Breast Man Chronicles Ch. 02

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If you don’t like condom use, you may not like this story. Generally, I don’t either, but it fits the context of the tale.

As always, comments and votes are appreciated.

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As a salesman, I often give my customers a little gift as thanks for their business, loyalty, etc., and quite often I send some form of floral bouquet. For years now, I’ve used the shop in the building next to my apartment, a little shop that simply says, “Florie The Florist”. In fact, it’s essentially a one person operation, and that person is Florie. Because I am a frequent customer, Florie tries to give me a break on my purchases, and I often go in just before closing time, taking things she has left over and wants to clear out. It works out great for both of us, and over the years we’ve become quite friendly. Florie is a 30 something strawberry blonde, although her hair is always on top of her head in a tight bun. I’ve suspected she would be good looking if she ever wore anything besides a sweat shirt and baggy jeans and did something with her hair.

One Friday evening I was in a hurry because it was past her closing time, and I was relieved to find the door still unlocked when I got the shop. When I walked in the place was deserted, as usual for that hour, but I found Florie sitting on the floor, surrounded by a circle of wholesale flower boxes and piles of flowers. She didn’t appear to notice I was even there, and had a very unhappy look on her face. She was muttering, swearing under her breath.

I walked over near her to see what on earth she was doing, and she finally glanced up, saying “Sorry Dave, I’ve got a real mess here, give me a few minutes, ok?” I said, “Sure,” and continued to watch, trying to figure out what she was doing. But she was wearing her usual three size too large sweat shirt with an oversized neck, and I suddenly realized that each time she leaned forward over the flowers the neck gaped, giving me a perfect view of her braless breasts! When I realized that Florie actually had breasts, and exceptional ones at that, I must have sucked in my breath, because she looked up at me again. And she saw what I was looking at.

She slapped her hand against her chest over the shirt. “Dave! Oh my God you’re looking down my shirt!” the look on her face said she was about to cry.

“Yes I was, Florie,” I said with a little smile, “and enjoying it very much, you have beautiful breasts!”

Her look turned more to anger. “Dammit! I’m having a terrible day, and now someone I thought was my friend is making fun of me. I really don’t need this or appreciate it!”

“Florie!” I replied, trying to keep a smile and lightness in my voice, “The last thing I would do is make fun of you! I always suspected that beneath the baggy clothes you are very good looking, and this is the first time in the years I’ve known you that I have been able to see for sure. You would be lovely if you allowed yourself to be! Now, what is this mess?”

Now the look changed to shock. “I’m not lovely, I’m just Florie! I don’t have time to be anything else! And the wholesaler sent me 12 boxes of flowers that are half rotten. I’m trying to see what I can salvage.” She held up a flower stem and I could see a little brown on the edges of some of the blossoms.

My newly formed opinion of Florie didn’t change, but I suddenly felt bad for her as I saw the problem. Being a very small business, she probably didn’t have much clout with the big wholesalers. I thought for a moment, and realized I might be able to help. I was going to send out 15 bouquets to clients at the beginning of the week, but why not now?

“Florie, I’ll make you a deal. If you can make up 15 bouquets from what’s left here and get them sent out tomorrow I’ll pay you enough that you can still make a profit from them.”

She looked up unhappily again. “I can make up the bouquets and send them out, but I doubt they will even pay for the flowers unless I charge you more than usual.”

“Well I told you we would make a deal. The other half is, you have to go to dinner with me tonight.”

Now the shock was back. In spades. “I don’t go out. And the last thing I need is some fancy restaurant after wading through this all day. Nobody’s hard up enough to want to go out with me!”

“I told you, I think you could be lovely, and I’ll bet, somewhere you have an outfit that will make you look that way. And it doesn’t have to be anyplace fancy; I’ll take you anywhere you like, as long as it’s not fast food. Now let me help you pick up here and I’ll give you an hour to get ready. Deal?” I knew that she lived in an apartment in back of the shop, so that should be more than enough time.

To my amazement, she actually forgot about the shirt and let go, giving me another glimpse and confirming my earlier assessment. And I finally got a smile. “If you’re foolish enough to want to, I’ll go. I can’t afford to give up a deal like that. And I’m starving! But are you going to look at me like that casino siteleri all night?”

I laughed. She had finally realized my gaze had not shifted. But she was brave enough or interested enough to deal with it now. “Absolutely! Why would I not want to look at someone so intriguing? And sexy!”

“Oh my God!” She said with total exasperation. “I’m wearing an overcoat! And I’m not going to take it off!” Since it was about 80 outside, I guessed she would not make good on that threat. And I noticed the hand had never gone back, and she was allowing me to look as much as I liked now.

I gave her a hand up and we cleaned up the flowers, chucked the bad ones and refrigerated the good ones. She looked at me sort of questioningly and said, “Changed your mind yet?”

I silently walked over to her, thinking it was odd she would be so reluctant, and took her hand. Softly, I said, “No Florie, I was never more serious, and I’m very anxious to go out with you.” And I leaned forward and gave her a very soft kiss on the cheek. I swear she blushed!

“All right,” she said, “I’ll see what I can find to wear, and if I don’t chicken out I’ll see you in an hour. I’ll turn the lights out, but just come in the front door and knock on my apartment. You know where it is.”

With a big smile I said, “I can’t wait!” and gave her another little kiss. But this time, I actually got a little smile in return.

An hour later I tentatively walked into the dark store and followed the crack of light to her door. When I knocked, I heard a little groan as she got up from somewhere, but it was still several seconds before the lock clicked and the door opened. When it did, she was still smoothing her skirt, and had that worried look on her face, but when she saw my broad smile she finally smiled back. “Come on in a second,” she said and stepped back into the light.

But I just stood there. And stared. I couldn’t believe it was Florie! Her hair was down, all two glorious, strawberry blonde feet of it, now nice and shiny after obviously having been shampooed and conditioned. And although she had no other make-up, she had a pale shade of lipstick on that actually almost matched her hair! She had a black pleated skirt, just below her knees, which gave me a good look at her slim, toned legs. She was also wearing a rather sheer, short-sleeved white blouse with pleats down the front.

The only thing that marred the outfit was a gray vest, which seemed out of place and obviously eliminated any chance for the view I had been treated to earlier. At least, I didn’t see any overcoat. Even though she was fairly short, perhaps 5′ 5″, she was wearing relatively low-heeled shoes. I guessed she couldn’t walk in high heels or just didn’t have any. But my eyes kept coming back to her beautiful hair. I couldn’t imagine why she kept it hidden.

When I finally remembered to step in the door the smell of flowers washed over me, even though I had just walked through a flower store! There were flowers everywhere, some potted, most in vases, probably leftovers. Florie really did like flowers! “Ok,” I said, “it’s your choice, where are we going?”

I was surprised when she giggled, “All right, you passed the test, you’re not allergic to flowers, or you would be dying by now! I like beer! I don’t drink it very often but I like it, and I’m going to need a little reinforcement if I’m going to spend some time with you. How about the tavern at 6th and Allen Street? I hear they have a good menu, although I’ve never been there.”

Wow, this was starting out great! I was actually going to go out with, I now realized, really a beautiful woman, and from what I knew, her choice was excellent. And at least, it wasn’t a tea house! I almost felt underdressed in my golf shirt and slacks.

“Florie, I’m mad at you!” She was reaching for her little black purse, but she whirled around and looked at me, seemingly almost ready to cry. “You are gorgeous! Why on earth have you been hiding yourself from me and everyone else all these years?”

The scowl changed to a smile in mid-air, as she realized what I’d said. But she replied, “Oh Dave, that’s sweet, but no one ever said that about me. Or thought it.”

“Dammit Florie, that’s because you dress like a linebacker. I’ll bet you would even spark a little more interest in your business if you dressed like this! I can’t wait to be seen in public with you! I love to make people jealous!”

That finally broke down the resistance. She took my hand and squeezed it. “You actually mean it, don’t you? I just hope you have good taste Dave. But I must admit, it makes me feel the best I’ve been in years.” And she broke into a broad smile and giggled.

“Wait and see,” I said. I took the opportunity to give her a hug and another kiss on the cheek. She smelled good. Like flowers.

When we left the store, there was a cab waiting by the curb, as usual, so I decided to take it. When I asked the driver if he was free he just grunted and got out canlı casino of the car. Then he opened the rear door, and, looking right at Florie, gave her a big smile and said, “Good evening, Miss.” After I got in he closed the door in silence. And the routine was repeated at the restaurant when he said, “Have a nice evening ma’am.” He did manage to tell me the fare and thank me for the tip.

Florie looked at me. “I told you so!” I chuckled.

In the restaurant, the hostess greeted us, and as she seated us at a quiet back booth she said, “Enjoy yourself, folks.” Then she added, “Miss, you have the most beautiful hair!”

I heard a little gasp before Florie shyly turned to her and managed to say, “Oh, thank you!”

When I looked at her, she was absolutely glowing. “I don’t believe it!” she almost whispered. And she leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

I took the opportunity to put a hand behind her shoulder and pull her to me. And I kissed her very lightly. On the lips. And I could feel she was shaking. As she gasped, a look of shock on her face, I smiled and said, “Thank you for coming with me, honey, it’s not often I get to be with someone that draws so much attention.” That changed her expression to a smile, with a little wonder mixed in.

“Please,” she said, “order us a pitcher of beer. I don’t know why, but I’m so nervous!”

When our waiter came I let her choose from the extensive list, and when she did, he said with a big smile, “Thank you miss, I’ll be right back. And I’ll bring you some iced glasses.” He never glanced at me. There was no doubt now. Her smile told me she was having a wonderful time.

When he returned he filled the icy glasses and departed with another smile at Florie. She grabbed her glass and chugged down about half of it, before realizing I had raised mine and was not drinking. Finally seeing that I was proposing a toast, she tapped her glass against mine, and I said, “To my beautiful flower girl!” I could see her melt.

“Oh Dave, you really are so sweet, aren’t you! What are you doing to me? I feel so good!”

“I’m just your escort. The rest is all you, honey!” I replied with a broad smile.

She slid over until she was right next to me in the booth, and when I turned to her she put both arms around my shoulders and kissed me. Hard. But her lips were closed tight, and when I opened mine slightly and let the tip of my tongue run along her lips, she gasped and pulled back, a look of surprise on her face. “Dave, was that your tongue?” she said with a very questioning look.

I tried to hide my shock as I suddenly realized, she really didn’t know how to kiss! I said quietly, “Wet your lips Florie, and open them just a bit.” Without giving her a chance to reply I leaned forward and kissed her again, this time pressing my tongue against her lips. After a moment, I felt her relax just a bit, and my tongue slipped between her lips and slid along them. She gasped. Then she moaned. And I felt her entire body start to shake. She was totally unprepared for her reaction to the feeling of my tongue gently invading her mouth.

“Oh my God,” she gasped, and stared at me. “That felt… good! Is it ok to do that?”

I couldn’t help laughing gently, but I said with a smile, “Well, I think it’s wonderful to do that, but you’ll have to decide for yourself. But if you liked it, then I’d say it’s ok.”

Without another word she leaned to me again, and I watched her lick her lips just before they touched mine. It was my turn to be surprised, though, when I felt her tongue press between my lips. Her hands tightened on me and I put my arms lightly around her, not letting her pull back too soon. The soft moan she made into my mouth sounded like the relief of some great aching need. And when I lightly touched the tip of her tongue with mine, she jumped, but didn’t try to pull back. I felt her lips press harder against mine, and it was a minute or two before our lips parted again, this time, both of us gasping.

Suddenly, I detected a shadow, and looked up to find the waiter, patiently waiting. Looking right at Florie he said, “Would you like to order now? I can come back later if you need more time.”

We hadn’t even looked at the menus, but she neatly said, have you any specials you’d recommend?

He looked pleased to be asked, and said the chef had a special cut of beef that was excellent. I wasn’t sure if she even ate meat, but she lit up, saying, “That sounds wonderful!” Then she looked at me and said, “Would that be ok?”

“Of course,” I chuckled, “and I’ll have it too. It sounds great!” We settled on salads and side dishes and the waiter happily went on his way.

“Oh my God,” she suddenly gasped. “Was it all right to ask him like that?” And she grabbed her mug and took another giant swallow. And another, draining her glass. I was about to pour her another, when the waiter suddenly reappeared from somewhere, bringing two more iced mugs and pouring for us.

“Florie,” kaçak casino I said, “come here.”

She did as told and slid even closer on the booth bench, bodies touching now. I looked down at her, putting an arm around her, and said with a smile, “Honey that was more than all right, you did that like a pro! Except, of course, that you never have to ask me if it’s ok. But you did something that I liked even better.”

I turned to her very deliberately and gently wrapped my arms around her. And I stared into her eyes as I very slowly lowered my lips to hers. And she whimpered when our lips locked together, but I felt her hands grab a tight hold of me too. This time, my lips ground on hers, and my tongue didn’t stop at her lips, sliding deep into her mouth, searching for hers. It quickly found it, and as they started playing together I could feel her chest heaving against me, and she was moaning into my mouth. The waiter came with our salads and quietly pushed the place settings closer together, but I held her tight, enjoying the feel of her in my arms too much to care. And it didn’t feel like she had any intention of letting go.

I realized that like it or not, we really needed to eat our meal. And I wanted her to enjoy it. Reluctantly I loosened my grip on her and lifted my head gently. She just sat there, still holding on, staring up at me. Her eyes looked almost teary, but I was sure it was passion, not sorrow. She finally gasped, in a small voice, “Do you know what you’re doing? Do you know what you’re doing to me?”

I grinned at her and said, gently, “I’m enjoying the company, and the touch, and the taste and the feel of a very beautiful and intriguing young woman. And I can only hope that you are feeling somewhere near as good as I do right now.” It was all true. And the fact that I now had a raging hard-on was very much secondary to the excitement of being with such an obviously fresh and innocent girl. “I think we should try to catch up with our meal,” I said, turning to the salad.

She grabbed her mug, and I knew she was about to almost chug it down again. But whatever might happen between us, I didn’t want to be able to look back and blame it on alcohol. I said very softly, “By now you must know you can be comfortable with me honey. You can have all you want, but please just drink it to enjoy it.

She took a sip and set the glass back down. “Oh Dave, you have been great and I feel wonderful. And you’re right, I’m not as nervous as I was. I’m really having a good time. But when you kiss me I have the strange feeling that you might just devour me whole.” She giggled. But I shuddered. It was said innocently, but little did she know how close she was to being right.

By the time we finished the salad, the waiter appeared with our meals on his tray. She took heed, and was nursing her beer now, but I noticed her face was a little flushed. I wasn’t sure how much was the beer and how much our kisses. But I noticed that every time I glanced at her now, she looked back with a big smile. And I also noticed that her body was still pressed against mine, as close as we could get and still eat our meals.

The beef smelled wonderful, as good as her flowers, and we were about to dig in, when she said, “Dave, I’m really warm, do you mind if I take this off?

She pointed to the vest, and I chuckled, “Not in the least, let me help you!” She slipped out of it, and I laid it on the bench next to me. She didn’t say a word, but when I looked back at her, I got a sudden shock. The top three buttons of her blouse were unbuttoned, and she clearly had no bra on. I sucked in my breath when I realized her breasts were just as lovely as my first impression, and she obviously heard me as she looked up shyly, her eyes not quite meeting mine. But she had a little smile.

“I see you’re true to your word,” she said.

“Florie, I….”

“You said you would look at me all night. I just wasn’t sure I was going to let you. But Dave, I… I kind of like it. It makes me feel good… pretty… a woman. But… I’m shaking like a leaf!” She gave a very nervous giggle.

I took her hand. Holding it. Squeezing it. I could feel her whole arm shaking. My other hand ran gently over her sparkling hair, then guided her head to me, as I leaned down and softly kissed her. When our lips parted she exhaled as though she had been holding her breath for minutes. “Florie, you are beautiful. And I feel so privileged that you are allowing me to enjoy you.

I felt her hand squeeze back against mine, and she raised her head to me for another kiss. “Thank you, Dave,” she whispered.

When the kiss ended, I said softly to her, “Let’s eat honey. It smells almost as good as you do, and hopefully tastes almost as good too.”

She giggled, and we turned to the table. The meal really was delicious, and I managed to keep my eyes off of her enough of the time to eat most of it, but there was no way either of us could finish it all. And our appetites were somewhat less than our desire for each other, at that point. But I noted with pleasure that she was now drinking her beer just enough to wash down the meal, not trying to swallow the mug. I knew I’d won her trust.

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