“Call Me Mommy”

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***This is my first ever submission, after enjoying Literotica for a long time. It’s a story that’s kinda incestuous, but mainly a May-December story. It’s a slow build, and I think it might be a little too detailed, but would appreciate some feedback so that the next chapter is better.***


I had just turned 21, and thanks to a generous neighbor who gave me a damned good job and some guidance, and my own work ethic, I was able to afford a pretty nice apartment. I worked my ass off Monday thru Thursday as a foreman for his roofing company. He supplied me with a company truck, small expense account, and a crew that made me look good.

It was on a Friday in June that I met Dana. I had gotten up at my usual 4 am, knocked out a little paperwork for Monday, gone to the grocery store after I’d gotten my laundry started, put the groceries away, I finished my chores, and went to grab some lunch. I had a couple beers with my lunch, and decided to go to the pool in the apartments, and see if the lifeguard was hot enough to spend some time on.

I was big time disappointed in the lifeguard…he was a little taller than me (6’2″), a little lighter than my 210 lbs, but he was pretty cool, and was really good with the kids who were geeked to have the pool open, and just a few more days left in the school year. I’d been there about an hour, about a half hour before I’d have to go back to my place to refill the big Yeti growler with beer when she strolled into the pool. She made small talk with Joel (the lifeguard) while he checked her in, and she made her way over to where I was, taking the table next to the one I was getting drunk at.

I introduced myself when she looked my way, and offered her a beer out of the growler. She told me her name was Dana, and grinned mischievously when she declined the beer, and proceeded to mix herself a Sapphire and Sprite. She looked about 35, but after a few minutes of conversation, she let it slip she was 42 (she actually said she was old enough to be my mommy), and had been divorced for 18 months. She has brown hair, down to her shoulders, in a really sexy style that’s classy as hell. Her one piece bathing suit revealed a nice body, with a pair of good solid C cup tits, a firm tummy, slim hips, a bit of a bubble but, and a set of legs that were outstanding. Her face looked a lot like Miss Elizabeth, from the old WWF Wrestling days, but, because of her sunglasses, I never saw her eyes while we got to know one another.

We talked and I found out her husband left her after 9 yrs of marriage, after they’d found out she was unable to have children. She said she’d been crushed to find out that news, as she’d always envisioned herself a mom. Her dickhead husband couldn’t handle not being a dad, and made it out to be the reason for the split. Fortunately for her, her uncle is a damned good divorce lawyer, and her employer(!). While she wasn’t set for life, her settlement allowed her to live modestly, but quite comfortably. She admitted that thanks to a little therapy, and a few “happy pills,” she was dealing with the 1-2 punch of infertility and divorce as well as could be expected.

The pool was filling up with kids, and our privacy was being encroached upon with the kids who’d been filing in quickly after the school buses had dropped off their cargo. We were having a really good conversation, and she was rather impressed with my story and situation, what with me being 21, but having been employed for 7 yrs, and making enough of a wage to afford my own place, especially in the complex we lived in, which weren’t exactly cheap.

My cell phone rang, and it was my supplier, with bad news that a shipment we expected Monday would be delayed. I was mad, but it wasn’t the suppliers fault; the manufacturer had fucked up and wouldn’t be able to deliver until Wednesday. I told Dana about the situation, and that I had to go and rearrange things for Monday with my crews to keep the boss happy. Before I split, I told her that it would only take a couple hours to sort out, and then asked her if she would like to continue our talk over dinner later.

“Are you sure you want to be seen in public with someone old enough to be your mommy?” she asked with a sexy as hell smirk on her face.

“Pssh! If my buddies see me with you on my arm, they’ll consider me a Super-Hero!”

She laughed heartily, and accepted my offer. I got her address, and told her I’d be by to pick her up at 8. I hustled back to my crib, got my laptop fired up to see the “board,” which had our job schedule on it. I called my boss and told him what was up, and how I’d handle it, and asked him if he’d help me call the crews with the new schedule. He said he’d call the guys A through M, and I’d get the rest of the crew. Before I started calling the guys, I called and made a reservation at a great redneck seafood joint about 2 miles away that was my little secret spot. I got everything situated pretty quickly, and called the supplier with an order for material Escort Esenyurt that we’d pick up Monday morning to satisfy our new schedule.

I had enough time to dash and get my (personal) truck washed. I got home, took a shower, and, keeping it casual, threw on a pair of cargo shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops, going commando. I hoped Dana wouldn’t think me a slob for being so informal, but at this point, the idea of getting in her pants was just a pipe dream.

I knocked on her door a minute before 8, and when she opened the door, my dick twitched in my shorts. She had on a short black skirt, about a third of the way between her knees and hips, closer to her hips than knees. Her legs shined, thanks to whatever lotion she used. Her blouse was flowery and showed enough cleavage to remind a man that she’s a woman, and a damned fine woman at that. She wore a gold bracelet on her left wrist, and a small gold necklace with a charm that made me jealous, because of where it rested between her boobs. The heels on her feet were tall enough to make her legs and butt stand out. I shook my head and said, “Damn, Dana. You look great!” She actually blushed, and moved in for a hug. It was then that I noticed her eyes. They were green. A gorgeous green. Combined with her tan and her hair, she was stunning. I’m a sucker for green eyes. At that moment, I really wanted her.

We had about 15 minutes before we needed to leave for the restaurant, so we sat and chatted. She asked me if I smoked pot, which I do, so she packed a bowl and we caught a buzz before heading out. The pot made the conversation flow nicely, with a bit of silliness that was a lot of fun. I suggested we hit the road, and as we got to the door to leave, she grabbed my arm, pulled me close, and gave me a kiss. It wasn’t a lust filled kiss, but it mote like a kiss your mom would give you before you’d leave after dinner on Sunday evening.

We had a fantastic dinner, with a few drinks, and a lot of laughter. As the alcohol took effect, Dana would make some really flirtatious comments, and a few comments absolutely made me blush. My cock was taking notice. Big time.

“Man, what the hell are you doin’?” came from behind me as a hand clasped my shoulder. Scared the hell out of me, until I turned and saw who it was. It was an old high school buddy, who I’d been in a band with during school. Chuck had his acoustic in his hand, headed for the small stage. “You wanna sit in a song or 2?”

“Nah, man. I appreciate it, but you know me; acoustics make me nervous. I need an amp and distortion to play! Plus, I’m still getting to know this lovely lady. Chuck, this is Dana.”

She graciously shook his hand, telling him it was nice to meet him, and looked at me with a look that kinda scared me, because it was a look of “I am going to do things to you…” Chuck looked at me and said, “Brother, you are punching WAY above your weight class!” Dana blushed, as did I. “Stick around. Listen to the set, and let me know what I can do to make it better. I trust you. Please?”

“Knock ’em dead, buddy. You got nothin’ to worry about! You can’t sing, but the guitar will be just fine.” Chuck punched me in the shoulder. “Screw you!” he said through a big grin; he’d been the singer in our old band, and he’s a really good one, too. His guitar playing? Not so much. LOL!

Chuck did a damned good set while we ate our dinner and talked more. His guitar playing had improved dramatically. She quizzed me about the band Chuck and I had been in, and she seemed truly interested in the music we played. Turns out, she’s just as much a rock n roll fan as I am, and recognized most of the stuff we played.

Chuckie came over after his set, and I was just paying our bill. Dana told him that she really dug his voice, and she was surprised at a couple of the older songs he’d done. “I didn’t expect someone your age even know about Sweet and Southside Johnny!” We kinda chuckled, and hipped her to the fact we’d raided our parent’s record collections, and picked their brains about the hits of the 70’s and 80’s for cool stuff to cover.

I gave Chuck a couple tips about delivery and one pointed note about a riff he was playing in a weird way, and, as he needed to A) pee, and B) do another set, he excused himself with a polite handshake with Dana, and a big bear hug for me. As we hugged it out, he whispered, “You lucky devil, you!”

Dana and I made our way to my truck, and as we got to the passenger door, she wrapped herself around me, reached up and pulled me down for a kiss. Our tongues wrapped themselves around each other, and her tits tried to poke holes in my ribs. Damn, this woman could kiss! My hand slipped down to her ass, and it was firm and fit wonderfully in my hand. She moaned a little as she felt my dick harden against her belly.

We made out for a couple minutes, and she backed away, and shyly looked up at me. “Be a good boy and take me to your place.” Well, I’m no fool; when Etiler escort a pretty lady tells me to take her to my place, I get my ass in gear. I unlocked the door, and helped her up into the truck. When she stepped in, I found out she was going commando, too. The light caught the moisture on her twat, complete with a very thin landing strip. What I saw was a wide open, pink, imminently edible pussy. I glanced up to her face after she closed her legs and got situated, and I was busted. She’d caught me looking, and she sternly looked at me and said, “You bad little boy! I should punish you!”

“Oh, lord, I am so sorry! I kinda couldn’t help myself!” In my mind, I thought, “Fuck! Welp, you blew it, idiot!” I dejectedly looked at my toes poking out of my flip-flops.

Dana’s laughter confused me at first, and her hand pulling my chin up so that I was looking at her face surprised me, but when I saw her wicked smile and the mischief in those green eyes, my hope returned. “C’mon, honey. Lets get outta here!”

I hustled my happy ass around the truck, fired it up, and we got gone. She scooted over as close as she could, and wrapped her left arm around my right. We talked about the meal and my old band a bit while I tried not to be too obvious about hauling ass back to my apartment. She leaned over just as we pulled into the complex, and nibbled my earlobe. Her breathy moan in my ear almost made my dick bust through my shorts. “Do you have any idea how fucking horny you have made me?” she huskily whispered.

I couldn’t answer; I was too busy trying not to wreck the truck while also hoping I wouldn’t bust a nut before I even felt her titties! I got the truck parked, and went around to assist her out of the truck. When Dana turned to exit the truck, she blatantly spread her legs and pulled her skirt up, showing off her pussy to me. I had offered my hand to her as I opened the door, and she took it and guided it between her legs. She was hot, and wet, smooth, and pliable. “Young man, take me inside. Quickly!”

I threw the door to my apartment open and let her past me into the apartment, and she ran her palm across my hard cock as she entered. The door closed behind me, and we started making out before I’d had a chance to put my keys down. I dropped them on the floor, wrapped my arms around Dana, and set forth trying to lick her clit via her esophagus. She ground her crotch against my thigh, and ran her fingers through my hair. I kissed my way to her ear, then down her neck, to her shoulder, nibbling and licking and sucking everywhere my lips landed.

Her skin tasted wonderful, and the perfume she wore filled my nose and turned me on even more. My hands made their way to her ass, and I squeezed both of those sexy cheeks. Hard. I lifted her up, and her legs wrapped around me. Dana planted her cooch right on my cock, and moaned as she ground her pussy as hard as she could against me. I could feel her moisture starting to seep through my shorts. I started to lower her feet to the floor, because I wanted to get my hands and lips on those tits. As soon as her hands came from around my neck, her hand started pumping my dick through my shorts.

“Dana, it kills me to say this, but I gotta pee! Bad!” She backed up from me, smiled and said, “Me, too, lover!” I pointed her to the guest bathroom, and told her I’d meet her where we stood as soon as possible. I went to the head in my bedroom, and took a swig of mouthwash while I look a leak. I did a pit-check, and doubled down and hit the pits one more time with deodorant, and a spray of cologne on my chest. When I opened the door, the light in my bedroom surprised me by being on, until the sight of Dana, crawling up onto my bed, made sexy sense of the light.

I made my way to the bed, just as she was turning around to face me, and she got on her knees and put her arms around my neck. We started to make out again, and my hands began to roam her body. She began to pull my t-shirt over my head, and after doing so, began licking and sucking on my nipples, pinching and fondling whichever one she wasn’t occupying with her mouth. As her teeth would close on my nipple, they made me throw my head back in both pain and pleasure. I began to feel her tits, squeezing and caressing them over blouse. I could feel there was a bra there, but it didn’t have that “industrial strength” feel to it. Pulling her blouse up, my hands confirmed that the bra was decoration more than necessity by feeling the lace trim, and being able to feel her stiff nipples through the fabric. Dana raised her arms over her head, and her blouse joined my t-shirt on the floor. My eyes feasted on the pretty bra that held those amazing tits. It was see through, and sexy as hell. I lowered my head to her left breast, and began kissing her nipple through the fabric.

“Oh, baby boy, yessss! Suck my tits! Oh, God , that feels good! Such a good boy!”

I went to town on her tits, licking and gently biting her nipples, Eyüp escort bayan slobbering on the fabric of the bra, making the material slippery, switching between the left and right. I tried not to show favorites, and put my face between them, and tried to smother myself by squeezing them together. I pushed my hands under the bra, finally feeling skin to skin contact with her titties. Her nipples were hard, and I pinched and pulled and twisted them, making Dana moan. Her hands found my face, and she pulled my head back to look me in the eye. The look on her face was the sexiest thing I have ever seen in my life. Her eyes were somehow wide open and half-open at the same time. Her pupils were dilated, leaving a ring of that sexy green iris that betrayed her lust, yet her lids were those of a pothead.

“Call me mommy. I want you to be my son, and mommy wants to molest her sexy son. Mommy’s going to make you feel good; I am gonna suck your cock, and you are gonna fuck your mommy, lick her clit, and be a good boy for me.”

“What?” I couldn’t really believe or understand what she was saying, and wondered if I’d actually heard it.

She smiled at me, backed away a little, took a breath, and said, “My early family life was…um, unconventional. And thanks to that, I wanted to be a mother so badly, in hopes that I’d have a son that I could…corrupt.” She smiled again. “It wasn’t meant to be, but that doesn’t mean my fantasy went away.”

I was thrilled. MILF porn had always been a favorite, and that had lead me to an interest in “incest” porn, and the mother-son variety never failed to turn me on. Julia Ann, Nina Hartley, Corey Chase, and especially Brandi Love were regular fodder for my spank sessions, and I was all in on this! The fantasy of the naïve young man falling into the clutches of the horny older woman is almost universal. Adding the forbidden taboo of incest ramps the excitement up exponentially, for me.

I smiled at her, and made sure I looked right into those pretty green eyes. “Mommy, this is incest. Mom’s aren’t supposed to want to fuck their son. Son’s aren’t supposed to fuck their mommy. But I am not gonna lie; all of my friends think you are a MILF, and I do too!” I looked down shyly, playing the role I hoped she wanted me to play. “But I’m not very experienced. I’ve only been with that slutty girl around the corner, and I was drunk. I know we did it, but I don’t remember much about it.”

“You’ve got nothing to worry about, baby boy. Mommy’s going to show you everything, and do anything you want her to do. You’ve grown into a handsome young man who will need to know how to please the women who’ll be coming to you in droves soon. Your education starts tonight, baby.” She backed to the middle of the bed, and laid down on her side, facing me, her head on the pillow. “Come here, baby boy. Mommy needs her boy.”

I was beside her in an instant, and I pulled her close and began to kiss her lips. Our tongues found each other, and we made out for a few minutes. Her hand combed through my hair as we kissed, and my hand caressed her naked back, making frequent trips to grope her ass. I’d slide my hand down her thigh and pull her knee toward me, wanting to feel her pussy on my thigh. As she started grinding me, my hand slid up her body to her breast. My hand made the “OK” sign around her nipple, and I then contracted it, capturing and pulling the nipple. My lips worked along her jawline to Dana’s ear, where I nibbled and sucked on her earlobe, then traced my tongue around her ear. She moaned, turned her head toward me, and attacked my tongue with hers.

I rolled toward her, effectively pinning her underneath me, and wrapped my arms around her, trying to feel every square inch of her all at once, grinding my beyond hard cock into her pussy, which elicited a guttural moan from my new mommy. I raised my torso, pushing my dick harder against her, and she wrapped her legs around me, pulling me even closer to her. Her wetness soaked the front of my cargo shorts, and I could feel the coolness on my dick.

“Give mama that cock! I need it in my cunt so fucking bad! Be mommy’s good boy and fuck me!” Her language both surprised and excited me. She reached for the button at the waist of my shorts, and as soon as it was undone, practically ripped the zipper off my shorts. Reaching in, her eyes widened as her hand found my hard dick. “Oh, god, baby boy! It’s so big!” Its not pornstar big, but my cock is pretty thick, and I appreciated the vote of confidence. She pulled out into the light and stroked it, reaching down to fondle my balls. Mommy brought her hand back to the head of my dick, and twisted her hand around it, coating the head with my precum.

I had backed away from her crotch so she could get her hands on my manhood, and while I enjoyed the look of her hands on my dick, I wanted her pussy. Her skirt had ridden up to her waist, and her twat was practically drooling. The button of her clit was exposed, and my hand could not resist any longer. I began by circling 2 fingers around her clit 3 or 4 times, then running those fingers down to her opening, and back up to her stiff clit, repeating the laps I had taken previously. Her juice coated my fingers, and my fingers and her juices combined to make a wonderful sound.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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