Body Swap Ch. 01

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An exciting science fiction thriller. What happens when a son swaps bodies with his father unwittingly? Will he ever be able to return to his own body? A special thanks to Todger for Editing for me!

This story contains heavy elements of Incest, mind’s switching bodies, impregnation and much, much more.

Sethp 2019 All rights reserved. Enjoy!


Greg was riding his bike home from school when the unthinkable happened. Right in front of him, there was a massive accident involving three trucks. He barely had time to swerve out of the way as one of the trucks careered onto the sidewalk, flipping all the way over. Greg dropped his bike and ran over to make sure everyone was alright. It appeared that all of the drivers were okay, but there were packages, and debris scattered all over the intersection.

“Nobody is going to believe this,” Greg said. He made his way back to his bike after the paramedics arrived. When he went to pick up his bike, there was a small package that had been jettisoned from the wreck right there. It was a small metal box with the words ‘Top Secret” stenciled on top of it. Normally, Greg was a pretty law abiding kid. He’d just turned 18 and was graduating from High School next month. For some reason, though, Greg picked up the package, making sure no one was looking in his direction and stuffed it in his backpack before heading home.

Once home, where he still lived with his mom and dad, Greg retreated to his room with his secret prize. He locked his bedroom door, sat down on the floor and carefully removed the metal box. There was nothing else written on it except the words ‘Top Secret’. There was a combination lock mechanism on the front but it was cracked from the wreck. Greg got a screwdriver from his desk to see if he could pry it open. It worked!

Inside, there were, two devices that looked like head phones, and a small instruction manual. Greg put one of the headphones on and started playing around with some of the various buttons on it. Nothing happened. He kept the headphones on as he left his room to go pee, fiddling with the buttons the whole time. At the same time Greg’s dad, Bob walked into Greg’s room and saw the other set of headphones on the floor. He picked them up, put them on and started pushing button’s as well. Like father like son.

Greg walked back into his bedroom, saw his dad doing the same thing that he was and started laughing.

“These things don’t work,” his dad said.

“Wait a minute,” Greg said. Your one just lit up in the front when you did that.” He said pointing to his dad.

“So did yours!” Bob said, pointing at his son.

There was a bright flash of light and then darkness. Father and son had been knocked unconscious. Greg woke up first. Something ‘had’ happened. Greg was dizzy and had a hard time seeing. He stood up and looked down seeing his dad laying there. No that wasn’t right. It looked like himself lying there. Greg shook his head to clear it, then looked down to see himself lying there again. He ran to the bathroom and splashed water on his face. Looking back at himself was his father. It took Greg several minutes to realize that he was apparently standing there in his father’s body. “Fuck,” he said. “That must mean…” He ran back into his bedroom.

“Dad!” he said shaking himself awake. “Dad!”

Greg’s dad woke up with about the same reaction that Greg had had. “What’s going on?” he asked.

Greg did his best to explain the situation as he understood it and told his dad where he had gotten the headphones. They both ran to the bathroom and back several times before accepting the situation. For some unknown reason the top secret headphones had caused Greg and his dad to swap bodies or minds.

“Dad! What do we do?”

“We’ve got to read the instructions and reverse it. Should be easy.” Bob said, trying to be positive. He hoped it was easy.

Father and son took out the instructions and started pouring through them together, until they came to a crucial part.

They found the code for swapping, with pictures and diagrams and then the line…”Transmitting devices will need 48 hours to recharge before next use.”

“Fuck,” they both muttered in unison. The rest of the instructions were fairly simple. They could reset the head phones and swap back, but they had to wait 48 hours.

“It’s okay,” Bob said. “I don’t have nothing special going on the next few days. I’ve got work tomorrow. You’ve got to go in and cover for me, what about you?”

“Dad, I have a date with Katie Elder tonight and then school tomorrow.” Greg was looking a little nervous.

“We can handle this,” Bob said. “Since we look and sound just like each other it should be cake. I’ll go out with Katie as you tonight. Your mom just wanted to stay home and watch a movie on Netflix with me. You can handle that. My work is all spreadsheets and nothing is due until next week. No one will bother you or ask you any questions. You just have to show up. I can easily pretend to be Bomonti Escort you at school tomorrow. It will kind of be fun, right?”

“Yeah,” Greg agreed, warming up to the idea. “We can do this for 48 hours. Just don’t do anything to mess up how much Katie likes me. I’ve been trying to go out with her for the past year.”

“I won’t,” his dad agreed, “Just don’t get me fired tomorrow!”

They both laughed.

“What time am I going out with Katie?” Bob asked.

“You’re picking her up in a couple of hours,” Greg, said, then gave his dad Katie’s address and told him what he would usually dress in and where they were going.

Later, when his dad left for the date with Katie, Greg made his way into the living room. His mother was already sitting down on the couch with two glasses of wine. “Here you go, dear,” she said offering him one of the glasses. Greg was only eighteen and such a goody two shoes that he had never had an alcoholic drink in his life. He took it happily, and had a little sip.

“Oh, this is good,” he said, enthusiastically.

His mom giggled. “Of course it is, silly. You love this one. Whoa tiger!’ she said as Greg chugged his wine down, instantly feeling a little light headed. “What’s gotten into you?’

“Sorry, I was thirsty,” he said.

“Well lucky for you, we’ve got plenty more… here,” she poured him another glass.

Greg’s mother was a plump, busty woman with thick, short red hair. She snuggled up next to Greg as she turned on the Netflix movie. It was a horror movie, her favorite genre. It felt weird to be snuggled against his mother, drinking wine and watching a horror movie. After about the fourth glass, Greg was really feeling the wine… he also felt his mother’s hand on his leg.

She was stroking his leg. “I love you, baby.”

“I love you too,” Greg replied shakily, hoping that’s how his dad would have answered. This was getting too weird already.

She leaned back on the couch closing her eyes. “It’s getting hot in here. Can you unbutton my blouse while I stretch?” She was wearing a flannel shirt over a t-shirt.

Greg nervously gulped, but had to obey. He couldn’t let his father down. “Yeah,” he whispered and started to unbutton her blouse. Her big tits were straining against both shirts. His cock was getting hard as he kept brushing his fingers against his mom’s large chest. He had never had these types of feelings for his mother before. He was really confused. He finally revealed a tight thin T-shirt covering a lacy black bra. Greg’s mother grabbed his hands and placed them on her chest as she opened her eyes.

“Don’t worry; Greg won’t be home for hours. Come here,” she said huskily, pulling him in for a kiss.

Greg had never even kissed a girl before, but he’d seen plenty of porn. He thought he knew what to do, but was surprised when his mother sucked his tongue into her mouth. He hoped that he was a good kisser; at least as good as his father.

“Wow! You haven’t kissed me like that in years.” His mother said, peeling her shirt and bra off and exposing the first set of tits Greg had ever seen, live and in person. They were big and heavy and floppy and Greg absolutely loved them. He kneaded them roughly as he kissed his mother. “I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but I like it. Stand up,” she insisted.

Greg did, and then stood there helplessly as his mother pulled down his pants and underwear. Greg’s cock sprung free nearly hitting his mom in the face. “Wow! You’re so hard!” she giggled. Before Greg could say thank you, she sucked his cock into her mouth, sliding her full lips up and down his shaft and moaning and drooling around it.

He would have never thought in a million years that his mother would be the one giving him his first blow job. Technically she wasn’t blowing him, but he felt every sensation. This was the best thing he had ever felt in his entire life. Then his mom, sat back, hefting her big tits up in her hands. “Fuck them, baby.”

Greg had never heard his mother say a curse word in his entire life. He was shocked and also shocked at how kinky his straight-laced parents apparently were. He wondered if he should be worried about his dad and Katie. Greg thrust his pelvis forward, and his mom wrapped her big floppy tits around his cock. Greg started fucking her tits. His cock was already wet with his mom’s saliva. It felt great. He know how to do this. It was one of his favorite porn video genres.

“I’m over dressed,” she said pushing Greg back and standing up. She peeled off her sweat pants and panties, and sat back on the couch, spreading her legs. “Hungry?” she smiled at him.

This was the first pussy Greg had ever seen, outside of internet porn, and he was indeed hungry for it. He wanted to taste it so bad. He had just watched a porn video where this very thing happened. He thought he was prepared. He knelt down, inhaled her scent, and licked her pussy. Loving that he made his mom moan in pleasure with his first lick. Bomonti Escort Bayan

“Yeah…Oh god I needed this… oh fuck yeah,” she moaned, closing her eyes and writhing against his mouth. “Put a finger in.”

Greg did it and smiled. He literally had a finger inside his own mother. He started sliding it in and out of her as he licked her. He loved the taste of her. His dad was a lucky man. Greg could do this every night of his life. He wondered if Katie would let him do this, once he switched bodies back with his dad.

“Oh God!” his mother shrieked. “Right there… Uh… keep licking me right there. Put two fingers in… I’m so close!”

Greg licked her for all he was worth, as he slid two fingers in and out of his mother’s soaking wet pussy, loving the sloshing sound he was making. She was so wet and delicious. His face was getting covered in her juices.

Greg felt her tense up and put her hands on his head as she came, pulling his face closer and thrusting her hips up against his mouth. “Oh fuck… oh fuck… ohhhh! I love you so much!” She screamed as she came against his mouth.

When she was done, she scooted back, sitting upright on the couch. “Stand up baby, it’s your turn.”

Greg stood up, and his mother leaned forward, sucking his cock in her mouth again. She moaned around his cock as she sucked him, gently caressing his balls as she bobbed her wonderful, full, soft lips up and down his cock. She pulled her mouth off of him, lifting his cock up and gently sucked one of his balls into her mouth. She stroked his cock as she sucked his ball. Greg had never even imagined a feeling like this.

“I’m…” he tried to warn his mother. He had no idea what his father would be doing in a situation like this. He suddenly felt very jealous of him. “Gonna cum…” he managed to squeak out.

His mom smiled at him and then sucked his cock into her gloriously warm mouth again.

Greg grunted and then erupted into his mother’s mouth. He kept blasting his sperm into her mouth and against the back of her throat. She kept jacking his cock as she swallowed all of his cum. He could hear her gulping it down. When he was finally finished she released him, quickly grabbing his hand to stop him from falling over. Greg couldn’t even see straight. He’d jacked off many times, but had never cum this hard before. He just couldn’t believe that his mother swallowed his load. Even in porn they didn’t usually do that.

“Thank you,” he croaked, plopping down on the end of the couch. His mother sat there smiling at him in all her plump, naked glory.

“I don’t remember the last time you came that much,” she giggled. “You nearly drowned me! Are you still hard?”

Greg was. “Yeah…” Even after cumming that hard, Greg’s cock was throbbing and steel hard.

“We can’t let that go to waste,” she said, laid back, spread and lifted her legs in the air, exposing her pussy to him again. “Give it to me…please.”

If anything, Greg’s cock got even harder. Well, technically, his father’s cock got even harder. He was about to lose his virginity to his own mother. Did it still count as losing your virginity if it wasn’t really your body or your own cock? Greg put one knee on the couch and his other foot on the ground and entered his mother. She was still so wet, that he slid all the way into her easily in one thrust. He’d never fucked before but he’d seen lots of fucking in porn and he knew what to do. He instantly found a good rhythm, thrusting into his mother again and again. This was even better than her mouth, he had to admit. He’d really been missing out. Her big, heavy tits jiggled as he fucked her. He picked up the pace, loving her grunts of pleasure. He grabbed one of her tits, squeezing it hard.

“I’m cumming,” they both yelled at the same time. Greg could feel his mother’s pussy contracting around his cock as he shot his cum deep inside her. He collapsed on top of her when he was done. She wrapped her legs around him, gently stroking his back and kissing his neck.

“That was really amazing, Bob.”

“Thanks M… Brenda,” he almost slipped up. She hadn’t noticed though. She put her hands on his face and kissed him deeply.

Laying there on top of his busty mother, kissing her, his cock started to harden inside her.

“Jesus! Can you really go again?”

“I… I think so?” Greg stammered.

Brenda grabbed her Greg’s ass and pulled him deeper inside her. “I’m not about to waste this day.” She said as they started fucking again.


Meanwhile at the drive in…

Bob, Greg’s dad, was having a bit of fun. He was finding it hilarious at how easy it was to manipulate Katie. He was giving her compliments, offering suggestions. He’d even gotten her to agree to go to the drive in, instead of bowling and pizza. His aim was to get everything set up for Greg so that on his Next date with her, Katie would already be agreeable anything his son wanted. His son really owed him for this, he thought. Escort Bomonti Things took a slight turn once they settle in though.

The movie started and Katie snuggled against him. She was thin and athletic, but had really large breasts for her body type. They were straining against her tight shirt and he had been trying hard not to look at them all night. She had worn a short skirt as well. He had her arm around her, on her shoulder as they snuggled. He thought with pride, that his son would have no problem getting to 2nd base after this date.

Then Katie did something shocking. She grasped Bob’s hand and slid it down from her shoulder and onto one of her large tits. God knew, Bob couldn’t help himself and he gently kneaded it. It felt like she was only wearing a thin sports bra.

“Mmmm,” she whispered into his ear. “I saw you looking at them all night, Sorry,” Katie said, turning towards him and kissing him and letting Bob’s hand free.

“Don’t be sorry,” Bob said returning her kiss.

“Wow, you’re a good kisser,” she said.

Bob was beyond aroused at this point, and the hormones flooding his son’s teenage body were too much for him. He slid his hand down between Katie’s legs and under her skirt, palming her sex over her panties.

“Oh…” she gasped, looking at him with wide eyes, before kissing Bob again.

Bob knew what he was doing, and wormed his hand into Katie’s panties. She was soaking wet and he easily slid a finger inside her.

“Fuck…Yes,” she bucked her hips against his hand. “You sure we should be doing this? I thought you wanted to wait.”

Wait for what? What was wrong with Greg? Bob thought before saying “yes…” Bob slid his tongue into Katie’s mouth as he finger fucked her.

Katie moaned against Bob’s mouth as she came. “Oooh! Oh fuck, that feels good, Greg!”

Bob kept his finger inside Katie and unfastened his pants with his free hand. Katie reached over to help him. “Your finger feels so good… don’t take it out. Lift your butt up a little bit, there,” she said as they pulled Bob’s pants down enough to expose his cock. Katie put her small hand on it and started to stroke him. “You have a nice cock,” she hissed at him.

“That’s so good,” Bob told her. He wondered how far he could get with Katie. He had to find out if she was a virgin.

Katie had her head back against the seat; eyes closed, stroking Bob’s big cock as he finger fucked her again.

“Katie, will you suck it please,” he risked.

“Of course,” she shocked him.

“Really?” Bob pulled his hand away and Katie leaned over. “Just warn me when you’re going to cum… I may… well just warn me,” then she sucked Bob’s cock deep into her mouth.

“Fuck!” he grunted. His wife knew how to suck a cock, but she didn’t feel like Katie’s mouth. Katie had a smaller mouth and thinner lips and was applying suction like he’d never felt before. She slurped and bobbed her head up and down like a machine. “Wow, you’re good.”

“How would you know?” She said pulling off of him for a moment, laughing. “Sorry,” she kept giggling as she stroked him. “For your information, I am really good though,” Then she took him into her mouth again.

Bob took that to mean that his son was probably still a virgin but this little slut wasn’t. He made up his mind that he was going to try to fuck her tonight. Katie kept up her onslaught and Bob felt his balls churn. He decided it was only right to warn Katie. He wondered how she was going to handle it. His wife would swallow it.

“I’m going to cum baby,” he warned her.

“Mmmm, hmmm, “she signaled around his cock, but kept sucking like a vacuum cleaner. She wanted it in her mouth.

Bob grunted and thrust his hips up, driving his cock deeper into Katie’s mouth as he came. “Fuck… uh… yeah.”

Katie never stopped sucking, letting Bob blast his sperm into her mouth. She swallowed every last drop of it. She was a good girl. Greg was lucky to have a girl like this. She pulled up off of his cock when she was finished. “Thanks for the warning. You wouldn’t believe… well you just wouldn’t believe,” She looked away slightly embarrassed, having given too much information away.

Bob knew he could have her right then and there, and he knew just what to do. “I’m going to take you somewhere,’ he said pulling his pants up and starting the car.

“Oh!” Katie said excitedly.

Bob drove by his house for a moment, noticing that only the upstairs master bedroom light was on. He quietly opened the door and snuck into the kitchen, fetching his bottle of Jim Beam for him and Katie.

He found it funny that his wife and son were already getting ready for bed, and his night was just getting started. He thought he heard some noises from upstairs as he was sneaking back out, but didn’t think anything of it.

He got back into the car with Katie. “Here’s the first surprise,” he said handing her the bottle.

“Oh! You won’t get in trouble?” she asked, but took a quick drink of it anyway.

“Nah, ‘my parents’ will never know. We’re good.” Bob drove them out past the edge of town to old man Smith’s farm. He had acres of corn fields and a few access roads around them. Bob pulled down one and soon they were hidden from view on a secluded farm lane.

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