Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 07

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Hello, there. My name is Stephanie Heinlein Wilson. A six-foot-three, large-breasted, thick-bodied, wide-hipped and big-bottomed woman with light bronze skin, pale blue eyes and long blonde hair. I’m a big woman and I am proud. I’m also openly bisexual. My hobbies include wrestling, boxing and rugby. I love contact sports. I am a member of New England’s Women Rugby League. I came originally from Germany but I came to the United States of America in 1999 at the age of 30. These days, I work as a gym manager. I am also a professional bodybuilder. It’s one of my many passions. I’m happily married to George Sandford, a good-looking Irishman from Boston. He works as a policeman in the city. We have an open relationship.

Presently, I’m spending time with my sometime lover Charles Brown II. He’s a tall, lean and muscular black man. He’s a corrections officer down in Plymouth County, Massachusetts. In the eyes of the world, he’s a straight-laced black professional. I know his wife Mildred, a plump black housewife. She is a former college professor who’s raising their son Jackson and daughter Michelle. A guy with lots of fetishes. We’ve explored quite a few of them together. Today, we’re trying something radically different. He’s sitting on the couch and I am sucking on his cock. Charles has a long and thick black cock. I love sucking him off. I’ve had that cock of his pretty much everywhere in my body. First and foremost in my mouth and pussy. I’ve also had it in my ass. I love it when Charles sticks his big black cock in my asshole. I remember the first time he did it.

I was quite new to the whole anal sex thing. I’d only tried it once with my husband. Charles was an anal sex expert. He was the one who introduced me to that wonderful istanbul travesti new experience. Yeah, I remember being on all fours in his apartment living room, my plump butt cheeks spread wide open. Charles had greased up my asshole after licking my pussy. He then pressed his cock against my asshole and pushed. I will never forget the first time a ten-inch black cock went deep inside my poor white girl’s asshole. It was an unforgettable experience. As Charles rammed his cock into me, I felt like I was being split in half!

Charles began ramming his cock into my shit hole like anal sex was going out of style. I screamed as his cock plunged into the forbidden depths of my tight asshole. He laughed and thrust even deeper into me. Getting fucked in the ass is like no other sexual experience known to humanity. I totally love it now but before, it was literally a pain in the ass. That’s okay because I got used to it. I learned to shut up and take it up the ass like a good anal slut. I became Charles very own personal anal slut. He loved fucking me in the ass. He said my white female booty hole was the resting place of his big black cock. What can I say? I loved having his cock in my asshole and if loving it was wrong then I didn’t want to be right. In no time, Charles transformed me from a sexually naïve middle-aged German housewife into an anal sex addict. And I was totally grateful for it.

I learned to love anal sex and Charles was my master. We tried all kinds of things together. Once, my husband George and I had a threesome with Charles. I forgot to mention that both George and Charles are bisexual. Just like me. Oh, well. We had fun that night. watching Charles and George together was fun. George is about five feet eleven istanbul travestileri inches tall, thick, with red hair and pale blue eyes. He’s more like an accountant or a librarian than a bisexual sex symbol. Charles was six-foot-four, strong-looking and jet-black. The sexy black stud. George had a blast while sucking on his cock. George and I knelt before Charles and sucked on his long and thick black cock. Then, we rode him.

Charles put George on all fours and stuffed his cock in his ass while George ate my pussy. Charles put his strong hands on George’s hips and thrust into him. I loved watching my husband getting fucked by a sexy black man. It turned me on like you would not believe. George liked getting fucked in the ass too. He was such a good pussy licker. Charles fucked him until he came, then we both sucked the cum out of Charles cock. Then, Charles fucked me. He put me on all fours and slid his cock into my asshole. Meanwhile, my husband George stuffed his long and thick cock into my mouth. I sucked on my husband’s prick while Charles fucked me. We tried something else together too. I was sandwiched between the two of them. George slid his cock into my pussy and Charles fucked me in the ass. I was getting double-penetrated by the two men I loved the most and I loved it. I was thrilled when they both came inside me, then pulled out. I sucked both of their cocks at the same time. What can I say, I had a blast.

I always had a blast when Charles was around. Which brings me back to today’s experiment. Charles and I were venturing into alien territory. I wanted to try the strap on dildo with him. He was down with that. First, I sucked his cock. Then, he bent me over and stuck his cock in my asshole. He fucked me good travesti istanbul and I screamed in pleasure. Then, we tried it together. I was sure to grease up his asshole, then put the strap on dildo around my waist. Charles got on all fours, and I came up behind him. I spread his sexy black butt cheeks wide open, then pushed the dildo inside him.

Charles grunted as the dildo slid into my ass. I placed my hands on the sexy black man’s hips and thrust into him. He’s only the second guy I’ve fucked in the ass with a strap on dildo and I must say that I was loving it. George likes the strap on dildo too. When he’s not with one of his boyfriends, that is. I had fun fucking Charles in the ass. He’s got such a sexy ass. I’ve been wanting to fuck him for ages. I’m glad he consented. I fucked him good, thrusting my plastic cock deep into his asshole. I stroked his big black cock while fucking him. He loved it so much that he came. I pulled out of him and sucked all the cum out of his cock. He sighed in pleasure. I asked him if he liked what we did. He grinned and told me he loved it. We kissed. This was a wonderful experience. He told me he wanted my ass next. I was totally down with that. I got on all fours and spread my ass cheeks wide open. Charles grabbed my hips and thrust his cock into my asshole. Hard and swift, and deep in my ass. I loved it.

After a few hours of fun, we both headed to the showers. We cleaned each other up with soap, then we went our separate ways. He had a wife and kids to return to. I had my husband. We both had unfulfilled lives and used passionate, kinky and wildly imaginative sex to fill the void. Variety is the spice of life, as they say. I kissed Charles goodnight, and went back to the living room. My husband George would be home soon. Tired after a long day of work. I ordered him Chinese food, and prepared a bottle of red wine. His favorite. Never let it be said that us German gals don’t take care of our men. We’re the kinkiest females on the planet. Second to none!

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