Bullied Ch. 08

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Amanda’s night had been a rough one. Her tightly bound breasts kept her awake and the constricting net around her body was driving her up the walls. She tried desperately to ease the burden somewhat, but the ropes were just too rigid. Even a midnight shower brought only temporary relief. Tired and cranky, she got herself some breakfast and walked over to the main building, covered only by the net and her trusty blanket, and way ahead of time.

“Good morning Ms Juggs, you are quite the early bird!” chirped Caroline as she entered the principal’s office, “Take a seat, he’ll be with you shortly.”

Amanda entered the small room, wondering what the old pervert had in store for her today.

“Hello Ms Juggs, what a pleasure to see you again! Ah, you got creative, I see! But you could have just worn your civilian clothes this morning.”

Amanda shot back, “It won’t surprise you to hear that the janitor was out the entire weekend, so even though you so generously allowed me to wear my own stuff, there was no way for me to actually get it back. So, just like you had planned, I had no other option than to stay naked the entire weekend, with this measly blanket and that too tight net being the only things I could wear.”

The principal feigned surprise, “Oh gosh, Ms Juggs! That’s scandalous!”

Amanda shook her head in disgust, “You’re an old pervert who can’t get enough of my tits, just confess to it!”

“I will not do anything like that, young lady. Now enough with the accusations, we’re here for a reason, right? Let’s discuss your outfit once and for all. As promised last week, I’ve come up with some ideas that I would like to show you. And I hope you’ll refrain from destroying these new pieces like you did with your school-issued bra and fishnet!”

Amanda remembered what Sean had told her, that she had power over the leering old bastard, that she should stand up to the bullying. She smiled seductively, her hands cupping her swollen, hurting breasts and softly jiggling them.

“But that bra was soooo tiny, principal,” she teased, “There was no way it could contain my girls with so little fabric! You have to understand, a woman has to take care of herself!”

The old man harrumphed nervously, his eyes glued to Amanda’s luscious, naked boobs.

“Either way, as we found out last week, your … charms… are ideal to work off that terrible stress. In order to facilitate this essential community service, I will allow you to be dressed in this instead of the formal wear. Of course, as long as you are wearing the service uniform, you are obliged to provide said services.”

Amanda took the package from him and ripped it open, curious about what he had come up with. A gleaming white onesie fell out, with bright blue applications that matched her own hair color. The entire thing seemed to be made of neoprene and looked more like sports wear than an actual uniform. She spread the piece out and was impressed. The high cut seemed to not expose any of her sexy bits, covering everything from the neck down to her ankles. The long arm sleeves, the torso and even the bottom seemed neat and form fitting. It looked so much more comfortable than what she was wearing right now and Amanda couldn’t wait to try it on.

“Want to give it a go?” the principal asked, looking at her expectantly.

“Sure, if you could help me out of this awful net?”

The principal was happy to oblige. A pair of scissors made short work of the terrible piece of sports equipment and Amanda was relieved that she would never have to squeeze her body into this nasty thing again. The principal examined her naked breasts carefully, his eager fingers trailing along the deep, red indentations the ropes had left behind. Finally coming to senses, he stepped back and motioned her to put the new dress on.

Amanda had a bit of trouble getting inside her new service uniform, and some parts seemed rather unusual to her. But the flexible piece, including its odd breast compartments, was very, very comfortable to wear and the whole thing fit like a second skin. The principal offered her a mirror and what Amanda saw pleased her eyes. The blue-haired girl looking back at her was finally properly dressed, the shiny white piece neatly wrapping her naked body. Even her arms and legs were fully covered, and her womanly form nicely accentuated by bright blue applications. Of course, these applications did everything to sexualize the outfit, one of them highlighting the love triangle between her legs and two more emphasizing her breast area, but she was used to so much worse.

Large letters on her tummy informed everyone about her purpose, that she offered “Free To Use Stress Balls and More!” and Amanda wondered how that would actually work. She turned around to examine herself more closely in the mirror and spotted an odd area on the back of her neck that read “Press Here for Service!” with a round, button-like application in the middle of the circular writing.

“Want to experience how it works?” inquired the güvenilir bahis principal as he reached out and pressed the strange button.

Amanda yelped surprised as her new outfit came to life. The sections covering her boobs suddenly opened and the bases of the breast compartments shrunk down quickly, forcing her tender globes out. The squeeze was just as bad as with the net once the bright blue bands hugging her pillows contracted with force. At the same time, the area between her legs retracted, baring her cleanly shaven sex for all to see.

While Amanda was still trying to come to terms with what had just happened, the director knelt down in front of her and grabbed the naked lips of her pussy, quickly tugging them into some sort of built-in clamp.

“You’ll need to pay attention when you get dressed. Your lips have to be properly seated for this to work, The enforcement phase, once activated, will continue until everything is in place. And one piece of additional advice: Put your arms behind your back and let the magnets on your elbows and wrists engage. And spread your legs as wide as you can. You have about 10 seconds to get into the right stance.”

Amanda looked at him quizzically, not sure about what he just said to her.

Suddenly, a massive jolt of electricity passed through her body. The shocked girl screamed in pain.

“Assume position!” the principal barked as he pushed her arms back and forcefully opened her legs. Amanda did not react, her eyes glued to her massive, jiggling balls of flesh that once again were on display.

“See, this is what I am talking about. You have to be properly dressed and assume the service stance or you’ll be shocked! Man, you look absolutely fantastic in this thing,” the old man beamed as his hands found her swollen tits, “That’s how I like my stress balls, nice and hard and oh so enticing!”

He massaged her breasts for a few more moments, then his fingers found the exposed area between her thighs and pushed inside the gaping hole.

“How do you like your new uniform? It makes all your key parts easily accessible, don’t you think? By the way, the service interval is only 10 minutes. After that, your sexy bits will be hidden away again and you can move freely.”

His fingers slowly fucked her and Amanda wondered why she got so aroused by this humiliating situation. By the end of the 10 minutes, Amanda was moaning with pleasure and wondered what the hell was wrong with her. Finally, the odd uniform relaxed, her breasts magically popped back inside and her crotch area was again hidden from sight. Everything was neatly covered again, only Amanda was still panting excitedly.

“Good, good. So that’s what you’ll have to wear every Tuesday from now on. If you like, you can offer your service on additional days except Mondays, even on weekends. It’s up to you, really. Now, want to see your new school uniform?”

Amanda nodded, still shocked by what she had just gone through.

“Great!” he beamed as he helped her out of the service dress. Once she was naked again, he handed her the new school outfit and explained, “So the order will be a bit different. First, you’ll need to get into this new fishnet. It should be flexible enough even for you.”

He watched closely as Amanda followed his request. The fine meshes of the new top were hugging her massive melons tightly.

“Now you have to get the bra on,” he continued as he handed her the red undergarment. Amanda rolled her eyes as she examined the piece. The entire cup was missing and the ‘bra’ only consisted of the underwire and a somewhat flexible bow across the top of the breast. The thing essentially came down to two holes surrounded by red, metal-enforced lace rims that were held in place by a strap around the back. She tried to put it on, but the way the fishnet mashed her tits against her upper body, there was no way she would get into this thing. The principal saw her struggle and mused, “Wait a moment, I think I know how we can help you get dressed.”

Amanda let go of the bra and inspected the rest of the uniform. The blouse and the jacket now sported two rubber-fitted holes There were no panties to speak of and the skirt was just as tiny as it had been before. She groaned, annoyed.

“Here we are,” beamed the principal as he approached her with an odd glass tube. Without asking for permission, he pressed the opening against one of her fishnet-encased breasts and activated the pump. The young woman didn’t know how to react and watched with morbid fascination as her tender flesh slowly got pulled into the tight glass container, the fishnet reluctantly stretching with it. After a few moments, and accompanied by a barrage of swear words from Amanda, the principal squeezed the bra around the glass tube and pushed it up on her chest. He then asked the girl to hold it in place and opened the valve.

Amanda inspected the odd ball with curiosity. She had to admit that the bra now fitted, but her boob hurt terribly once again, as the mesh cut deep into güvenilir bahis siteleri her flesh. She watched spell-bound as the principal repeated the stunt on her other side and soon had two fishnet-encased orbs popping through the tight bra openings.

The principal beamed, “Now that’s how I like my girls. Come on, let’s get the rest on you!”

The shirt’s breast openings popped right over her ball-like tits, and once the tight corset was on her, even the jacked fit. The tiny skirt, socks and shoes complimented her uniform nicely and the director was thrilled to see her in the full ensemble.

“You look spectacular, sweetie!” he gushed as he offered her the mirror.

“I don’t know,” Amanda moaned, caressing her tender tits that stuck through the closed jacket.

“Ah, I see. Your nipples! They pop right through the net, don’t they? Yeah, that’s not according to policy. Here, let me help you with this.”

He reached out, teased her little nubs until they were hard, and pulled them through the gaps of the fishnet. Then, he grabbed the old bumper discs and snapped them in place.

“Owww……” complained the girl, tears shooting from her eyes.

“Now you’re properly dressed. What do you say? Do you like the new outfit?”

“No, it’s even worse than before!” Amanda complained, “My tits are still hanging out for all to see!”

“No, they are well covered and have all the space they need. But enough of this. You have two options to choose from, the service dress or this uniform. That’s more than any other of your fellow students has.”

“But I can’t even get into the uniform without this awful pump!”

“That’s a good point. Feel free to drop by whenever you need help with that. My door is always open. Now off you go, I believe you have swimming class?”

“But I don’t have a dress for that either! You removed everything from my room, including my bathing suit!”

“You’ll of course have to wear the school-issued model. The coach will give it to you at your first lesson. Now go, I have work to do. And don’t forget your service costume. Start wearing it tomorrow, please. The swimming class is waiting for you!”

Amanda reluctantly left the room and made her way over to the sports center. It was her first swimming lesson and she wanted to leave a good impression, hoping that there were some courses she would actually enjoy. Swimming had always been one of her favorites and she hoped that it would stay that way. She just had to get proper equipment and lose this terrible uniform as fast as possible.

When she entered the sports complex, her heart sank. The pool area was already full of people, a mixed class of boys and girls training, and a stern looking teacher ordering them around. A mixed class! A bit nervous, Amanda found the lady’s locker room and entered. A group of girls changing clothes turned around and all eyes were glued to her ridiculous, fishnet-covered tits.

“Oh wow, you must be that Titty-bitch!” someone giggled, “You’re swimming with us?”

“Apparently so! And no, I’m not a bitch I’m a regular student doing swimming classes, just like you! Now let me through, I need to talk with the teacher.”

“You can’t go in there dressed like that,” one of the girls objected, “It’s swimsuits only!”

“But that’s why I need to get to the teacher! To get my swimsuit!”

The girls ganged up on her and said, “You’re not going in there in these clothes, understood?”

“So then what? Can you at least tell the coach I’m here?”

“We’re not your underlings, bitch. And we’re not making the rules either.”

“Then how do I get in without having a swimsuit?”

“Get naked, slut! Then, we’ll let you in. You’re enjoying that anyway, don’t you? With tits like these? Damn, you look obscene!”

Hands shot out and grabbed her bloated balls, feeling her up as if she was cheap meat.

“We can help you out of your uniform if you want?” offered one of them but Amanda declined.

Instead, she started to undress, removing her uniform piece by piece under the girls’ careful watch. Buck-naked, with tits that looked like they were coming out of a waffle-iron, she put her clothes as well as the service uniform into a locker and sighed, “Will you let me in now?”

“Sure, have fun you fucking titty monster.”

Amanda tried to ignore the insults but they still hurt. She rushed through the door, quickly found the coach standing at the side of the pool, and made her way over.

When the students spotted her, everyone stopped what they were doing and instead stared at the naked woman that had just entered. Amanda tried to ignore the attention she was getting and said,

“Coach? The principal told me you’ll have a swim suit for me?”

The older but fit man turned towards her and stared at her tits, “And who are you?”

“I’m Amanda Juggs.”

“Right, the titty girl. Heard already about you. Yes, I have.”

He turned around and opened a locker behind him.

“Here, I hope it fits. It’s the last one we have.”

She iddaa siteleri had heard that one before, thought Amanda as she ripped the foil away. When she unfolded it’s contents, she rolled her eyes and groaned, “Are you fucking kidding me? That’s a kid’s size!”

“Just try it on. It’ll stretch!” offered the coach, eyeing her jiggling bosom.

Reminded of her previous troubles with school-issued clothing, Amanda reluctantly stepped into the leg holes and pulled the tiny thing up. But there was no way it would fit. The bottom was already digging into her sex painfully and the shoulder straps were nowhere near were they needed to be.

“That’s not going to work,” Amanda groaned, “Please give me one that fits my size!”

“You’re not trying hard enough. Let me help you.”

The coach grabbed the two straps and yanked them upward, forcing her naked breasts against her chin as the straps popped over her shoulders. The coach and all the students around him chuckled at the image, her fat melons popping out of the neckline and pushed into her face. The older man unceremoniously grabbed one of her fleshy pillows and tried stuffing them into the tight dress but to no avail.

“See? It fits! Now just put your obscene melons in there and get into the pool.”

Amanda had to try hard to get her tender breasts into the tiny thing, but somehow she managed the impossible feat. Her tits, now pressed flat like pancakes and hurting terribly, were almost covered, except for the plentiful flesh that was seeping out from under her arms and around her neck. The little swimsuit looked like it would explode any moment, straining under the immense pressure her body put onto the flimsy material. With all of the focus on her tits, nobody really paid any attention to Amanda’s uncomfortable pussy, which got almost severed by the stretched strip of cloth that crushed her tender clit. Amanda had trouble breathing.

“Finally dressed! See? Wasn’t that hard, was it? Let’s take a picture of this achievement before you get into the water.”

He grabbed his phone, asked her to turn around a little and beamed, “Everyone will appreciate how great you look! Now, get into the pool and swim against Joe. One lane is enough.”

Happy that she could finally show her talent, Amanda got onto one of the starting blocks and prepared herself. Joe was smirking, checking out her tightly packed body and said, “Good luck! I’m the front runner of the team, so no hard feelings in case you lose!”

On the coach’s call, both jumped into the water. The impact took Amanda’s breath away as the water crashed against her flattened tits but the young woman tried to ignore the pain and started to swim. The slightest movement forced her bathing suit further up into her crack though, and her breast was so compressed that she could barely think straight. After only a few strokes, the little suit finally gave up and snapped apart, leaving Amanda naked in the water. She was almost glad to be nude again and started to swim in earnest, trying to catch up to Joe who had already made it through half of the pool.

“Your breaststroke is fine,” chuckled the coach as he watched her performance, “No wonder with those melons. Now show me your backstroke.”

Amanda wasn’t sure if she had heard right, wasn’t she supposed to compete? The man became aware of her hesitation and added, “Forget Joe, he’s too fast for you. Just show me your style. Come on, turn around!”

Everyone was staring at her tits and right into her now naked sex as she performed the routine. Amanda felt terribly uncomfortable but soldiered on. Once she had made it to the rim, Joe helped her out of the water, not without landing a grope on her swaying melons.

“Alright, fair enough. Not bad, girl, not bad. Now the swimsuit situation… We obviously can’t let you perform like that, your body is just such a huge distraction to everyone else, right guys?”

The coach approached the shivering girl and grabbed one of her boobs showing the offending object to the other students.

“With tits like that you can’t properly focus. Come on everyone, touch this thing! Just look at how obscene her boobs are. And that little slit of hers is not helping either! I want everyone to explore this distracting body for a few minutes while I get some stuff. We’ll get you fixed, Titty.”

This time, Amanda paid attention. Did he just call her Titty? Why did he know of her nickname? She shuddered thinking that he might be part of that chat group, aware of all the pictures and movies that had been shared there.

Hands were groping every part of her body, pinching and poking her jiggling flesh, even exploring her wet sex. Amanda tried to fend off the molesters but there were simply too many. Soon, she just let them have their way, hoping it would be over quickly. After a few minutes, the coach had returned, a large box in his hand.

He stood there for a moment, watching the gropers playing with her naked flesh and then announced, “Alright, enough of that. Now that everyone understands just how distracting your body is, we’ll fix this for good. As we do not have any more swimsuits, we’ll have to improvise. Titty, help me with this. Push your melons out and hold them up for me, please.”

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