Boundaries Pushed

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Asian Girl

Drew knew I was off work today. He knew I was restless and bored. He seemed pleased by this. I sat on the couch, blandly looking at the television. I felt his thoughts run into mine. He was going to come to my apartment.

Impatiently, I waited for him to arrive on my doorstep. It had been a month since I last saw him. That time, we had not had sex. I thought I was going to die, as I waited for him.

Finally, the softest knock on the door was accompanied by desire I still could not control.

“Hi, Alex,” he said as his shrugged off his long, black leather jacket. He seemed to be unhappy about something. I waited for him to talk. If he didn’t want to talk, I was prepared just to let the quiet grow between us. He didn’t wait to start telling me all about it, though. “Julia accused me of cheating on her with you.”

“What?!” I panicked as I thought that his divorce case might suddenly be focused on my relationship to him. I had no desire to tell the truth. Drew certainly wouldn’t tell the truth. That wasn’t the problem. The real problem was fixing our stories so they would match.

He waved his hand melodramatically. “No, no, she doesn’t have a clue that she hit on the truth. She said, ‘I know I’ll never measure up to your sister. You two are so close you’ve probably been cheating on me with her the whole time.'”

“You shrugged this off, right? I mean, she didn’t find out that this was true?”

He shook his head violently. “No, I wasn’t looking at her. She wouldn’t have seen any sudden change in my eyes. I braced myself, though. I thought maybe she had seen us, heard us, followed me here and watched. She hadn’t, though. No, this was a ploy to get me angry and to draw me into another fight. I still don’t know why I ever married her.”

“I don’t, either.” There was heat in my words I didn’t expect.

“Don’t start, Alex.”

I shrugged and looked out the window. A light dust began to coat the air. “Great, it’s going to start snowing now.”

“Oh, it is!” Drew looked out the window, and smiled. He loved the snow. He loved to be cold, he loved the whiteness. I felt a shudder as I realized my heating bill was bound to be double this month. I relaxed as he gave me that old smile of his. I cursed him and myself that it worked on me that well.

“So, do you want some soup or tea or beer?”

“Beer!” He smiled even brighter.

I went to the white refrigerator and looked back as he took the remote and flipped through the channels. I rolled my eyes.

“Really, now, you’d think I was your wife.”

“Well, that’s just not possible. You’ll have to be my sister, instead.

“With fringe benefits?”

“Yes.” He snuck in one of his evil smiles.

He was so casual about the entire situation. I was powerless in his presence. I had actually spent two years away from him. I had come close to getting married. He did get married. Now he was getting divorced, and I couldn’t be happier.

I poured amber liquid into a tall cup for myself. I had managed to learn how to pour it perfectly. I tilted the glass at first, and as it rose, I straightened the cup. A very small line of foam covered the top of the liquid. I took his bottle straight to him. We gulped these down as the news went off. He shut off the television.

“The divorce is final in two weeks. She has full Bostancı Escort custody of Brenden. I’ll only be paying two hundred dollars a month in child support, since she has a good job. I didn’t think I’d even have to pay that, to be honest.”

“Well, you should pay something.”

“You girls always stick together? Even when you’re jealous as hell?”

“I have nothing against Brenden. He loves me. I know she gets the money, but it is for him.”

“Hmmm.” He looked away from me. I smiled. He turned his head back to me. “Well, be that as it may, she’s gone. I will see Brenden two weekends a month, barring when I go out of town. I wanted to ask you, though…”

“Ask me what?”

“She got the house.”

“And you need a place to stay?”

“I need a place to stay.”

The idea that we would live together again like we had just after I graduated from college filled me with joy. “Of course. When do you have to be out?” I put my arms around him in joy.

“I’m off this weekend. I told her I’d move out then. She made one more snide remark about how she figured I’d move in with you. She might have sensed something, after all. She didn’t bring it up in court. I didn’t fight her on anything. I didn’t want her to dig into anything. I want to see Brenden sometimes, even if I do agree she should have custody. That means we have to be even more casual in public with each other.” He looked right at me to reinforce the idea that our secrecy was still very important. I was highly annoyed with his strict tone.

“As if I don’t know what it would mean in this society to be exposed as incestuous… Look, have I ever really let you down?”

“I just suspect it might be more obvious than either of us notice. Julia noticed something.”

I thought to myself, ‘You didn’t have to have a baby with her. She asked and you said yes. Knowing that it would complicate things between us forever after. Knowing we couldn’t stop our affair…’ I didn’t speak these things. I knew that Drew knew this line of thought. He arched an eyebrow at me.

“You moved in with Michael, first. You wouldn’t take my calls for months. You kept saying you didn’t have time for me anymore.”

I looked at the floor. “I’m sorry, Drew. I thought I was just… getting my life together. I should have known better.”

“Now we both know better. You can make it up to me, though, Sis.”

The subtle fire inside me blazed. His eyes mirrored my desire right back to me. I wanted to feel him in ecstasy. I would do anything to please him. I had proven it a million times over the years. I was willing to prove it one more time. I stood and walked past my office, to the back bedroom. He followed. I shut all the curtains. He went to my closet. There were toys in a box on the floor. Shackles, chains, leather paddles, and collars were mixed with vibrators and lube bottles. I watched him root through the box. He selected things to bind me, and one leather paddle. There was already a stern look in his eyes. I met him with my own intense gaze.

“Strip, then put up your hands, and be silent,” he demanded.

I followed his instructions, quickly. I was naked in mere seconds. His mouth curved into a smile. I raised my hands and he walked toward me. I could feel his breath on my face as he hung a rope from a hook I had installed Kadıköy Escort to a stud in the ceiling. He tied the rope to steel rings attached to leather shackles. He pulled my wrists into the shackles. I felt his tongue run over my neck. He spoke to my ear, “You’re mine, now. You will be silent. I will do whatever I want, and you will accept all of it with no protest. Do you understand?”

I nodded at him. I trusted him. Long years had made him much more daring and bold in his treatment of me, but he never crossed the line into a place where he abused me. He tested my boundaries in many, many ways. I was getting used to his tastes and everything that turned him on also turned me on. I felt air come into me in short, shallow breaths. My body prepared for the pleasure and pain. I felt wetness slide to my pussy’s lips. Desire heightened. My mouth opened to allow deeper breaths. He went behind me and tied a blindfold around my head. I could now see nothing, but I imagined him as he circled me, scraping his nails around my mid-drift. He scratched up my back much harder. I controlled my urge to cry out a little.

He used the leather paddle on my butt. He started slowly and softly. The blows started to rain down faster and harder. Finally, he used a lot of force, and I lost control of my voice. I let out a few cries.

“That’s not what I told you to do.” He sent one blow between my shoulder blades, then I felt him angrily take my hands out of the shackles. “For that, you will get down on your knees. You will suck my cock.”

I bent down before him. He took off the blindfold. I looked at his waiting cock. I ran my tongue from the base to the tip. I licked my lips, and I put him down my throat in one gulp.

“I think you like that. I think you know I like that, and it is turning you on. You need to be punished, not pleased.”

He pushed me away from him. A cruel glint entered his eyes. His cock went a little limp. I felt my face flush, and I was horrified. I knew what he was about to do. I would not let him enter my mouth to do it, but he knew that. His smile was cruel and he bent me backwards a little bit. I was stricken and paralyzed. A part of me was still terrified, but that fear only intensified my burning desire for him. I could feel humiliation build up inside me. I felt my will dissolve under his, though. He pursed his lips and still looked down on me angrily. He saw fear in my eyes, and he laughed viciously. I couldn’t protest him. I had no will when I was with him. Anything that gave him pleasure gave me pleasure. Fear and desire became enormous. I watched him look down at me, and then the small stream of warm liquid started to fall from him. As it hit me, I both wanted to run away and cry out. I stayed in place as the droplets seemed to explode on me. One tear slid down my cheek. At the same time, the desire erupted into a pleasure we had not yet experienced. It was much like the first time we had sex, and the first time he ever tied me up, or the first time I had spanked him. I was humiliated and aroused in such opposite extremes. I didn’t feel anything else. He stood me up and turned me away from him.

“Go clean up,” he commanded. His eyes were fierce but I could feel how pleased he was.

I did as he said, and watched as he used a towel to clean up any mess I left behind. Göztepe Escort I tentatively touched between my legs. I knew that it would be wetter than it had ever been. My finger slid against almost no resistance. I felt more tears stream down my face. I cleaned myself up, and returned to my brother.

“Now, finish me, little sister.” He was very pleased with himself.

I bent down to the floor and put my mouth to his cock. There was the terrible taste of a droplet of urine, but my saliva washed it away quickly. I licked at him slowly, then again took him in my mouth as far down as I could. His hands came up to the back of my head. He pushed my face toward him. He grabbed hair and pulled me back a little. He was setting the pace. My tongue and his cock danced in my mouth. My gag reflex finally relaxed, and he was inside of me to the base. In my mind, I could hear him request my hands join in giving him pleasure.

I ran a finger down into my pussy for a moment. I put the other fingers on his butt and squeezed the flesh delicately. I ran my nails lightly over his skin, and separated his cheeks. I used the finger covered with my own fluid when I started circling the delicate flesh of his anus. The hole puckered and his soft moans came in short rhythm bursts, in synchronicity with his thrusts and my intruding finger. I entered him as his cock slid into my throat. I let my finger relax and slide out as he slid out of me. He rocked back and forth for a while, quite contentedly. I felt him push into the deeper moves, and my own sex pulsed with excruciating desire to release. His thrusts came rough and I let my finger go just a little deeper. Suddenly, he was unable to move, and his anus began to spasm. Warmth hit the back of my throat and I swallowed instinctively. He pushed me away, and pointed at the bed.

“Lay down on your stomach.” I did, and I felt his hands push my legs apart. His tongue licked and sucked at my pussy for a while. It felt fabulous, but not as intense as usual. He was still limp. He backed away from me, and I noticed his cock get hard again. He put his finger in his mouth, then into my anus.

“You may play with yourself.” That was all I needed. I began to pleasure myself. His cock hardened, again. The pleasure was out of control. He fingered my asshole, and I ran my fingers over my pussy. His finger left my ass, though. I turned to look at him. He was completely obsessed with my ass. He didn’t look at me. I went back to pleasuring myself. I knew he would enter me soon. Again, I blazed from arousal. His hands opened my cheeks, and he slid into my anus. I expected it to hurt. I was relaxed, I was wetter than I ever had been, and I had been without sex for a few months. The sensation wasn’t all pleasure, but it didn’t hurt. I was surprised and elated. After a few uncomfortable thrusts, my body relaxed even more. He was in ecstasy, and I began to catch up with him. The rhythm became my own. My fingers and his cock worked their magic together. I felt my orgasm come, and lost myself to the world for a few minutes. His second orgasm was right on the heels of mine. I imagined how my contracting muscles must have felt to him. I was intoxicated and relieved. He slowly slid back out of me.

“You’re mine.” He said this through gritted teeth. I did not speak. I smiled to myself. I floated in the afterglow as I had a million times before. I thought about my brother moving in with me. I would never be able to speak of this to anyone, but I would have him, and he would be mine just as much as I was his, finally. I was happier than I’d ever been in my life.

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