Blind Date

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“Hello, I’m supposed to be meeting a Mr. James here.”

The receptionist looked up from her desk and glared at Zil, seriously not smiling.

“I believe you’ll find him in his suite, on the first floor. The River Suite.” She snapped, returning to her bookwork without giving so much as a second glance or a welcoming smile.

Zil walked slowly, almost hesitantly towards the hotel main stairs, wondering if she was doing the right thing, arriving in the middle of the afternoon, at a country hotel for some steamy sex. Did people really do this kind of a thing, or was it just a wild fantasy one read about in smut stories?

Anyhow, it was a lovely old hotel, and it complimented the village well, as it stood picturesquely over looking the river. So far this adventure had been a pleasing experience, and it had taken Zil away from her daily routine, so all was not totally lost.

She knocked on the door with the golden nameplate, telling her that this was indeed, ‘The River Suite.’ A tall slim attractive woman in her late twenties opened the door. She had neat black hair, cut short, and smiling warmly, beckoned Zil to enter.

“Hi, I’m Sal, I’m Mr. James’s private secretary, and you must be Zil? Do come in and make yourself at home. I’m afraid Mr. James has been delayed, but he is on his way right now. He had to fly to Zurich last night on behalf of a client and has only just landed half an hour ago at Manchester, but he rang me to say look after you, and he’ll be with you very soon.”

“Zurich?” Zil asked, wanting to know more about her mystery date, this stranger who she was visiting out of the blue. This was a very blind date. Totally blind from her point of view, as she had no idea as to what her date even looked like. The whole point of this sexual adventure, all arranged by a friend, was the uncertainty of it all. How would she feel, being taken by a complete stranger, and would it make her feel a total slut?

“Please have something to eat, we have a wonderful buffet laid on,” Sal said, showing Zil the table in the sitting room full of all sorts of delicious looking food. “And to drink, maybe some champagne?” Zil nodded, and as Sal opened a bottle of Vieve Clicquot, she asked more about Zurich.

“Mr. James … David, my boss, is an art dealer. He specializes in impressionist paintings mostly. He went to Zurich to negotiate on behave of a wealthy Russian client, the purchase of a small Renoir, from a family that had it locked up in a Swiss bank. The seller always calls the tune in these matters, so he had to go at a minutes notice.”

Zil took a glass of champagne and then helped herself to an assortment of wonderful looking food. The art business must be very lucrative she thought helping herself to the delicacies on offer. But then again, to buy a painting by Renoir, now that had to be priceless. As she ate, she eyed up this woman called Sal, and told her that she had on a very lovely suit, thinking that Mr. James must be paying her extremely well to afford such an outfit.

“I suppose you do know why I’m here?” Zil asked, trying to be business like, after she had finished her delicious plate of food.

“You’ve come to be fucked!” Sal told her frankly, not wishing to beat around anyone’s bush!

“Well, yes! I suppose I have…”

“Come to be fucked!” Sal insisted strongly, but this time smiling and running her tongue slowly over her lips, almost purring as she fixed Zil with a knowing stare.

“Yes!” Zil nodded, starting to get a bit flustered. “I have come to be … fucked … as you put it. This has all been a very blind date, and I’m beginning to panic if the truth were known!” She spluttered and gave a nervous laugh.

“Don’t worry, you’ll enjoy yourself, believe me.” Sal reassured her, adding, “Look why not slip out of your things and put on one of the hotel robes in the bathroom? It’ll make you feel a lot more relaxed.”

“Oh I don’t know.” Zil snapped, now feeling very uneasy.

“I’ll join you too, make us all ready for Mr. James, when he gets here.” Sal insisted, taking hold of Zil by the hand.

Still apprehensive, Zil was almost pulled into the bathroom, and before she could say no, had her arms up in the air and Sal was stripping her naked very fast, and enjoying it every little bit.

“Pretty tits, Zil!” Sal told her, as she kissed and caressed each one in turn, then running her hand down over Zil’s short trimmed bush, and stroking it carefully, before handing over a bathrobe.

Zil thought she should be shocked, as girl on girl was something she often fantasized about, but had not had much experience with, especially with a complete stranger. When she had enjoyed pleasuring pussies on the odd occasion, it had only been with girl friends she knew very well, and then it had all seemed a quite natural thing to do.

“Oh what the hell!” she thought out aloud. “Why not. Lets’ live a bit. No ankara moldovyalı escortlar one would ever believe me rolling up on a blind date for the sole purpose of letting myself be fucked by a total stranger anyway, so why not have a bit of girlie loving too?”

Sal quickly slipped out of her lovely smart suit. Underneath it she wore a red bra and red knickers, with a red suspender belt holding up her black silk stockings. It was only when Zil took a second harder look that her mouth fell open and she gasped aloud.

“Oh my God, you’re a … what’s it? A chick! A chick with a dick!”

“A Shemale, please! Or a Ladyboy, if you like?” Sal announced, grinning dirtily at her.

“But I had no idea, I mean you look so beautiful.” Zil managed to stammer, just totally amazed, and still staring at Sal’s bulging crotch in those flimsy knickers.

“The cock is real, but the tits were helped on by Mr. James, and an amazing Swiss clinic in Geneva.” She said proudly, seizing Zil’s hand. ” Here, feel me for yourself.”

Sal took Zil’s hand and held it tightly against her bulging cock, now growing larger by the second in her red knickers. With her other hand Zil tentatively felt the perfectly shaped firm breasts that filled the red bra so beautifully, and felt real hard nipples bursting with sexual lust.

“I don’t know what to say.” Zil gasped, as she squeezed the now rampant cock as it strained hard to escape and show itself.

Sal pulled herself close into Zil, and slipped her hand down inside of the robe and stroked Zil’s soft moist pubes expertly, running the tip of a finger up her slit and finding her little clitty so sensitive and yet, so very hard. Slowly Sal worked on the little miniature cock in the top of Zil’s cunt as she felt her own cock being squeezed and lovingly rubbed through her red satin knickers.

Zil was amazed how wonderfully dirty she felt standing there, in a hotel bathroom, wanting to wank off the cock, of a beautiful girl called Sal.

Curiosity got the better of her, and Zil suddenly pulled down Sal’s knickers and let her throbbing beauty spring loose. With her shyness all gone now, she sank to the floor of the bathroom, and Zil started to suck this shaved girlie cock into her drooling mouth, moaning with the sheer dirtiness of it, and having that lovely manly musk taste of a horny hard-on back in her mouth again.

“When were you last fucked?” Sal asked her, as she held Zil by the hair and thrust her hard flesh way down Zil’s throat. “I bet you need this badly? I could see the look in your eyes the moment I opened the door. You are just ripe for a damn good screwing.”

Zil managed to get Sal’s cock out of her mouth for a brief moment and gasped, “I’ve been gagging for it! … For days!”

Sal grunted and thrust her cock back into Zil’s open mouth again, and smiled as she thought how she was now being made to gag for real. Sal fucked Zil hard, making her gurgle and run wild with saliva that gushed down from her mouth, to her drip from her chin.

As the hands tightened on Zil’s hair Sal shouted out “Oh suck me, you little cock sucking slut. You’re making me cum, damn you. Oh yes … suck me hard!”

Zil pumped hard and fast on that delicious flesh in her mouth, and waited for the hot rush of spunk to shoot into her. As Sal gasped and groaned Zil’s hand shot to her own cunt, and it only took a single squeeze to bring it off too. Both were shuddering as waves of orgasmic pleasure shook them, and when eventually sated, Sal let her tight grip on Zil’s hair go, and she slid her dripping cock free.

“Don’t look so disappointed Zil, I do have balls that can really cum with spunk.” Sal giggled, as she noticed Zil smacking her lips together and wondering where all the creamy cum had gone. ” I’m luckily very orgasmic, and can cum lots of times before finally shooting my load.”

“Oh, right … that’s great!” Zil knew all about multi orgasmic cocks, having had the pleasure of being plundered by one for the past five years. Things were definitely looking up. Still kneeling on the floor, she slowly pulled back Sal’s short foreskin to reveal her glistening shiny hard knob, which she kissed lovingly. She was becoming quite besotted by this remarkable and beautiful man-girl.

“Tell me,” she wondered. ” When you and David do it, are you always the female? I mean, dose he fuck you, or do you both fuck each other?”

“We both do it to one another, but yes, I am always a female in David’s eyes. In fact I’ve always been very sub and feminine from a very early age. I was taken in hand so to speak, by an older boy friend at a very young and tender age. It was he who showed me what I really wanted, and started to dress me in lovely clothes and take me out to parties as his girl friend. No one ever knew or even guessed I was a boy. It was a wonderful time.”

“But you are not really just a shy, retiring ankara ukraynalı escortlar girl, are you? I mean you have this gorgeous cock on you, and I’m sure you love to use it to the full?” Zil pointed out, as she looked at Sal’s perfectly shaven cock and balls very carefully.

It was not huge, but extremely pretty, and its size suited her girlish beauty perfectly. Quite thick at the base, it culminated in a small delicious suckable knob that must be perfect, Zil thought, for slipping into small tight places that would no doubt be on offer in her love making adventures.

“I use it all the time.” Sal said, as she stroked Zil’s hair. ” I still have lots of testosterone, and very spunky balls, so I’m always really horny for pussy when I can have it. What David loves to do, is get nice women like you, to visit us, and then we both share you. He loves to watch me both fucking, and getting fucked.”

“You are left handed aren’t you?” Zil declared still holding onto Sal’s cock.

“How did you know that?”

“Your cock has a slight bend to the left, from all the years of lovingly wanking it!”

They both laughed and agreed it had indeed a definite bend to the left over its silky length.

“Come on, up you get, I want to stick this cock up you, bend or no bend, and bring you off.” Sal said, offering Zil an outstretched arm to pull her up off the floor.

“Oh yes, just keep me cumming, I really do need it. How would you like me then?”

Sal nodded towards the bedroom and Zil followed her into the gorgeous room with a huge bed in the center of a large Persian carpet.

Just as she knelt on the bed wiggling her bum at Sal, there was a loud knock at the door.

“Oh that’s David!” Sal shrieked all excited, rushing to greet her boss and let him in. The tall man who entered the suite was very good looking Zil thought, as she peeped around the bedroom door to have a quick look at her blind date. Tall with lots of graying hair, he had a nice smile with very blue eyes. Just perfect!

Sal was in his arms and they kissed very passionately, obviously missing each other, and very much lovers. Zil couldn’t help noticing that Sal had her hand firmly on her boss’s cock, in his pants, while he had his hand firmly around her cock, and was wanking it slowly. “Is she here then, our guest?” He asked.

“Yes, she is all ready for you, and in fact I was just about to fuck her, when you arrived.”

“Splendid, then I’ll watch you two, while I get my breath back and have a drink and a bite to eat.”

Zil came into the sitting room naked, and announced herself. “Hello, I’m Zil!”

“I’m David James, it’s so nice of you to come all this way to see us today.” He held out his arms to her and kissed Zil warmly on the mouth. “My, you are a pretty girl. John was right when he said I’d like you a lot. Look you two girls go and have a nice fuck, and I’ll grab some food and drink and join you later.”

Zil smiled at his use of the word ‘girls’ and walked back into the bedroom and once again knelt on the bed and wiggled her bum at Sal, who in turn took off her bra and suspender belt and stockings. Now naked and rampantly stiff, she stuck a couple of fingers firmly up Zil’s cunt as it pouted at her through open thighs. Pulling them back out with a squishing sound, Sal wiped her sticky fingers all over her cock, before inserting it forcefully from the rear, hard up Zil. Fucking the willing bitch on heat, in good doggy style.

The feel of a cock being rammed up her drooling doughnut, was like a dream cum true. Zil had been longing for this moment for ages. The ‘Itch’ had been on her for weeks. No amount of fucking herself with everything she could lay her hands on, was able to ease the wanting in her. Only a cock could really satisfy her needs properly right now, and with luck, she was going to have two dirty dicks to fuck her legless by the end of the day.

She moaned, and smacked her lips together as she felt Sal touching all the deepest parts of her cunt with that beautiful stiff girlie cock of hers.

“Feel good?” Sal asked, as she gripped even tighter onto Zil’s arse and thrust deeper, making her gasp and look up to see Mr. David, sat totally naked in an armchair watching them. He had a plate of food in one hand and a glass of champagne in the other, and one of the biggest cocks she’d ever seen in her life, standing up to attention between his open legs.

It was all too much for Zil to take in, and she started to cum, telling Sal to “Fuck me hard, you gorgeous fucking bitch!”

Sal came right on cue as Zil blew her top, and fell quivering onto the bed with Sal laid on top of her also orgasming hard, and furiously pumping off her spunkless cock deep with in. They disengaged and rolled over playing, and sucking each other’s tits as they still trembled with little after shocks of orgasmic joy.

David was now on the bed, ankara minyon tipli escortlar and his huge stiff cock was instantly snatched up by Sal, who swallowed it with no delay or difficulty.

“My god, but you are hellish big David!” Zil told him, as she watched Sal get a good wanking as she sucked the whole throbbing length down her throat. “I not sure I could do that … like swallow all that length of cock in one go.”

David laughed and said not to worry, he’d just make her sit on it, and see if she liked that better.

“Up my arse?” Zil cried out in panic. “You mean to fuck my arse with that monster? Shit, you’ll kill me!”

“John did tell me that you are a bit of a virgin, when it comes to being arse-holed.”

“Well yes, practically totally virginal, is more like it. I’m still very tight, but I am working on it, daily!” Zil sniggered dirtily.

He laughed and then groaned loudly, as he pulled out of Sals mouth and almost started to cum, gripping his cock tightly as he fended off an orgasm. He managed to control it over taking him, with only a few drops of seed dripping from his clenched knob end.

” You horny little cock sucker … you nearly brought me off then!”

David light heartedly scolded Sal as he lay down on the bed, and told Zil to sit on him. Holding up his still rampant prick she squatted over him and hardly daring to breath, slowly lowered her panting pussy down onto David’s up standing member.

Inch by inch she took it into her hungry hole, till at last she sat firmly on his thighs and smiled so very impressed with herself at getting the biggest cock ever seen, up her little desperate quivering quim. Only now did she dare to start to move. Just slowly and slightly at first, getting use to that monster stuffed up inside her. It made her feel just so fucking dirty, and she told David so, and let all the filth she could ever think of flow from her lips, as she commenced on the fuck of the centaury.

Twice she came, having one climax following on after the other, both so quick, that her head was in a whirl. She was on such a high with this huge fucking beauty up her heaving hole, that she had hardly noticed when Sal had stuck a finger up her bum. Gently, KY jellying her tight little arse hole, greatly adding to her pleasure, and lubing her up perfectly.

It was as her third massive orgasm was starting to brew up, and flood her whole body and mind with fantastic filth, that Zil realize the situation. Sal was now kneeling behind her and David said, “She’s ready Sal, let’s both fuck her.”

David held Zil tight, and made her lean forwards, as Sal slowly pushed her cock up against the open slippery bum hole that was so freely on offer. Ever so gently, Sal worked her girlie cock around Zil’s girlie tight tingling arse hole, making them both moan with pleasure, as they felt that hot hole start to loosen up.

So gentle was Sal, that Zil could only sigh with delight as she felt her little sphincter give way, and she took it all the way up to Sal’s balls. The feeling of being totally filled up in both back and front passageways was one that almost blew her away.

They have done this before, Zil thought, as the two of them fucked her so expertly. So completely perfect was it, that she thought nothing would ever be the same again or ever as wonderfully good. One pulled back and the other pushed forward, like two lumberjacks using a huge cross-saw. Both in perfect time, and both so set on filling her with their hot spunk this time.

“Will you cum with us Zil?” David asked, gasping in between strokes.

“Mmmm,” was all Zil could muster.

“How about you Sal?”

“Anytime now, I’m right on it.

“Okay, let’s give this gorgeous bitch a double whammy.”

The pace got faster, and all three were shouting and urging each other on every filthy way they could think of, as they came closer and closer to the point of no return.

“Oh yes, you fuckers … really screw me!” Zil begged them, as they groaned and relentlessly slammed into her holes faster and harder.

“That’s it … hard … I love it hard … your whore loves it hard. Oh give it to me …I want spunking … lots of spunk. FILL ME … OH YES… FILL ME!”

Zil’s screams trailed off as she went over the top amid a hail of hot sperm in both ends. Blasting her in two different directions at once. The three of them came together, the three of them gloriously cumming in one heaving mass of cock and cunt, and tits, and arse. All trembling and quivering, and moaning, as they lay still joined together. Slowly clawing their way back to earth, totally fucked, but wonderfully pleasured.

“Anyone for some more food and drink?” David asked politely, after a good five minutes had passed. He kissed each of his two gorgeous girls warmly on the mouth, adding, “We want to keep up our strength, especially as I’ve invited that moody receptionist from downstairs to join us later, when she gets off duty.”

“Really?” Zil laughed, quite surprised.

“Yes.” David smiled. “I thought she’d make up a nice foursome, and besides, she has some amazing party tricks she can show you, with a length of string, a shower hat, and a champagne cork.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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