Body Swap with Sister’s Boyfriend Ch. 01

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INTRODUCTION & DISCLAIMER – In the Australian city of Brisbane, 18-year-old Richie Mitchell is a typical nerd who attends high school, works part time and lives at home with his parents and his hot but domineering and bitchy twin sister Dakota.

Dakota’s good looking boyfriend Troy is a sports superstar who excels at Australian Rules Football, but he is not so blessed with brain matter which works fine for bossy Dakota, as she can tell her boyfriend what to do and he does it without question.

Richie and Troy share little in common, but an eerie encounter with a cursed Ouija board the day before Friday the 13th causes something very strange to happen, which given Troy is Dakota’s boyfriend and Richie her brother can only lead to trouble…

All characters and events depicted in these stories are fictional, with any similarity to people living or dead coincidental. This story series contains incestuous and supernatural themes. Only characters aged 18 and over are involved in sexual situations. Please enjoy the first chapter of ‘Body Swap With Sister’s Boyfriend’, look for more chapters as they appear and rate and comment.


Returning from the bathroom and walking into his bedroom, 18-year-old Richie Mitchell stopped short, his body going rigid, his blue eyes wide and the skin on his face, already fair due to his red hair and associated complexion, turned white when he saw what was on his bed, presumably placed there by his two friends Chad, a chubby blonde guy with short hair and Lachlan, skinny with glasses and of Asian origin, who were now sitting at the computer.

Richie and his friends were still wearing the blue short-sleeved shirts and dark blue trousers that formed the boys’ uniform of the Catholic high school in Brisbane’s north-eastern suburbs that they attended. This particular day – a warm sunny autumn Thursday across South East Queensland that had turned cloudy, humid and overcast in the afternoon and was now looking like rain and a thunderstorm overnight – Richie, Chad and Lachlan were supposed to be finishing their physics group assignment. But the object that Richie saw on his bed that caused him such fear and angst was nothing to do with physics, at least not normal physics in this realm.

Chad and Lachlan sniggered at their friend’s reaction. “Surprise, Richie!” called Chad.

His fingers trembling, Richie pointed at his bed. “What is that?”

Lachlan decided to be smart. “Your bed, Richie.”

Richie spoke sharply. “No, I mean that thing that’s on it right now.”

Chad pretended to notice the object for the first time. “Oh that. That is called an Ouija Board, like it says on the box.” Chad indicated the box, well worn over time with the game having been manufactured in the early 1970s.

Richie was becoming increasingly annoyed and apprehensive. “I know what it is, I mean what is it doing here?”

“We bought it at a swap meet last Sunday,” said Chad.

“Yeah, there was a stall selling all these vintage games,” said Lachlan. “We bought it to surprise you.”

“Well you did surprise me,” said Richie. “Those things are not toys or games. They’re very dangerous and should be banned. Why did you buy something like that?”

Chad and Lachlan did not share their friend’s apprehension with their new game and laughed. “Oh come on Richie, stop being such a pussy,” said Chad. “We thought tomorrow night instead of having that Game of Thrones marathon we could have a séance instead. Tomorrow is Friday the thirteenth, you know.”

“It’s just a bit of fun,” said Lachlan. “It’s just a harmless board game, see.”

“No, don’t get it out of the box!” urged Richie, but he was helpless to stop Lachlan taking the Ouija board out of its box, Richie’s fear increasing as he looked at the spirit board with its numbers, letters and the words ‘Yes’, ‘No’ and ‘Goodbye’.

“He’s really scared,” observed Chad.

“So, you thought that we were going to have a séance in this house – my parents’ house – tomorrow night using that thing?” Richie again pointed at the Ouija board, regarding it with fear.

“Yeah, we thought you’d like the idea,” said Lachlan.

Richie put his hand on his head and moved his head side to side in frustration. “I thought you were both smarter than that, obviously I was wrong. Not even Dakota’s boyfriend would be that stupid, and Troy makes sheep and turkeys look like intellectuals.”

“Um, Richie,” said Chad, indicating for Richie to turn around.

Richie did just this, his face falling when he saw who stood behind him, and Chad and Lachlan sniggered.

The new arrival was Richie’s twin sister Dakota. Although twins, the brother and sister looked nothing alike. The slim and stunningly beautiful Dakota stood at an impressive five feet ten inches tall, her long blonde hair tied back in a high pony-tail, the hair style she most usually wore. Dakota’s height contrasted greatly from that of her brother, the tall teenager towering over her sibling with skinny Richie, his body devoid of any noticeable Fulya Escort muscle tone, scraping in at five feet seven.

Dakota attended the same Brisbane Catholic School as her brother, but she was obviously wearing the girls’ uniform – a light blue dress that came to just above her knees, white ankle socks and black Mary-Jane shoes. Dakota’s D-cup boobs filled out the front of her school dress, and the expression on her face indicated that she was anything but happy.

Richie cursed under his breath. The name ‘Dakota’ meant ‘friendly’, but while pretty and popular Dakota had heaps of friends she was hardly friendly to Richie, his friends or anyone she considered inferior to herself. The only times she was friendly to Richie was when she wanted his help with something, usually something IT related, then she went back to the way she always was. Dakota was only five minutes older than her brother courtesy of being the first of the twins to make her way down their mother’s birth canal, but to Richie sometimes it seemed like five years given her greater height, her bossy personality and that she was far more socially savvy than him. That Dakota had been somewhat of an early developer and Richie a late developer with his voice not breaking until age 15 was another factor that made Dakota seem way older than her twin brother.

Dakota fixed her brother with a glare with her big blue eyes. “Do you have something that you want to say to me about my boyfriend, Richie?” she asked.

Richie, his fair skin blushing, shook his head. “No Dakota.”

“Glad to hear it.” Dakota continued to stand in the doorway, and Richie then noticed for the first time that his sister held in her hand a roll of toilet paper.

Dakota then turned her attention to the other matter that was pissing her off. “Richie, you’re supposed to be a smart guy. Can you explain to me why when I went into the toilet just then the seat was left up and there was just two sheets of toilet paper left on the roll?”

Richie shook his head. “Sorry Dakota.”

Dakota sneered and imitated her twin. “Sorry Dakota.” She glared at him and returned to her normal speaking voice. “Just change the fucking toilet paper next time, you fucking idiot. Fuck, how hard can it be to put the seat down and change the toilet tissue? It’s not rocket science. Do you know how annoying it was for me just then when I found the toilet with not enough paper for me to use?”

While all this was going on Lachlan and Chad continued to sit on the bed, amused by watching their friend getting chewed out by his sister, something that often happened. Unfortunately, they were unable to contain their smirking and Dakota’s wrath quickly transferred from her brother to them.

“Something funny, losers?” she spat.

Like Richie Lachlan and Chad found domineering Dakota intimidating but for obvious reasons unlike Richie they thought she was hot, although both boys knew she was miles out of their league and she would never give them the time of day anyway.

“Um no,” muttered Lachlan.

“There had better not be anything you find funny,” Dakota warned them, before she looked more closely at them and saw that they were not looking at her face, but rather at her breasts.

“Hello boys, my face is up here,” Dakota spat, Lachlan and Chad averting their glances from Dakota’s mammary glands and the magnificent sight of her wonderful teenage tits restrained by a D-cup bra filling out the front of her school dress.

With Lachlan and Chad both looking at her face rather than her chest, Dakota looked haughtily at them to remind them that she was a princess in the school’s social hierarchy and they were peasants. Her blue eyes went past them to her brother’s bed, and picked up the Ouija board and box.

“Richie, what is that doing there?” she spat, pointing at the spirt board.

“Um, it shouldn’t be…” Richie stammered, going to jelly under his sister’s glare.

“You’ve got that right, it shouldn’t be there,” said Dakota. “Those fucking things are dangerous, get it the fuck out of the house and burn it preferably.”

Dakota continued to glare at her brother and friends. “I come home from school and there’s Nerd-Fest going on in here as usual, my brother is insulting my boyfriend, there’s a spirit board in the house and I have two losers staring at my tits. It literally gives me the shits, but when I go to the toilet there’s no loo paper.” She stomped her foot to maximize the drama. “Why can’t I live in a normal house? Why am I surrounded by idiots?”

Richie thought that if Dakota didn’t want to be surrounded by idiots then really she shouldn’t be going out with her boyfriend Troy, but wisely said nothing. Neither he nor his friends attempted to make any argument against Dakota’s taunts that they were ‘nerds’ as even they knew that she was 100 percent correct in her assertions. They were smart, bookish guys who were socially awkward, had never had girlfriends, were all virgins and loved all things IT related, science fiction Fulya Escort Bayan and fantasy. In their spare time, which was limited that they were in Year 12 with a heavy study load, the trio were working on developing an online game that they dreamed might turn them into millionaires one day.

Dakota turned in the direction of the bathroom. “When I get back from the loo, I want that Ouija board gone.” She made haste for the toilet, fortunately not noticing that Lachlan and Chad were looking at the shape of her bottom and visible panty line through her dress. Reaching the loo, Dakota turned on the light, and closed and locked the door behind herself.

Putting down the seat and changing the toilet roll over, Dakota lifted her school dress to show that she was wearing white cotton bikini style panties with pink and purple flowers. Pulling her knickers down to her ankles, the view from in front showed that Dakota removed all blonde pubic hair from her pussy and sported a completely bald feminine mound and vagina. The view from the back showed that Dakota had firm, peach-shaped buttocks, before her bare bottom vanished from view as the teenager sat down on the toilet.

Dakota looked down at her knickers, ankle socks and school shoes as she began to urinate, the sound of her peeing filling the bathroom. The double cotton saddle of Dakota’s panties showed a number of creamy colored feminine stains. Some were caused by Dakota’s vagina self-cleansing throughout the day, others by Dakota sitting in class during the day thinking about her boyfriend Troy and all the private things they did together, this causing her clitoris and pussy to react and make her wet between her legs, and as a result more cunt stains on her underpants than usual.

Her piss finished, Dakota opened her legs, got toilet paper and wiped her wet vagina – Dakota’s pussy light pink, oval shaped and perfectly symmetrical – dry of residual urine and dropping the wet toilet tissue into the bowl. As Dakota adjusted her bottom on the toilet seat ahead of going number two, she gave a practical demonstration that the answer to the question many guys ask of ‘Do pretty girls fart?’ was yes.

Always a multi-tasker and a social media junkie, Dakota had brought her phone with her to the toilet and as she emptied her bowels, Dakota scrolled through her phone checking her various accounts, only stopping each time she needed to get toilet paper and use it to wipe her bottom, before picking up the phone and scrolling through it again.

Richie had long described his sister as a ‘toilet addict’. Dakota was always going to the toilet, and usually took ages. And if Dakota wanted to know why the toilet paper supply often ran so low in the house, really she should have looked at herself. She used so much loo paper on normal days and even more when it was that time of the month that Richie often thought that if Dakota suddenly ceased to exist, the local supermarket might notice a reduction in its toilet paper sales. Usually it was okay for Richie, while Dakota was pooing on the toilet she was behind a closed and locked door and unable to boss him around or be mean to him so the longer she took the better. The only problem occurred when Dakota was having one of her marathon sessions on the loo, and one of their parents was using the other bathroom in the house and Richie needed to pee.

When the peeved Dakota made her way to the toilet this afternoon, Richie made sure his sister was out of earshot before he shook his head and said, “What a drama queen.”

“Yeah, she was really mad,” said Lachlan.

“Is it her time of the month?” Chad asked.

Richie laughed lightly and shook his head. “No, that was two weeks ago. She’s 100 times worse when she’s got girls’ problems, believe me.”

“Don’t worry, we believe you,” said Chad. “It makes me glad I only have a brother.”

“My older sister moved down to Melbourne, so I don’t have to worry about that anymore,” said Lachlan.

Richie could only envy his friends. Since Dakota was eleven and reached that milestone in her life, Richie had found himself walking on eggshells with his sister every four weeks and trying – but more often failing – to avoid incurring her hormone-induced wrath. And on the times Richie had dared to fight back, Dakota would burst into tears and run off crying. Then Richie would be in trouble from their mother for upsetting his sister when she wasn’t at her best.

While Dakota’s boyfriend was lacking in brain matter, Richie struggled to imagine how even Troy would have thought how any good could have come from his actions a few months ago. Dakota was on her period and talking with Troy in her bedroom – Troy as usual outstaying his welcome with his girlfriend’s parents after staying for dinner – when Dakota had gotten a call from one of her female cousins unusually on the landline and not her mobile and gone to take the call.

Before receiving the call, Dakota had taken a new pad out of the packet in her underwear drawer, intending Escort Fulya to take it into the toilet with her as she needed a change of feminine hygiene products. Troy, becoming bored when Dakota’s phone call took some time, had looked around for something to amuse himself. But rather than occupy himself with his phone as would a normal person, Troy had opened the plastic packet that contained his girlfriend’s new period pad, unfolded its wings and then pretended it was an aeroplane, flying it back and forth while making plane noises.

Fortunately neither parent saw their daughter’s boyfriend playing silly games with one of her panty pads, but Richie did through the open door and knew that no matter how long he lived, or if he developed dementia in later life, he could never get this image out of his mind.

Of course Dakota saw this too when she returned, and was anything but impressed, snatching her boyfriend’s new play-thing from his hand and storming to the bathroom, where the pad was soon serving its proper purpose – adhered to the saddle of Dakota’s knickers and in place between her legs, absorbing her menstrual blood that flowed in abundance from her vagina.

Putting this embarrassing memory aside for the moment, Richie said, “Dakota is right about one thing. You need to get rid of that Ouija board, they are dangerous and I don’t want it in the house.”

Again, Lachlan and Chad laughed. “Why do you and Dakota have such a problem with Ouija boards?” Lachlan wanted to know.

Richie sighed. “Look, what I tell you is in confidence, but when Mum was eleven she lived with her parents, older sister and younger brother in a house out near Moreton Bay. It was a pretty nice house, one of those Queenslander style houses, and her family had lived there for years without any problems. Then strange things started to happen. Windows and doors would be open when they shouldn’t be, there would be odd smells that would just come and go without any reason, lights would come on and turn off without anyone touching them, the TV would come on its own in the middle of the night, objects would disappear or be found in odd places, they would hear knocking on the doors and windows at night and footsteps on the main stairs and hallway, the house would be very hot or very cold when it shouldn’t have been and there would be animal noises out of place for the area, like peacocks crowing late in the evening.”

Lachlan and Chad looked amazed. “Wow,” they both said.

“Everyone felt like they were being watched when on their own in the house, and they were all freaking out,” said Richie. “They were talking about how they thought that the house might be haunted and wondering what had caused this, and my Aunty Karen confessed to Grandma and Grandpa that she and her friends had been playing around with an Ouija board holding séances before all the trouble started. It had attracted a poltergeist to the house, and even though they burned the spirit board the poltergeist remained. They ended up having to sell the house and move, and everyone who lived there after had the same problems and didn’t stay in the house very long.”

“That’s so interesting, and scary,” said Lachlan.

“Yeah, your Mum never said anything about that,” said Chad.

“She doesn’t like to talk about it, it really scared her when she was a girl so please don’t say anything about it,” said Richie. “Just take that Ouija board with you when you go and get rid of it.”

“Okay Richie, we’ll get the scary board out of your room,” Chad assured Richie.

“Yeah, we’ll put it in Dakota’s bedroom,” laughed Lachlan.

Chad joined in Lachlan’s laughter, but Richie did not. “Don’t even joke about it,” he said.

“Relax, relax, the board’s going,” Chad said, putting the Ouija board back in its box and into his backpack. “Satisfied?”

“Great, thank you,” said Richie. “Now perhaps we can get back to our assignment.”

Richie, Chad and Lachlan had nearly finished anyway, and it took just five minutes to put the finishing touches to the assignment. As Richie was printing it out, the Mitchell family’s cat , a female tabby cat wondered in and began to rub around Richie’s legs, calling out for him to provide her with food, sooner rather than later.

“I’d better go and feed her,” said Richie, walking out of his bedroom with the cat following, meowing loudly in an attempt to motivate him to provide the food faster. Richie’s journey took him past the toilet, where Dakota was still sitting on the loo with her knickers around her ankles, Richie hearing the sound of his sister unwinding toilet paper from the roll, and hoping that the bitch would stay in there all night and not bother him.

In the kitchen, Richie opened a can of cat food and fed the impatient cat. In his bedroom, Chad wore an enormous grin on his chubby face. He tapped Lachlan on the shoulder, reached into his backpack and took out the Ouija board, placing the box under Richie’s pillow.

“This prank is delivered courtesy of Mr. Chad Brown of Brisbane, Australia,” Chad laughed.

“You are so bad,” laughed Lachlan, the two of them sniggering as they thought of their friend’s reaction when he found the spirit board, but able to revert to dead pan expressions when Richie returned and not rouse any suspicions.

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