Book Store Ch. 10

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(so there are a lot of people to keep track of in this one – quick reference at the beginning of characters making an appearance. This is my first foyer into like a true orgy type of situation to my apologies! I’ve been wringing my hands that its too complicated to be fun but… I enjoyed it)

Cast of characters –

Chris – our male protagonist. Works at the beach location. Bangs Jane a lot. Some other people, too.

Jane – our female protagonist. Works at the beach location. Bangs Chris a lot. Some other people, too.

Alison – our female co-lead. Works at the beach location. Into everyone. Not as monogamous as she pretends to be.

James – works at the beach. Published author. Fucks Jane sometimes.

Alan – Top boss of the bookstore.

John – Manager at the beach.

Sally – Manager at the flagship store where the store today is set..

Susan – Manager at the West End store

Paul – Some guy. Good looking. Works at the Flagship store.

Kalin – some guy. Works in the West End store.

David – Manager of the North location.

Lance – PRH rep, was probably a major hunk in his day. Still has a certain older-man charm

Geoff – PRH Rep, young, good looking

Harold – PRH rep

Lisa – Mendall Group rep

Heather – HCP rep. Big boobs, nice clothes.

Mousey-looking girl – works at the West End store (for people keeping score, she’s the star of Tentacle Sex though unnamed there as well)


Jane gripped Chris’s head in her hands, she bit her lip to stifle a scream that was threatening to escape. Chris was holding her legs wide apart and licking her clit. The space heater hummed quietly in the bookstore’s basement, bearing near-silent witness to the resolution of a bet.

“Fuck, Chris.. Chirs!!!!” Her hips bucked, but Chris held on, even as his face was drenched.

“Fuck, fuck!” Jane released Chris and fell back onto the pile of books that were being packed and shipped tomorrow. Chris got up from kneeling on the floor while Jane caught her breathe.

“What was that?”

“That?” Chris wiped his face with some paper towel, “was you losing a bet.”


“You squirted. I told you I could make you squirt and you said it wasn’t a real thing.”

“It was awesome. I don’t even know if I can explain what that felt like. Isn’t it just pee?”

“No one knows. I don’t think we have the science to explain it. Whatever it is, it’s super hot and I’m glad I got you to do it.” He smiled, tossing the paper towel in the trash. “What should your punishment be for losing the bet?”

“Mmmmmm, I like being punished.”

“I think I have something special in mind for you this time. It’s publisher’s night on Monday, right? I get to choose your outfit.”

“Mmmhmmm, and? I’m sure that’s not it.”

“And,” Chris continued, “you get to be my slut for the night.”

“I love being a slut for you. I love doing what you tell me to do.”

“I know; I’m going to make it a little more interesting. I’m going to tell you who to flirt with.”

Jane bit her lip. This was different.

“And who to fuck.”

This was definitely different.



“Man, I look forward to publisher’s night every year,” Chris said. He and Jane were walking together from the subway. They weren’t going to their regular store, but to the largest location. It had enough room for the joint staff from the different stores to hang out and get acquainted.

“But this year is going to be amazing.” Chris gave Jane a pat on the ass and playful squeeze. He did choose her outfit but Jane felt he was being very conservative. Well, for the most part. She had a sweater on (it was November, afterall) that had a nice, drooping neckline and an exciting bra underneath. Chris said that was essential to get her flirt on – give them something to look at. She was also wearing a leather skirt which she had been dying to wear. She didn’t think he’d ask her to wear any panties but he wanted her to wear a thong (typical) – because he liked watching it get pulled to the side when she was getting fucked. He said the added friction was fun.

“Hey you two,” Alison jogged across the street waving. “Got any fun plans tonight?” After they had all fucked in the basement Alison… well, had become a bit of a sexual confidant. Chris had opened up to her about his feelings about Jane, their relationship, and his various sexual frustrations and desires. Jane, too, had someone to talk to. And someone else who could eat her out if Chris wasn’t able to. She realized she would have to tell Alison about the squirting incident. She wasn’t sure if she should be embarrassed or smug. Probably smug. Chris seemed to enjoy getting his face drenched. Serves him right, she thought, for all the times he’d covered her face in cum.

“Depends on your definition of fun,” Chris winked. Alison rolled her eyes.

“I know what your definition of fun is. So fun plans then, yes?”

“Jane is going to do what I tell her to do tonight. She’s going to be a very good girl for me.”


“I’m going to flirt with whoever he tells me to.”

“That’s it?”

“And fuck them. If he tells bahis şirketleri me to.”

“Can I get in on this?”

“Excuse me?”

“Can she flirt with me?”

“Obviously. Honestly, I don’t see the two of you making out tonight I’m going to consider this night a bust.”

“If making out is the bar you’re setting, I’m going to blow you away.”

Jane felt a twinge of jealousy watching them flirt. She also felt a twinge of heat between her legs. She was excited for tonight! She had talked to most of the other store’s staff over the months and years but had very little opportunity to actually interact with them. She knew some of the staff from years ago when she’d worked at a different location but most of them had gone – the only ones who were left from back then were some of the full-time staff who had been there for years. None of them appealed to her particularly, as they were mostly older, crabby women. She wracked her brain just trying to imagine any of them being even remotely fun in bed and… just a lot of no.

Lost in her reverie, Jane hadn’t noticed that they had arrived outside the store. One of the staff members unlocked the door from inside and ushered them in. Chris gave Alison a pat on the ass as he held the door. Jane saw it and glowered. Chris just winked. He held the door for Jane, too, but she crossed her arms, annoyed already.

They went in and took off their coats. People were still arriving – the presentations didn’t start for another 20 minutes or so. Food was en route, some snacks – cheese, crackers, fruit and some drinks – were already laid out. Jane scanned the room for people she knew – a few familiar faces were here already – her old boss, Sally, the top boss Alan, the other managers, David and Susan, and a host of part- and full-time staff that she didn’t know – or at least, didn’t know the faces of. There were also a few guys in suits who were publisher reps, she guessed, as well as a… I guess she looked like a librarian, but a very shapely librarian at that. She had the rimmed glasses and sort of wavy hair. Pencil skirt and blouse.

Otherwise, there was very little that caught Jane’s attention. Except the cheese. She drifted over to the snack table and helped herself.

Chris was being his usual personable self – he’d been to all the stores at one time or another, sometimes covering for the warehouse manager making the deliveries and picking up returns. He had somehow managed to engage three young, attractive women in conversation. Where were the young, attractive men? She caught Chris checking out the low neckline of at least one of the girls. She seemed to notice, too, but didn’t seem too upset. Chris looked over his shoulder at Jane and then nodded towards the door.

In walked a vision – tall, dark, handsome – he took off his jacket and Jane could see his muscled arms. He brushed his hair back and looked at her. Jane looked back at Chris who shook his head and nodded again. Behind the tall, handsome fellow was a… the only word Jane could think of was ‘nerd’. A nerd. She winced, looking back at Chris who nodded and tipped his beer towards this poor, unwitting dork.

Chris excused himself from the gaggle of young women and attended to his poor Jane. “You don’t want Paul,” he tilted his head towards mr Tall Dark and Handsome, “you’ll fall in love and he’ll break your heart. Now young Brad on the other hand… you’d leave him wanting more. But you won’t give it to him.”

“I hate you.”

“I know. First though let’s warm up with dear Alison. She’s missed you. Go say hi.”

Jane wrinkled her nose, but did as she was asked.

“Hi Jane.”

“How’s it going so far? I don’t think I’ve seen you do anything too untowards tonight yet.”

“He told me to warm up with you.”

“Oooh,” Alison smiled. “I don’t even know what that means but I’m eager to get started before this whole nonsense gets started. You know what would be hot?”


“Feed me a piece of that cheese.” Alison nodded to the plate Jane was holding. “Trust me I’ll make it sexy.”

Jane took a piece of cheese and held it out for Alison.

“Put it in my mouth.”

Jane hesitated just a little bit but took the piece of cheese – brie – and put it delicately in Alison’s mouth. Alison took Jane’s finger in her mouth and just gave it a little suck. Not much, but enough to get Jane’s attention, and it turned out, the attention of a number of guys in the room.

“Mmmm, that was good,” cooed Alison in Jane’s ear. Jane could feel the stares. Alison leaned in and nipped Jane’s earlobe.

Jane felt flush. A hot, sexy flush. Alison smiled and went over to the snack table, leaving Jane alone.

Alan cleared his throat, “I think now is a good time to get started, don’t you think everyone?”

Catalogues were handed out, introductions were made. Penguin Random House had sent three of their sales reps in attendance – Harold, Lance, and the newer guy (which Jane called in her head “the young hot one”) Geoff. Harold and Lance had been around forever – Jane had heard stories about Lance back in the heyday of publishing – the late night martinis in hotels, swapping librarians between bahis firmaları rooms. It was a weird wild time. She’d heard he once did a sales call with a librarian still tied to his bed. He had a sort of hot dad look about it – kind of crinkly like Daniel Craig, not built like him obviously, but there was a youthfulness to him and a glint in his eye. Lance was a little younger than Harold, in better shape, but seemed more serious. And Geoff… Jane smiled… would be perfect. Well, nearly perfect. Perfect-ish. She didn’t know what his kink factor was. If he was vanilla… Jane frowned. No way he’s vanilla.

The Harper Collins rep was next – Heather – she was the curvy girl with dark-rimmed glasses. She looked like a librarian on the brink of going bad. Jane was sure she’d be a lot of fun in bed… if she were into girls. She wasn’t, she reminded herself, but if she was she would love to bury her face in Heather’s boobs.

The last rep, Lisa from The Mendall Group, was running late. Which was fine because she was presenting last and PRH always ran late, and Heather, Jane had heard, tended to go on.

PRH started – as expected, it was a long, but interesting, presentation. Chris nudged her part way through and nodded towards the nerd he told her to hit on. Jane looked, and saw him just staring at her. “His name is Kalin. He’s from the store out in the west end. I told him a little about you. I think he’s into you already.” Jane sighed inwardly. She was eye-banging Geoff. “Go talk to him.”

“What? Now?”

“Remember the deal?”

Jane sighed and drifted to the back of the store where Kalin was waiting.

“Meet me in the bathroom in two minutes,” Kalin whispered.

Jesus Christ, Jane thought. Chris looked back at her and gave a little, obnoxious wave. What did he tell Kalin about her?

The store bathroom here was tiny. Like, one person could barely fit comfortably in there, let alone two. Jane counted to sixty, and then sixty again, took a deep breathe, and went to the back door. The bathroom was located in a shared hallway with other stores in the small mall that the bookstore was in. The door was open slightly. When he heard the door to the store open, Kalin popped out and waved Jane in.

“Sit on the toilet,” he said. She did as she was told, and Kalin squeezed in. He was oppressively close, and seated on the toilet, Jane’s face was already in his crotch. “Unzip my pants and pull my cock out.”

Jane reached up and could feel Kalin’s cock, already hard in his jeans. She looked up at him while she unzipped his fly and reached her hand inside. She was pleasantly surprised with what she felt. Long it wasn’t, but girthy would be the best word for it. She pulled it out and it practically leapt in her hands. One of his hands was holding up his t-shirt, the other was bracing him against the wall. Jane stroked it gently, every touch seemed to send a jolt of electricity through him. Clearly he wasn’t used to a woman’s touch.

Jane gently kissed the head, then the shaft, kissing down until she reached the base. Kalin’s eyes were closed, he seemed lost in his own world. Jane took the head in her mouth next, tasting his pre-cum as his cock twitched and jumped in her mouth. He moaned. Loud. Loud enough that Jane was worried people in the store might hear. But she didn’t let that stop her. Kalin responded to her touch, thrusting his hips towards her, filling her mouth up with his fat dick. She held onto his shaft to keep Kalin from choking her, but she did love the feeling of having her mouth forced open. If he didn’t cum soon she was worried she might hurt her jaw.

Kalin stopped bracing himself and grabbed her hand away from his cock. He pushed his cock in all the way to the root – Jane felt his balls against her chin as he pushed deep before pulling out, giving Jane a chance to catch her breath. It didn’t last though – he pushed his dick in her mouth again, fucking her face with it. Jane felt tears welling up in her eyes – if she had been wearing eye makeup it would be running down her face. Finally, Kalin pulled out.

“Take off your shirt, I’m gonna cum on your tits,” he jerked his cock furiously in Jane’s face.

“What? You can’t cum on me here – I have to go out there again!” Jane held her hand up in front of the tip of his cock, prepared to shield herself from any ejaculate that threatened to erupt any second from his dick.

“Shit!” He kept jerking. Jane looked around for any escape and didn’t see any options – she grabbed his cock and leaned forwards. She took his balls in her mouth and sucked, keeping the cockhead aimed over her shoulder. She felt his nuts tighten and he nearly fell over. She jerked him off, his semen painting the wall behind her, only stopping when she felt the last dribbles trickling down her hand.

“Get out,” Jane said, “I have to clean up.”

“What about me?” Kalin protested.

“Well do your pants up, you’re fine. Get out.”

Kalin zipped himself back up and slunk out of the bathroom. Jane washed her hands and checked her hair to make sure no errant semen splattered in it. It hadn’t, thank god, but the wall behind the toilet was plastered with jizz. She kaçak bahis siteleri hoped no one would take a black light in here because it would be obvious to anyone looking at what had happened.

Jane waited another minute and went back to the store. PRH was just wrapping up. She walked briskly over to Chris.

“What did you tell him?”

“Me? Well… you know he just left?”


“What did you do to the poor boy?”

“Shhhhh,” Jane hissed. “I’ll tell you later. Don’t use the bathroom.”


Alan was back at the front announcing the next speaker, Heather. They would take a short break and then resume.

Alison sauntered back over to the pair with a wry grin.

“I think I’ve got those two girls interested in… I don’t know, something.” She nodded towards a pair of ladies from the Bloor West store. “I sort of lost track of what we were talking about. I think they definitely want to fool around with me. It’s not what I was looking for but I mean…” Alison looked over again. One of them, a mousey-looking girl with short hair and big brown eyes looked back and smiled. She was slight, and had a leather jacket on and tight black jeans. “She might be fun.”

“Well we’re on break for a little while anyhow. I’d suggest the bathroom but someone made a mess in there already.” Chris smiled. Jane shoved him.

“Ooh nasty. I’ll see if she wants to make out in there when the presentations start again.”

“Good luck! I need to find someone new for Jane…”

“Don’t take too long! I’ll see you guys soon.” She waved to the mousey-looking girl who followed her to the back of the store.

The librarian-looking chick was up next. Jane couldn’t help but notice Chris eye-banging her. She wasn’t beautiful or anything but she got what he was oogling her for. The young lady, Heather was her name apparently, learned forwards and Jane caught herself looking down the top of her blouse. Whether on purpose or by accident she seemed to have left the top couple buttons undone. Jane noticed that almost everyone seemed to be looking at exactly the same thing. Heather looked up suddenly and apologized for the delay. Everyone snapped their attention quickly to other things, hoping she didn’t just catch them all staring.

“You should see if she wants to play later,” Chris whispered to Jane as Heather talked about books.

“I’m not into girls,” Jane hissed. “You know that.”

“Who is my slut for the night again? I’ll make it up to you.”


Chris smiled and focused his attention back on Heather.


Jane saw David, one of the other managers, looking at her, then whispering something to Alan.

What the fuck is going on?

Alan then went over to the Penguin Reps and talked to them for a moment. Heather continued talking about books and Jane realized she had totally tuned out. What had Chris planned? And who wasn’t in on it?

There was a pause in the presentation as Heather fished through her bag for a book. In the brief silence, a moan was heard coming from the bathroom. A few heads turned, but Heather was back talking again.

A few minutes later, Alison slipped unnoticed back into the store. She looked a little flushed.

“Have fun?” Chris asked.

“I was just doing my makeup, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Did she have fun?”

The mousey-looking girl also filtered back into the store, and stood conspicuously far away from Alison.

“Didn’t you hear her?”

“Are you all tapped out or still ready for fun?”

“I’ve barely started.”

Chris gave Alison’s ass another squeeze to Jane’s chagrin. But Jane couldn’t deny it. She was horny. Unsatisfied after the bathroom blowjob she found herself fantasizing about different guys in the room. The sales reps were looking at her. Geoff, the hot one, might have winked. Jane pictured him bending her over the table, sweeping all the remainders to the floor and ravishing her. Then David. And Alan. And…

Her panties were seriously wet. She felt like everyone in the room knew what was coming except her and they were just waiting for the signal to pounce.

Jane excused herself. Heather was just finishing up her presentation which meant only The Mendall Group was left.

Lisa started talking while Jane locked herself in the bathroom. This particular bathroom was unique to Books and News – every inch of wall was covered with passive-aggressive notes from the manager and other full-time staff. Jane noticed the spot where Kalin jizzed on the wall – the note that it has spattered on was now illegible. Which, Jane mused, wasn’t a bad thing. The small room smelled like sex after Alison and… what’s her name… were in here.

Jane braced herself against the wall and pulled up her skirt. Yup, her panties were soaked. She pulled them to the side and ran her finger over her wet pussy. She wondered if when she opened the door who would be waiting outside – who had Chris sent, or who had come looking for her. She felt a finger slide in easily. She pulled it out and ran it up and down her wet cunt, teasing her clit. She’d shaved just before coming out tonight – she knew Chris liked her pussy bald, and she had to admit she enjoyed the smoothness of it, even if the ingrown hairs that were to follow would be murder. She was always amazed that Chris never seemed to get them. What the hell was his secret?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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