Butt**ck, Tennessee Ch. 02

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“Dex-eeeee,” I cooed into his ear, “tell me about ‘Daddy.'”

We’d been driving for 30-minutes and still had another half-hour to go. I decided to put the time to good use and do some ‘homework’ before I met his father. A boy needs to be prepared when going into a possible hostile situation.

“Uh, well, I, uh…there’s not much to tell…” he stammered.

My hand in his pants had remained motionless so far, just cradling his balls. I began to gently massage them. I leaned over, kissed his cheek, then slowly pushed my tongue in his ear. I felt his body shiver.

“Does he have a nice cock?” I whispered.

He flinched. His face turned a dark red. Uh-oh, I thought, too personal too soon.

From what I’d learned from Hoppy, Dex’s relationship with his father was, well, no sugar-coating it – call it what it is – incestuous…everyone in town knew Dex was his father’s butt-boy even though Dex never admitted anything to anyone.

“He don’t have to say a word,” said Hoppy, “that’s just the way boys are brought up here – especially if he’s the only boy in the family like Dex – they don’t call us ‘Buttfuck, Tennessee’ for nothin’!”

I began to caress and fondle not only Dex’s balls, but his dormant penis, as well…gently moving my hand back and forth over the soft, warm tube of flesh.

Like everyone else in town, Dex’s Daddy has a nickname, too.

“Backdoor Man,” smiled Hoppy when he told me. “That was his preference with the girls long before he switched to boys…”

The only times Hoppy opened up to me was when I was kneeling between his legs, teasing his hard cock with my lips and tongue.

“He must either be smart, or one heckuva businessman to become the richest man in town,” I commented, then traced my tongue up the long vein on the underside of his cock.

“You shittin’ me, boy? He’s dumb as a snake and just as mean…he fell ass-backwards into money…Orville, that’s his real name, was like most of the old-timers around here – he survived by scamming the government…unemployment, welfare, food stamps – hell, he went so far as to claim he was disabled and the government bought it hook, line and sinker – I hear he STILL goes around in a wheelchair even though he’s perfectly healthy…”

“Why would he do that now if he doesn’t have to?” I asked.

“Because he’s the laziest, no-good-for-nothin’ piece of perverted white trash who ever lived on this earth…just goes to show you even God makes mistakes!” he said with spittle flying out of his contemptuously twisted lips. “Are you gonna suck me off yet, boy, or am I gonna have to box your ears?”

“I like to hear you talk about this town,” I coquettishly smiled up at him. “How did the ‘Backdoor Man’ get all his money if he’s so lazy?”

“Pure, dumb-ass luck,” he said, almost shouting. “Don’t know how, but the government discovered uranium on his land and gave Orville a boatload of cash for the property…more money than anyone in this town ever saw…God damn lucky redneck!”

He was so enraged he was frothing at the mouth. I licked his cock to calm him down. I lapped-up the precum oozing from his slit.

“So where do they live now?” I asked, then kissed the length of his shaft up to the glans then back down to the base.

“Stupid-ass government gave him another parcel of land as part of the deal…Orville even conned’em into building him a house high on a ridge, and get this – it overlooks the goddamn uranium mine!” he said shaking his head.

“You really don’t like ‘The Backdoor Man’ do you?” I asked.

His voice softened, “Well, ya know…it ain’t all his fault…his daddy was even dumber and meaner than him…and poor Dex – he can’t help himself either…”

“Why not?” I asked.

“Well, when he was born it was only his daddy and his sister living in that hillbilly shack of theirs…”

Oh-oh, I had a bad feeling where this was going.

“We’re all pretty sure Dex’s sister is his mother, too,” he said.

Oh my goodness…

I was about to reward Hoppy for the information with an enthusiastic sucking when he said something that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand straight.

“A word of advice, boy…if Dex takes you up there to meet his daddy, you be very careful, ya hear?” he said ominously.

“Why is that?” I asked.

“It wasn’t too long ago Dex took another boy up there to meet his father, and, well…no one has seen or heard of that boy ever since…”

“What happened to him?” I asked.

“No one knows for sure…we all have our suspicions…Orville has a ten-foot high, electrified fence surrounding the place, and that might have gotten the boy…or the boy fell or was pushed off the cliff that goes down to the mine, or hell, some folks think Limbaugh and Hannity tore the boy to shreds.”

“What are conservative pundits doing there?” I asked sarcastically.

“They’re not pundits, boy–-they’re German Shepherds and they’re meaner than Orville hisself…hell, everybody knows pundits bark is worse than their bite…”

There was something very strange about his Sakarya Escort story…he wasn’t telling me the whole truth.

“Why all the security?” I asked. “An electrified fence? Two nasty dogs? What is Orville trying to protect?”

Hoppy paused. He seemed to be thinking whether or not he should tell me the rest of the story.

He looked around to make sure we were alone…of course we were alone–-I was blowing him in the little office behind the front desk–-who else would be there?

“See boy…when the government gave Orville all that money he didn’t put it in the bank–-he don’t trust banks…no, I know he’s got it buried somewhere on his property…”

“How much money did he get?” I asked.

“Rumor has it he got fifty-million dollars in cash, and it’s all up there in the house, or on his land…”

Oh my goodness…

“Anyway, boy, you might be okay…about a month ago a young nigra fella who got fired at the mine came to town, and, well, he and Dex hit it off and Dex took him to meet his daddy and he’s been up there ever since…I doubt Orville would do anything to you with the nigra fella living there, too.”

It wasn’t long before I was gulping down Hoppy’s man juice. He was gasping for air as I cleaned him then put away his limp dick.

The last words I heard from him were: “You know, boy, I shouldn’t be saying this but, uh…well, if you happen to find the money up there, I’ll, uh, cut you in on the split – you’ll need me to deal with the bank…it’s a lot of money – plenty to last the rest of our lives…maybe, uh, you can move into my house and, uh…do this for me every day!”

Well, yeah, sure – that ain’t gonna happen!

I was thinking of Hoppy’s words when I felt Dex’s cock begin to grow long and hard in my hand. I stroked it in earnest until it was at full erection, standing straight up out of the top of his slacks.

“Dexy, honey, I’m nervous about meeting your father,” I said softly. This time I was telling him the truth. “What should I say to him? Should I call him ‘Daddy’?”

He cleared his throat. My hand stroking his hard prick was causing his body to tremble.

“I, uh, yeah, I think he’d like that,” he answered. “We’re, uh, getting close to the turn-off to the house.”

There was enough room from the steering wheel for me to lower my head, take his swollen, cum-oozing cockhead in my mouth and give it a thorough licking and sucking.

I felt the car turn right then heard the crunching of the tires on a gravel road. The car slowed down to a crawl.

His hips were imperceptibly thrusting upwards. I knew he wanted me to bring him to climax, but I had another plan in mind..

“I, uh, should I pull the car over so you can – well, uh, you know, finish?” he groaned.

“Will it make Daddy mad if we’re late?” I asked innocently.

I glanced upward at his face and saw his color turn an ashen gray.

“OH, uh, yeah, we better keep going,” he said with a mixture of fear and disappointment.

I gave his swollen cockhead one last tongue bath then bolted upright.

I kissed his cheek then said, “Dexy honey, don’t worry – I’ll take care of you later, okay?”

“Oh, okay,” he said with a weak smile.

Twice I’d called him ‘honey’ and he hadn’t seemed to have noticed, either that or he enjoyed it.

I fixed his clothes in place. He was wearing light tan slacks and I continued stroking the bulge in his slacks…he didn’t stop me.

We was driving thru a thick forest of trees when suddenly it opened up, and I saw a huge wrought iron gate. Dex had a remote control on the dashboard, and the gate swung open when Dex pressed a button…sure enough, a ten-foot high fence surrounded the entire property.

Dex drove thru the gate and it closed behind us. I immediately saw a big house to our left, and a large swimming pool straight ahead. Someone was in the pool, and then I saw a man in a wheelchair next to the pool…a very brief nervous shudder raced up my spine.

When Dex turned off the ignition I glanced at his crotch – sure enough, not only was there a pronounced bulge, but there was a large and very noticeable pre-cum stain on the front of his tan slacks.

Suddenly, two very menacing-looking dogs rushed barking to the car.

Dex said, “You’ll be fine–-just come out of the car slowly and let them sniff you.”

He got out of the car and petted the nearest dog and said, “Good boy, Limbaugh, yes, gooood boy” then went to the other dog and stroked his head and said, “That’s a good doggy, Hannity!”

When I climbed out of the car they took turns sniffing my crotch. I chuckled softly when I thought “If I was a certain presidential candidate these guys would be fighting each other to see who could lick my taint first.”

Pretty Boy’s hands and mouth had worked me into such a feverish haze that when I walked towards Daddy and I saw his eyes staring at my crotch it was too late to try and cover my hard-on. A jolt of fear and loathing raced up my spine, and paralyzed my brain.

Still staring at my crotch, Adapazarı Escort the first words out of his mouth were “Did I give you permission to have fun, boy?”

“N-No, Daddy–-I’m sorry, Daddy!” I blurted out.

“Well, boy, you just earned yourself a spanking!” he said angrily.

My voice cracked when I said, “Yes, Daddy–-I’m sorry, Daddy!”

Pretty Boy immediately spoke up.

“It’s my fault, sir…if anyone deserves a spanking it’s me!”

I couldn’t believe he said that…no one had ever done such a nice thing for me in my life. I felt a warm glow in my heart.

I could tell from Daddy’s expression Pretty Boy’s admission of guilt had caught him off-guard. Pretty Boy walked to Daddy and stood close before him. He stuck out his hand and introduced himself. Again, Daddy was surprised by Pretty Boy’s boldness. When he recovered, Daddy shook his hand.

“You’re about the purtiest lil thing I ever seen,” said Daddy smacking his lips.

“Thank you, sir,” he replied then added: “Sir, would it be okay if I call you ‘Daddy’?”

Daddy’s eyes shone bright. His face beamed with pride.

“Why yes, boy, I think I’d like that!” he said.

Daddy’s head suddenly whipped around until he was staring at me through his cruel and beady eyes.

“Whaddya still doing here? Get inside and get supper started!” he snapped at me.

“Y-Yes, Daddy–-I’m sorry, Daddy!” I said then hurried inside the house.

I went about my chore of preparing supper. Luckily, I could watch the goings-on at the pool through the large kitchen window.

Pretty Boy and Daddy were engaged in conversation, and DeeWayne was still swimming. I kept an eye on DeeWayne waiting for him to climb out of the pool…his body is so magnificent I never tire of looking at him when his sculpted chest and powerful thighs are wet with water.

I wondered what Daddy and Pretty Boy were talking about…Daddy never spoke to me any longer than to bark orders at me.

Suddenly, I saw DeeWayne climbing the ladder to get out of the pool. I stopped what I was doing to watch him. His perfect chest was heaving, his muscled biceps flexed with exertion…but best of all, my eyes glued themselves to the pouch of the white jockstrap he was wearing…oh my goodness, even in his flaccid state his penis and balls looked enormous in the tiny pouch. When he turned his powerful thighs and perfect buttocks made me swoon.

I dropped a hand to my crotch and caressed my semi-erection. Even after six-weeks, the sight of DeeWayne’s nearly nude body never fails to excite me. I watch the bronze God-of-a-man dry himself with a towel then Daddy says something to him and he walks to Pretty Boy and shakes his hand.

I see Pretty Boy smiling as he says something to Daddy. Then to my astonishment, Pretty Boy begins removing his clothes…he stops when his only remaining garment is black, string bikini briefs…I’m simply blown-away–-his body, while much smaller than DeeWayne’s, is perfectly sculpted too with a flat and hard belly.

I see DeeWayne eyeballing his body with a smile. He says something to Daddy then walks in my direction. When he comes into the kitchen he sees me preparing four salads.

“Let’s go upstairs, boy!” said DeeWayne.

“I, uh, I have to get dinner ready,” I answer.

“You want me to tell Daddy you disobeyed an order?” he asks with a frown on his handsome, caramel-colored face.

Oh God NO – that would be very painful.

“It won’t take you too long, boy…” he said then walked out of the room.

I hurried after him thinking, “I’m five-years older than him and he’s never called me anything except ‘boy’. Oh well…”

His bedroom overlooks the pool, and the last thing I see before I drop to my knees is Pretty Boy sitting on Daddy’s lap, and – oh my goodness, they’re kissing and Daddy has his hand inside the boys briefs!

I peel the wet jockstrap down DeeWayne’s legs and toss it in the nearby laundry basket.

My heart flutters when I’m face-to-face with his magnificent cock and scrotum. I inhale his fresh, manly musk and go to work getting him hard. His cock rises almost immediately. I am not sure if my ministrations aroused him, or he achieved erection by looking out the window and watching the unfolding tableau below us.

DeeWayne chuckled and said, “Pretty Boy’s a quick learner – he’s on his knees in front of the old man already!”

He talks down to me, “Tell me, Dex, is he a good cocksucker?”

I wanted to shout “He’s a WONDERFUL cocksucker” but I didn’t want DeeWayne to know how much I loved the assignment Daddy had given me so I simply said, “Yeah, he’s pretty good.”

DeeWayne chuckled and began thrusting his hard cock rapidly in-and-out of my greedily sucking mouth.

“You like the Pretty Boy, don’t you? I saw the jizz stains on your crotch when you walked up to us…it’s okay, Dex, he is damn cute…” he said.

He began rubbing my hard-on with his bare foot. “Go ahead and take it out, Dex, I give you permission to jerk-off while you suck me!”

“Ooooo, thank Serdivan Escort you, Sir!” I said sincerely. Pretty Boy had gotten me so worked-up I was in desperate need of release.

With my lips wrapped around DeeWayne’s wonderfully hot flesh, I adroitly open my slacks, push down on them taking my tighty-whitie’s with them. I take my prick in one hand while I stroke the shaft of his manly cock with the other.

DeeWayne has been very nice to me since he moved in with us…a heckuva a lot nicer than Daddy.

Generally, Daddy only allows me to cum when he and DeeWayne are sitting on the sofa watching me masturbate. After I shoot my load on the coffee table, Daddy always says, “Look at the mess you made, boy, get down there and lick it all up!” My humiliation complete, I do as he says.

At night, I satisfy Daddy in his bed, and he never gives me permission to cum. I then go to DeeWayne’s bed to pleasure him…he always let’s me climax…either he has me jerk-off, or, he’ll take my hard prick in his own hand and masturbate me…I have very warm feelings for him…I don’t care if he is a light-skinned nigra – he is a wonderful human being to me.

The moment I laid eyes on Pretty Boy I knew I had to have him.

I’m partial to young and smallish white boys anyway. Dex or Harold or whatever his name is is okay, he serves a purpose, but Pretty Boy is so damn cute, and when I saw him stripped to his tiny undies, well, his firm, white body just blew me away, and I wondered what those pouting lips of his would feel like wrapped around my prick.

When I asked Dex if Pretty Boy gave a good bj, he was evasive, and didn’t really want to answer me. I think he has a crush on Pretty Boy and hopes to keep him for himself even though the old man will never let that happen…sometimes I feel sorry for Dex – his own Daddy treats him like shit and only uses him as a servant and personal cum-dump, but he does give one helluva blow job and butt-fuck…sometimes I forget why I came to this house in the first place.

I watch out the window as Pretty Boy’s head begins frantically bobbing up-and-down on the old man’s cock. I hold Dex by his ears and begin my own feverish face-fucking. Dex chokes from time-to-time when my cockhead bangs against the back of his mouth.

Even thru the closed window I can hear the old man cry out as he shoots his oily spooge into Pretty Boy’s mouth…that’s enough to set me off and my own balls explode and I fill Dex’s mouth with four-five full loads of jizz…Dex swallows it all like the good boy he is then I feel his body shaking and I watch his hand rapidly stroking his dick and the white foam shoot from his cock-slit and land on the hardwood floor.

I don’t have to say anything anymore – I simply point to the floor and Dex obediently dives down and cleans the jizz off the polished wood with his tongue.

“You better get downstairs and get supper ready,” I say to Dex. “Daddy just unloaded in Pretty Boy’s mouth so he should be peaceful for a while…but you know that doesn’t last too long.”

“I know – I know,” said Dex nodding his head, and he hurries back down to the kitchen.

While I’m in the shower I think about the six-weeks I’ve lived here, and curse myself for becoming so lackadaisical. I was hired to perform a service, but fell into the trap of easy living, good food, and sex whenever I want it.

You’re getting soft D.W., I tell myself. The old man has you trained as much as his kid. You need to snap out of it and find the goddamned money and get the hell out of here!

…and then, as usual, the weak-side of my brain counters with – the boy blows you three-four times-a-day and bends over for you a couple more times – why the hell would you want to leave and miss out on that? Besides, don’t you want to fuck that pretty white boy who just came here? Don’t you want to pound your dick in-and-out of his mouth and make him swallow all your spooge?

God damn, my prick begins to rise again thinking about Pretty Boy, and all the fun I could have with him – that is, once the old man breaks him in, gets bored, and gives me permission to use him, too.

That’s the way it was with Yankee Boy. When Dex brought him home the old man kept him busy for a full week before he let me have a shot at him.

The kid was inexperienced – at first – but the old man had him trained within a week and by the time I got a crack at him he was damn good with his mouth and his pussy was like fucking a tight-fitting, velvet glove.

I miss that boy and still wonder what happened to him. One day he was here – the next he wasn’t…when I asked the old man where he was he simply said, “He’s gone”…you can bet your sweet-ass I keep one-eye on the old man at all times, if you know what I mean.

As always, supper tasted fantastic! I sometimes laugh to myself when I think Dex would make some guy a good wife – he’s a great cook, and good in bed…the old man raised him more as a girl than a guy…too bad for him, but you know, he loves to cook and clean, and he takes to cock better than most girls I’ve been with.

While we were eating, I noticed Pretty Boy taking quick, furtive glances at me. One time when I caught him looking, he blushed and smiled at me…my dick became semi-erect inside my boxers. I hope I won’t have to wait a week to get my turn with the sexy little thing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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