Blindfold Birthday BJ

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Mark’s birthday is today, and I still had no idea what present to get for him. We are buds and it’s not like he is really expected anything, and I figured if nothing else I would just settle for a nice bottle of scotch. It was the usual thing between us, neither of us were really big on gifts.

Wandering around the electronics store looking for inspiration, I stopped just before turning a corner, hearing a familiar voice. At first I was going to just go around to the next aisle and say ‘Hi’ but the tone of her voice stopped me. I heard her say that she screwed up on her checkbook and as a result had blown too much money at the bar the night before and she was not going to be able to cover her rent.

Sneaking a peek around the corner, I confirmed my guess that it was Karen talking to someone I vaguely recognized but didn’t really know. Her friend laughed lightly, saying “Well if you’re desperate, you could always sell your ass on the corner, right?”


Karen replied “Don’t tempt me. I’ve actually thought about it. My friends are getting tired of gifting me money, and $200 is a lot for me to ask for, especially with this short of a notice. As much as I love sex and don’t have a boyfriend, it could work out perfectly. But that whole ‘jail’ thing and diseases scare me enough to keep me from trying. Besides, Mother Nature is conspiring against me right now too. Kinda limits the options.”

The friend’s eyes were kind of bugging out hearing this, but she recovered and shook her head. “You know, girl, I think you would really do it if you could. Even if you did do it, it’s just once, and for a good reason and I wouldn’t blame you.”

“Thanks I guess? It’s also kind of kinky to think of meeting up with some random guy one time, just so he can use me for my body, but the vulnerable position really scares me, I don’t want to be taken advantage of or beat up or something. And it’s not like I could ask any of my guy friends to be my bodyguard, I couldn’t handle them knowing!”

“Wow, I guess you really did put some thought into this. Sure wish I had some extra cash to help you out, but you know how broke I am… Well hey, not to cut you short, but I have to get running, my lunch break is over in like 2 minutes. I gotta run!”

“OK hun, thanks for listening. Love you!”

They hugged quickly, and the friend left at a fast walk to the front of the store to clock in. Karen turned back to the display and stared at the rack, her mind clearly miles away. My heart was pounding in nervousness, my head swimming with what I had just heard and the thoughts that came up.

Karen jumped and barely held in a tiny squeal of fright as I touched her shoulder.

She scowled at me, trying not to laugh. “You jerk, why do you always do that?”

Shrugging my shoulders, I said “Didn’t do nuthin, just saying ‘hi!’ So what are you doing here?”

With a sigh, she looked down at her feet. “I just stopped by to chat with my friend Amy for a little bit. She just went back on shift, so I was going to go home and dream up ways to grow some money for rent. Know any Sugar Daddies looking for someone to throw cash at?”

“Nope, sorry.”

Now I was really nervous. I knew if this came out wrong, it could ruin our friendship.

“Umm, Karen? Not to seem too nosy, but I kind of knew you were here. I was coming around that corner a few minutes ago, but heard something that made me stop…”

Her eyes got huge and her face turned beet red instantly.

“No, no, no, you can’t say anything to anyone, I didn’t mean it….”

“Wait a second” I interrupted, “it’s not like that, just listen. As beautiful as you are, and as much as I like you, I couldn’t ask *that* of you, it would kill our friendship. But I heard about your ‘bodyguard’ comment and the whole ‘vulnerable’ thing you said.”

Karen opened her mouth to say something, and I could see her eyes were starting to mist over. Holding up my hand I said “Wait a sec, just let me finish, OK?”

She nodded slowly, now looking at me differently. Was she now intrigued?

“OK, I couldn’t tell anyone what you said to Amy, that’s just not cool. But I have an idea for you, and it would help out your little rent problem. It’s the birthday of a friend of mine, and I wanted to get him a present but had no idea what to get. I was thinking we could help each other out here. It’s safe, it’s secret, I would be in the next room, and everyone wins all the way around.”

She had been looking straight at me while I spoke, a look of mild shock on her face as if she couldn’t believe the proposition I gave her. My face was about as flushed as hers was, I could feel my ears burning. This was WAY more than I ever expected to ask a female friend to do.

Karen quickly turned and walked a few steps away, pretending to look at the shelf of DVDs in front of her, but looking right through them. I could almost hear the gears in her head churning like never before.

She waved her hand at me and said “Walk this way, Konya Escort let’s talk about this.”

We left the store and walked in silence to my car, then sat on the hood, neither of us talking for several minutes. Seeing me look around, she said “My car isn’t here, I sold it to pay bills and have been borrowing my room-mate’s, but now her car is in the shop so I took the bus. Can you give me a ride home?”

Unlocking the car, we both sat down, but she grabbed my hand to stop me from starting the engine.

“Mike, you have really messed with my head hearing you talking to me like that in the store. Seriously, it weirded me out. But I thought about it, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m so desperate for cash right now that I may take you up on that offer. But we need to lay some ground rules if this is going to happen, OK?”

Stunned in disbelief, I couldn’t answer right away. Finding my voice, I said “What did you have in mind?”

“First, he can’t know who I am. Period. I won’t even talk so he can’t recognize my voice. No one but you and I can know. And speaking of ‘period’, I’m on mine, so I can only do a blowjob. He can use his hands as much as he wants though. And like you heard in the store, I will need $200 for this. Now you tell me what you’re thinking about how to handle this?”

She had not looked at me the whole time, but I was staring at her. She was breathing hard, and her face was all red, but based on the instant appearance of rock-hard nipples trying to poke through her shirt, I was no longer sure if her breathing and complexion was from embarrassment or being massively turned on. Or both.

“Umm, ok, that all sounds good. And I’m thinking we do this right now before we lose our nerve.” Seeing her nod her head, I continued “I will call him now and get this started.”

Hoping to reduce the awkwardness later, I pulled out my wallet and took the cash out and put it in her lap without saying a word. She didn’t look at the bills or count them, she just stuffed the bills into her purse.

I got my phone and dialed Mark’s number, hoping my voice wouldn’t betray my nervousness.

“Hey dude, it’s me” I said as he answered.

“Ya, hold on. You doing anything right now? Cool. Tell ya what, got a surprise for you. Get your stanky butt out of your sweats, take a shower and get dressed, then go to my apartment and let yourself in. I’ll be there in about 20 minutes, and you had better be alone and waiting on the couch if you know what’s good for you. Got that? No, I won’t tell you what it’s all about, just do it. Ok, cool, see ya soon.”

I hit the ‘end’ button and put the phone in the console. Turning to Karen I asked “So you’re sure about this right?”

She nodded and said “This will keep me from getting evicted, so that’s a plus. On the other hand, it’s also so kinky and dirty it’s even turning me on like crazy right now. OHH! HOLY CRAP! Sorry Mike, I can’t believe I just said that! This is just too weird!”

Smiling at her discomfort, I didn’t tell her that it was just as weird and erotic for me, and that I was suddenly very jealous of Mark. Driving home, we both rode in silence, not speaking until we pulled into my parking spot.

“OK, here we are. You may or may not know this friend, but I doubt it, so don’t try to figure it out. I was thinking that if you were to cover your face it would help both of you keep your privacy. I’m going to go upstairs and get things set up, so can you stay here until I come for you?”

She nodded, but she didn’t seem any less turned on yet.

A minute later I was in my living room, looking at a very confused friend.

He shook his head “Dude, you are one weird guy. So what’s the big deal, why did I have to rush over here?”

“Well duh, I got a present for you. It’s one that can’t really be opened at a birthday party. Trust me. Can you help me with some stuff real quick?”

I went to the linen closet and took out a bedspread and several towels and brought them back to the living room and set them on the coffee table. Pulling the table to the side, I asked him to cover the couch with the spread, and put towels on the floor. While he did that, I went to the clothes dryer and took out a couple of thick t-shirts and brought them back.

Turning on the stereo and putting in the closest hair-band Greatest Hits CD I could find, I gave him the run-down.

“OK birthday boy, here’s the deal. It sounds cliché, but I know this girl that is really hurting for cash, so we worked out a deal. She’s waiting in the car and I’m gonna bring her up in a minute. She is going to show you how talented her mouth is, but she does not want to be seen AT ALL. Got that? You can get an outstanding BJ, but you can’t see her, and she doesn’t want to see you. And no talking either so you don’t know each other’s voices. If you know each other, it would be really odd, so this will prevent that from happening. And YES, she is a girl. You can use your hands as much as you want to prove Konya Escort Bayan that to yourself. So we got this bedspread here to keep my couch clean, and towels to keep my floor clean, and the shirts are to cover your faces to keep it all private. Got it?”

This was such a shock it took him a minute to catch up. The jaw-dropped look quickly turned to a very happy face. “Oh HELL YA, I’m cool with that, bring her up!” was his reply.

In seconds, his shoes, socks, and shirt were on the floor and his pants were unbuttoned.

“DUDE! What the hell are you doing? She ain’t up here yet. It’s just you and me and you are kinda creeping me out.”

“Oh, sorry, got carried away…”

We laughed as I walked towards the door.

“Oh, by the way” I said, stopping in the doorway, “put that shirt over your head and leave your pants on. She can take care of the rest when she gets up here. Plus, that will give me time to leave the room so I don’t have to see your junk. Once y’all are done, she will go into the bathroom and you can go home. No cuddling today. And can you turn up the stereo a bit? I don’t wanna hear the sucky-sloppy noises and get all jealous of you.”

Halfway to the car, I saw Karen leaning on the door waiting for me. She walked up to meet me and we walked back to the apartment. I told her how the setup worked, and that ‘the guy’ was cool with the conditions.

Handing her the shirt, she just smiled and nodded. I turned to leave the room, and got about 4 steps before I felt her hand on my arm. As I turned to look, my eyes were drawn down first, noticing that her shirt was already unbuttoned but still on. The hint of her half-bared breasts was all I could focus on at the moment. Her hand pushing up on my chin finally distracted me.

Leaning in close, she pushed her body onto me, and I could feel her boobs on either side of my arm. She whispered softly “Thanks for all this, Mike. And remember — no peeking. That’s just weird.”

I went back to my room to watch some TV, hoping to distract myself until it was time to drive Karen home. That plan failed miserably before it had time to start. Trying to close the door quietly, I faced the door and turned the knob to slide it shut. Trying (but failing) to be a gentleman about it I did look, half hoping for a quick peek. The view showed Karen swaying her hips as she slid her jeans down, her black lace boy-cut panties facing me, framing an awesome ass. She was partly facing to the side, so I got a quick side-boob view as well. Then I was stuck, I couldn’t rip my eyes away.

Karen walked towards Mark, stopping just in front of his feet. She knelt down and tied the shirt around her eyes the rest draped over the top of her head. Mark visibly jerked as she touched his knees, but relaxed quickly as she rubbed up and down his thighs. For maybe two minutes she just touched him, stroking everything between his knees and pecs. Her hands went away from my view as her body blocked me and I assumed she was undoing his jeans.

My intentions were initially good, but my hormones got the best of me. Figuring that if no one saw me, no one would be the wiser. Knowing the stereo would make enough noise to cover my movements, I walked out as softly as possible, avoiding the few squeaky parts of the floor. Her attention were too focused on removing his jeans and what popped up to notice me sneak into the kitchen behind the breakfast bar.

Just because Karen was a good friend didn’t mean I had never checked her out. I knew she had a nice body, but this was better than I expected. She was nowhere near the airbrush/photoshop models you see in ads, but her body was still enough to make my cock stand at attention seeing her mostly naked.

Mark lifted his ass off the couch to let his jeans be pulled down, but my eyes were on Karen as she got rid of the rest of his clothes. I suddenly realized I was stroking myself through my jeans as I watched her, and thought that the mental pictures I was getting were going to give my hand a workout for a long time. Then it clicked. I knew it was wrong, but my little head was doing the thinking as I brought out my cellphone and turned on the camera.

Karen was on her knees, leaning forward slightly, resting her forearms on his upper thighs. This gave me a great vantage point to devour her body with my eyes. She started with just licking and kissing all around his cock, never touching it for more than a second. After a few minutes of this she grabbed his cock and started stroking softly while licking up and down the shaft, briefly taking only his purple head into her mouth. Suddenly breaking stride, she plunged her head down, trapping her hand between his stomach and her lips. As fast as she could, her head rose and fell, never once letting his cock out of her mouth. Mark’s hands quickly found her head, helping guide her as she inhaled him repeatedly.

Changing the tempo again, her head rose slowly. Going up all the way, she moved slower, and over the music Escort Konya I could hear the suction breaking with a ‘pop’ followed by a moan of disappointment from Mark, his hands reaching for her but only finding air. She pushed herself up on his legs, getting to a standing position. Moving her feet further apart for balance, she leaned over and put her hands on the couch. Her mouth open, she searched in her blindness for his cock with her tongue. Mark could feel this and put his hands on her cheeks, guiding her face onto his rock-hard cock, and even from this far away could see it throbbing with his heartbeat.

Karen worked her head around, her throat and chin glistening from the moisture on his cock. Finally getting it back into her mouth, she relaxed her arms a little, letting her body weight force her down, impaling herself on his rod. The muscles in her arms flexed as she pushed herself up, and relaxed to go back down. She went so far down that I could see her throat get thicker as he pushed deeper into her, only made possible by the angle of her body.

She held herself down for longer than I thought possible, and only pushed up when she started to gag. Pulling up all the way, Mark’s cock popped from her mouth as she coughed and could breathe again around the strands of saliva connecting her to him. He was a better man than me, I’m not sure how he would withstand that, but he did it again. She found him and sucked him in and buried his cock in her throat, her chin tight against his balls, her nose lost in his tuft of pubic hair.

He only lasted two more repeats of that. Mark’s body jerked as she held herself in place, clearly unable to withstand any more of her wonderful oral torture. Her throat moved once as she swallowed his first jet of cum, and she quickly fell to her knees and pulled her head back. Her hands stroked his cock, milking out all she could. I found out she didn’t swallow it, but instead saved it in her mouth. As she pulled free of him she opened her mouth and let it all spill out onto his cock. Using it like a lotion, she rubbed his cum all over his crotch. From here I could see the liquid shine on him, but not for long. She leaned forward, pulling his half-hard cock between her boobs, stroking up and down on him. Spitting the last vestiges of cum into her hand, she rubbed it into her cleavage, lubricating herself more.

Moving her whole body, she squeezed her boobs around his cock as she stroked him, and his hands quickly joined hers. In no time, he was hard again, and now he was reaching to feel more of her body. Karen stood up and ran her hands up his body, then pulled/pushed to get him to lay down on his back on the couch. She got back onto her knees and focused all her attention on his cock again. His hands were all over her body, groping and squeezing. She seemed to lose her focus several times as he massaged her breasts, and she jerked as he pinched and pulled on her nipples. Not once did she stop him though, but pushed back into him as if asking for more.

She moaned loudly as his hand ventured further south and found her lace-covered pussy. He paused as if remembering what I told him, so he didn’t go inside the cloth, but that did not stop him from his own fingering. Her hips started moving in rhythm with his hand, and her mouth copied it as well. Every time her hips thrust forward, her head slammed down onto his cock. As she pulled her lips back, her fist wrapped around his shaft was stroking him quickly.

By this time, I had given up on restraining myself. I had started out kneeling on the floor, but my pants were as far down as they could go, leaving room for me to slowly stroke my cock as I watched her inhaling his cock, and the movements of her body. Never expecting to see her naked again, I wanted this to last as long as possible. The only time I stopped stroking myself was to take yet another picture, to get as little shake as I could; getting a blurry pic of her would just not do her justice.

As focused as I was on her body, I had not paid attention to what she was doing to him. As he started making noise again, I looked up in time to see him go rigid for a moment before bucking his hips into her face. His hand on her pussy had stopped moving and was just squeezing her ass. She moaned in frustration, pushing her ass back into his hand, which now just fell to the floor. Exhausted, Mark had totally gone limp, his energy having been put into shooting his cum into Karen’s mouth.

Slowly, Karen eased back settling onto her heels. She wiped her mouth with her hand and spread his seed onto her chest with the last batch. Going onto all fours, she felt around for her clothes for a moment, and that sprung me into action. I had to get away before I got caught!

Hurriedly trying to fix my jeans, I found I couldn’t get them all the way up while I was still kneeling down. Seeing she still had her eyes covered I stood up, hoping to get decent while quickly getting back to my room. My heart sank in fear as she took the shirt off of her head. She was still looking at the floor, but I couldn’t stop moving fast enough. Karen saw movement from the corner of her eye and her head snapped around, catching me standing there holding my cellphone and with my cock out jutting out obscenely, staring at her in shock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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