Braddock’s Tavern

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It’s frustrating working with a co-worker that you’re just dying to fuck, especially when your own girlfriend works for the same company, too. Fortunately, Steph Jenkins came up with a creative way of circumventing some sticky issues, and my cock and I remain forever grateful. This true story, from many years ago, is a way of expressing such gratitude. Better late than never. Thanks, Steph!

I did my best to keep my thoughts and comments to myself when it came to beautiful co-workers, especially since I was the manager of this particular department store in North Jersey. Another ancillary reason was that my girlfriend was in the buying offices in New York City, and had at least some kind of relationship with most of the department managers who worked for me. Hence, it was not wise, on several levels, to extend any gestures or words of appreciation.

However, on this particular morning, the children’s department manager, Stephanie Jenkins, had outdone herself. The best way to describe Stephanie would be to imagine a younger Jennifer Love Hewitt. Light, curly brown hair that fell over her shoulders and more-than-ample tits, BIG brown eyes, and a mischievous smile that always made you wonder if she were terminally horny and sizing you up as a potential sex partner, or just mockingly giving you that ‘You WISH you could have me’ dick-teasing Cheshire cat grin.

Yep, on this early Friday morning, she had on what I call ‘The Uniform’, the sexiest business attire I believe a woman can wear: a silk, white blouse displaying just the appropriately inappropriate amount of cleavage in the workplace, and a tight, black miniskirt, not quite short enough to violate the company’s dress code, but damn near. Add on to that an accessory package that included a pair of back seamed stockings, inch stilettos heels, and a string of pearls around that gorgeous, tanned, freckled neck and chest, and well, she was the proverbial walking hard-on-inducer.

Yet, she was so unpretentious about her beauty, she was a naturally nice person. Maybe it is my North Jersey cynicism, but sparkling, kind personalities don’t always go and-in-hand with Jersey girls. Steph was a rare catch, indeed.

Stephanie smiled at me as she saw me smiling at her as she approached, my eyes wandering all over her remarkable body, and making no pretense about it. She looked sensational, she knew it, and I wanted her to know, at least for today, that I knew it, too. Eventually, hormones between the sexes will ultimately win out over stuffy business decorum, when a woman looked like Steph. It’s no contest.

“Stephanie,” I gushed, breaking my guise of dispassionate professional boss man for just a moment, “You know I try my best to keep my thoughts to myself, but, My God, you must have stopped traffic on 287 this morning, you look incredible!”

Steph pirouetted, providing me with a rear-end view, and I couldn’t decide which angle looked more alluring, but I was prepared to spend the next few weeks or so reviewing, if need be. She rolled her eyes as she described her itinerary for tonight. “Bradley has one of those boring client dinners tonight in Upper Saddle River, so he wanted me to look nice. Think I pulled it off?”

‘You can pull ME off’, I thought to myself. I had met Steph’s Wall Street Ivy-league boyfriend once, Bradley (don’t you just HATE that fucking name, doesn’t it just scream ‘GEEK’?) and if it wasn’t for his wallet, he would have been playing more over his head than Seal with Heidi Klum.

“Bergen County won’t know what hit it, Steph, I’ll alert the authorities.” I turned to continue my morning rounds, more in an attempt to hide my burgeoning erection. Fuck, she looked smokin’ hot! I then heard her coquettish voice over my shoulder. “Did you ever wonder, John?”

Boy, have I ever. I turned, again letting my gaze wonder over her, it was like trying to avoid looking directly at the sun. “Wonder? About what, Steph?”

She shifted her weight on her heels, causing her left hip to jut out. She hesitated just for a second, and I thought I detected a slight blush. ‘Um, about……us?”

My dick could have lifted the steel loading dock door. I treaded as cautiously as she, looking around to see if anyone else was near in the otherwise-deserted store, an hour and a half before opening time. I answered truthfully, my eyes seering into her own smoldering bedroom eyes.

“Often, Steph.” A flicker of delight danced in her pupils. “But…” What was it about my prudent personality that I always had to include a ‘but’…?

I continued, haltingly. “Well, I have Linda, and you have……” I tried to hide my disdain as I spat out the name, unsuccessfully, “Bradley.”

Steph lowered her head just a bit, soaking in the realization that our worlds may not be fated to collide. Typical of me, I went on for another sentence too many. “And besides, we work together, it would be too complicated. I am kinda your boss, after all.”

Stephanie frowned at me, and her almanbahis adres next sentence gave me a lesson in self-evaluation that I would not soon forget. “You know what your problem is, ‘Boss’?” She cupped her two fingers when she uttered the ‘boss’ word. I held out my palms and waggled my fingers at her in the universal ‘tell me’ gesture.

She put her manicured hands on her slender hips, leering at me somewhat disgustedly. “You’re always looking for a problem. Always an excuse NOT to do something rather than a reason TO do something.”

My head shot back at the rebuke from my subordinate, but I had to admit she was absolutely right. I was a bit of a tight-as when it came to adventure and risk taking, and besides, my relationship with Linda wasn’t exactly going in the right direction for my tastes, lately. Linda was spending a lot more time in the city with her own boss, Ron Ward, a handsome older man who was VP of Merchandising, and had quite the reputation for bedding preferred members of his buying staff.

My eyes focused again on Stephanie. Her nostrils were flaring like a thoroughbred filly at the starting gate. A woman with a temper is a turn-on. “Guilty,” I confessed, throwing myself on the mercy of her court. My eyes again found hers. My intent was unambiguous this time. “So provide me with a solution to our little dilemma.” Stephanie immediately understood, and her resolution was precise and succinct.

“Meet me at Braddock’s Tavern tomorrow night at seven. Be at the bar, and pretend you don’t know me when I arrive.”

Steph and I both lived in South Jersey and made the horrible commute up the ‘Joisey’ Turnpike and Interstate 287 daily to work at this store. Braddock’s Tavern was a quaint restaurant in Medford, about five minutes from where we both lived.

Her brown eyes hypnotized me, I was her servant. She smiled once more. “I’ll take it from there.”

The rest of Friday was like working with a pogo stick in my suit pants. On Saturday, I took about a fifty-mile bike ride through the Pinelands of Camden and Burlington counties, anything to keep my mind diverted from the potential of a thirty-four-hour perpetual erection. After all, if you believe the Viagra ads, you should consult your doctor after four hours.

At seven-fifteen Saturday evening, I was nursing my second amaretto on the rocks when I heard the bartender let out a low, barely audible wolf whistle. I didn’t even have to turn around, I knew who it was for. I could also spot her reflection in the large mirror that ran the length of the bar.

It was the first time I had seen Stephanie in a situation that was not a business setting, although I didn’t realize that until the second I saw her. If possible, and it was indeed hard to believe, she looked even hotter than the day before. The thought entered my head whether Bradley really knew what he had on his hands here, and if Stephanie had fucked the wealthy young bastard silly last night. But that was in the past, and this was now. I was just along for the ride tonight, so to speak, and Stephanie was in the drivers’ seat.

Her silky chestnut hair hung over her chest in a twirling mass of curls, cascading down over the spaghetti straps of her white and pink sundress on her lovely shoulders. It was apparent that no bra could have been hidden beneath behind this dress, since Stephanie’s huge copper-hued areolas were clearly visible beneath the light cotton fabric, her erect nipples straining against the dress like sepia-colored thimbles.

Her smooth, sun-kissed, lean and perfectly toned calves were accentuated by a tasteful pair of tan high-heeled sandals, and as I absorbed her sensuality, I conjectured that was all she was wearing, being the simplistic sort that she was, hoping that I would soon find out.

I rose to meet her, my butt lifting off of the barstool, but just as I did so, she gently pushed me back onto the seat, as the envious males scattered around the bar and tavern looked on covetously to find out who was this beauty’s lucky companion for the evening. Me.

She flicked her hair back with an exaggerated twist of her long neck, and smiled, pearly teeth glimmering in the fluorescent lighting of the tavern, and uttered her opening line, stealing it from one of our favorite movies that Steph and I had discussed in past small-talk with great amusement.

“I’m Winston Wolf,” Steph said, as my face broke out in glee. “I solve problems.” The reference was to Harvey Keitel’s famous character ‘The Cleaner’ from Pulp Fiction.

Before I could express my delight at her analogy and the persona that she chose to assume, she held a finger to my lips, effectively shushing me. “I don’t want to know your name, it doesn’t matter to me.” I sat silently, obediently, nodding slightly, indicating my comprehension.

Her almond eyes bore into mine with unbridled lust. “Your only role tonight is to fuck me, lick me, to provide your cock and tongue and body for my pleasure. almanbahis adresi Understand?” Strangely enough, I was totally with the program. I nodded again, afraid to speak.

“I’ve booked a room at the Iris Inn, the Bed and Breakfast right down the street. Follow me.”

I did, watching her delectable ass shake as she walked ahead of me, tossing a twenty to the startled bartender.

The Iris Inn is a lovely Victorian B and B just a few doors now from Braddock’s on Main Street in the small village of Medford. We held hands but didn’t speak on the short walk, and as we traversed the stairs to Room number 5, the Kate Lilly room, my suspicions were confirmed as the upskirt view from my vantage point a few steps below showed that Steph was adorned in only a glimmering pussy under her dress.

The room itself was basically all bed, which was all we would need, and it sat in front of a huge bay window covered by satin lavender drapes. The bed frame was perhaps six feet higher than the mattress, a wrought-iron and brass cathedral, and a pair of handcuffs already dangled from one corner, one cuff chained to the frame, the other waiting for its captive, to be confined, subjugated, restrained, controlled. I assumed that this was not a complimentary staple item of the room, not like an iron or an ice bucket.

I also assumed the handcuffs were meant for me to wear. What’s that old saying, what happens when you assume…..?

Stephanie pulled the dress over her head, revealing a body that looked even more spectacular naked than when in her wonderful wardrobes. Kicking off her sandals, standing naked before me, she looked at me sheepishly, almost apologetically.

“This has always been a fantasy of mine, to have a stranger I just met tie me up and have his way with me, make me his love slave. I figure this might be my only chance, with a handsome man that I can trust, and there will be no memory of it come Monday. These are two fantasy people, you and me, for this night, OK?”

She dropped to her knees, unzipping my pants, pulling out my thick cock which had yearned for sweet relief since eight-thirty the previous morning. “Do you think you can play along?”

Yeah, Steph, I think I’ll be able to manage.

Not to disappoint in her role of self-appointed love slave, Stephanie swiftly took my long cock into her throat, tightly grasping me with all of her mouth, twisting my head, and simultaneously pumping her hands up and down the shaft. Streams of spittle seeped from the corners of her lipsticked mouth, down my entire shaft, saturating my heavy, full balls.

She was pumping diligently with her left hand now, and more urgently with her mouth, groaning as she swallowed my dick, squeezing my balls with her other hand, and I felt them instantly tightening.

Her thin mouth caused my cock to strain and ache, her talented lips were setting my dick ablaze with desire. Stephanie reached down with one hand now and began to strum her clit, her pussy was dripping, I could smell her sweet scent permeating the small room.

I felt a familiar swell churning deep inside me. My cock started to throb. I felt myself building to climax. She continued to expertly work my throbbing cock, feeling it respond…hard, long, thick, deep in her mouth, …my balls tightening and hardening, Steph’s breathing increasing…

I wrapped my hand around the back of her head, bringing my cock even deeper within Stephanie’s mouth, and I could hear her gurgle, fighting back a gag. I became aware of the sound of traffic outside the window, of pedestrians on the sidewalk, blissfully unaware of the wanton cocksucking that was taking place directly above them.

My back and ass were against the bed now, the rhythm of Steph’s movements of her hand, tongue, and head causing me to inch backward…somehow in sync with the throbbing of her pussy in response to her self-masturbation. All building, increasing, intensifying, until my hands clasped the back of her head roughly and from my throat came a low, long, grunt, forewarning the pulsating, sharp, relentless spray of my hot cum that immediately shot past Stephanie’s tongue and down her waiting throat.

It was all that was needed to send us both into a suspended, dreamlike state of mutual climax, Steph there squatting at my feet, her face pressed against my pubis, my hands still on the back of her head, my cum threatening to escape through her nose, both of us exposed, vulnerable, and cumming…frozen in time, someplace else for a moment…inside our heads, and bodies…feeling this for as long as we could, or dared.

When Steph felt me finally stop spurting my massive load, she opened her eyes and grinned proudly up at me, the image of that pretty, friendly, cum-covered face causing me to maintain my erection.

She licked all over the head of my cock, wiped it adoringly all over her face, then licked off the cum she’d scooped with it. She moved up to teabag my balls, almanbahis adresi making sure that she had extracted every last drop of semen, like a surgeon checking to see if the procedure was 100% successful, then again grabbed my still-rigid cock and essentially used it as a spoon, scooping as much residue of cum from her own face and then bringing it down once more to her lips, licking the very last drips and drabs of seed into her mouth.

Climbing up onto the bed, she grabbed the one loose handcuff and tethered her one wrist to it, as she told me, “Now put your big cock wherever you want it.”

I wanted desperately to first make love to her fantastic body with my fingers, my touch, my tongue, my lips, but this was her fantasy, and Steph was literally begging to be fucked. Now. Not in a little while. Right…fucking…NOW! There would be time for tenderness sometime later.

Steph took my rock-hard cock in her free hand and guided it to her wet hole. There was not a need or a want to be gentle. I stuffed the entire length in with one long push, and she grunted in ecstasy as I watched my thickness stretch her shaved gash wide, as she struggled to accept my girth.

Stephanie then tucked her free hand behind her head to brace herself against the bedboard for the hard, relentless fucking that she was about to receive, and so craved.

And I went so fast now, her hand holding tightly to the frame, and I could feel her almost instantly starting to come, I felt it inside and out of her searing vaginal walls, her hand over her head, in her hair, her head back and if she wasn’t holding tightly she might have gone through the brass bed frame and into the wall, and she was so hot, so tight, so fucking beautiful, and watching her, I came again, this time pulling out and spraying my seed all over her flat, heaving stomach, and Steph did again also, feeling my hot cum coat her tummy, and she kissed me, for the first time, our first kiss, and put her head on my shoulder as we collapsed in an exhausted heap.

I awoke before Stephanie did. Now, it was my turn, my fantasy.

While Steph was still semi-comatose, snoring gently, adorably cute, I found the key to the cuffs that she had placed on the nightstand next to the queen bed. before she knew what had occurred, I had released her one wrist from the shackle, but then, just as quickly, I picked her up by her slender hips, turned her around, and hooked both arms this time to the brass iron frame so that her back and stupendous little ass was next to the huge bay window, and opened up the heavier curtains so that only the sheer light purple drapes shielded her from view of the traffic and pedestrians below.

I was certain that the silhouette of a beautiful naked young woman was clearly visible to anyone who happened to glance up at the window no more than twelve feet above street-level. her body literally trembled in a mixture of sexual anticipation and anxiety at this unexpected turn of events, at least from her viewpoint. Me, I had my own fantasy…to lick and eat a beautiful woman while strange men looked on in envy.

Kissing my way down over Stephanie’s luscious chest, I stopped to lick her nipples and circle them softly with my lips, for perhaps ten minutes, teasingly working her into a lathered frenzy as she writhed to the sensation of my tongue making love to her nipples and breasts. Lower and lower I kissed, until I could nuzzle the soft tuft of auburn hair just above her gash, landscaped into a trim triangle. Her musky, private scent was mixed with the smell of my cum on her stomach and hers emanating from her saturated slit. I knelt and let her beautiful, glistening cunt slide along the side of my face. Drawing back, I kissed the tip of her clit, ever so lightly, my tongue barely touching her nub. Her knees nearly collapsed in pleasure, as she groaned huskliy. She was mine now, completely.

I kept teasing and kissing and nuzzling and stroking her delicious pussy in that slow maddening way, stopping ever so often to lift my fingers to her mouth so that she could taste herself, and I watched as she greedily sucked the nectar of her love emissions into her mouth. I could hear the soft laughter of men, right below the window. They were probably just passing through the village on their way to the next bar, but it was still a reminder of how public we were. The very idea that Steph might be exposed in the evening shadows to anyone who looked up drove her wild. Steph was relentlessly being fucked now, engulfing her mind as well as her body.

“I wonder if the guys are wishing they could join in. You think they don’t know?” I asked her before again burying my face into her silky, dripping cunt, evoking another gush of warm fluid from her cavity to splash onto my tongue.

She struggled with the embarrassment of the realization, but I was right…she was so hot now she’d do me anywhere! As nasty as my suggestion was, it had merit. I found it made Stephanie even hotter to think of a small group of strange men watching her being eaten, fingered, and then perhaps even sharing herself with the group. It was a safe dark fantasy because I didn’t really believe she would allow such a thing. Would she? It drove me wilder still just to think of it.

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