California Nights

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Blonde Mature

What follows is based on an incident that actually happened to me in California in 1988. Of course I cannot remember the exact conversations I had with people back then but what I have written is close enough.

My work had taken me to California for an extended period of 1988 so I became quite familiar with the Sacramento area. The people were usually quite nice and I had made a number of friends.

It was a Friday evening, the end of my work week, and all I wanted to do was go to this club I frequented, have a few drinks and enjoy some conversation. The club, known as Jillian’s, was just a few miles from the hotel and I arrived there at about 9. I sat at the bar and the barmaid seeing me brought me a nice chardonnay, my drink of choice to start any evening. The barmaid, Kay, was a woman in her mid-40s, blond, nice figure and quite pretty. Kay was forever trying to set me up with a date. At one point I had cried into my beer at being a little lonely there and from that point on she felt it her duty to fix me up.

On one particular evening Kay introduced me to a guy I sat down next to who she had been chatting with. Kay didn’t know his name so he introduced himself and we found we had the exact same name. In the following days I found out we were actually related albeit distantly. I also dated his sister after that but that’s another story.

The bar was three sided with chairs on each side and I sat toward one of the corners that evening. Kay decided to introduce me to a lady who was sitting right at the corner and facing me. The woman, absolutely beautiful, in my mind was someone who’d be polite for a minute or two and then excuse herself never to been seen again. So much for thinking you know so much.

Her name was Jane and as I said she was quite beautiful, long brunette hair and a body that would easily turn heads. At first glace I took her to be about 30 to 34. It turned out she had just turned 41 and was there to have a quiet celebration.

“So you’re waiting for friends?” I asked.

“No, we did that last night which was my actual birthday.”

I considered this to be a bit of good luck and decided to see if I could get to know her. It turned out that Jane was a really good conversationalist and holding up my end of the conversation mostly mean listening quietly asking an occasional question and injecting a random thought. Jane’s eyes were dark and very very alluring. Looking into her eyes I think anyone would easily see the absolute sensuality of her.

As the night progressed and we both got a little tipsy we seemed to be drawing closer to one another. Several times while talking to me Jane placed her hand over mine gently rubbing my hand before withdrawing it. The first time I took it as her way to help drive home a point she was trying to make. But after a while he hand seemed to linger a little longer. Finally I put my hand on top of hers when next she touched me and looked directly into her eyes as she spoke. There was an intensity to how I looked into her eyes.

Jane stopped speaking for a moment and then said, “What was I saying?”

I almanbahis adresi smiled and replied, “You were talking about the rude guy in the elevator.”

“So I was but just now I had this feeling the we’d met somewhere before this evening. Have we?”

“No, not that I know of. Actually I think it’s something else.”


I didn’t respond, at least with words. I put my hand upon her check and slowly leaned in and kissed her ever so lightly upon her lips. She let me kiss her without returning the kiss. Then she pulled back slightly and I thought she was put off by it. She wasn’t as she leaned back in and kissed me quickly but pressing her tongue into my mouth before retreating.

“Phew! That was good.” I said.

“It was,” she replied, “but I’ve totally monopolized the conversation and I really don’t know much about you. So tell me, where’s home? What do you do? How many brothers and sisters to do you have? How do you like Sacramento?”

“Two.” I quickly interjected.

“What?” Jane said a little confused and then continued. “Oh, I did it again didn’t I? Go ahead. I’ll keep quiet.”

“Two brothers and sisters, one of each.” I answered her questions and more. After talking just a short while I felt Jane’s hand resting upon my knee and then gently rubbing just above my knee. The tingling sensation came immediately and traveled quickly to my groin, up my sides and into my mind where I almost lost track of what I was saying.

By now Jane’s hand was high upon my thigh and all hope of continuing a meaningful conversation left me. I decided to kiss her again as provocatively as she was with my thigh. There we were on bar stools kissing like high school kids. I moved my hand up to her full breast. Jane jerked away and said, “Whoa!”

“I’m sorry,” I said quickly, “I guess that was a bit presumptuous of me. I’m sorry.”

“No no, it’s all right, just not here. Too many people around and someone might know me and that wouldn’t be good.” Jane took me by the hand and led me out of the club. “Follow me,” she said, “What are you driving?”

“Blue Mustang right there,” I said pointing to the car close by.

“Okay then,” she said giving me a kiss and quickly brushing her hand of my extremely hard cock. I couldn’t believe my good fortune but wasn’t about to question it either. I followed her to her neat ranch style house not far away. When we got inside the house she said, “Make yourself comfortable, I need to powder my nose.”

I expected, and hoped, Jane would return in a negligee or other such garment. She didn’t though, returning in the same clothes with just her shoes discarded. She took a minute to put on a Barry White tape, you know the one. “Let’s dance.” She said and pulled me up from her sofa and into her arms. This was the first time I felt the full press of her body against mine. She had wrapped one arm around my middle while the other was on the back of my neck caressing there and up into my hair. We danced extremely slowly, my nose buried in her hair, hers in my chest. I could feel her full breasts pressing almanbahis adres into my chest and her hip on mine and her thigh gently rubbing mine as we danced. To say it was erotic is to do it a disservice.

As we danced I slipped my hand from her back to her bottom caressing her curves there. Then I gently pressed her with my hand so now my hardness pressed noticeably into her hip. She looked up to my eyes, smiled and pressed her face back into my chest and continued the dance. The scent in her hair was equally as erotic and I closed my eyes to drink it in. Together we took in the music bathing in it and allowing ourselves the heat of the moment.

As the music ended Jane took a step back from me and put a finger on my lips signaling me to say nothing. Her hands drifted down to the buttons on her blouse. She slowly and without looking unbuttoned her blouse without ever allowing her eyes to leave mine. When she finished she simply arched her chest out a little bit and dropped her shoulders which in turn allowed her blouse to slip from her body. I could resist no longer and reached out with both hands to touch her breasts. Jane closed her eyes and moaned at my touch. After just a few moments of that she pushed my hands away and unbuttoned her skirt and stepped out of it. I can remember thinking how absolutely gorgeous she looked standing there in just her bra and panties. I had always thought, and still do, that when a woman is dressed in just her lingerie is one of her more sexy moments.

It was then that Jane started unbuttoning my shirt. She unbuttoned a button and kissed me, undid another and kissed me again. When it was done she placed her hands under the shirt and with a gentle sweeping motion pushed the shirt from me. She then ran her hands down my sides and to the front of my pants.

“Oh, what have we here?” she cooed as her hand rode over my hardness.

“Gee, how do you suppose that happened?”

Jane smiled, unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and pushed them to the floor. Then she knelt in front of me, pulled my jockeys down and allowed my erection to bob in front of her face. I thought she was going to go down on it but instead she brushed the tips of her fingers over it and down to my balls taking them in her hand and giving them a gentle squeeze. All she said was, “Nice! Big!” I moaned forsaking further reply in favor of her touch.

Jane stood up and led me by the hand to her bedroom. She had a king-sized canopied bed. The entire bedroom spoke of a woman who took great care and pride in her surroundings. Although her vanity was a little cluttered the rest of the room was very neat, the bed made, no clothes on the floor unlike my own bedroom. At the side of the bed Jane turned her back to me. I undid the clasp of her bra and then ran my hands underneath it and around to her breasts. The bra fell away as my hands enveloped her full almost pendulous breasts. I could feel her pebble hard nipples in the palms of my hands. I gently squeezed her breasts and she moaned. I took my hands from her breasts and down her side to her panties almanbahis adres pressing them down off her hips. With a slight move of her leg and a single step she was out of them. Jane pulled the covers from her bed and lay down upon it luxuriating in its comfort. I stood there for a moment drinking in her beauty somewhat awestruck by what was happening.

“Coming?” She asked with a devilish glint to her voice.

“Yeah, I just wanted to look at you like this for a moment. I can’t get over how gorgeous you are.”

“Not bad for an old broad huh?”

I let out a little moan and said, “There are lots of women who are 10 years younger than you and more who’d kill to look as good as you!”

“Why thank you sir, you’re too kind.”

“Not at all, I really mean it. You’re stunning.” Jane smiled and patted the bed signaling it was time I joined her and I could see no reason to delay another second. As I lay down next to her we wrapped up each other in our arms and kissed like high school kids who were just learning. Our hands were everywhere and when we broke for a moment Jane was actually panting. I grinned and then kissed each of her nipples. She moan but said nothing. I went from kissing her breasts down over her stomach to her nether regions trailing my tongue across her body as I kissed my way down. As my tongue parted the folds of her pussy she lightly moaned. The tip of my tongue ran over the hardness of her clitoris and then down and into the depths of her womanhood. Again she moaned as I literally drank in her scent and her taste both of which were light, and for me, very arousing. As I continued to lick her and suck upon her clit Jane began to squirm beneath me and I knew she was close to cumming. I concentrated on her clit. Almost as soon as she started undulating her hips she came in one very loud and very long orgasm. This didn’t stop me and I continued my ministrations until she came a second time and then a third until she finally said, “No more! It feels exquisite and hurts at the same time.”

I moved back up along side her and held her in my arms. After a short while she asked, “What about you?”

“We have all night don’t we?”

She smiled, gave me a kiss and said, “Of course we do.” Jane held me very close and we just lay there quietly enjoying each other’s presence. But then something a bit strange happened, or not as you take it, we both fell asleep!

The next thing I knew I was awakened by someone yelling, “Hey mom are you home?” I looked at the clock. It was a little after 7:30. We had both slept the entire night away. Jane was still asleep so I nudged her awake.

“Someone’s in the house,” I said to her as she opened her eyes. That’s when we both heard it.

“Mom, where are you?”

“Oh my gawd, it’s my daughter! What time is it?” Jane said quite startled. Before I could answer the bedroom door swung open and there stood Jane’s daughter. For my part I tried to hide under the covers but Jane made no such move.

“Oh hi honey,” Jane said very nonplussed. “I didn’t hear you come in.” Then Jane said something that nearly caused me to have a heart attack. “I think you two have already met haven’t you?”

It was at that moment I remembered that this young woman standing in the doorway was the same young woman I had gone to bed with earlier that very same week.

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