Bound And Gagged: Chapter One

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*Please also note that this includes a lot of human trafficking themes. Remember that human trafficking and rape is illegal. If your partner is not up for rape or BDSM, do not force yourself on them or anyone else. If you know nothing about human trafficking, I suggest you educate yourself before reading this*

Don’t call me a rapist. I’m far from that. See according to an online dictionary, Rape is the act of sexual intercourse upon a person. I’m not forcing myself on any of them. Deep down inside, they really want me. They just don’t want to admit it. But before we get too deep into this rape subject, let me tell you a little bit about my self.

My name is Alexander Cross. And no, I was not named after the character in James Patterson’s books. For some odd reason, my parents liked Alexander and Cross is my middle name. I hate my last name. It’s like Gardener. And my parents are not gardeners. So I just say my last name is Cross.

I am 24 years old, about 6’3 and have a very muscular build. I guess that’s because I started working out at 15. My cock was 9 inches long and 4 inches thick. Girls love it … or they used to. All the women stopped having sex with me when I got too rough. I got so angry that one night I stalked this girl at the young age of 17 and raped her. I got convicted and thrown in jail for two years. When I was let out, I moved out of state to California. Actually, more towards in the woods. It was only a 10 minute drive to the nearest large city so it wasn’t too bad. I built the house myself, make it huge with a giant basement. I had recently got into the business called Bound And Gagged (BG, a software company to the public eye). A company that takes women off the streets, trains them and sells them to men as sex slaves. No, we’re not sex traffickers or whatever their called these days. Like I said, these girls actually want this to happen deep down.

I grew up in a regular home with regular parents. I went to a regular school that wasn’t sex crazy. I really don’t know what made me snap but I did. And I don’t think I really regret it. The feel of my rock hard cock destroying that girls pussy. It was a high. I would have fucked her in the ass but she screamed too much which alerted the cops. Then I was arrested for two years. When I got out, I moved to California. Deep in the woods. 10 minutes from the nearest Walmart and 20 minutes to the nearest Ocean. You’ll understand why I moved there in a few minutes.

Awhile izmit escort back I was finally upgraded to Dealer at Bound And Gagged. See there are two levels in the company. Manager and Dealer. The Manager kidnapped girls, held them in their house until a dealer came and picked them up. And sometimes the dealer kidnapped girls themselves.

When I did become a dealer. I was email a set of instructions. Some of them were…odd but we had to take in to effect our customers. Most of our customers were husbands looking to cheat on their wives in which we grant the Bronze Rape package. But if your wanting to take a girl home, we call it the Silver Rent package. And finally, if you want to buy and keep a girl as your slave or pet, we call it the Golden Slave package. Since you are new to this business, I will give you a run down on the packages:

The Bronze Rape Package
A lot of men have that fantasy of rape or BDSM that their wives or girlfriends won’t allow them to do. What we do is set up a rape situation. The men and the girl are thrown into a room alone and the guy is allowed to do whatever with her. We always have cameras on them so we can make sure the girls don’t get too hurt. We give each guy a 30 minute session.

The Silver Rent Package
For those guys whose wife or girlfriend is away on weekends or is gone, you can simply “rent” a girl. You get to take her home for a couple days and then we come by a pick her up. We don’t know what happens during those days.

The Golden Slave Package
That’s right. We advertise on the website girls that are up for sale. Guys can simply buy them and keep them. Or simply attend our once a month slave auction in which the girl goes to the highest bidder.

We own a forum that’s linked to our website. We have around 100,000 members in the US and 250,000 worldwide. Bound And Gagged, which opened in 1994, went worldwide in 2006. Each dealer has his own username and is marked differently by a color. Members are white, managers are green, dealers are orange and the owners are red. We have an advertising section for our dealers. The topic title would be like: “Redhead, busty, submissive” and then you put the dealers location in the description.
Then we also had the little suggestion section. Plenty of members asked for a certain kind of girl. Most of the times, the dealer already had these kinds of girls in their “collection”. But if they kocaeli escort don’t, they will email the member privately and ask for a better description. Then they will try and find this girl for them.

Each dealer had their own website that was connect to the forum and website. So for example, mine is Since they couldn’t fit Bound And Gagged in the url, they had to go to something a little more simple. Every dealer was required to set-up and frequently run their own website. Mine was set up more strategically. The main page gave you a little bit more about me, how I got into this, etc. It also mentioned how this business worked in a short paragraph: “We kidnap girls and train them for your sexual pleasure. If they become pregnant or are untrainable during our care, we kill them”. Then it was on to the Cams page which gave you like a security cam look inside the entire basement except for the rooms. You even got a glimpse of the stables and kennel. The main room had 4 cameras which you could watch at once. It was all live so you could watch the training. We also had a live command chat. You could command us to do something to the girl(s) but we don’t always listen. Next was the Profiles page. It listed all the girls (along with a small photo and nesseccary info like age, height, etc). Then if you clicked on the girls name (which was changed to something more kinky), you got a more detailed profile, an introductory video by her and the view of her room via a camera. If you were a gold paying member on the Bound-Gagged website, you’d get a live command chat. When you typed in a request, it showed up on the screen in her room. If she didn’t respond with a “yes sir”, she got a violent jolt in her neck via the shock collar. And then for our bestiality fans, I had a special page titled The Beasts for them. It showed all the Animals in my possession, their weight/height, temperament and cock size. Including the horses. And last but not least was the Photos page which showed you the past girls that came through me.

Now lets take a tour through my house. I was technically not in the woods but instead a patch of land flowering with trees. As for personal safety, I installed a twelve foot high electric fence around my entire property as well as an electric gate in the front that ran on access I.D passes only owned by me and my partner, Austin. The technology was so high-tech that not even a credit card wrapped izmit escort bayan in a plastic bag could pass it. If someone were to touch the electric fence while it was on, they would most likely die. Many neighbors asked why I needed such a military grade fence and I always responded, “I work for a technology company. I don’t want anyone stealing stuff in my house.”

Once you entered the house, it looks quite normal. You have the kitchen, living room, bathroom and the two bedrooms. What you didn’t know was that there was a trap door underneath the rocking chair that accessed the basement. Although if you walked over it, you wouldn’t hear the echo of an empty room but instead the sound of someone walking on hardwood floor. There was no handle for this secret access point but instead a key that hooked in between the pieces of hardwood. Once going down a few stone stairs, you finally enter the dungeon.

Along the walls of the first hallway, you see a ton of steel doors and walls. These are the 4×4 rooms. Now 4×4 is extremely tiny. We give them a pillow and blanket but no bed to sleep on. The rooms, the entire basement in fact, is sound proof. Each room was locked like a vault but with plenty of ventilation. Once you exit the first hallway, you enter into the main room where the action happens. We had ropes the dangled from the ceiling and am OB/YGN table with leather straps. Covering the walls was mostly steel but on one wall we had a selection of fine sex toys. We stashed a few guns and other weapons throughout the main room.

Down the second hall was more rooms. 4×4, sound proof rooms with cameras. Then in the next hallway was the kennels and storage rooms. Each Dog had their own kennel run with fake grass. I had several different breeds for the pleasure of our slaves. Each had different temperaments and cock sizes. Shall we start with the smallest?

Brutus – German Shepherd – Aggressive – 9 inch cock – Tennis Ball sized knot

Meat – Rottweiler – Aggressive – 9 inch cock – Tennis Ball sized knot

Spike – Newfoundland – Gentle – 10 inch cock – Baseball sized knot

Xavier – Akita – Aggressive – 11 inch – Baseball sized knot

Luke – Great Dane – 12 inch cock – Baseball sizes knot

Now that you know all about my business, perhaps we need to go over the rules:
1) No girls under 16
2) Always tattoo a girl a random ID number to get registered in the system
3) Always give the girls the right drugs and birth control
4) If a girl becomes pregnant or is untrainable, dispose of her ; you may kill her any way you see fit
5) Do not bury her unless you do not live within 30 minutes of the ocean

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