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This is a story involving explicit descriptions of sex and incest so if you are under age or are offended easily DO NOT READ FURTHER.

* * * * *

My “first time” was with my brother, but late in life. We were both married and had kids. I was about 27, My Brother, about 31. I was at his house for a “Smoker”, you know, for a “Bachelor Party” with Porno films (In the 60s-that meant 8 mm films, also it was a hush-hush deal. Not like it is now where you can almost see people Fucking on the nightly news ). His wife was staying all night with my wife because the parties always lasted so long.

After every one else had left, Walt and I, were cleaning up, still drinking beer and he asked me if I’d like to see them again without the interruptions of the “drunks”. I noticed his voice was kind of husky and I felt a little thrill go through me for some reason. I said “yes” and MY voice sounded funny too.

Walt turned the living room lights off, that left just the kitchen lights shining in, and started the projector. Naturally there was no sound, just the projector noise. But the other sounds were amplified. The gurgling of beer as we drank and our trembling breathing (Really! Like we knew something was going to happen. )

We made comments about the actors in subdued talk, almost in whispers. Every time a girl would suck some guys cock we would groan and quickly swallow some beer nervously. My brother finally said, in this quivery voice, “Wouldn’t you like that to happen to you?” I groaned and rubbed my crotch, and said, in the same quivery voice, “I sure would, I probably wouldn’t last long because I’m almost coming in my pants now!” Walt looked at me over the projector, for a couple of seconds, swallowed a couple times and then said, “Do you want to?”

I knew exactly what he meant right then. I don’t know, how but I did. I looked back at him for a second, my breath catching in my throat, and I could İkitelli Escort hear my heart pounding in my ears. I finally said “Yes!”

Together, we set our beers down and started undressing. This was not a striptease, we almost tore our clothes off. God, it was so great looking at each other nude. We were both about the same size, slim, he a little taller than I, and his cock a little bigger. (Later we measured and I was a little over 6″ and Walt, about a half inch longer. ) We just stood there looking at each other for a second, in the light of the projector. Hard-ons thrusting at each as if they were swords, ready for combat. He said “Do you want to go first?” and I said that I didn’t care, so he touched my hip, moving me to the kitchen stool by the projector, and as I sat on it he took hold of my cock and I almost came right then!

He bent over and we both watched his hand stroke up and down on my cock. I groaned and said that I was going to cum in a minute. I was shaking like a leaf. Walt said “Wait a minute” or “Not yet” or Some-thing…. and swallowed my cock. Damn!! It was incredible. (My wife has had me in her mouth a couple times for a second or two but no more than that) Walt held my cock with his left hand, his right on my thigh and his wonderful mouth sliding up and down on my cock. It took only a few seconds of his sucking on my cock and I was ready to explode. I could hear a roaring in my ears and I said “I’m going to cum!!!” and he just groaned and started sucking faster. I put my hands on the top of his head and, somehow I thrust up into his mouth and……. I BLEW. Walt kept sucking and swallowing my cum and crooning. I came and came until I thought I wasn’t going to stop. He finally slowed down and after my deluge ended, he then took a long pull on my cock and let it slip out of his mouth, dripping cum on my thigh. It was the best cum of my life!!!

Walt stood up İkitelli Escort Bayan and licked his lips, capturing some errant strands and swallowed the last of my cum and said “Mmm, Damn that was good. ” He said he almost came too. He handed me my beer, which I almost dropped, picked his up and said “I almost hate to wash the taste out of my mouth!”

Then…….. it was my turn.

Walt sat on the stool and I, hesitantly touched his cock, Wow what a feeling. As I encircled it with my fingers, I could feel his beautifully soft skin and the underlying hardness of nearly rigid muscle. It was so terrific feeling as I slid the skin up and down, slowly jacking it. It felt like my own cock but without feeling the sensation on my cock.

I moved my hand up and down sliding the skin back and forth. It looked incredible. I saw a clear, drop of pre-come cum out of the piss slit and I licked it off, tasting it. I can’t describe the taste- I’m tasting my own right now and still can’t describe it. Walt moaned as my tongue touched his glans and pressed on my head and arched up so I opened my mouth and took his cockhead in. When I closed my lips on his cock, my mouth was filled with this wonderful, live, pulsating piece of meat. Damn!, there is nothing in the world like the feeling of a cock in your mouth. When I sucked and moved my head up and down, I could feel every pore and bump and blood vessel in his cock. I knew, right then that I wanted to suck cock for the rest of my life. I WAS A COCKSUCKER and loved it. The taste and texture and just the feel of a cock in your mouth is beautiful.

It didn’t take Walt long either and in seconds he was groaning and trying to hump into my mouth and then he was there. I felt his cockhead swell and the shaft stiffened even more and with a loud cry he was cumming in my mouth. I groaned as I felt the first blast hit me way back in my throat and I started Escort İkitelli to gag but it stopped in a second as I backed off a little and the rest of his load was pulsed out onto my tongue. I was sucking and swallowing and making these slurping noises but didn’t care. His cum tasted kind of starchy with a slight taste of bleach. But it was delicious and again I wanted to taste cum for the rest of my life.

I was sucking and trying to swallow all of his cum but there was too much too fast and some leaked out of the corners of my mouth and drooled on the shaft and down to my fist which I was jacking him off with, adding another facile element to my over sensitive nerves. I was also grasping my own cock and stroking it furiously. Walt squirted the last gush of cum into my mouth and I swear he shuddered. I kind of moved his cock around slowly in my mouth and we both slumped a little. I tasted this first cock, that I had just sucked, for a few seconds because I wanted to savor the cum and also this moment before it was gone. But too soon……. his cock was limp and I reluctantly let it slip out of my lips. Swallowing the last of his cum I straightened my aching back. I Looked at Walt and started licking the cum off my hand, he looked at me and we both knew this was the start of something great!

After finishing our beers we went into the bedroom and laid on the bed and just automatically got into a 69 position side by side. We studied each others cock, slowly licking and sucking until we couldn’t wait any longer and we both groaned and went furiously at each other, each knowing instinctively what to do and how to do it to give the other the most pleasure. Again it was scant minutes before we were both cumming in each others mouth, at the same time! It was as if his orgasm in my mouth triggered my cumming. We were a matching pair. We were cumming and moaning and fucking each others mouth until, again the last drop of cum was swallowed.

I think we both came 4 or 5 times that night and it was by far, more memorable than even my Honeymoon. (But don’t tell my wife) I know I walked around bowlegged for a few days but it took weeks before the thought and the taste of his cum was out of my memory.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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