Black Men are Gods Ch. 17

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My name is Wendy. A five-foot-eight, short-haired and dark-skinned, curvy and big-bottomed young Haitian-American woman living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. By day, I’m a student at Brockton Community College and in the afternoons, I’m the manager of a store. Since I’m married and a mommy, this really doesn’t leave much time for a social life. However, a gal’s got needs. We all have needs. Both men and women. None of us can escape this simple fact and I’m really no exception. That’s where my good friend Steve comes in. He’s a big and tall, openly bisexual guy of Haitian descent I met during my days at Bay State University five years ago. He understands that my time is limited. I have no time for fools or games. And he’s okay with that.

Steve and I are having some fun in my West Side apartment in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. I’ve got a dominant streak and this big and tall Black guy doesn’t mind playing the role of submissive to fulfill my fantasies. Sometimes I just want to dominate somebody. I put up with all kinds of people, male and female, Black and white, at my job. In the bedroom, I like to call the shots. Presently, Steve is kneeling before me and licking my feet. As he should because I’m the dominant Nubian goddess and he’s my Black male submissive. I’m the Queen and he’s my Bitch. He’s got to do as I say. End of story.

Steve licks my toes and then brings his mouth to my pussy. I order him to lick my pussy and do it right. Obediently, he begins lapping at my snatch with that agile tongue of his like there’s no tomorrow. I smoke a cigarette while Steve licks my pussy. Man, it’s been a while since I had a good time. My life is way too stressful these days. As I said bursa escort before, I deal with a lot of fools at work. Also, there are all kinds of crazies in the city of Brockton. A female’s got to watch her back. Especially a Black female. We both know the public doesn’t give a shit when it’s a woman of color who’s the victim of wrongdoing. Life isn’t easy for me around these parts. I’ve got an apartment to pay for, a job to keep and a family to care for. My husband is a loser who really doesn’t appreciate all that I have to offer. I’m a beautiful, intelligent and college-educated Black woman. If I hadn’t married this loser, I’d have my pick of sexy, intelligent men. Unfortunately, I did get married. I’ve accepted that as my lot in life. That doesn’t mean I can’t have fun, though. That’s where Steve comes in.

Steve and I have known each other ever since we were both undergrads at Bay State University. He graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice and went on to work in law enforcement and also publish certain erotically charged urban fiction books. As for me, I got married, switched schools, switched majors and watched my life slowly pass me by. That’s why I try to have my fun whenever I can. Steve is cool with that. This big and tall Black man goes both ways. That doesn’t bother me because I’ve been known to hook up with females every now and then. I love dick though. Dick is hot. Dick is fun. Dick is cool. Dick is addictive. I’m a cock addict. I could never go lesbian full time. I don’t know how those other females do it. Steve’s certainly an odd duck. A successful Black man who’s bisexual and doesn’t hide it. He’s been a loyal friend of mine for years and years. And so I dial him up whenever I need bursa escort bayan a sexual tuning up. Like today.

Steve licked my pussy and fingered my snatch like there was no tomorrow. Afterwards, I decided to dominate him further. He’s really into face sitting and that’s right up my alley. I sat on his face, grinding my pussy against his visage. Steve absolutely loved it. Lots of Black guys are into face sitting. They simply don’t like to admit it. I personally don’t know why. Sex is sex. Sex is natural. I’m the kind of female who enjoys showing it off. I can’t understand why so many people feel the need to hide who or what they are. Seriously. Life is too short for stuff like that. So you had better believe that I enjoyed myself as I smashed my pussy against Steve’s face. The big and tall Black guy absolutely loved what I was doing to him. Face sitting is a very hot thing enjoyed by many couples, especially lesbians and heterosexual couples.

After Steve got his fill of my face sitting pleasure, we tried something else. I let him get some pussy since he was basically starving for it. I took his long and thick, uncircumcised dick in my hand and stroked it. My way of bringing it to life. I spread my legs and told Steve to fuck me. The big and tall bisexual Haitian-American stud didn’t need to be told twice. He pressed his member against my wet pussy and pushed it inside. He began drilling me, slamming his cock deep inside of me. I wrapped my thick, sexy legs around him and rode him hard. It’s been so long since a man has been inside of me. You had better believe that I enjoyed every moment of it. I relaxed and enjoyed the deliciously hot pain and pleasure as Steve rammed his dick into my pussy. escort bursa I shouldn’t go long without fucking anymore. It’s not good for a woman’s health. Definitely not. Sex is good for you. Especially rough sex. I think it’s doctor recommended but I’m not one hundred percent sure. If not, it should be.

After Steve got done pounding my pussy, we tried something else which I hadn’t done in a while. I got on all fours and spread my plump ass cheeks wide open. Steve came up behind me, lube in hand and hard cock ready. He lubricated my asshole, then pressed his dick against my backdoor. Slowly, Steve pushed his cock into my asshole. The guy loves anal sex almost as much as I do. He fucks women and men in the ass. That’s cool with me. Gripping my wide hips, Steve shoved his cock deeper into my asshole. Way down where the sun didn’t shine. He drilled his cock up my shit hole. I screamed as I felt his giant prick stretching my asshole. Hot damn, I had almost forgotten how great anal sex could feel. Steve took his sweet time as he gave me the nicest of reminders. He fucked my ass like there was no tomorrow. And I absolutely loved it.

Shortly after Steve got done fucking my ass, I returned the favor in the most creative of ways. I donned my favorite strap-on dildo and took my favorite stud for a ride. The sexy bisexual Black guy was totally down with letting a sexy Black woman do him with her strap-on dildo. I lubricated his ass, then put him on all fours and got busy. I slowly pushed my dildo into his ass. Inch by inch. Until it was all in. All eight inches. Steve screamed in pleasure mixed with some pain as I pumped my dildo up his ass. Hey, this sexy plump sister is all about gender equality. If I can take it up the ass, then so can my man. Alright? Cool. I fucked Steve up his ass and he loved it. And you know what? So did I. Afterwards, we showered together and had some hot cocoa while watching TV. Life is good.

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