Brother to Brother Ch. 02

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DISCLAIMER: This story is a work of fiction. All characters involved are eighteen years of age or older. This series will include sex between brothers. Do not continue reading if you do not approve of incestuous relationships. Again, this work is fiction.


Aiden and I continued to talk a little bit, but when the conversation was running dry, I knew that nothing was going to happen. I decided to leave and try to control myself from doing something he didn’t want.

Just when I was about to get up, Aiden shocked me with a question, “Carter, going back to your story, you said that the next morning you woke up next to some girl…Was she your first?”

Surprised at the subject matter, I told him the truth, “Yeah, Aiden she was. And I don’t remember any of it. I just woke up half naked next to her, with a used condom on the floor and the biggest headache I’ve ever had. So I slipped out of bed to avoid the awkward conversation to follow and I never saw that girl again.”

Following my honesty, Aiden explained a story of his own, “I’d to say that I had better luck with my first time, but I didn’t. It was with this girl that I’d only known for a week, and I never really considered going that far with anyone. It happened so fast, really. One minute we were talking, and then next minute she was telling me that she was ready to lose it. So I brought her in here and we just did it. We were only in here less than 30 minutes before she got dressed and left without saying anything. And just like that, I wasn’t a virgin anymore.”

I continued to listen to Aiden’s story and was surprised at his newfound honesty. We had told each other most everything in all our years, but somehow sex was something we kept to ourselves. After all, when I was having sex, Aiden was far too young for me to be sharing. I was glad that we could finally open up about this touchy subject and now, I was willing to tell my brother anything he wanted to hear. I just knew that I had to tread carefully, trying not to end up drowning in my own words.

He continued on, “I’d like to say that I left it at that, but you know me.”

I interrupted, punching his shoulder, “Aiden, the kid who’s always bursa escort had a million thoughts running through that tiny little head of yours.

He punched back, “And it’s those million thoughts that have me looking for something beyond the heaving breathing and touching.”

Wanting to see where this will lead, I asked him, “What do you mean?”

He looked over at me and explained, “I mean that all I’ve ever had was something purely physical. I meet a girl then we move forward and end up just doing it. It never meant something more than a couple nights of physical activity. There wasn’t any passion; there wasn’t anything more than two kids wanting to do the deed.”

I leaned back, ready for the long spiel that was about to come. Knowing Aiden all my life, I learned all about him. He always spoke with such intelligence, digging deep and seeing things beyond what they appeared to be. He talked about everyday situations with such poeticism that everything sounded so profound and beautiful. I could just stare at him talk all day, seeing him go off subject and get lost in his own words. I knew that I had to snap back soon before he’d give me one of his famous lectures about day-dreaming and not listening to him.

I listened as he continued to speak, “I know I’m probably reading too much into this, but for me, sex is supposed to mean something. It’s supposed to be about two people taking things to new heights by being connected in a different sort of way. Here I was thinking that maybe I just needed to find the right girl, but it’s as if every other girl is just the same as the firsts. I just want to feel something. Does that make sense?”

I looked over at my brother, gave him a comforting smile and replied, “I get you Aiden. You just need to be patient cause that feeling that you want to experience, with that person that’s meant to be with you, it’s out there; they’re out there. You’ll find it someday little bro. I’d like to say that I’ve experienced it, but I’m still waiting.”

Aiden smiled, and then continued to look off into space, “I guess I’ll just have to keep searching.”

I playfully replied, “I guess you’ll just have to fuck everything girl out bursa escort there until you find the one.”

Aiden darted back, “You’ve always been the eloquent brother.”

I laughed then continued to tease, “I’m just glad that I won’t have to hear any more of your little ‘sex-capades’.”

Aiden gave me a confused look, and then asked, “Carter, what are you talking about?”

Knowing I couldn’t take my statement back, I explained, “Aiden. We’ve been living in rooms right next to each other since I turned 13. And frankly, the walls aren’t as thick as you think. I could hear everything: all the music you play, the loud phone conversations you have, and every girl you’ve ever brought back. Trust me, I know more than you think I know.”

His eyes grew bigger as he listened to my confession, “Wait, what? You can hear everything? Well, why didn’t you say anything earlier? Damn, Carter!”

I laughed a little, trying to ease his frustration, “Calm down Aiden. I just chose to keep it to myself cause I didn’t want to ruin anything for you. Most of the time, I was already half-asleep when you’d bring someone back. The other times, those sound-proof headphones would really do the trick.”

Still dumbfounded, Aiden continued to question me, “Wow. So all this time our rooms were separated by paper-thin walls and I never knew. Wait, Carter, does this mean that mom and dad could hear me too?”

I put my hand on his shoulder and reassured him, “No, Aiden, they couldn’t hear anything. See, when you were still very young and I went through that phase of learning how to play instruments, Dad had their room sound-proofed so they wouldn’t be bothered by all the noise. And when I eventually gave up learning, they didn’t bother to take down the panels.”

Aiden breathed in relief, then raised an eyebrow and asked, “Wait. If you could hear all my escapes, then how come I could never hear any of your conquests? Don’t tell me you’ve been celibate all this time!”

I laughed, “No, no. See I knew I couldn’t just bring home girls while my fourteen year old brother was dreaming away. So I always waited for the right times: when you’d sleep over at a friend’s house, bursa eskort or when you, mom and dad, would take a trip up to see grandma…Glad to know it all worked.”

Aiden shook his head, “You’ve always been the sly one, Carter. But don’t think I’m just going to let you off easy for not telling me about the walls.”

I proclaimed, “Ignorance is bliss, bro.” I gulped, knowing that if I was going to man-up and make a move, I needed to do so now. Aiden’s guard was finally down, he was sharing personal things with me and we were starting to bond even more. I just wanted to break free from every inhibition, lean into him, and plant a strong kiss on his lips. I could feel my dick stir in my pants and I started to fantasize about everything I would do to him if I had the chance. Trying to regain control of myself, I shuffled a little.

Seeing my movements, Aiden asked “Everything alright?”

I swallowed, trying not to make anything too obvious, “Yeah. I just…” I cut myself off before I could finish that sentence. I paused for a few minutes then finally replied, “It’s nothing.”

Aiden leaned in closer, examining my face, “I’m not buying any of that. What’s on your mind Carter?”

I gulped again, feeling a slight nervousness fall down throughout my body. Aiden was so close to me that I could feel the residual heat from his body on my skin. He kept staring at me, trying to figure out the reason for my weirdness. I finally looked up and for a split second, our eyes met. I looked into his striking green eyes and could see him looking back at me, as if reading my soul. My heart pounded inside my chest as I brought my hand to the base of his jaw. My movement was so fast that he didn’t even notice me touching him until I leaned in and planted a kiss on his lips. The moment our lips touched, I could feel an electricity transfer over to me. I could feel his soft lips against mine for the brief moments that they touched. The kiss that felt like it lasted hours was over in a matter of seconds. Aiden pulled away, regaining his breath and standing up. As moved back, I knew that I had crossed that line. I had broken that sibling relationship that we had built for so many years. I had finally let my urges get the better of me, and although I wasn’t prepared for the aftermath of my actions, I simply wanted more. But as Aiden looked at me with an anger in his eyes, I knew that I had done something terribly wrong.

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