Britney Intrigues Mommy Ch. 02

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I woke up in a haze. Was it all a dream? Did my mom actually eat me out and finger me last night?.. How could this have happened? Why did she do this? And how could I have let her? So many thoughts and questions filled my mind as I tried to figure out what went on in my bed last night. It wasn’t a dream. My mom woke me up in the middle of the night and made me cum. And now I wanted more.

I got out of bed and headed to her bedroom. I slowly opened the door and saw that she was still sleeping. I slipped into her bed and under the covers. Cuddling up right next to her, I realized she was only wearing panties. My hands softly grazed over her large breasts, circling my fingers around her hard nipples. I slid my hand down her stomach to her panties..

I started rubbing my moms pussy gently over her panties. I couldn’t believe she was still sleeping! I started rubbing harder.. And faster.. Rubbing her clit in circles. She started moaning and finally woke up.

“Mmmm.. Britney, you make mommy’s pussy so wet..”

“Oh yea? Does it feel good mommy? I’ve never done this to a woman before.”

She pulled the blankets off so she could watch me rubbing her pussy. “It feels so good baby. Why don’t you pull these Fındıkzade Escort panties off and feel how wet you made me.”

I didn’t even hesitate. I grabbed her panties and pulled them off and spread her legs. My mom had a hairy pussy and a big clit. I could see how wet she was. Her pussy was glistening. It looked so sexy. I started rubbing, making my fingers all wet. I focused on her clit. I couldn’t believe how big and hard it was. All I could think about was sucking on it.

“Mmmm.. You like mommy’s big clit don’t you baby? You make it so fuckin hard. Lick it… I need your tongue on my pussy nowww. Come on baby, stop teasing me. Lick mommy’s pussy.”

Hearing her talking so dirty and begging me to eat her out made me so fuckin horny. I stuck my face between her legs and licked her cunt from the bottom all the way upppp to the top. I close my lips around her clit and start suckin on it the way I suck on a dick. She grabs the back of my head, pushing my face harder into her.

“Ohhh fuck yea baby. Suck mommy’s clit harddd. Look at my dirty little girl eating pussy. Mmmm.. Such a nasty fuckin pussy whore. Stick your tongue in my cunt. Fuck it hard baby. Ohhh god yesss. Eat mommy’s Fındıkzade Escort Bayan hairy fuckin pussy.”

After tongue fucking her for a while, I went back to licking and sucking her clit. Her pussy was so wet, my two fingers just slipped right in. I fingered her hard as I nibbled her clit. She started grinding her hips onto my face, I knew she was going to cum. All of a sudden, she pushed my head away. When I looked up at her, she handed me a huge dildo.

“You wanna fuck your mommy’s pussy? I need to be fucked so bad baby. Mommy likes it rough. Stick that fat cock in me and fuck this wet cunt as hard as you can.”

I looked at my mom’s soaking wet pussy and said “I’m gunna fuck you so good mommy. I wanna hear you scream as I pound this cunt.”

I rubbed the head of the cock up and down her pussy, making her moan. I slapped the head on her clit over and over.. Harder and harder.. She was moaning so loud. My tight little pussy was getting so wet hearing my mom moan as I teased her pussy. I slowly slid the dildo into her.

“Rub that huge clit for me mommy. Show me how you play with your pussy.”

She started rubbing her erect clit fast and hard as I slid the Escort Fındıkzade whole cock deep into her cunt. I pulled it out, and slammed it back in. I fucked her hairy pussy as hard as I could over and over. Pounding the fuck out of that pussy. She was rubbing her clit with one hand, and grabbing onto the bed sheets with the other. My mom was screaming so loud as I fucked her.

“Oh god baby, Pound this fucking cunt. Harderrr!! Harderrrr baby!! Make it hurt!! OHHHH FUCKKK YESSSS. Keep fucking this pussy. You’re gunna make me fucking squirt.”

Hearing her say that she could squirt made me so excited. I’ve only seen pussy’s squirt on porn. I slammed the cock in and out of her cunt faster and harder, over and over.

“Ohh fuckkk. Cum for me mommy. Make that pussy squirt in my fucking face.”

I pounded her cunt as hard as I could, hitting her G Spot.

“OHHHH FUCKKKK.. here it cumsss!!!”

Her pussy started squirting everywhere and all over the dildo. I pulled it out of her cunt and slammed my fingers in and out of her, making her squirt all over my hand and face. It was the most erotic and kinkiest moment of my life. After she came, my mom’s body collapsed on the bed as she tried to catch her breath. I stuck my fingers in her mouth and made her lick up all her pussy juice.

“Mmmm… it tastes so good”, she said. “Damn, Britney, I’ve never been fucked so good in my life.”

“Good. I loved fucking you mommy. But later tonight, it’s my turn to get fucked.”

… To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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