Brother’s Wants, Sister’s Needs

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Scarlett was crushed. Her boyfriend of three years had dumped her two weeks before for some girl barely out of high school. She’d thought she was in love, but he’d destroyed that. The past weeks had been a storm of emotions. She offered to come stay at her parent’s house with her younger brother Sam while their parents went on a vacation, hoping to get away from things that reminded her of him.

It didn’t work. She spent half her time sobbing, the rest of it frustratedly horny because her regular source of cock was taken away. She was used to getting it twice a day at least, and now nothing. Her clit throbbed all day long it seemed, aching to be touched.

Scarlett was nervous about taking care of it herself there. The door on her room didn’t shut all the way and her brother’s was right across the hall. She was convinced he’d catch her if she did. He’d been wonderful to her so far. He brought her everything she needed in an attempt to lift her spirits, only wishing he could do more. It broke his heart to see her so sad all the time.

He couldn’t believe someone would leave her for another girl. He’d always admired her, admittedly a little more than was appropriate for a brother. He thought she was gorgeous. She was five foot six, with a goddess like hourglass figure. A little thicker than your average Hollywood star but in shape. Her 36C tits and firm ass were worth a second look from anyone, if not a nice long stare. Sam had stolen a pair or two of her panties over the years, and was familiar with the scent of her sex before she’d moved out last year. His favorites were the ones she wore when her boyfriend visited, they always got the most wet, had the strongest scent.

He’d stolen a pair the day before. He’d never found any that had been so thoroughly soaked before. She must be going crazy, he thought. She’d been living with her ex since she moved out, and Scarlett had loved to hint about how often she was getting laid. He knew the transition would be rough for her. He always kept and ear out when they went to bed, listening for signs of her touching herself, but only silence so far. He didn’t know how she was staying sane. He would fantasize that she’d ask him to help her with that too. Imagine her begging him to sink his cock into her, crying out his name in pleasure.

They sat together watching a movie. A graphic sexy scene came on, and Sam had to cross his legs to keep Scarlett from seeing his hard on. He glanced over at her. Her eyes were locked on the screen, her chest rose and fell with heavy breaths, there was a little flush to her cheeks. He watched as she crossed her own legs, and could see her flexing the muscles in her thighs. She closed her eyes and a small smile appeared on her lips.

Suddenly Scarlett’s eyes snapped open and she stood up. “I’ll be back in a minute, just have to do something real quick.”

As she walked down the hall Sam shouted after her, “You want me to pause it?” If she was doing what he suspected, the answer would definitely be no.

“Nope that’s cool. Tell me what happens!”

Bingo. Sam smiled to himself. He’d give her a minute before he’d sneak down the hall to try and catch a glimpse, or at least hear the faintest sounds of her pleasure. The very thought made his erection throb in his pants. He rubbed it a bit as the sexy scene ended. He looked forward to the orgasm he’d be having later, thinking of the sounds of Scarlett’s moans.

Scarlett couldn’t stand it anymore, she had to get off. She practically ran into her room, shutting the door as far as it could. She pulled her Gaziosmanpaşa Escort yoga pants down a few inches as she lay on her stomach, just enough to give her hand easy access. “Oh fuck,” she moaned as her fingers made contact with her clit. Her ass flexed and her hips rocked as she worked her fingers between her legs. Her breath was ragged as she played, coming quick and shallow. She became oblivious to anything else that might be happening, totally absorbed in her own pleasure. She’d never loved the feel of her own fingers so much.

Sam left the movie going to keep Scarlett from suspecting. He crept down the hall, as softly as he ever had. He couldn’t risk her hearing if he wanted to catch her. As he got close, he heard a rhythmic creaking from her room. He knew that was the sound of her bed. His hard on was pressing against his shorts, almost painfully. Closer still he heard her breathing, shuddering, punctuated by little happy squeaks. She was trying to keep silent but wasn’t quite able to contain herself.

Sam approached her door, leaning slightly open. He couldn’t quite see her bed from where he was, so he put his head against the door, trying to catch a glimpse. He managed to find an angle, and saw her as she faced away. Her exposed ass was rocking up and down, causing the bed to creak. Seeing her perfect ass in action made him nearly explode out of his pants. He reached his hand down and began to stroke himself as he watched.

Scarlett felt her orgasm come rushing on like a train. Her whole body began to tense up. She opened her eyes for just a moment and saw a change in the shadow on the wall. A vague shape of someone standing in the doorway. She watched it but couldn’t stop herself. In fact, her orgasm hit her even harder than she’d expected. She’d forgotten how much it turned her on to be watched. She let out a groan as her body shuddered and collapsed. Spasms shot through her for almost a minute as she came. She lay quiet for a moment, watching the shadow. It started to disappear, but she stopped it with her voice.

“Enjoying the show then?” The shadow stopped and froze. She imagined Sam standing there in pure terror at being caught. To her own surprise she wasn’t angry in the slightest, and it only excited her more. “If you come in here right now I promise not to get you in trouble.”

Sam hesitated for a minute, but realized he had no way out. He stepped into Scarlett’s room, head down, hands attempting to hide his bulge with little success. Scarlett sat up on the bed, facing towards him. “Look… Scarlett…” He stumbled over his words, knowing he had no defense.

“Shut up.” She said it sharply, but not angrily. She wasn’t sure why she wasn’t upset, but she decided not to worry about it. Maybe she was just happy someone found her attractive at this point. Breakups have a way of doing that to you. She found herself acting outside her rational mind, outside her control. She felt an overpowering need for male attention, any man’s attention. The fact that Sam was her brother seemed only a minor roadblock at that instant. Without even filtering it through her brain the words came out of her mouth. “Do you want to see my tits?”

Sam was caught off guard. “What? No! Why would… Not that they’re bad… I just…”

Scarlett decided that was answer enough. She slipped her thin shirt over her head. She sat there in just her lacy black and red bra for a moment, found herself tracing her fingers over the soft curves of her breasts like she did for her ex. She knew it was what boys liked. She Gaziosmanpaşa Escort Bayan bit her lower lip a little, followed by a pouty face. Her insides fluttered as she saw his expression change from fear to something that looked suspiciously like desire. She reached back with her hands pushing her chest out a bit to make her tits look even more full, and popped the clasp of her bra open. Sam’s mouth was starting to droop open, one hand unconsciously rubbing against his bulge, more prominent than ever. She gave him a seductive little wink and let her bra fall from her shoulders onto the floor.

Sam had seen breasts before, but none quite like his big sister’s. They were the most wonderful tits he’d ever seen, natural or fake. A perfectly proportional pink nipple tantalized him from the tip of each one, surrounded by the pale white skin of her bikini tan line. No point in pretending now. He didn’t bother to look away. He saw Scarlett watching his face, and when it seemed she was satisfied that he couldn’t take his eyes away she lowered hers to his raging erection, pointing stiffly at her.

Scarlett sighed. “Look, you’ve been great to me this week. I don’t know if I have the right to ask you this but I can’t help it. Don’t say anything, but if your answer is yes, stay where you are, if no, just walk out and we can talk in the morning.” She took a deep breath, working up the nerve, then it just spilled out. “I need to be fucked. Are you up for it?” She couldn’t believe she was saying it even as the words left her mouth. It was like her brain was watching her body do things it knew were wrong, but didn’t want to stop.

Sam was too shocked to move, even if he wanted to. He stood there before his big sister, watching her perfect tits rise and fall as she breathed. A lusty smile crept over her face as he stood. She nodded at his cock, and he understood without words. He pulled off his shirt, then down his pants. His throbbing cock sprang out before her. Before he could think to say anything Scarlett had sunk down onto her knees. She gripped his cock around the base, then slowly slid her lips over it.

Sam groaned with pleasure. Half a second in and it was already the best blowjob he’d ever had. He could hardly believe what was happening, not daring to move for fear of ruining it. He felt his sister’s lips slide all up and down the length of his shaft, her tongue teasing the head. He could only moan and groan, barely even breathe. Her warm mouth enveloping him was a dream ten years old, and it did not disappoint.

Scarlett worked her brother’s cock with every trick she had. She swirled her tongue around it, trying to cover as much at once as she could. She slowly massaged the base of the head, tickling the sensitive spot at the bottom with the tip of her tongue. She wrapped her lips tight around the head making quick short strokes. Then after a moment of that she’d sink the shaft into her mouth. She took it all the way down to the base, his curly hairs tickling her lips. She felt the head reach back and hit the back of her throat. She gagged and coughed once, then repeated the whole process. Sam’s moans of pleasure were a constant background noise.

After a minute or two of sucking her brother’s cock, Scarlett couldn’t stand it. She needed to be filled, and that cock was in the wrong hole. She stood up, grabbed him by the shoulders, and pushed him down onto the bed. She wiggled out of her yoga pants and climbed on top of him. Her nipples grazed his chest, his breath was hot on her face and neck, she could Escort Gaziosmanpaşa feel the hard head of his cock tickling at her dripping pussy. Suddenly she sank herself down onto him.

It was exquisite. She didn’t know if it was because she needed it so desperately or if there was something special about Sam’s cock, but never had she felt more perfectly filled. It hit every spot inside her she could ever want, as if it was specially made to give her maximum pleasure. Almost instantly it was delivering her to new heights of bliss.

Sam thought he might die of happiness. Scarlett’s pussy was so perfectly tight, warm, and almost ludicrously wet. As she began to work her hips he slid easily in and out of her. She leaned forward, placing her hands on his chest for support. Her arms pressed her perfect tits together and they bounced as she began to rock and grind her hips. Her moans of pleasure were the sweetest music he’d ever imagined. Her face alternated between expressions of satisfied bliss and one that almost looked like pain, but he knew from experience it was just more pleasure. Never before had such faces looked so perfect, so beautiful. He could feel a familiar pressure building up in his cock, and knew he wouldn’t be able to hold on for long.

Sam dared to touch her. He still worried that somehow he could take it too far, and Scarlett would freak out, despite her having initiated it. His need to feel the softness of her skin, however, managed to overpower his concerns. He laid his hands lightly on her rocking hips. So soft, so smooth he could hardly believe it. He began to explore her as she rode him. Her moans increased in volume as he did. He traced up her back, down across her stomach, all the while marveling at the perfection. Her tummy flexed with every buck of her hips, every movement drawing his eyes, then fingertips. He slid up to those dangling mounds he’d stared at for so many years. Softly he cupped her breasts in his palms. They felt like they belonged there, just the perfect size. He massaged at them as Scarlett began to raise herself up and down on him. His pleasure increased to levels he’d never known before as he slid in and out of his big sister. He looked up at her face, eyes squeezed shut, mouth open gasping for breath. The sight of her pleasure, and knowing he was the cause, built the pressure in his cock to an unbearable level.

Scarlett was grateful for one thing right then. Her IUD she’d gotten while with her ex meant they wouldn’t have to stop. No condoms, no pulling out, nothing to ruin the moment. She felt Sam’s cock throbbing inside her and knew the moment was about to arrive. She looked into his eyes for a moment, seeing the genuine care and desire within them. She was overwhelmed by a flood of emotions for her little brother, amplified by his thick cock filling her hole. She couldn’t believe what she’d done, was doing, but there was no stopping it now. She loved it too much.

“I love you Sam,” she grunted between moans. “Oh fuck I love you so much.”

“I… Love you… More!” Sam struggled out. Any further words were cut off by Scarlett kissing him deeply on the mouth. His orgasm was pushed over the edge and he felt himself burst inside her. He pumped load after load into her, more cum than he’d known he could produce. So much that it started to leak out around his cock, rubbing into their surrounding skin. Scarlett practically screamed into his mouth and he felt her pussy squeeze his cock like she wanted to pull it right off. He felt a hot, wet splash across his crotch as she came with him.

They collapsed in a pile of moist flesh, heaving with ragged breaths. They looked at each other and Scarlett giggled. They both knew something that should never have happened just took place, but that only made them love it more. By the look in each other’s eyes, brother and sister both saw that this was only the beginning.

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