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This summer I noticed my apartment complex hired two new lifeguards for the pool. The lifeguards both happened to be young females and at least from a distance looked quite attractive. I made a mental note to visit the pool the next day for the sake of checking them out more closely.

The following day around noon I made my way to the pool and introduced myself to the lifeguard on duty. Right away I could tell she was a foreigner. She spoke in broken English and given her accent I figured she was European. We talked for a few minutes and I found out she was from Bulgaria and her name was Belonna [pronounced: bEE-lon-a.] I do not know if that is how you spell it. Her friends name is Anna and they happen to be best friends, having grown up together. Belonna told me they were both 23 years of age. They alternate their work as lifeguards using a “day on day off” schedule. She explained they have only been in country a few months and plan on staying just for the summer and then they were to head back to Bulgaria. I asked if they were not happy with the time they spent in America. She assured me that was not the case; it was just that they missed their home. I felt our conversation was becoming a bit too long and uncomfortable so I said goodbye and settled in to a poolside lounge-chair for a few hours. During this time I was able to check out her body more fully. I have to say she was very nice to look at. Approximately 5’8” with sharp facial features surrounded by shoulder length light brown hair. She had an athletic build but not overly muscular. From the waste down (my favorite parts of a woman) she was amazing. Her ass was firm and nicely rounded. Her legs were incredibly long and shapely. It was obvious she kept herself in shape. I could not take my eyes off her legs as I watched the muscle tone in her claves ripple ever so slightly as she walked around the pool. Watching her in this manner aroused me, and not to look so obvious, I calmed myself by jumping into the cool water of the pool.

Her best friend was just as pleasant to look at. Anna was approximately the same height as Belonna. Her hair was darker and she kept it in a ponytail. Like Belonna she had a tight ass and even longer, hotter looking legs. Anna’s hair was pulled back tightly and gave her face a very taught almost firm “bitchy” type look. She seemed to offset that look with an occasional wicked smile that to me seemed sexy. Both girls tanned up nicely, very deep and dark.

I visited the pool daily and after a few weeks the girls and I got to know each other better. I am 39 years of age and quite comfortable in my fetish for women’s legs and feet. I tried to make it obvious to Belonna and Anna that I was attracted to this part of their body. They are both relatively bright girls and it did not take them long to catch on to my fetish for their lower extremities. I could tell they enjoyed showing off to me whenever possible and without looking too obvious, seized every possible opportunity.

One day during the third week of visiting the pool Belonna and Anna were both there. It was actually Anna’s day for working but I guess Belonna decided to enjoy the pool as a guest instead of a lifeguard. I had gotten there around 7PM and the sun was beginning to set. It was obvious I was not there to enjoy the sun and water but rather the company. The rest of the guests had left and I noticed Belonna and Anna sitting at a table under a sun umbrella. I walked up to them and said hi. I placed my towel down in a chair at the table and jumped in the pool. The water was a bit chilly due to it being the end of the day. I swam back to the edge near the girls. Facing them, I crossed my arms on the concrete edge resting my chin atop my forearms.

I smiled at them saying, “Feels cold but good.”

Belonna turned to Anna saying something to her. I could not hear what she was saying but I knew it pertained to me.

Anna looked back at Belonna somewhat surprised and then looked at me. She giggled and said to Belonna, “Okay.”

It was obvious I was the subject of their conversation. I said, “In America it is not nice to talk about people without letting them know what your saying.”

Belonna stood up and walked toward me saying, “It is a girl secret for Anna and I.”

Making it obvious as ever I stared at her shapely legs as she approached me.

Belonna laughed, and in her broken English said, “You like my and Anna’s legs, I know this.”

She sat down next to me on my right side dangling her feet and lower legs in the cool water.

She looked down at me saying, “You can touch.”

I reached over underwater and began to run my hand along the lower portion of her right leg. Slowly I moved it up and down from the ankle up to the calf behind the knee. Her leg was smooth and firm. Immediately I felt myself becoming hard as my cock began to swell and the head pressed against my trunks. I looked down and could see I was sporting a good size Muğla Escort tent in my swim trunks. Belonna noticed this as well as I saw her smile as she turned to look at Anna who was still seated at the table behind her.

Belonna looked down at me and with a smile said, “Take down your pants so I can play with your…how you say here deeek?”

I laughed, “You mean dick.”

I looked around to make sure that we were the only ones at the pool. A nine-foot wooden fence surrounded the pool. It was getting dark so I was not too concerned about anyone looking in.

Belonna somewhat impatiently asked, “Well, you do this for me and Anna?”

I laughed and said, “Okay.”

I untied my trunks and slide them down stepping out of them underneath the water. I lifted them partway up with my toe and reached down pulling them out of the water and throwing them onto the concrete near the table. Anna smiled and got up making her way towards the gated entrance to the pool as if she was going to leave. Instead, I was glad to see she had gone to lock the pool up, officially closing it for the day. This made me feel more relaxed as I did not have to worry about anyone walking in.

Belonna wasted no time as I felt the outside of her ankle begin to run against my already hard member. I turned to face her right leg resting my left arm on the edge of the pool for support.

At its deepest point the pool was only 4 feet deep. We were at that level now and the water came up to my lower chest.

Belonna lifted her right foot up gently stepping on top of my rigid member, forcing my cock to jut straight out from my body. She slowly began to slide her foot back and forth the length of my cock. She looked down at me smiling as she tilted her head slightly to the side. The feel of her soft wrinkled sole sliding across the top of my fully erect member caused me to grunt slightly. Hearing my response she giggled and turned to look back at Anna. After several moments of this she motioned for Anna to come over.

Anna walked over and sat down on the edge of the pool along the opposite side of me. She leaned over to watch what Belonna was doing to me with her foot. Belonna slid her right foot back along the base of my shaft keeping it pressed there. This caused the outside of her leg to press against my abdomen and chest. I began to rub it up and down with my hands. I watched as she then moved the toes of her left foot over and began to wedge the head of my cock between her big toe and second toe. The fit was tight as I felt her toes press along the sides of my swollen head as it worked its way in between them. I grunted with each movement of her toes. Belonna stopped and said something in Bulgarian to Anna. Anna quickly got up and trotted over to the table. When she returned she handed Belonna a bottle of sun tan oil.

Belonna smiled and showed it to me saying, “This makes better.”

She pulled her left foot out and soaked her toes with the oil and rubbed her fingers between her toes, making sure they were fully covered. She lowered her foot back and I immediately felt them working on the head of my cock once more. The oil worked as a great lubricant and I felt the head of my cock slowly slip between her two toes. It was tight and I grunted thrusting my hips upward.

Belonna said, “that is good sound.”

I heard Anna giggle as she once again took up her position on the other side of me. Belonna removed her right foot from the top of my cock and began to stroke my member in full length between the big toe and second toe of her left foot. I watched as her tan knee rose up and down in and out of the water in slow rhythmic pumps. She leaned back on her hands looked up into the sky and shook her loose hair and smiled over at Anna. After a few minutes of this I could feel myself slowly beginning to lose control as my upper torso began to hunch forward and my grip on her pumping leg became firmer. Noticing my response, Anna said something to Belonna in their native tongue. Belonna agreed and moved over to her left making room for Anna as she kept her toe-lock on my shaft. I watched as Belonna slid further down the edge of the pool making room for Anna, her long leg stretching out before me. Anna got up and sat on the edge between Belonna and I. She smiled down at me and I watched as she oiled up her toes and her calves as well. Her legs looked amazing in the setting sunlight, her deep tan glistening in the soft natural light. Seeing me devour her legs with my eyes, Anna smiled down at me as she placed her feet and legs in the water next to Belonna’s stroking toes. Anna leaned over to get a good view of what Belonna was doing to me under the water and before long I felt the tips of her soft toes make contact with the base of my shaft. I felt them spread open and slip tightly around the shaft. Anna’s toes were below Belonna’s toes, which continued to work my cock head with more frequency. She then smiled and Muğla Escort Bayan said something to Belonna. They both began to jerk me in unison with their toes. Anna’s toes stroked my lower shaft while I could feel Belonna’s tight toes jerking my sensitive cock head. Each time both sets of their toes pumped up on my cock I felt my body jerk uncontrollably as Belonna’s toes rubbed across the sensitive glands of my cock head now with more frequency. It was a response I was unable to control as I was forced to lean forward and grunt thrusting my hips forward shoving my cock between both sets of their sweet oily toes.

Anna and Belonna both leaned back on their hands in a complete relaxed mode while they controlled me with their toes. They looked calm and at ease as they continued to work my cock between their toes. Their manner was in complete contrast to mine as I felt my blood begin to race through my veins and my heart pounding faster with each passing stroke of their toes. I could not believe what was happening as these two hot babes worked me over. Every muscle in my body was tense as I began to breath heavily and my heart raced. I cupped each of their shapely calves in my hands as their strong legs and tight toes rocked my body. The girls continued to talk and occasionally giggle between each other, obviously commenting on my reactions to what affect they were having on me. After several minutes of this Anna sat up and looked into the water at my cock between their toes. She then lifted her left leg and placed the meaty part of her tan calf against the tip of my cock and began to rub it back and forth while they both continued to jerk me with their toes. Her smooth calf felt amazing against the glands of my cock head and caused me to grit my teeth as I groaned loudly with pleasure. The girls laughed together at my expense. Belonna sat up as I felt her toes slide down just below the head of my cock. Anna slid her left calf down slightly pressing it against the highly sensitive skin at the bottom of the head of my cock. Belonna used her toes to jerk and rub the head of my cock against Anna’s smooth calf. Watching and feeling this excited me even further as I began to jerk spasmodically against their strong legs. Pulling my torso against their shapely legs I tried desperately to hold on against this new sensation. Belonna picked up the pace jerking the head of my cock faster against Anna’s calf. Anna’s other toes continued to jerk the lower shaft of my cock. My senses were going crazy feeling and watching all this. The girls both continued to look down into the water smiling and watching me quickly lose control with each passing moment. Anna leaned forward and reached out grabbing her extended leg, the one she’d been rubbing against the head of my cock. She slowly ran her hands along the top of her leg and used them to press her calf harder against my straining cock head. I watched Belonna’s toes slide up just beneath my cock head and press it firmly into Anna’s soft tan calf muscle time and again. She then used her toes to guide it slowly along Anna’s calf. I was in complete sexual bliss as I groaned and grunted feeling my cock head being guided slowly up and down Anna’s smooth extended calf. Anna gave me that staunch almost bitch look as she worked her toes and calf against my straining cock, She then smiled at me and winked sexily just as I felt my body lurch uncontrollably. I leaned over their feet and legs panting in short breaths as I felt their toes pump my shaft even faster. The water in front of me began to splash up as the girls increased their pumping action causing their tan legs to rise up and down in the water more rapidly. I began to thrust my hips in unison to their jerking toes and Anna’s incessant calf rubbing my swollen cock head. Anna said something to Belonna and they both laughed.

The girls continued to chat between them in their foreign tongue as they slowly quickened the pace. Anna removed the toes of her right foot from the base of my cock and pulled her entire leg out of the water in front of me. She then rested her foot on my left shoulder. She then leaned forward and using both her hands on her other leg began to jostle her calf muscle back and forth against my cock head. At the same time, Belonna, now having full access to my cock began to stroke it in full measure between her small tight toes. The sensation was incredible as I watched these leggy beautiful women working over my cock and body with their legs and toes. After only a few minutes of this my body could not take anymore as I felt the urge to cum quickly approaching with each of Belonna’s toe-clenching pulls on my member and rub of my cock head into Anna’s shapely tanned calf.

I said with panted breath, “I am Cumming.”

Belonna giggled saying, “Yes, we know this.”

I grunted loudly as I felt Belonna’s toes tighten under my cock head and jerk hard pushing it into Anna’s calf. Instantly, I felt my seed rush out Escort Muğla of me. I said, “Oh God!”

Anna said something in Bulgarian pointing into the water. I looked down just as another load of cum was pulled out of my cock as I felt Belonna’s tight toes start at the bottom of my shaft and squeeze up to the head like a tube of toothpaste. I watched as strings of my white seed shot against Anna’s calf and partly stick to it and then float to the top. Belonna raised her other foot up just enough for her toes to break the surface. I watched as she wiggled them into my spent seed that was floating in front of me. The contrast of my white cum sticking in strings between her wiggling tan toes was amazing and excited me as I felt her other toes jerk another powerful load from me causing my body to spasm uncontrollably as I ejaculated once again directly into Anna’s calf. After a few more tugs I felt my orgasm begin to subside, as my breathing returned to normal and my heart was no longer pounding in my ears.

Anna leaned forward and reached in cupping up some of my sperm into her palm. I watched as she rubbed it into the tanned leg she had propped up on my shoulder.

She looked at me as she did this and smiled slyly saying, “I like this on me.”

They scooted in together sitting side by side with their legs in the water. Anna wrapped her long right leg around the back of my neck and used it to pull me into them. I stood in the water facing their legs still shaking from my powerful orgasm and barely catching my breath. I spread my arms out wide resting them along the outside of their thighs. I leaned forward pressing my hips against their smooth shins. I began to feel their toes and feet fondling my flaccid cock and empty balls. We remained this way for some time. I enjoyed the sensation as they slowly played with my member and the feel of their smooth tan legs rubbing against my lower abdomen.

I was so relaxed and after ten to fifteen minutes I began to feel a stirring rise inside my groin. It did not surprise me I was becoming aroused again. What surprised me was how quickly!

Anna was the first to notice as she piped up somewhat surprised, “Hey! You are horny bastard.”

I looked up at her and noticed she was giving me the sly bitchy smile again.

Belonna wiggled her toes under my nuts saying, “I have a good idea for you this time.”

The two girls put their heads together whispering to one another while they continued to fondle my balls and ever hardening cock with their feet and toes. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation. I found I was able to distinguish between which toes belonged to which girl simply by the sensation. Belonna’s toes are short and small and when she ran my shaft between them it was a very tight squeeze. Anna’s toes are long and she has a nice gap between her big toe and second toe. My shaft fit in between hers quite nicely. When they both jerk me together the dual sensation is almost unbearable.

It did not take long before I was once again completely hard. The girls finished their discussion and jumped in the pool with me. The both reached down into the water giggling as they grabbed my cock and balls. The wonderful sensation of feeling so many fingers around my cock and in my nut sack was incredible as they fondled me with their smiling, giggling faces inches from mine. I listened to them giggle and laugh as their fingertips danced rapidly along my shaft, cock head and balls. My breathing increased once again as their laughter echoed inside my head, I became light headed and for a moment thought I would pass out with excitement. I did not realize it at first but I noticed they were leading me to the shallow end of the pool.

Anna noticed my state of light-headedness and gently squeezed my balls with her long slender fingers giving me a tug in her direction.

As she did this she laughed saying, “I have your balls now in my hand if you feint I will hold them for you.”

They both continued to back up pulling (leading) me towards the shallow end of the pool. When we finally reached the corner of the pool the girls instructed me to sit down on the shallow steps. I sat down, the water level barely reaching my balls, and watched Anna sit down on the edge of the pool. With her legs facing my left side she placed her feet in my lap. At the same time Belonna moved in behind me sitting on the higher steps and wrapped her long legs around my waist resting her feet in my lap as well. Immediately they began to work on my cock again. I leaned back between Belonna’s thighs and watched them work on my cock with their feet. Anna’s long toes spread open as she leaned over and with her right hand guided the head of my cock between both sets of her big toe and second toe. She locked her fingers across the front of her knees and began to jerk her legs up and down in a short quick motion. I gasped as I felt the head of my cock sliding in between her toes the sensitive glands rubbing constantly against her toes. In no time she had me going as I began to raise my buttocks off the steps in response to her toe jerks. Anna leaned forward watching my reaction and pleased with my response she smiled wryly down at me and then giggled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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