my hips and thrust her dildo deep into my ass. I gasped as she penetrated me with her plastic cock. It hurt a bit, but also felt kind of good. Wendy pumped her dildo up my ass and I screamed in pleasure. It was definitely one of the hottest experiences I’ve ever had. Afterwards, she pulled out of me and we lay in each other’s arms, happy and satisfied. Who says you can’t have fun staying home on a Saturday night?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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