Brock and Judy Ch. 05

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Female Ejaculation

The second honeymoon cruise that Judy and I had gone on to reconnect after the second slip in fidelity on her part and the consequences that came from it was twelve months in the past. The months following our return home had brought more changes into our family life that everyone seemed happy with. I hadn’t been happy with the number of hours Judy had to spend managing the realty company so as owners; Gwen and I demoted Judy back to sales agent and promoted Joyce Hastings to manager. Judy hadn’t been enthused by the move at first, but when she saw how much time it opened up for her to spend with Gwen and I at home, she quickly adjusted to it nicely. She began helping me with the work around our growing acreage of farmland having help me buy yet another 200 acres that had become available with the passing of the gentleman farmer that had been our neighbor for the last fourteen years. We had made love instead of working all over our farm whenever the urge struck either of us with Judy initiating our sex sessions almost as often as I did. Gwen would reap the benefits of our daytime activities later that night after the children were in bed. The sex life the three of us shared was greater than it had ever been and I still had trouble believing that two of the most beautiful women I had ever met loved me and wanted to be with me. The fact that they loved each other as much only added to my joy and happiness. I couldn’t envision life getting any better but life always seems to throw us all a curve that hangs so we can hammer it out of the park and that’s what it did to us.

It was a comfortable pre-dusk Friday evening as Gwen and I sat in the swing on the porch while Judy cleaned up the kitchen from our supper. The kids were at Gwen’s parents for the weekend and the three of us had planned on spending as much time pleasuring each other as possible before their return Sunday after lunch. Although Gwen’s parents hadn’t liked it when Gwen began her relationship with Judy and me, the arrival of first Jr. then the twins had brought them around 180 degrees from their original objections. When they saw how happy Gwen was and how supportive both Judy and I were of their daughter, they accepted us with open arms and never hesitated when we asked them to take the kids for a few hours or a few days.

“Gwen, you know I love you as much as I love Judy, don’t you?” I asked her as she sat close to me with her head on my shoulder as I held her in the swing.

“Yes, Brock and I love you, too. I’m so happy with my life now. I love being a mom and I love our life together. You know I’ll never cheat on you and Judy, don’t you Brock?” She asked me with a tad of uncertainty in her voice.

“Yes, I know. I hate to admit it, but you’re stronger than Judy and I trust you with all the confidence I have.”

I saw the flash of the last rays of sunlight glint off the windshield of a vehicle turning into our drive at that moment. I watched as a top of the line white Lexus SUV came down the 100 foot driveway toward our house. I was finally able to make out who the driver was when it was three quarters of the way down the drive.

“Gwen, hurry and go get Judy, we have a very special guest coming down the drive.”

I stood at the top of the three steps that led from the porch to the ground and motioned for the driver to slow down. The SUV slowed to almost a crawl as it proceeded down our drive. It arrived in front of the porch just as Judy and Gwen joined me at the top of the stairs. The side windows of the SUV were darkly tinted and the driver’s identity was still known only by me. I took each of my ladies in hand and walked with them down to the ground. When we were standing in the yard, I nodded to the driver and heard squeals of panic from Gwen and ones of surprise and joy from Judy when the door burst open and the driver literally flew out of the vehicle and swept all three of us into her arms in a big hug. The driver let go of Judy and I and picked Gwen up with ease and began planting kisses on her face as Gwen hung there in shock and confusion.

“You have to be Gwen! You are as beautiful as the pictures Judy and Brock showed me of you! I hope you become one of my babies, too!” With that grand entrance Samantha White re-entered our lives and turned our already chaotic existences into total bedlam.

The moment was broken when we all heard the crying of a baby from within the SUV. Samantha rushed to the backdoor of the SUV and began working on unstrapping the by that time screaming infant from the car seat located there. When the infant was free, she nonchalantly bared one of those huge and beautiful breasts and placed the infant’s face next to the nipple atop that big, black tit. The baby latched onto the nipple with its mouth and began to suckle there. Samantha had a look of both pain and pleasure on her face as the infant nursed.

“My babies, I want you to meet Brockton Henderson-White! You’re a daddy again, Brock and the owner of my heart! I hope this isn’t too big of a surprise.”

To say that the three of us were speechless would be an understatement and I also didn’t know what to do and I’m sure Judy and Gwen had the same reaction. I regained my Konya Escort senses after a couple of minutes.

“Why don’t we go up on the porch and get comfortable?” I managed to say to the three women standing around me in the yard. The baby was sound asleep by that time so Samantha disengaged his mouth from her nipple and tucked her breast back into her blouse. We walked back up onto the porch and I sat back down in the swing with Judy beside me. Gwen and Samantha sat in the two wooden rockers that were next to the swing.

“Samantha, please don’t get mad but how do you know I’m the father of your baby? I’m sure you get all kinds of male attention on the cruises you entertain on so how can you be so sure about whom Brockton’s father is?”

“Yes, it’s true I get a lot of offers from men on the cruises, but I don’t accept them. I’ve only been with one man in the last five years and I think you know who he was. I usually pick women for my sexual partners, but I had to make my teenage fantasies come true when I saw you and Judy on the cruise. The relationship you and Judy have made it easier for me. I was going to do everything in my powers to get you into my bed before the cruise was over, married or not. I’ve been honest about you stealing my heart, Brock. I’ve been your woman from the time you made me come with your cock on the cruise. I have been with other women since then but you and only you will be the man I give my pussy to if you want it. I love you Brock and hope someday you’ll love me too!”

I was overwhelmed by emotion and could see Gwen and Judy were also. I looked at both of them to see if I could detect what their emotions were. I saw shock and disbelief on Gwen’s face and surprise with a hint of sadness on Judy’s. I thought I needed to say something to at least reassure them that they were still my loves and Samantha would have to accept that fact.

“Samantha, I don’t really know what to say! I love Judy and Gwen so much and I wouldn’t leave them for you or any other woman! I think I’m in love with you also but I’m not sure! I’m glad you have Brockton and I’m sure you’ll be a wonderful mother but I don’t know if I can give you what you want!”

“Oh you stupid man, I don’t want you to leave your beautiful blonde babes for me! I’ll be happy to get whatever you can give me! I love Judy almost as much as I love you and I’m sure I’ll grow to love Gwen as much if we get to spend some time together! Please Brock; don’t turn me away without giving all of us a chance to make something work that we all can agree to! I have no problem sharing you with them if they don’t!”

I knew that Gwen would go along with whatever I decided because I knew she loved me that much. I also knew I could force Judy into accepting my decision by ordering her to accept it in slut mode but, I wanted her to agree to whatever I wanted on her own. I couldn’t deny that I wanted to fuck Samantha’s beautiful black body again and as often as was practical but didn’t want the two women I already shared a wonderful life with to be hurt if I agreed to let Samantha into our lives. Samantha picked that moment to lay the other bombshell on the three of us.

“I have another confession to make that might make your decision a little easier. My career as Dominique Devereux is about to take off. I’ve signed a four album deal with a major recording label and will be busy with recording and touring for the next three years at least. I don’t want Brockton being raised in the back of a tour bus or in motel rooms with a nanny. Brock, will you take him and raise him with your other children. That way he can have a more normal childhood than I can give him. Please Brock; will you do this for me?”

“I would do it in a heartbeat if it was only up to me, Samantha, but Judy and Gwen have a say in what happens in this household and they would have to agree to take him open heartedly and not just to make me happy! It’s gotten dark while we’ve been out here talking so let’s go in the house so we can talk some more. Samantha, I’ll show you to the den and you two can go to the kitchen and wait for me. Would you like something to drink, Samantha?”

“Water would be great, thanks Brock.”

I saw Gwen nod her head yes as she arose and headed into the house. Judy led Samantha into our house as I followed behind them. I admired the sway of Samantha’s ass as she walked in front of me into the house. My cock began to stiffen and I had to think of painful things to make it go back down. I hoped that I would be able to resurrect it later in the evening. I led Samantha into the den just as Gwen brought in a big pitcher of ice and water and a couple of glasses. I drank a glass with Samantha before heading to the kitchen. Judy began to speak even before I had sat down between her and Gwen.

“Brock, I know what you want to happen but have you thought it through? Brockton is a mixed race baby and that can be a problem around here. You and I both know there are still racist white men in the community that could start trouble if we take in your son!”

“Yes, I know but I also know that I have good friends in this community that will support us and help us protect Konya Escort Bayan our family! He’s my son and I agree with Samantha that he needs as normal a childhood as he can get and that would be easier here than with Samantha! Gwen, what do you think?”

“I would love for him to be here! I love kids and would be as good to him as I am our own! I say we take him in and the outside world be damned!”

“I love you both and if that is what you want, I’ll agree to it. I only wanted you both to think about the consequences that can arise from a decision like this.” Judy said with reluctance in her tone.

I pulled her into a hug and whispered into her ear. “We will make this work, I promise. I’ve never broken a promise to you yet, have I?”

“No Brock, you haven’t and I trust you. I’m a little scared right now. Samantha is so beautiful and has such a powerful personality, I’m afraid she’ll replace me in your heart! Please Brock, don’t stop loving me!”

“Judy, baby, I could never stop loving you! You were my first love and always will be! If the four of us work together I know we can be a happy family!” I then gave Judy a kiss with as much love and passion as I could muster. I gave Gwen the same kiss and we three went to talk to Samantha in the den.

“Samantha, we would love to take Brockton into our family! I guess we need to talk about the other matters that go along with a situation like this.”

“Brock, can that wait until tomorrow?! It’s late; I’m tired, horny, and want to enjoy some time with the three of you in that king sized bed you all bragged about on the cruise. I brought some things with me in case you all agreed to take Brockton. If one of you will take him, I’ll go get them from the car.”

“Gwen, why don’t you take him upstairs to your room? The crib is still in the corner up there, isn’t it? Judy and I’ll help Samantha.”

“Please everybody start calling me Sam. Samantha is so pretentious. If I’m going to be part of the family, I need to fit in and not be treated as someone special.”

Gwen took the baby with her upstairs while Judy and I went to help Sam carry in her things. I was shocked when I saw the whole back end of the SUV packed with suitcases and boxes.

“How long did you plan to stay, Sam? How did you know we’d agree to take Brockton in?”

“I have a month before I have to get back to LA and start recording the first album. I knew what kind of man you are, Brock, and knew you’d do the right thing. Can I stay with you all for the next month?”

“Yes, Sam you can!” Judy exclaimed before I could say anything. I could only hope that she had a plan for explaining Sam and Brockton’s presence in our home to Jr. and the twins. Thankfully Sam had thought ahead and packed a suitcase and a box with Brockton’s things for the night at the back of the SUV and those were all we carried in that night.

Brockton was still asleep in the crib across from the master suite and Gwen had brought the pair of baby monitors from out of the closet in that room and put fresh batteries in them. She was waiting on the three of us at the top of the stairs. Sam used a breast pump to pull enough milk from her 38 DD breasts so that anyone of us could feed the baby in the middle of the night.

I sat in the chair in the corner and watched as the three women pleasured each other with their mouths, tongues and fingers on our king sized bed. When they had came from each other’s oral stimulation of each other, I went to the bed and climbed between Sam’s legs and slammed my rock hard cock into her beautiful black body. We both came at the same instance ten minutes later and I took that as a sign that we were one with each other and everything would work out for my growing family. We all slept together that first night in the master suite’s king sized bed. Gwen went and tended to Brockton when he started whimpering in the middle of the night. I and she were the only ones that awoke when he became restless and I couldn’t get off the bed without waking Judy and Sam as they were laying on me in the middle of the bed. Gwen didn’t return to the bed when she had Brockton settled down. I went back to sleep with thoughts of more chocolate colored kids from Sam and me running around our farm.

I don’t know if it was the smell of coffee or the need to urinate that woke me the next morning, but I did awaken the two beautiful women still lying on top of me when I begin trying to get off the bed. It was 5 AM and my normal time to be getting up so I could work my farm. I left Sam and Judy in bed together and carried my clothes downstairs where I found Gwen already sitting at the kitchen table. Something in her expression told me she needed some TLC so I took her hand and led her to the bearskin rug in the living room and made love to her there assuring her that I still love her as much as I ever had. After our love making session, she fixed my breakfast and I went and started my work for the morning. I made her promise to call me when Sam and Judy were up so we could all get together to discuss our new situation. I had the cows fed and a couple of other small tasks completed when she called me two hours Escort Konya later. I walked from the barn back to the house with too many thoughts to list running through my head. I found the three women waiting on me in the living room. The baby was content playing with his toes on the bearskin rug.

“Brock, don’t get mad, but we’ve been talking while you were outside working and think we have come up with a plan that will work and not require us to have to explain why Sam is living with us when she’s not on the road or in a recording studio in LA.” Judy said as soon as I was seated beside her.

“Okay, I’m listening and I’m not mad.”

“Sam can buy the fifty acre farm beside us that you were going to buy. That way she’ll have her own place and it won’t look like she’s living here even though she’d probably spend most of her time here with us. That would also give her and you someplace to go for some privacy. Gwen and I know how much it means to be with you alone and we want Sam to feel that too. The advance on her record deal would be a good down payment on it.”

“I like the sound of it so far, but we’ll kick in the money needed to buy it straight out without her having to take a loan out against it. It will be in her name with Brockton and any other children she and I have being the legal heirs to it. Does that sound okay to you three?”

“It sounds great to me, but there will be no more children from me, Brock. I had my tubes tied after Brockton was born. I can’t afford another pregnancy with my music career starting to take off and one bout of natural childbirth is all I want to ever experience. I love you my handsome white devil, but you’ll not be getting anymore pick-a-ninnies out of me!”

The three women sitting around me started laughing hysterically at Sam’s remark, but I couldn’t join in with their merriment. I had envisioned at least one if not two more children from my black goddess and was disappointed by what Sam had said. The ladies finally realized that I wasn’t laughing with them and stopped laughing to look at me with concern on their faces.

“What’s wrong, Brock? Didn’t you think what Sam said was funny?” Judy asked of me as she took ahold of my left arm.

“No, I didn’t think it was funny! I dreamed about Sam and I having another child together, maybe two! I’m a tad disappointed that it won’t happen now! I love you all very much and wanted more children for us all to raise and love! What’s done is done, but I’m angry with you, my beautiful black bitch! I might as well tell you right now what Gwen and Judy already know! I don’t share my woman with other men, Sam, so if you truly want to be my woman you have to agree that me and only me gets to stick a dick into that body of yours! You can have all the women lovers you want when you’re not with me, but the first time I find out you’ve been with another man, I’ll kill you and him! You’ve seen the scars on Judy’s body and know that I can and will do what I say I’ll do!”

“Brock, I’m yours body and soul! I don’t need or want any other man! I can relieve my sexual tensions with women when I’m not with you, no problem! I wasn’t lying when I told you that you were the first man I’d been with in five years! I swear yours will be the only cock I let into my body from now until the day one of us dies!”

Brockton started crying at that moment and Sam went and picked him up. I asked her to let me do it when she said he needed changing. I grabbed his diaper bag and carried him and it to the first floor bathroom.

“Hey my little man, I’m your daddy. You’re going to be living with me from now on. Mommies Gwen and Judy will take good care of you when Mommy Sam’s not here. We all love you very much and won’t let anything bad happen to you.”

I stopped talking to him when I heard sniffling behind me. I finished changing him and turned to see which of my ladies was trying not to cry behind me. Sam was standing in the doorway with big tears running down her cheeks and ran to me when I opened my arms wide for her. She picked me up and began placing kisses all over my face much like she did the first time we met. I again marveled at how strong she was and wondered if my threat to kill her if she cheated on me was an idle one. She stood me back down on the floor and picked up her son and after we had left the bathroom we walked arm in arm back to the living room. We finalized the plans for Sam and Brockton to join our little family and everyone was happy with the plan we came up with.

Sam and I went to my lawyer on Monday and had him draw up a power of attorney for me to be able to conduct business around town for Sam when she was gone. We went to the realty company and made an offer on the farm next to mine and Judy’s after I withdrew my offer on it. We started the paperwork that would make Sam the new owner of fifty acres that would be worked by me along with the 400 acres I was already working. I made her start a trust fund for BT as we had started calling Brockton when the kids returned from the grandparents. (Being ages 7 and 5, I’m sure they didn’t understand that BT was only their half-brother because they kept saying how beautiful their new baby brother was even though he was “choc-la-T” in color as Jr. kept saying.) When I heard one old timer comment about me being in the company of a “uppity nigger woman”, I started after him, but Sam held me back telling me he wasn’t worth it and to let it go; she’d been called worse.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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