Bringing the Family Together Pt. 03

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This story is based around celebrities and has a strong theme of incest running throughout it. This story is in no way true and is meant to offend no one. If you do not like incest or the idea of celebrities having sex then I suggest you go find a story that fits your liking. I do not know Lucy Zara or Abi Ratchford and I am by no means suggesting they do any of the stuff depicted here but I hope that if they were ever to read this they would take no offence as this is merely a fantasy about women I fantasize about daily.


I walked out into the L.A. sun and stretched for about the 100th time since I had got off the flight. It was 12:30pm local time in L.A. but to my rather confused body it was half 8 in the evening on U.K. time. Having failed to sleep for pretty much any of the flight I was rather knackered but the fact that my bag was the first off the plane had given me a boost as it allowed me to get out into the 25OC summer heat and enjoy the start of my L.A. trip.

I grabbed the first taxi in the line and it whisked me off to my hotel as I stared out the window like a typical tourist. When I arrived at the hotel I had to stop off at reception to collect my key which I swiftly got with a flash of my passport and a knowing smile from the hot little blonde behind the desk.

When I entered the lift I realised that the room was on the top floor and smiled as the lift whisked me up 35 floors. There were only two rooms on this floor and I headed left and entered the room with a beep of my key card against the sensor. What I saw stunned me. The room was huge with a lounge area, two bedrooms and balcony.

I made my way over the table in the lounge where I found a note, “Hey My Sexy Stud. Sorry you couldn’t come with us Thursday and sorry we cannot be there to meet you and welcome you to L.A. properly. We will be back tomorrow and we promise we will make it up to you! Xxxx Mum.”

I smiled as I thought about how my two hot room mates were going to make it up to me when they returned. After Darren had told Lucy and I he had made contact with my sister in L.A. he had booked us flights from London to Birmingham on Thursday. Unfortunately I later got an email from my future University informing me that I had to attend a meeting with the coaches of the Uni’s American Football team to discuss my summer work out plan.

When I phoned Lucy and told her that the meeting was unmovable she said that it was fine and she would get Dannii to come with her for moral support and there was actually someone they needed to meet with about a new American venture. She then phoned Darren and he booked another ticket for the Friday that would get me into L.A. 24 hours later and that is how I ended up standing in the best hotel room I had ever casino siteleri seen.

I was exhausted so I grabbed my phone and text Lucy: “Hi My Blonde Bombshell. Just arrived at the hotel and it is amazing! Now going to sleep for a bit as I am wiped so I will see you tomorrow to get my welcome gift 😉 XXXX Your Baby Boy.”

With that I set my alarm for four hours and fell asleep the moment I fell, fully clothed, on the bed.

I was awoke to the familiar sound of my alarm buzzing and grabbed my phone to see I had a message from Lisa. I silenced my alarm and opened the message: “Hope you arrived in L.A. ok. Here is a little present for you!”

Below that was a picture message of Lisa dressed in a pink corset and thong with her blonde hair flowing down to her shoulders and her 30F breasts ready to burst out. She had accentuated her sexy legs with six inch heels making her look much taller than her 5ft 7 frame and she had a seductive look on her face. I immediately became hard looking at her and knew I wasn’t going to be able to wait until Lucy and Dannii returned tomorrow to get laid so I made the decision to head out and see if the famous L.A. nightlife lived up to the billing.

After a soak in the Jacuzzi on the balcony and a long shower I got dressed in a shirt and trousers and headed out to see what I could find. After visiting a few bars where I struck out with a couple of stunning older women I moved onto a club where I found a mass of gyrating bodies with a large seating area around the outside.

I made my way to the bar and ordered a beer before taking a seat overlooking the dance floor. I wasn’t looking at anything in particular and was debating going down to dance when I heard someone ask “Mind if we sit here?” I looked up and was met with the sight of a beautiful brunette in a tight black dress barely covering her massive breasts.

“Yeah of course you can.” I smiled back at her and she motioned at three other girls who were attractive but nothing compared to her to come over. I sat there amused as they did shots of various spirits before the red headed girl of the group stumbled and fell as she got up to go the bar. She lay on the floor as the other two girls picked her and turned to the brunette. “I think we will take her home Abi. Jenny will be here soon and we told her to meet us up here.” Abi just smiled and sipped the drink she had been making last for the previous two rounds.

As her friends left she looked at me and smiled before saying “I am sorry about that they get rather overexcited whenever we go out.”

I laughed “No problem they have been very entertaining.”

“Is that a British accent I pick up?” she asked as she moved over to the seat next to me. I just about managed to take my eyes off slot oyna her breasts to catch a glimpse of her stunning ass. “How long have you been in L.A.? You enjoying it?”

“I got here about 12 hours ago. This is the first time I have ventured out of the hotel and I am enjoying what I have seen so far.” I smiled at her and we continued chatting for the next hour or so as I found out she was two years older than me and a glamour model who had moved to L.A. in the last year to further her career.

When it became clear Jenny wasn’t coming she got up and grabbed my hand before leading me down to the dance floor where we danced together for god knows how long. As time went by the dancing got more and more sexually charged as she pressed her ass and then her crotch against my now visibly hard cock. The club was slowly emptying and so we made our way out into the L.A. night and to the nearest cab. When we reached it she pushed me into the cab and climbed onto my lap before shouting a location at the rather taken aback cab driver.

As the cab took off she kissed me deeply whilst fumbling with my trousers. When she opened my trousers and pulled out my hard cock she stopped kissing me and looked down at my seven inches before squealing with delight “MMM not only a sexy British accent but a nice big cock to go with it.” She returned to kissing me while slowly stroking my cock bringing me closer to the edge the whole time.

Just as I was getting close the taxi stopped and she jumped off me and out of the door to pay the driver leaving me to cover my cock once again. I scrambled out of the cab and the driver winked at me as I followed Abi’s stunning backside up the steps to her flat. When she opened the door she disappeared into what I guessed was the bedroom. I shut and locked the door and turned around to find her smiling at me wearing nothing more than a red bra and thong and her heels she had been wearing in the club. With her top off I could now really appreciate the size of her amazing breasts which must have been at least DD.

I walked over to her and kissed her passionately before dropping to my knees and pulling her pants down to her knees. I smiled up at her before kissing her thighs softly constantly moving closer to her shaved pussy. Her scent was amazing and I poked my tongue between the folds of her pussy lips teasing her. She stepped away from me with a moan before removing her pants completely and stepping over to the bed. She lay down on the bed and I quickly moved back between her legs resuming my slow tender teasing but this time alternating between her clit and pussy lips. Her moans kept growing in volume until she came with a long moan and I licked up her juices as they ran out of her pussy. Just as she was coming down from her canlı casino siteleri orgasm I drove my tongue deep inside her while playing with her clit with my fingers bringing her crashing over the edge again.

She pushed me away before pulling me up and stripping me of all my clothes. She threw me down on the bed and leapt on top of me taking my cock deep in her mouth. She looked up at me and I could see the desperation to be fucked showed all over her face. She carried on sucking my cock deep throating me until I was on edge before pulling away and standing up. She removed her bra and let those amazing breasts fall free. She climbed back onto the bed and lowered herself slowly onto my cock which I could feel slowly spreading her pussy lips as she too me deeper and deeper until I was completely inside of her. She then began to slowly ride me up and down constantly building pace until she was fucking me hard and fast. With a deep moan I came inside of her triggering her third orgasm of the night. She carried on riding me until my soft cock fell out of her pussy with a soft plop.

She moved up the bed and kissed me deeply before reaching down and fondling my soft cock. I kissed her as my hands explored her body. My fingers made their way onto her ass and towards her asshole. She wriggled a bit on top of me and looked at me “Please don’t I have never taken it there before” she whispered.

I smiled at her and moved out from underneath her. She stayed on her hands and knees and smiled at my now fully erect cock. A wiggle of her sexy ass was all I needed and I moved around behind her and thrust my seven inch cock deep inside her dripping pussy. I fucked her hard through multiple orgasms as she slowly became limper on my cock. After an hour of fucking her pussy I came deep inside her for the second time that evening and we both collapsed on the bed panting.

After laying there for half an hour I could see the light beginning to rise out of the window. I got up and started dress when Abi rolled over and smiled at me. “I’m sorry babe but I must get back to my hotel as I have some stuff to do today.”

She leant out of bed and grabbed my phone before putting her number in it “Ring me if you want a repeat stud. I’d love to see you later.”

Little did I know as I left her flat with a big smile on my face that I would indeed be seeing her later but this time it would be sat the other side of a table where I would find out she was my older sister.


I hope you enjoyed this story as much I enjoyed writing it. Personally I have never committed an incestual act and never will. It is something reserved for the deepest darkest corner of my mind along with some other kinks that will be revealed over this series.

Any comments you have on how I can improve my writing will be gladly received and any suggestions on ideas for my sisters (I fantasize about many celebrities and am always open to new stroke fantasy’s!) or storylines will be greatly received.

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