Brod: The Right Fit Ch. 01

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Sarkopheros Says:

As promised, a hot new tale of gay Brod fresh off the keyboard! This is also the 50th story I’ve written as Sarkopheros! It’s also the first episode where Brod uses his newly-enlarged cock after the Elasticity miniseries.

If you’ve read these before, you know what to expect. If you haven’t, then it should be fun for you. Hyper cocks, hyper balls, cum inflation, anal, cum fountaining (so much cum shot in one end it comes out the other) and also it’s in a fitting room.


Arva’s enormous hips swayed as she came toward me. She was dressed in an orange sari and had her jet-black hair up in a bun. The orange went well with her dark complexion. “Honestly, Brod, did you not think you were big enough last time?”

I gestured down at my enhanced bulge. “I told you. I didn’t do this.”

If you’ve read through my Elasticity miniseries, you know exactly what I mean. If you didn’t, here’s the short version.

Dr. Nahid Ghali is a brilliant but insane endocrinologist. She and Dr. Yara Andrade, my nutritionist and trainer, thought they could make it so that my precum would enhance the eponymous elasticity of a person’s holes, enabling me to sink my entire cock into anyone.

It worked. The problem is that Dr. Ghali altered the treatments such that my cock ended up growing another ten inches, and my balls got even more enormous.

That’s right. Where before a ruler was too small to measure me, now a yardstick is too small.

“Well, almost every man wishes he was bigger!” insisted Arva. “Besides, how could someone … do that without your consent?” she asked, waving her hand at my bulge. “And what are you wearing?! You look absolutely ridiculous.”

I looked down. I’d asked Jane to buy me the largest pair of basketball shorts she could find. I’d ended up with some 5XL basketball shorts with bright red stripes and basketballs all over them. I don’t know if they were the only ones at the store or if she’d taken me literally.

Unfortunately, my package was still so immense and heavy that the weight pulled them down, threatening to expose the first few inches of my cock. That was why I’d put on a souvenir from Berlin—the immense, zebra-print bathrobe.

“You look like a homeless pimp,” said Arva.

I laughed because it was true. “Yeah, I do. But I had to wear what fit. And that’s why I’m here talking to you. Where’s Lana?” I asked.

Arva shot a glare at me. “Oh no, young man!” She began wagging her finger. “The last time you were allowed to work with her, she and every woman in the gym next door ended up swollen. There was sperm all over the shop, and you were a frightful mess.” She shook her head, making her pendant earrings swing. “We are not allowing you to attain an erection while I am trying to work with you! It will make first-class service impossible.”

I sighed, but nodded. “Oh, fine. I’ll look her up later.”

Arva nodded. “That would be for the best, she has been eager to see you again. But if I may ask, how big are you now when erect? And how did someone do this to you without you knowing?”

I forgot that Arva hadn’t seen my new size at full-mast. “It’s a long story.” I shrugged. “Basically, my endocrinologist said she could make it so my precum would make any woman loose enough to take my whole cock, but she altered the formula to make me bigger. And I’m thirty-eight inches now. About nine across the fattest point.”

Arva clucked her tongue. “Over a meter! Were you upset with the doctor?”

“Very, but don’t worry, she paid for her mistake. And she will continue to do so,” I chuckled.

Arva furrowed her brow. “…That sounds ominous.”

I looked back up when I realized how that sounded. “Oh! No, I’m not going to hurt her! I just mean I’m going to fuck her silly and make her cum so many times she feels like she’s turning inside out … while also being a sperm-blimp.”

“Oh, I see … ah … that … that really does not sound like much of a punishment….” Arva cleared her throat.

“What am I supposed to do?” I shrugged. “She’s very smart.”

Arva shrugged. “It is your choice. Come, try this on.” She held up a pair of pants made of some kind of linen. “It is not pretty, but these are unlike anything I have made before. This is a prototype. We must ensure the only fit.” She held them up before me with both hands. I pulled at the front. Unlike normal pants, the front of these had what was basically a large cloth pouch for the front of the crotch. An incredibly long zipper ran from the waist all the way around the bulge to the taint.

“This zipper is really long,” I observed, running my fingertip along it.

“Indeed! This should allow you to … deploy yourself with minimal fuss, even at your size.”

That was when it clicked. “Huh, now that’s clever,” I said. “Very nice.” I smirked at her. “First-class!”

Arva smiled. “Thank you! I am also looking into fabrics which should be resistant escort kayaşehir to … fluids. And breathable, I hope. But first, we must know whether this prototype will function correctly. Do one thing, and try those pants on. Tell me how they are.” She looked past me and into the other part of the shop—the half that was mostly Indian-style clothing. “I must help another customer now. They have been waiting.”

“Alright, seems simple enough.” I walked toward the fitting rooms, though I did sneak an eyeful of her plump ass. I wanted to fuck her at some point, though I hadn’t had a chance yet.

My heavy nuts bounced against my legs. Each one easily dwarfed my head, and where before I used volleyballs as an example, I was now at a loss as to what to compare their size to. The glans of my newly-enlarged cock alone was nearly the size of a volleyball when hard. Might watermelons work? The problem with those is that watermelons vary in size, but it seemed apt.

I reached the fitting rooms. It looked like they’d been remodeled. The wooden door clicked softly as I opened it. I pulled out my phone to check my texts. I sighed—there were dozens, mostly from girls and boys seeking my company. I wish I could give them all what they wanted, but sadly, I can’t teleport.

That’s what distracted me. I felt something hard mush into my balls. I started, my gaze snapping up. I heard a muffle cry and jumped back.

There, sitting on the bench, was a soft-looking blonde.

“Oh god!” he grunted, staring at my package.

“Oh, shit, sorry!” I turned around to leave. It’s pretty embarrassing when you bury someone’s face in your balls by mistake. And I’m sure he didn’t appreciate it, either.

He half-yelled at me as I tried to leave. “Holy Jesus, is that all you?!”

I stopped and turned back to him. He was cute. A shirt and tie were hanging from the rack. His thick thighs were smooth and exposed by the shorts. For the moment, he was shirtless, exposing his soft chest and plush tummy.

I stopped and smirked at him. “Yeah, that’s all me.”

“Come on, there’s no way! Yeah right.” He got to his feet and began looking around, searching the walls with grey eyes. Then he stood. He came up to my nose. The boy got up on the bench and looked up at the ceiling, giving me an eyeful of a plump, round ass.

“…What are you doing?” I asked.

“Says the guy barging into peoples’ fitting rooms. Yeah right, where’s the camera?!” he demanded.

“Calm down,” I chuckled, leaning back against the door. “This is me. You want to see?”

He sighed and climbed down. “Do I want to see beach balls and … a water noodle…? I mean … whatever. Sure.” The boy crossed his arms and leaned against the back wall, looking at me with a smirk on his face. I expect that he was proud of his status as someone who “saw through the prank.”

I love it when people ask me to prove that I’m as hung as I am. In no small part because it usually leads to my cock becoming lodged inside them. He was cute, so it really didn’t take very much thought. I hung my prototype pants and ridiculous bathrobe on hooks near the mirror.

I looked down at my ridiculous, billowing shorts. I hooked my thumbs into the waistband. I looked at him. The boy looked quite incredulous. “So what’s your name?” I asked.

“Allan. Allan Byrd.”

“I’m Brod Kanayama,” I said. “Are you new to town?”

“You’re definitely broad,” he said. “Yeah, I’m going to UTB.”

“Heh. Well, you spend enough time at the university and you would’ve heard about me,” I said. “Wait, I’m doing this out of order.” I grabbed my shirt and pulled it up, exposing my soft but flat stomach, and my broad, thick pecs. He bit his lip when he saw my enormous shoulders and barrel-like biceps. I hung the shirt up behind me.

“Wow, you’re really big,” he said. His eyes rolled along my powerful body and back down to my ludicrous bulge. “You work out, huh?”

“Yes I do,” I told him. “I’m big everywhere.”

Allan smiled “Well, even if you’re not cartoon-big, you’re pretty handsome.”

“And you’re a little cutie,” I chuckled.

“So let’s see how big you are, then maybe you can help me … find the right fit?” asked the chubby blonde, nodding back at the hanging shirt.

“I can fit anywhere I want now,” I told him. Even though he’d have no idea what I was talking about. “Except into pants.”

Allan rolled his eyes again. “Oh, stop screwing around, just drop ’em!”

“Alright!” I undid the bow tying the waist off and began to pull them down. A black patch of hair appeared. Allan bit his lip.

Then his jaw fell faster than my shorts. As the waist sunk lower, the monstrously-thick base of my cock was revealed more fully. It was as fat as his thigh and completely soft.

Allan was speechless. “Oh … muh … aaugh….”

I kept lowering the waist. Inch after inch, my cock kept coming out. More and more of it. Now he escort anadolu yakası could see the wrinkled flesh flaring out from its base toward my nuts. Then the curve of my titanic balls started to emerge. I could feel the lovely sensation of cool air on my sack.

“No way!” he panted. I could see his shorts tenting up. “Y-you’re … no!”

“Yes!” I laughed. Finally, as my pants crested the equator of my balls, I let them drop and kicked them aside. I stood there with my hands on my hips.

Allan’s jaw was hung lower than me. A long moment passed as he simply stood there in shock, eyes rolling over the vast swath of golden flesh exposed to him.

Finally, he spoke. “How big is it right now?!”

“Soft? Two feet and an inch,” I said. Indeed, it and my nuts hung well below my knees.

“No way!” Allan reached forward, grabbed my cock just behind its head, and pulled.

I let out a groan as he leaned back, tugging on my cock. I have to admit, it actually felt pretty good. My cock stretched out straight ahead.

Smak-smak! He dropped it and it slapped my balls. “It’s hot!”

I rolled my eyes. “It’s my cock. Cocks are hot.”

“Not that hot.” He leaned forward and laid his palm on it. “I can feel your heartbeat! It really is you!”

“Yeah, all me. I told you.” I grinned. “You wanna get a better look?”

He tapped his chin. “Hmmm. Well, I guess since you offered.” He grinned and started undoing his own shorts. “I suppose it’s only fair if I show you mine.”

“Yeah, that’s fair,” I chuckled. Of course, with only the shorts, undressing wasn’t a long process.

Allan wiggled from those shorts, smiling at me, slipping his underwear off in the same motion. His pubic area was as smooth as the rest of him. And indeed, I could see that his cock was at full mast. It was average size, cut, and a cute pinkish color. Of course, at average size, that meant that even its full length wasn’t as large as the diameter of my monster.

It was only a couple seconds before Allan was completely bare. He was pear-shaped, with wide hips and thighs. That’s where most of the pudge was—thighs and ass. With a smile, he approached me, licking his lips. “You’re pretty handsome, even besides the … you know. Cockzilla here.”

“Thanks. You’re a little cutie,” I rumbled. “Why don’t you introduce yourself to Cockzilla? I mean, are you sure it’s real?”

Allan tapped his chin again. I noticed that he had some pale-pink lip gloss on. “Absolutely not! I should examine it more closely.” He slowly got down on his knees. His soft hands both gripped my organ. “Wow, I can’t even get both hands around it! The head is like mine!”

“Wait’ll I get hard,” I chuckled.

“Fake cocks don’t get hard … or do they?” Allan ran his hands up from the crown toward the base, lovingly feeling the upper portion of my smooth, hot skin. “So smooth. Well, it feels like it could be real.” He put his hands under it and tried to lift it. “Whoof! It’s way heavier than any cock I’ve ever seen. Wow, it’s like … a whole turkey.”

I nodded. “Except that it provides the stuffing.”

Allan smiled up at me before glancing back down. Clear precum glistened at the tip of his cock and rolled down onto his plush thighs. He cooed as he leaned in toward one of my titanic nuts. Allan pushed his finger into one of the larger folds in my sack. Then the whole hand. “Holy shit, you don’t even need pant pockets.”

“I actually have lost things in the folds before. I mean, they fall out when I stand, but still,” I laughed.

“Wait, seriously?” he asked incredulously.

“Yeah, one time I was with a couple of boys and I had some candy in my mouth. One of them made me laugh and this butterscotch falls out of my mouth and no one can find it. It got stuck in there, one of them found it,” I chuckled.

He shook his head. “You know, somehow, I don’t doubt you. Seriously, though. These are like … they’re way bigger than my head. They’re like watermelons.” He pushed two fingers into my right nut. There was a low-pitched glorch. The fingers sunk into its surface. “Your balls are so big that they almost are like water balloons, I can sink my fingers into them,” he marveled.

Then he put both hands under one and lifted … or tried to. Gloorghl. I could actually feel the jizz shifting in my nut. “Oh my god!” he grunted. Then he put both arms underneath and put his back into it. Only then did he heft my gigantic nut. “How much does this thing weigh?!” He laid his cheek on it. “Oooh. Mmmh. It smells wonderful.”

“About fifty-two pounds each,” I told him.

“No,” he said.

I chuckled. “They’re a bit over fourteen inches in diameter. And when you consider my sperm is denser than water….”

“You’re insane.” He then nuzzled my monstrous nut and ran his tongue up along its side. With a moan, he suckled at a mouthful of my thick, leathery nut-flesh. Not leathery in the sense of being escort avrupa yakası stiff or rough. I’m talking about fine leather. The skin of my scrotum is very thick and strong, as you’d expect holding 104 pounds worth of testicles—but it’s also supple and soft. “Mm-hmm. Mmmph!” He probably also tasted the salty sweat and the lingering juices of my last partner. If you’ve read any of my stories, you know I can barely go to another room in my house without fucking someone.

Finally, he released the mouthful of skin. “Mmph. It’s like. I don’t even know what to compare it to,” he sighed. Allan leaned in again, draping my heavy cock over one of his shoulders, trying and failing to wrap his arms around my nuts. I felt him bury his face in the deep folds near where sack met cock. The thick, hot skin engulfed half his head, up to his ears. While I didn’t feel what he felt, I did have a good idea of what he was experiencing.

Allan would be plunged into musky darkness, all light and air cut off. The skin of my sack would muffle any sound, and he’d breathe nothing but my warm scent. I felt and heard him inhaling deeply, and then I felt the vibrations of his moans. He gripped handfuls of flesh, kneading and massaging.

Then he shifted his arms from below to above my nuts. His fingers slipped underneath them. Then he began to massage my taint with his fingertips. I let out a groan and leaned back against the wooden door with a creak. I was worried the hinges would break. My heavy cock began to heat up on his shoulder. Slick beads of steamy-hot precum the size of jawbreakers formed at the end and rolled down his spine, leaving glistening paths that crept toward his ass-crack.

My cock lifted its head from him, rising up, veins inflating on its surface as he woke the giant. Finally, Allan came up for air, gasping. “F-fuck. Even your smell is like … wow, crazy-sexy,” he panted.

I smirked at him, then shifted my weight, sitting on the wooden bench. It creaked. Even without my giant nuts and cock, I’m not a small guy. Allan knelt down there, sighing. “I can see why you’re famous around here. …Or at least, what you say about being famous sounds plausible.”

I issued a deep chuckle. “Come on, if you can’t trust a guy with a cock the size of a kindergartner, who can you trust?”

He snorted. “Wow, that’s a really good point.” Then he shuffled backward. Yes, he had to actually crawl away to get my cock’s head to a position where he could service it. My cock was half-erect, projecting from my body in a lazy downward arc. Its melon-sized head kept drooling, only instead of beads, it was pouring a river of fresh precum all over Allan’s chest and shoulders. He let out a moan, looking as the stream split about the base of his erection. “My god, I could shower, you’re like an anal lube factory.”

I nodded. “I should bottle and sell it.”

“I’d pay for this. Wow.” He gathered some up on his fingers and rubbed the tips together. When he spread them, the precum clung and stretched into crystalline strands. “It’s a good your cock holds its own weight up,” he said, rubbing both hands up along its belly. Allan let out a pleasant purring, rolling his tongue up along its underside.

He dunked his head into the pouring, steamy stream and let it roll over his golden hair. It was matted to his head, the pre saturating it and turning it into stringy tentacles. He arced his neck back, luxuriating in the hot slime, closing his eyes as it poured over his chest. Allan bowed forward, letting my pre ooze down his back and into the growing puddle under him. Then he leaned back up, gripped it behind its head, and opened his mouth as wide as he could. He pushed his lips against its tip, slipping his tongue into it. I heard schlurp-glurk-gluck-gluck as he began to guzzle cupfuls of pre.

I smiled, feeling my nuts rumble. They were beginning to hang lower as they produced spunk. My cock pushed out, out, the head growing more and more ruddy. Allan shuffled back further, moaning and mewling like a kitten as he drank his “milk.” He gathered handfuls of the slickness and slapped my cock with it, splattering it everywhere, including me and the wood. He pumped it vigorously as he drank. I could see his belly growing bigger and bigger, swelling by the second. It looked like he was pregnant—first with a normal baby, then twins.

Finally, he rolled away, onto his back, into the pool, splashing precum. It glittered in the soft, warm light of the booth. Allan splayed out, panting. My pre rolled from his mouth and my cock continued pouring all over his belly.

“Oh, god, it’s so much.” He looked down at his glutted gut. His eyes nearly escaped his head. “Holy Jesus, look at that!” he half-screamed.

I grinned. “You were thirsty.”

Allan grunted, struggling back to his knees, his belly sloshing audibly. “Oh … oh God. I can’t believe I chugged so much precum! I-it’s … mmhahh! I can’t handle this!” He reached down, pumped his slick cock, and in mere seconds I heard skllrrt-skllrrt-skllrrt! I saw white streams leap from beneath his belly as he blew his load.

I waited till he was done and white stripes were painted over my nuts. “Mmmh. You know you’re not getting out of here till I do that too?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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