Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 02

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Everyone has his or her vices. I’ve got mine and you’ve got yours. Here are some of mine. My name is Alan Burke. I’m a young Haitian-American man living in southern Massachusetts in New England. I’m not a native of the place but I like it. I’m originally from Haiti but I’ve been living in America for what seemed like forever. I am especially fond of Quincy, Massachusetts. It’s quaint, I think. One of my main vices is my penchant for freaky sex acts with large women whom I encounter. I’ve tried to keep it a secret but secrets have a way of coming out. Know what I’m saying? Cool.

I was walking about in Dorchester when I spotted Stephanie Hull, this woman I used to know from my days at city college. Back then, I was studying criminal justice, trying to prepare for a career in law enforcement. Yeah, if you ask me there aren’t nearly enough black male police officers in America. I wanted to join them and show the world what I can do. Like me, Stephanie was a criminal justice student. A tall, large young woman with long blonde hair and pale blue eyes. Plump and sexy, that’s what she was. Her skin was bone-white. Like so many of the Irish, she didn’t tan, she burned. Oh, well. I still think she was alright.

We had a lot of fun in the Mediation class where we first met. Stephanie was smart and she was easy on the eyes. We had even more fun back in her dorm later. I swung by for a visit. Just my tall, masculine black self. Stephanie greeted me at the door, wearing some rather revealing lingerie. I smiled and went in. once inside, we got the party started. It was her birthday, you know. We did so many things together it’s not even funny. I didn’t think a twenty-year-old college woman could be so damn kinky! well, I got proven wrong, I guess.

Stephanie kissed me and we embraced. I felt her voluptuous body press against mine. Yeah, she was feeling me alright. I felt like Flavor, man! We went casino oyna to her bed, and rolled around getting naughty. Stephanie stripped me down, then she went straight for my magic stick. I looked into that lovely face of hers as she began to suck my dick. She was actually good at it too. I leaned back and relaxed, trying to enjoy what she was doing to me. As she sucked me off, I felt one of her thick fingers burrow into my ass. It surprised me but since it got me harder, I didn’t really mind. When I came, Stephanie drank my manly seed and licked her lips. Delicious!

We continued to do our thing. We playfully wrestled on the bed, and after a few bouts of erotic wrestling, we began to fuck and suck like it was going out of style. Stephanie climbed on top of me, and straddled me. I placed my hands on her hips and thrust into her. Her pussy felt both warm and tight. I loved the feel of it. Stephanie screamed as I fucked her and begged me for more. She rode me for all she was worth. The sight of a large and sexy woman on top of me as we did the bump and grind was very erotic. Stephanie laughed and so did I. We went at it like this until exhaustion claimed us.

This was the start of a very passionate affair for Stephanie and I. one night, we invited her friend Janice Lee to join us. Janice is a tall, slim young woman of Asian and African descent. Stephanie had been talking to her about threesomes and all sorts of fun sexual possibilities. They decided to surprise me one night. I was pleasantly surprised. She was pretty hot. Janice was seriously kinky and I was glad to have her in the bedroom with us. I watched Janice and Stephanie as they made out. Stephanie licked Janice’s breasts and fingered her pussy, making the Asian chick moan and scream in pleasure right before my eyes. The sight of two sexy women together was very hot.

I got even more excited when Stephanie brought out a strap on dildo canlı casino which she bought specifically for this occasion. It was a real turn-on for me to watch sexy Janice suck on Stephanie’s dildo before the two of them started to go at it. Stephanie got on all fours and Janice wore the strap on. Janice fucked Stephanie with the dildo. It was very hot. A sexy bisexual vixen fucking a large and lusty woman with her strap on. I’ve seen videos which started out like that! Stephanie moaned in pleasure as Janice fucked her with the dildo.

I was stroking myself while watching them. Janice winked at me and asked me to let her feel that dick of mine up close and personal. I smiled and joined in on the action. I positioned myself behind Janice and caressed her sexy behind. She briefly turned around and whispered something to me, before handing me a bottle of lube. I smiled, not believing my luck. I spread her sexy cheeks and applied the lube over her ass, then pressed my hard cock against her little anus. With a swift thrust, I went in. I’ve had the pleasure of sodomizing a few women before but never one as beautiful as Janice Lee. I took my sweet time as I began to shove my dick up her ass. Meanwhile, she fucked Stephanie vigorously with the dildo. Man, this was so hot. I was fucking a very hot woman while she fucked another hot woman with her dildo. This was what hot sex was all about! it wasn’t long before I came, filling Janice’s hot ass with my cum.

All three of us lay on the bed a little time later, tired but feeling alive. Stephanie looked at me and smiled. She told me that she wanted to feel my cock in her ass. What do you think I said? Stephanie got on all fours and spread that fat ass of hers wide open. I pressed my cock against her back door, and pushed. Hard. Stephanie screamed as my hard cock went deep into her ass. Although we’ve had sex countless times, this was something we’d never done before. kaçak casino Janice watched us, masturbating as we tried something new for the first time. Stephanie was a big woman but her asshole was small, tight even with lube. I had to be gentle. And so I was. When she got used to it, I fucked her, hard. I came in her ass, and we both screamed in ecstasy.

Yeah, this had been a fun night. it wasn’t the last time we brought Janice to join us for a night of fun. One night, we even pushed the envelope a little bit. Janice and Stephanie wrestled while wearing lingerie, something which I found extremely hot. I fucked Stephanie, having put her on all fours and spread that fat ass of hers wide open before sticking my dick up her anus. These days, Stephanie seemed to crave my dick in her ass. Janice liked anal too but not as much as Stephanie. A large woman with an anal addiction, isn’t that cool?

We tried all kinds of kinky stuff together. One night, Stephanie sucked my cock while Janice drove a dildo in and out of my ass. Her strap on dildo was slim and black, made for beginners. My ass was well lubricated. It hurt a little bit but afterwards it felt good. Janice seemed to really like burying her dildo in my ass. Stephanie simply sucked my cock and licked my balls. When I came, she drank my seed. It was a lot of fun. Later that night, Stephanie wore the dildo and fucked Janice’s ass with it. Janice had a really tight ass but she loved to get fucked. I shoved my dick in her pussy while Stephanie sodomized her fine ass with the dildo. We sucked and fucked the night away like the anal addicts we all were!

Yeah, it was fun to hang out with those freaks for a while. However, a man needs his space. I’ve got business to take care. Females are fun but no man should ever make them his priority. They’re frivolous creatures and they can drive you under. That being said, they’re great in bed, some of them anyway. I graduated from city college and became a police officer. I’ve got the career I’ve always wanted, respect from my community and a job I love. Yeah, those days did turn out alright for me.

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