Building Big Pt. 04

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Big Tits

When the delicious smells began to drift through the apartment from the chicken cooking on the barbecue outside, a new lease of life was breathed into three men in various stages of undress crumpled together in a large and generous but recently abused and bad tempered sofa.

As Badger unwrapped his new found friend and allowed Big John to get to his feet, I watched carefully what would pass between them as a result of their rough play. John kicked off his trainers, pulled up his jock, jogging bottoms and took off his sweaty, rumpled T that he’d worn home from the gym.

Badger, still spreadeagled and naked from the waist down on the sofa, watched, from below in a mixture of amusement and concern, having impaled a stranger on his cock with an irresistible force. Notwithstanding the stranger was an off duty policeman, the degree of consent in their sex act was open to question until Big bent forward, placed a steadying hand on each of Badger’s massively muscled and hirsute thighs and lent in for a lingering, open mouthed kiss. When their lips parted Big John said “I’ll be back.” and big beaming smiles broke out across the faces of both men as the soft tissue of their lips and tongues parted.

Dan was happy enough turning chicken portions on the barbecue, kitted out in a green canvas apron for protection from the heat and the spitting meat.

Mmmn! Spitting meat! That was always worth turning up for.

By the time our other host had rescued his sorry arse in the bathroom and got out to see what was for supper or offer help, there was a whole meal of green peppers, foil wrapped potatoes, of sliced egg plant and zucchini, sizzling over the smouldering chargrill. Whoa! These men really knew how to Barbie! John opened a bag of salad and flaked over it a can of tuna in olive oil which you can never better as a food for musclemen recovering after exercise.

There was a table and chairs near the door where the party could eat without being seen from outside in our incomplete attire. Myself, naked bar a pair of short, white socks, Badger, magnificent as always, bulging out of an XXXL T shirt and nothing else at all, Dan, in just a pair of shorts once the cooking was finished and Big, wearing almost enough to go out in the street.

I’d like to say we ate like lords but we would have made crude medieval lords at best . We were all somewhat crazed with hunger. You know it is said you have to eat big to get big, well, you have to eat pretty big to stay big too. So those of us excepting Badger needed to load up for the former reason and the great man himself for the latter but all, in the wake of heavy weights and sex and the desire for more sex, needed fuel to recuperate.

I helped Big John clear and stack the dishwasher and I may have thought John was beyond further participation in any sexual endeavours having cum twice in short order less than an hour before but no sooner had the electronic bleep of the appliance indicated it was commencing it’s automated cycle, John ran a hand over my shoulder, down my arm and around my back, he stared hard at me with a serious face and said “Getting big, man.” and as his smile broadened and I thanked him for his complement, telling him simply that it was Badger’s intense training, without going into details, he nodded sagely and added “It’s really showing in the mass you’re putting on and the quality of your shape! Wow!” he said, “We’ve missed you, buddy.” as his hand rubbed across my smooth naked chest and cupped my right pectoral, probably where the muscle growth I’d accomplished had noticed most. I’d been building higher and deeper in the chest area as Badger helped me broaden my back, neck and shoulders to accommodate the bigger pectorals. Nothing was done in isolation in this new regime. Everything was a part of everything else.

Badger meanwhile was busy thanking Dan for the food and their hospitality and explained that his place, “Our place” he actually called it (that was a shock), Sakarya Escort lay just a few minutes walk from St.Mary’s and he and Big would be welcome there anytime. Dan looked up into that broad, swarthy face and those deep, dark eyes and reached for the hem of Badger’s T shirt lifting without a word and smiling up at the man, longing to see the full, astonishing nakedness of him. Badger obediently raised his arms and then realised Dan,a brawny 5′ 9″ in his bare feet, would not be able to remove his shirt unless he bent from the waist. With that unexpected flexibility he possesses, Badger bowed at the same time. In a confusion of responsibilities the two men met in the middle of the T shirt with it still on Badgers great shoulders and over both their heads. In so doing, Badger had succeeding in wrapping up his other host and therefore saw no reason to refrain from going on.

Tenderly, offering his open mouth to the longing lips of the smaller man, Dan clasped his arms around the thick furry neckline of the great muscle bear and plunged his tongue right into the inviting moistness of Badger’s kisser. As he did so, Badger brought his mighty arms gently in to slip Dan’s shorts down as they kissed, and as Dan stepped blindly off the fallen fabric, the warm embrace closed into a hug and Badger effortlessly lifted Dan’s powerfully frame into his own nakedness. Dan responded to this soft warm and gentle demonstration of physical superiority by raising his hips and wrapping his strong legs tightly around Badger’s waist, whereupon it was a simple matter for Badger to complete their union of mouths and genitals as Dan gleefully wrestled tongue on tongue and skillfully accepted the tumescent offering of Badger’s upright cock into his grateful butt hole as if it had always belonged there.

Happily, Badger could see enough under the folds of his wayward garment to know that he could lower Dan carefully into a big arm chair without losing either connection and this manoeuvre allowed for an altogether more comfortable and satisfactory copulation. So when Big and I returned to the comfort of the soft furnishings, two of the three bears present in the room were in the heat of mating and the third had made it quite clear that his next objective was me.

At the sight of all those ridges across the forests of Badger’s massive back smothering the grunting and whimpering form of Dan beneath him and their shared T shirt, Big was once again hot with anticipation for his third coupling and cumming session and I knew how I wanted that to begin and end. Having gorged myself on Dan’s delicious rod earlier I had remembered the challenge and the triumph I felt when I saw and tasted Big’s great pork-sword the first time.

Back at the fire-side rug again, with his joggers and jock once again at his feet, I knelt before Big, as the weight began to grow in his immense penis inflating towards it’s jaw cracking zenith. I sucked the great head into my mouth to get used to its threatening proportions before it grew fully hard and laved it all over, taking it into the back of my mouth to stimulate that magical saliva which is exclusively available there, as slippery as pre-cum. I licked further down the shaft, enabling my tongue to flatten and get ready for the lunge that would take the monster down past the flexible cartilage of my epiglottis into the tightness of my throat. I reached up for the twin buds of Big’s brown nipples that protruded, secretively, from swirls in his dense, dark red chest hair that I envied so much. He looked down, smiling approvingly, rubbing my bristly head and nodding affirmatively and repeatedly as my mouth acclimatised to the beastly invader.

A crooked, open-mouth scowl and sharp intakes of breath defined the inexpressible pleasure he was feeling as his cock swirled in my mouth and I brought my right hand around to gather up his great nut-sack and clasp it tightly at it’s root. As I moved my head forward, I was able Adapazarı Escort to pull on his balls to encourage him further and into my gullet. A man as big as Big can get needs to force a little to be allowed entry anywhere and a shy man is gonna get nothing. Big had got over that shyness a very long time ago when the squeals of delight of both girls and boys had turned to screams of pain until he found someone sincere enough to really work on trying to please him. So it was always going to be effortful at first and even ‘warmed-up’ by Dan’s cock, Big was a hell of a struggle but patience and application and remembering those early lessons all helped.

Bit by bit the muscles in the back of my throat relaxed and the massive head probed deeper and deeper, and then suddenly, with an abrupt gasp from Big, the tension gave way and my nose was nestled in Big’s carefully trimmed pubic hair and his massive shaft slid abruptly all the way into my guts, temporarily blocking my airway. He slowly and considerately withdrew into my mouth, I breathed and then went back down for more. It made me incredibly hard to feel that barrier give and the power of that thick snake slithering, inexorably down into my insides. Although the feeling is very different, I think the way you see cock disappearing and feel it sliding down so vividly makes the experience more psychologically intense for me than the physical rush and ‘pain versus pleasure’ dichotomy of getting fucked by a great tool and a wonderful fucker.

Big feels like he could break your fucking neck with this thing so it’s particularly reassuring to know him better. After a couple more exploratory penetrations of my throat we got a rhythm going and before I knew what was happening he had hold of my ears and he was long-dicking my mouth like it was the sloppy cunt of some cheap streetwalker.

As long as I kept my nerve and got my breathing right it was mechanical precision all over again and this time it would be me teaching Badger but I had no time for fantasy, nor for my own cock, which stood bolt upright and bursting. Dewy buds of pre-cum burst at my cock-lips and strung out into quivering gossamer as they stretched out, one by one, down onto the rug. Honey upon honey, my very body essence, thoughtlessly spent in ecstasy, as Big continued to bore out my gullet to it’s maximum potential.

I looked up into his eyes, expecting a distant daze, lost in consuming his pleasure, but his eyes were totally focussed and as intent on my breathing, which sustained the mechanism, as I was. It was a shockingly powerful sensation with the rasping of that huge flesh tube forcing it’s pathway back and forth to the rhythm of my synchronised breath, my nostrils flared when I rapidly filled my lungs as he pulled his hot salami back and then pumped out the air as he began to re-insert it. Past that moment of clearance at the entrance of the throat, Knowing what a thrill raced through his cock head at that tightness, beyond that, right down through the tight sphincter behind my Adams apple, punching through it into the dark secrecy of the gut, touching places only those with special examination equipment such as this could reach.

Meanwhile, having given the sofa a bashing earlier in the evening, Badger was now tormenting and threatening to demolish the matching arm chair, pounding into Dan as if he was trying to beat down a door. Their coitus had rocked the chair across the room some good way and as the tempo and power of his assault on Dan’s arse increased, the chair began to creak and complain under Badger’s bombardment. With a series of staccato “Ah, ah, ah!” -like exclamations, Dan could be heard to climax under the muffling of all that musky body hair in the heat and humidity beneath the gathered T shirt and as he blasted his jizz up onto Badger’s phenomenally furry belly, in the damp cavern they’d created between their humping bodies. To the accompaniment of basso profundo grunts and Serdivan Escort gasps, the big man lost his wad somewhere deep into Dan’s innards to mingle in the gloom with mine from earlier. and immediately there was a flurry of desperate musclebound arms and T shirt and, at last, they divested themselves from it’s stifling effect. They emerged, gasping for the very air I was processing so efficiently a few feet from his face, just in time for Badger to witness, absolutely astonished, and still shellshocked from his orgasmic exertions, the last few strokes of my masterly oral ministrations on Big’s rocket, the moment before he turned me round got down on all fours and clamped his choppers, voraciously around my hole, gobbling like a fiend possessed.

Badger, still up to his nuts and stirring our cum in Dan’s magical arse, watched open-mouthed and drooling as Big chomped away at my neglected back door, slicking it up and slobbering with animal pleasure, before he straightened up, pressed his gigantic dome against my little pink passageway and with a single wince of pain casting briefly across my face, slipped inside. Time stood still as a rush of something between pain and a total mind-wipe flashed across me like the shock-wave from a nearby explosion. I had been almost ready to pop and it would have taken a telegraph pole to blight my pleasure at that point but momentarily sex was subsumed by something beyond sensation.

Knowing what his weapon could do if used indiscriminately, Big held absolutely still for that unconsciousness. That tool was both the shock that puts you spark out and the smelling salts that brings you round.

He hit something inside as the marvellous thickness of it stretched my guts to fit. Thereafter, every movement, in or out, brought the most intense agonising pleasure into every neuron. He’d hardly started to slide it on into the heat and I was quaking with convulsive spasms, I felt my whole body jolt as nerves fired off at random throughout my body and brain. I’ve heard this described by experienced bottom guys as ‘reverse cum’, I’d never felt it before.

As he gradually began to work up a more excited tempo I was close to losing consciousness. Eventually, he slam fucked me with that bastard horseflesh of his and emptied his third load somewhere deep, deep in my insides and my mind went into meltdown. I could feel the penis inside me pressing my own seed out through my cock, as if he was cumming right through my body. I can only describe it as feeling like he was cumming through my cock. Unbelievable.

I looked over towards Badger as the fugg of orgasm slowly cleared from my mind and his face was a picture of amazement. I didn’t have a clear enough head to begin to understand what that meant for either him or I and our nascent life together. At that moment, nothing mattered. Nothing.

Just like I had the first time Big ploughed me, I felt totally wrung out by the experience. His deepest thrusts must be re-arranging my internal organs and I’ll be unable to sit for a couple of days until my hole returns to it’s usual size but meanwhile I could shit a cannonball with comfort after that. The sensation of his gentle, post-orgasm, hip movements that slowly, slowly prodded my tired prostate is indescribable.

Badger, lost in his thoughts for a while turned back to Dan, who’s bronzed and muscular frame sprawled, as if smashed by a fall from a great height, prostrated in the exhausted arm chair beneath the hairy giant. He felt the heat of Dan’s body and the familiar re-ignition of his sexual appetite, he sent a throb through his knob into Dan’s rectum and was acknowledged with a few, semi-conscious ripples in return from the muscle wall of Dan’s temple of delight. Badger bent himself forward once more and with the kind of tenderness that always astonishes those who witness it in such a man as this, his stubbly mouth engaged once more with Dan’s and each one of us was in a kind of shared heaven. A haven of physical bliss and spiritual contentment.

But there was one man in the room that badger hadn’t fucked. The evening, as it had become in our extended playtime, had brought so many surprises. Not least, to me, that I was not only the happiest of men but that I didn’t mind at all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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