Bound to Meet Pt. 02

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I must have drifted off… I woke up with a start as I felt a swat across my ass. I am not sure how much time had passed. 20 minutes? 2 hours? Who knows. Dom Tom had come back into the bedroom though, and wanted me awake. And apparently had rolled me over onto my stomach. My hands and legs were untied. I must have been sleeping deep.

“Who gave you permission to sleep boy?” He asked with another swat on my ass. This time he hit the edge of the plug, sending ripples of pleasure through me. I moaned… half in surprise, half in pain, half in pleasure. Regardless, I was awake now. He chuckled and I got goose pimples all over my body. I loved his domination, it was neither mean spirited or scary, he was very good natured… confident. He exuded some unidentifiable charisma that drew me into him and made me long to comply. And the warm timber of his voice combined with the slight southern drawl was incredibly sexy to me. I would have gotten wood right there… but my cock was locked up.

He tugged on the plug a little, but between the strap and my ass clenching down on it, there was no budging it. “I’m ready to really get into that pussy now boy,” he informed me. Although, I thought he had already got into it. “Hope your ready too. I am going to stretch it out so far I’ll be able to clap my hands inside it. I see you have the lube ready too. Good boy.” He tugged at the plug again and I felt him move off the bed. I then heard different sounds and rustling all around the room.

“Ass in the air boy, keep your head down on the bed. Place your arms flat out on the bed by your sides,” he instructed. I complied, pulling my knees up under me with my arms out at my sides. Even with my ass plugged, I felt exposed with my ass in the air like that. Even more so with the blindfold still on. He proceeded to tie each of my forearms to its corresponding calf my elbows were bound close to my knees. My fingers reached my ankles and he tied my wrists to my legs there. He had wound the rope round and round my legs and forearms. I imagined it looked like two thick coils of rope, with feet sticking out.

He let out a soft whistle admiringly. That made the pre start drooling again. I leak a lot if you had not guessed. Though I must admit, I am not sure if he was admiring his own work or me in it… until he said, “sexy boy! You look so inviting! I think I need some pictures of this.” After a few seconds of silence I heard some clicking… like a shutter sound. I assume he was taking some pics of me with his cell phone. I could not wait to see them. The red rope would look amazing against my bare white flesh and accented with the black plug and blindfold.

After another minute I felt him climb back on the bed behind me, his hands caressing me. The warmth emanating off of them brought the goose bumps back up. One hand slowly and gently rubbing my back, as the other grabbed a bottle of lube. I could tell because moments later, a cool string of liquid shocked me as it spilled on my ass, flowing and oozing around the plug in my ass. He removed the strap holding it in place, and began to turn the plug a little. He pulled and twisted and rubbed me and slowly… my ass relaxed and started to release the toy. Squishy sounds and my own moans were all that I could hear. His free hand began to circle the toy as it began to free itself from my recesses. He massaged the meat of my ass, down into the crevice, and then my taint. All of the sudden I felt a new sensation that took me a second to identify. It was a… vibration. He was holding a small vibrating device against my taint. Stimulating my prostate and arousing my hole.

“I think your cunt likes that boy,” He teased. I quickly discovered, he rarely rushed things, he was all about building tension and expectancy, and he like to really get the most out of any situation. This was an excruciating lesson for me as I liked to get right to it and move on. I was to learn patience and enjoy the sweet indulgence over time. He was no longer pulling on the plug, just massaging my ass and teasing my taint… and the lips sucking on the plug, when it popped out on its own. My ass so relaxed and hungry it just let the thing fall out. He immediately shoved his tongue in my gape. I felt his beard on my swollen pussy lips causing me to squirm in delight. His tongue darted inside of me and back out. Until it filled the maw of my open hole. The drool streamed from my cage. He wrapped his fist around my caged dick and balls… tugging on them. He pulls his face back and tells me, “Damn son, I can taste my seed in there. You like that boy? You like Daddy eating his load out of your impregnated cunt?”

“Yes sir!” I replied. His free hand still massaging and caressing me, found my closing gash and pushes 4 fingers in.

“Sloppy cunt,” he declared, “but not sloppy enough. This is going to take some work boy.” He released my balls and more cool liquid oozed over my twat. He began working it in, kaçak iddaa pulling the four fingers out and pushing them back in as far as he can. In and out, over and over until my ass surrenders ever so slightly and his hand gains further purchase inside of me. I could tell he was starting to work his thumb in as well. My hole was really feeling it now. He proceeded slowly but deliberately, opening up more and more. “I think your hole needs just a little more coaxing.”

And he shifted on the bed, moving up beside me, while keeping his hand, still 3/4 deep, in my ass. “Lift your head boy,” he said. As I did so, I smelled the poppers and felt the edge of the bottle under my nose. I inhaled… deep. “More?” He asked and I nodded yes. So he moved the bottle to my other nostril and I inhaled again. The rush started as he closed the bottle. He placed his hand on my back and the rush chased it as he caressed it down slowly toward my ass. It was as if he was pulling the popper rush down my body and into my ass. As his free hand met the hand working my hole, my cunt surrendered and he gently slid completely inside me. I let out a long low moan. It felt incredible. I knew it was coming, but still; Damn!

From his position beside me, he rose over me and half laid down on top of me. The heat of his naked, hairy body was like electricity against mine. It was overwhelming. I could feel his stiff cock pushing into my side, slick with his own precum. His started to withdraw his hand, and just before it popped free, he eased back in. My body started to bear down a little. “Relax,” he cooed in my ear. “Don’t push me out. Keep daddy’s hand inside that pussy boy.” He gently rocked his hand back in forth inside me. Then he pulled completely out. He did not wait a second before plunging back in, before my hole could react and contract. Gently, but quickly.

Back and forth, in and out, he fisted me. He was opening up and stretching my cunt, just as he promised. Slowing down from time to time and giving me a fresh hit of poppers to keep me on that hungry edge. Then he moved off of me and removed his hand from my depths.

He rolled me over onto my back, half picking me up to get me in place. His hard cock slapping up against me as he maneuvered me. Once on my back, he bent over my face and kissed me deep. Tongue reaching to the back of my mouth. He would have tickled my tonsils… if I still had them. Then he shifted down to my ass, lifted my butt and propped it up with a couple of pillows. I thought he might go right back to fisting me, but instead I felt both of his hands on my upper thighs as he pulled himself, and his thick cock, back into me.

“Ahhhh,” he sighed, “now that pussy is getting loose for me. It’s like fucking a whipped cream pie! Feels like warm, wet, clouds stroking my dick.” He fucked my open hole for a while. Slowly pumping in and out of me. He leaned over me and opened the poppers again. Giving me a fresh hit, then he backs up, pulls out, and applies a fresh dollop of lube.

He manages to slip 8 fingers inside me, and pull my hole open. He pushes his cock back inside me between his hands. My mind and body exploded. It was amazing to feel so stretched and full. I was immobile and exposed. My ass was being destroyed by this hunky uninhibited dom that wanted, and maybe even needed, my cunt. He rutted my hole holding it open until he shot another load inside me.

Still spasming from his orgasm, he sat back and slipped a hand back in me. He began to pump it in and out of my hole. I felt his knuckles passing in and out of me sending shivers up and down my spine. He was not quite punch fucking me but, it was close. He fisted his load deep inside me. The piston motion was enough to bring his buried spunk to a froth. It reminded me of merengue and I wanted to taste it.

Tom had other ideas. He shifted again. This time sitting down on my face and directing me to lick his hole while he continued to wreck mine. His hole puckered on my tongue and it thrilled me as much as the poppers. He wrapped an arm under and around my ass pulling it up to him, while his other hand went back to turning my twat into hamburger.

“Push out that rosebud son,” he drawled. When I did, he would alternate between tonguing my bloom or shoving it back in with his fist. He was a pig daddy and he was drawing out my inner pig… quite literally. I continued to munch on his ass as he stretched mine into oblivion. He’d pull my hole open with both hands and spit into it. Then go back to fisting me again. I thought he was digging for treasure the way he was going at it.

“Someday, I am going to get to the elbow in you boy.” He informed me as he withdrew his fist. My hole was numb… utterly numb. I think he had been turning me inside out for nearly 2 hours. My ass has never seen that much attention in my entire life. Be careful what you ask for.

When he had finally had his fill of my ass, he pulled out and toweled kaçak bahis us both off. He untied me and began his after care. He stretched my legs out massaging them gently as he did so. He had me stretch and twist and move back and forth. My limbs tingled slightly as the blood flow returned to normal. His hands ran over my body as I stretched, pausing on my caged cock. “How are you doing with this?” He asked and continued to rub it. I could feel the heat from his hand even through the plastic of the device.

“Good sir,” I replied. “I actually enjoyed just being a hole for you. I could focus on you and your cock. It allowed me to really feel like my hole was a pussy to please you.”

“Nice. I’m happy to hear that boy. You have an incredible pliable and sweet pussy. I am going to make it mine.” He said rather matter of factly, and yet there was a warm tone… of desire and affection. Regardless, it made me giddy. “Now, get up, slowly. And clean this all up and put things away. I will take care of the ropes. Then we will shower and get ready for bed. I’m exhausted, so I am sure you must be as well.”

Soon, all the toys were put away, the linen changed, and towels in the laundry. He stowed the ropes, neatly wrapped, back in his duffle. I put the lube and poppers away and got us both some water. I was dehydrated and downed an entire bottle. I handed him his and he shoved it back to me, indicating I should drink it and I downed half of it. Apparently he had went through a couple bottles while I was bound up. We got in my large oversized shower stall. It was big enough for two grown men to shower in together, though we did not need the extra room. He was very tender now, holding me close to him as the water pooled in the pocket of our chests pressed together.

“I need to piss cub,” Tom said. So I started to get to my knees. I was going to drink his piss. I was eager to taste his yellow flow. But as soon as I started to lower myself, he pulled me back up with his hands under my armpits. Then he turned me around. “No, I have other ideas. You can swallow it next time.” He placed my hands on the wall above my head and bent me slightly forward at the waste. I could feel him behind me, he was hard. He fingered the crack of my ass until he found the tender loose opening of my used chute. Then he positioned his wood against my hollow and pushed back inside me again. Tom placed one hand on my lower abdomen, gently pulling me back onto his cock. Once he was buried to the hilt again, he just stood there, breathing deep… relaxing himself. Soon, I could feel a new sensation of fullness and heat. Looking down, I could see a little yellow swirling around the drain. He had loosened my cunt up so, that I could not hold all of his urine inside me. It was leaking out around his large cock and down my leg. Even that excited me. To know, that his large dick could not plug my ass after the assault it had received earlier, was a kinky satisfaction.

He must have been holding it for a while because it was several minutes before he relaxed and slid out. A rush of the remaining piss flowed out and down both of us before disappearing down the drain. He turned me back around and pushed me to my knees, letting me taste the remaining drops of piss, cum, lube, and my ass from his cock.

When he pulled me back to my feet we soaped each other up and down from head to toe. He let me touch all of him as I soaped him up. I relished massaging the soap into all of his manly parts. His hairy pits were so inviting. I thought how nice it would be to lick and sniff them when he was sweating. His broad, solid, hairy chest made me quiver in its quiet declaration of masculinity. The small digit and dimples of his lower back was just a sexy notch to memorize. I soaped his meaty firm ass, and fingered soap into his crevice and hole. Spending so much time there that he had to spank me to get me to move on. I then lathered his cock and wondered how I had managed to take that into my ass so quickly earlier. It was a very healthy length and girth, a two handler. I again lingered a little too long cleaning (stroking) it, till I got a growl from my dom. Down his legs and to his feet, I soaped and rinsed him. Enjoying every inch of him I was allowed to touch and explore.

We finished rinsing off, and stepped out to dry off. As I bent over to dry my feet, his fingers touched my hole. A little shock ran through me. My hole was quite tender at this point. Any touch fired a million nerves. He spit into his hand and rubbed it on my hole. Pushing a finger back inside me again, he let out a deep sigh. “Such a nice sweet pussy boy. Tender eh? It is going to be even more so before the weekend is over. I cannot leave such a delicious cunt alone. I want you to always be prepared, because I will use you and your cunt any time and any where we are together. Even in places you don’t expect. Maybe even share your pussy with a buddy… or two. Would you be ok with that?”

I illegal bahis simply moaned as he gently worked my hole. He had a hand cupped over my cage, and when he mentioned sharing my pussy, it was like a spigot was open. I sudden pool of pre filled his hand. “Very good reaction boy. Your clit squirted in my hand when I mention how I plan to use and share you. Let’s climb in bed, I may give you one more load before we go to sleep.”

Back in bed, he climbed on top of me straddling my chest. He held my hands together above my head and guided his cock into my mouth. He face fucked me for a little bit. His eyes intently watching my contorted face as I tried to swallow as much of him as possible. He’d fuck my throat deeper and deeper until I would gag. Then he would hold his cock deep in my throat till I would run out of air and start to panic. He would pull lout long enough for me to get a full breath before plunging in again. I could taste his precum when the head of his cock would pass over my tongue on the way to assaulting the back of my throat.

Then Dom Tom rolled off of me and onto his back. He pulled my arm indicating that I was to climb on top of him. He guided my hips down till he could enter me. The head of his dick poked at my engorged cunt lips. He was still quite slick with my saliva, and he gently pushed inside me. His hips bucked and thrust his dick in and out of my ass. He pulled me down to him. Chest to chest, and kissing me. His hands reached around to my ass, pulling my checks apart and spreading my hole for his cock to penetrate me even deeper. His fingers wandered closer to my hole. He felt my hole as it sucked and puckered on his thick rod assailing my ass.

“Tell me boy, tell me how you like my cock in your pussy. Tell me that you want me to breed you and make you mine.” His request was half an order and half of a plea. He needed me and my hole. Despite all his confidence, he yearned for my desire.

“Yes daddy. Make my hole your pussy. Breed me like a bitch, your bitch. Fuck me like I’m in heat and don’t stop until you flood me with your babies. Be my stud daddy and I will be your pussy boy. Your personal fuck toy. I hunger for your cock and seed. I am only whole when you are inside of me.” Part of me was in lust and spewing out dirty talk. But the other part of me meant it. He was my fantasy man incarnate, dominate yet gentle. And hopefully my equal in life. A give and take in all things. I was aroused at the thought and overwhelmed. This was just supposed to be a hookup, but suddenly there was the possibility of more.

His thrusts picked up in speed and intensity. His breathing rasped. I could tell he was getting close. I was impressed. 3 loads in a matter of hours is pretty good for a 50 year old man, even if he is in good shape. He shot. His cum exploding in my guts again for the third time this evening. And then something happened to me that I did not know was even possible. I orgasmed. My limp dick bound in a cage. Cum dripping from it. My eyes rolled back in my head as my pussy gripped his cock tighter and he actually cried out in pleasure. I was convulsing in the waves of pleasure running through me. I could not tell if the source of the orgasm was my dicklit or my cunted hole. But it was wave after wave of seizure like pleasure.

The orgasm lasted for several minutes and when I opened my eyes, he was grinning brightly at me. “Well that was something boy. I have rarely seen a boy cum while caged.” I don’t think I had comprehended yet that I had ejaculated. Then I saw, the puddles of cum on his belly that had spilled out of my cock cage. He was still hard inside of me. “You need to clean that up son.” He said as he nodded to the mess I had made on his belly. I looked at him questioningly and he chuckled that sweet laugh of his and said, “yes, you can pull me out of you. But you better clean my cock off while your at it then.”

So I did. I raised off of him. Grimacing as I did so. My ass was so sensitive now, I think a breeze would have made me jump. He grabbed me before I could get to work and bent me over to inspect his handy work. “Mmm mmm mmm,” he salivated. Then he smacked my swollen cunt, and I yelped. That only made him laughed and he shoved my face into my own sponge. I lapped at it the thick liquid. Savoring every drop. Then I moved down and took his flesh in my mouth again. Tasting me and him and his cum. He grabbed my head and slowed my pace. I think the head of his cock was getting a little sensitive too.

At long last he turned off my lamp light, and pulled me into him. He big spooned me and we both started to drift into sleep. But before I was completely asleep, I realized he was rock hard again. And that his cock was pushing into my pussy. He was relentless. His breathing was heavy though and I could tell he was asleep. I swear he was fucking me in his sleep. So I just relaxed as he penetrated me slowly and deeply. Soon I was asleep too with his cock deep inside me.

I was dreaming of ways we might see just how equal he could be. Was he the type of dom that always had to be in control? Or could he surrender power for pleasure as well?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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