But the Money was Good Pt. 01

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“Finish in his mouth, make sure he swallows every drop and cleans it well. I want to to see a close-up of the lips working your cock as you explode,” a voice directed at Calvin came from the computer.

“Do you want me to cum now?” he replied.

“Yes, and then force the pretty boy to jerk his little penis while you laugh. Have him cum on the floor and lick it up,” the voice from the computer responded.

I was in a doggy style position getting pummeled by Calvin’s big black cock. He grabbed my hips harder and started thrusting faster. His body was slamming into my ass and thighs making a thunderous clapping noise that could likely be heard by the neighbors. I was moaning in a mix of pleasure and pain, and of course adding a little more volume and theatrics for our paid audience. My five-or-so-inch hard penis was flying up and hitting my abdomen with each powerful pump.

It was hard at first to have guys fuck me but it was getting easier. Although I am straight, I got used to sucking cock, and taking a dick up the ass actually felt good. In fact I had already cum that particular evening. It was the making out with guys and swallowing cum that was the hardest part of the job for a straight guy, especially slurping it from a penis that was in my ass seconds ago, and it was even harder after I came. But I was making a fortune. Calvin and I were a great team. Having a black, nine-plus inch raging hard-on was a huge advantage. As good looking as I was, and I was fucking hot, there is not that much money to be made by a guy for fucking women, unless you have a monster cock. They only give me a small cut since I have an average or even slightly below average sized-penis. They do pay Calvin significantly more, not only is he huge, interracial also seems to get bid higher by the consumers. But those paydays are still dwarfed by the money we make together from the wealthy gays and closet-cases.

RonMoney2423, who we were currently performing for, was a great example. We were getting paid 1200 for this show. The guy did make sure to get his money’s worth, that night he still had 20 minutes left after we both came. Since I already spooged on the white duvet cover and couldn’t do what he just asked, I thought he likely would made me rim Calvin’s hole or have him jam a huge dildo up my ass for the duration of the session. Stuff like this was also really hard for a straight guy, but where else was I going to make $600 in an hour?

A little back story is needed here before I unfold the events of the week that followed Calvin pulling his cock out of my ass and spinning me around to cum down my throat. I was 23 and moved from a small Florida town to Tampa when I was 16. My parents are pieces of shit, no need to go into details. I had a girlfriend who was 18 and we got ourselves set up in a small apartment, not in the most desirable area, but anything was better than home. We eventually broke up and by 19 I was bartending steadily and living on my own in a decent place. I was able to pull my sister, then 15, out of that house of horrors.

I was probably making $60k a year then and we were getting by alright. My sister was a great artist, I really wanted her to go to college and just have a better life in general. She deserved it more than anyone, especially after spending her first 15 years getting neglected, abused and even knocked around occasionally. He never touched us sexually, but he, ah, I don’t want to go into details and I don’t think it’s the reason for my choices. I felt well adjusted, well I did at the time of istanbul travesti this story at least. Anyway, I realized about two years ago that I needed to make some more money to pay for my sister’s tuition.

Long story short, I met a guy and did some cam work for him for a few months. It started as mostly solo stuff, jerking off, sucking on dildos, verbally teasing a top or bottom. The money was okay and surprisingly to me I made more doing that then the boy girl stuff, (for example getting blow jobs mostly, sometimes a pussy fuck, because the girl got the lion’s share). It was a steady stream of cash to enhance my bartending income.

After about four months though, it didn’t seem worth it. I didn’t want to work construction during the day and bartend at night, which would also allow me to send Rai to college, but it’s exhausting and I didn’t think I could keep it up for long. However, I got an offer for $30 bucks an hour from a friend I know who does roofs. I figured I couldn’t turn it down, and told the my greasy cam boss Vito that I was going to quit.

Vito smiled and said, “your going to work on roofs, in Florida? What is it money? You know you can make a fortune with me, right? A pretty little thing like you.”

I knew what he was getting at, gay stuff. More than sucking a dildo and jacking off for trolls and closet-cases. He had mentioned it before and knew I was resistant to anything more than solo stuff to that point. I responded that the money so far was okay but the nature of the job, I mean sometimes I worked a whole shift for nothing if a user didn’t click on me.

As I was getting ready to leave, Vito indicated to me to hold on. “Listen, you can go sit on a roof for 30 bucks an hour, but you know it’s 120 degrees with the sun beating off the shingles. Does that sound better than working for 3 hours in my air conditioned studio and going home with $500 to a $1,000? Almost all gay sex workers are straight. You suck a dick, big deal and once you get used to it, you know, stretched out, taking it up the ass feels good. Do yourself a favor, do it once, see the money, see if you can handle it. Just a blow job. I have the perfect guy to break in a first-timer.”

“$1,000? For three hours, really?”, I replied.

“Depends on how far you will go, but that’s the low end for the good actors. I’ll up your cut to 70%.”

We talked for a while longer and I figured I would try it. And so I did. The next day I got the necessary monthly testing to work with other men (Vito required more frequent testing for gay performers, which I appreciated), and three days later I was sucking a dick on camera. Of course it was weird and emotional, and I was riddled with feelings of guilt and shame every time I swallowed a cock in those early days but I did get used to it and enjoyed the money. It was better than roofing in Florida!

Getting my ass stretched and ready to be fucked was a little different. The guy Vito mentioned, he was a huge help. He was gay and after getting comfortable with blow jobs, he got me ready for the next step.

I came to his house a few times and he would insert sex toys into my ass, of course starting small and working our way up. He would slowly insert them in an out of my anus and he was very gentle. It was the first time I was ever penetrated, and those of you, men and women I would imagine, know it is painful before you are properly stretched out, especially the initial penetration. After about a week, he full-on fucked me. He was quite large as well, maybe seven inches istanbul travestileri and thick. He started slow and then hammered me in multiple positions. More importantly, it was intimate, a lot of kissing and erotic nipple play. As I mentioned, that’s the hard part for a straight guy so I needed to see if I could it.

So as it turned out Vito was right, it’s a job, you do it, you deal with it, you get paid a lot, and I have to say he was even right about getting it up the ass, it feels good. Within a few months, I had enough money to set myself up on my own. Vito was a little scary, I was nervous enough about quitting and starting my own website, so I definitely was not going to poach his talent. So I was ready to go except I needed models, and I started with Calvin.

I was getting friendly with Calvin who bounced at one of the bars I worked. He also was a stripper and liked to talk. He gave a lot of details, let me just say if your wife or sister or even your mother is going to a bacholerette party with male strippers, you should be concerned. Also, if his stories were true, there’s a much higher chance that your white wife or sister fucked a black guy than you thought there was. When I made the decision to go out on my own, I felt comfortable enough with him to confide what I did on the side. I also felt he would be a great start because maybe he had stripper friends of both sexes.

He seemed pretty open minded, and he was. He was shocked at first and was laughing nervously and shaking his head with a wry smile as I told him I’m not gay but suck and fuck ten to fifteen cocks a week. I broke it a little more gently than that, but he had to know all the details. But then I told him about the money, and he seemed interested. I told him he could certainly perform solo and with women, but I needed a stud cock to get started so he would have to perform with me, strictly as a top though.

Calvin thought about it the night I pitched the idea. The next day I told him I could sweeten the deal. I couldn’t set up the operation in my apartment since my sister lived there, so I needed a separate apartment for a studio. I made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, 25 percent ownership, commissioned salary and he could live in the apartment for free. Further, if he could source more talent, we could re-negotiate the percentage of ownership. After a long conversation, he agreed and we rented a two bedroom apartment and set up one room as a studio.

Calvin came through big time. Not only was he a natural performer, his dick was huge and his stamina was off the charts. In the first few weeks, we typically did three full shows a day, (by full, I mean he got hard and came in me or on me). More importantly, he staffed nearly the whole talent pool. Within a month we had four men and three women on staff besides us, all of them with sex work experience.

In the first three months, we made about $150k after expenses. I decided that Calvin and I would be equal partners. I wasn’t even 22 years old and was on my way to making a half a million dollars a year! The staff that Calvin put together was awesome and it formed the theme of the site. Calvin brought along three well-endowed black stripper friends and I found another white cuck through connections with performers I worked with at Vito’s. The women were gorgeous, two white women and one light-skinned Puerto Rican. We marketed ourselves as a strictly interracial, live performance cam-site. Within six weeks we had enough staff to offer a whole suite of common interracial travesti istanbul themes around the clock. The nine of us worked our ass off, and did boy/boy, black man/white woman, bi-sexual, dom/sub, etc. We grew fast. The bread and butter though was pretty white boys getting fucked by big black cocks.

By the end of the first year we had over 20 models of the same general racial and gender make-up. We had added Two Asian girls though and two she-males. In the first year we grossed over $1.5mm and Calvin and I were each pulling salaries of $400k. Paying for Rai’s college was going to be easy. In fact, the hardest thing was hiding the money from her, if she knew how much I was making, she would be suspicious. And I clearly didn’t want to tell her what I was doing.

The second year of the venture corresponded with Rai’s freshman year. There was only one slight problem, well two. The first was me personally. I was always exhausted and so never dated or fucked women. In the beginning, I would regularly have sex with the female models, we were all friends and partied all the time, but as lucrative as this life is, it is not sustainable for the long-term. I hadn’t touched a pussy in over six months, except to ready one with with my tongue or fingers for one of the black performers, or to orally clean out their cream pies. I figured I eventually could retire from on-camera, but Calvin and I were still the main money makers as we developed a loyal following that included some high-rollers. Not to mention the drugs. Common, of course a lot of drugs are involved in this lifestyle.

The other problem was that Rai was dating Calvin. Of course it had nothing to do with the fact that he was black. In fact, I loved thinking about how her dating a huge black dude would incense our racist piece-of-shit father. It was clearly the fact that I knew what lifestyle he was living. Forget the risk of STDs, most sex workers are single, date other sex workers or disclose it to their partners. I liked Calvin, I mean we had become best friends. And he was a good guy, he would tell her, but there was nothing we could do. I didn’t want her to know what I was doing for a living, so we were really between a rock and a hard place.

After two years of this lifestyle and not having any connection to my past but Rai, I could give a fuck what anyone thought. I didn’t hide the fact that men fucked me. And I wasn’t ashamed that I was involved in gay sex work. And don’t get me started on the depths the closet cases go to to not get caught just for acting out on their desires. I was out in the open. I someone asked I told them. They want details? What would you like to hear? For the last two years I most have been face or ass-fucked nearly a thousand times. I’ve been gang-banged, cum-bathed, tied up, fake raped, you name it. And it was all broadcast. I’m sure there were thousands of videos of me floating in cyber space. I was comfortable with my choices. Secure in my sexuality. Except with Rai, that is.

So that is what made what happened next so crazy. Remember where we were. Calvin was kneeling behind me pummeling my ass doggy-style. My gaping hole was so worked in by this time even his gigantic member was tunneling through my lubed-up cavity with ease. Our instructions were for him to cum in my mouth. He slapped my hip, which was our signal that he was ready to cum, pulled out and jumped off the bed. I rolled over a bit to get on my knees in front of the camera and accept his load wantingly. When I stood up at the foot of the bed to get into cum-guzzling position, and Calvin turned to come to meet me and deliver his load, we were both facing the open door of the bedroom. Standing in the living room, watching us in shock, tears rolling down her cheek, her face riddled with confusion and disgust was Rai.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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