Call of the Wild Ch. 01

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For the record: All characters engaging in any sexual activities are at least 18 years of age!

Authors note. Thanks for your support. I am sorry about the errors within the text. I know how bad it is when you are pulled out of the story by spelling and grammatical errors, I have not been able to find a reliable editor, and I have tried many times, so stop asking for me to get one, unless you want to do it. I have put it through Word and Grammarly and finally Google docs and read it through many times, I’m just not proficient enough to catch all the mistakes I make. If you find an error that you just can’t live with, politely let me know in the comments and I will fix it. I read all the comments, even the harsh ones, but I usually delete them after reading them. I am just going to give you what a non-writer can do and hope for your forgiveness.

Call Of The Wild

I had to do something and do it soon. Toby was well on his way to ending up like his father, dead on the end of a needle. I had watched it once, it broke my heart, and would not do it again. This time a ‘friend’ found him at the bottom of some stairwell, behind a building with a syringe still sticking out of his arm. When I turned up at the hospital, the older Doctor scowled at me like I was the one that sold him the drugs, but a nurse about my age took me off to the side and talked me down off the ledge.

“Something needs to change, or you will lose your son, this is the third time he has been in here and the second time this month. This time he wasn’t breathing by himself. I don’t know if he was trying to end his life or the amount of heroin he normally uses isn’t doing it for him anymore, so he upped the dose, but this will not end well,” the nurse said, hitting me right in the heart.

They were tough words to hear, but I needed to listen to them. I waited until Toby was admitted for the night and went home to work on a plan. I contacted the research center that I had based my last book on, and they had a grant for a year-long study of the carnivores of the Alaskan wilderness. All they needed now was someone mad enough to spend a year out there. They just found their man or, in this case, woman.

“Mom, I am sorry, I swear, I will never touch the stuff again,” Toby said, and I know he means it now, but in a few days, he will be hurting enough that his promise to me will mean little in his drug deprived brain.

“I know, honey, we will be able to work it out on the trip,” I said, being vague on purpose.

“What trip?” Toby asked, sounding worried.

“I have a work trip, and you are coming to carry my equipment, and I’m paying you for your services. Here is a sign-on bonus,” I answered, and handed him a few hundred dollars.

I knew this would keep him interested, and he would not be able to turn down the money. I also knew he would find some drugs before we left in the morning, but It was a price I would need to pay for his acceptance to come with me.

While I packed to go, I could see that Toby was already high, he ate very little, and his pupils were as small as pinpricks. I didn’t see where he got the heroin, but I never did, that’s the problem. We boarded a boat for the two-day cruise north to meet a helicopter for the flight inland. Toby was calm all the way. I assume all the money I had given him has gone on drugs and he had it stashed on him somewhere.

Toby helped unpack the chopper, well he tried, We dragged the heavy equipment off the cargo net that had hung under the helicopter. He had little strength, as he hadn’t worked a day in his life. My success in writing books and papers on the animals, had given me a great life, but it also became a curse, my husband, and now my son, didn’t use their idle time well. When the helicopter took off Toby and I stood in the clearing looking at all the supplies we had to set up a camp.

“We have a lot of stuff here, where are the cabins?” Toby said, looking around us a little bewildered.

“We can build one anywhere we like, but it would be better near that stream,” I answered, pointing to a small spring cascading into a pond on the edge of the clearing.

“Who will be building the cabin, and what are we sleeping in until then?” Toby asked, the cogs finally turning in his head.

“You are, that’s what I am paying you for, but we need to set up the camp for now,” I answered, walking over to the tent kit.

“What the fuck, where the fuck are, we?” Toby said, storming up to me, his spit speckling my face.

“We are in the middle of nowhere, over three hundred miles from the nearest town, but the good news is, that the chopper will be back to pick us up,” I answered, standing my ground.

“Oh, thank God, how long do we have to wait?” Toby asked, the venom going out of his words.

“He will be back next spring, you can stay or leave then,” I answered, causing Toby to spring up and push me backward over the tent rolls.

“Stop, Stop, if you injure me, we will never make it a day, never mind a year. Now we have all day to work out bursa escort bayan how to set up this tent and put up an electric sound barrier to ward off the bears and wolves,” I countered, from my back.

“Bears and Wolves, fuck we are going to be eaten alive,” Toby said, throwing some pots into the ground.

“The quicker we get set up, the safer we will be,” I said, but he was already storming off towards the stream.

I went about clearing an area a bit closer to the trees, so we had some wind protection. The tent was quite big, and we had some plywood to cover the sides, to help us if bears did decide to visit during the night. I was sitting with the tent instructions on my lap when Toby came back. I know what he had been doing, but if it claimed him for the time being, I would look the other way. He would run out of drugs sooner or later, and then all hell would break loose.

“OK, I am stuck here, so you read out the instructions, and I will build this fucking thing,” Toby said, looking at the big canvas roll.

It took the rest of the day and some help from me to get the tent up. At Least now we had a waterproof place to sleep. I also set up the sound barrier that would ward off the bears and wolves, I hoped.

“Toby, start gathering firewood, it’s going to be cold tonight,” I asked him, and he set off across to the trees.

I pulled out the dried food from the large bear-proof food lockers then latched them down well so the smell of the food wouldn’t attract any unwanted friends. I sent Toby down to get water, and when he came back, I showed him how to build a fire. I didn’t think he would ever remember it in the state he was in, but if I showed him often enough, it might sink in.

“Reconstituted beef or chicken?” I asked, holding up both for him to pick.

“Hell, let’s live dangerously, beef,” He replied, at least he still had some sense of humor.

We ate and cleaned up the scraps, it tasted like dried cardboard, but I was hungry enough that it didn’t matter. We crawled into the tent that night, but with the animal noises that sounded so close in the darkness, that it took a long time to doze off.

I woke up to find Toby gone, I got up and started to boil water and made some porridge. It was a little while later that he came back from the stream in a very mellow mood. He ate and helped clean up but wouldn’t hear of my idea to start the cabin. His high didn’t last long, so I guessed it was the last of his stash, so I prepared myself for the detox. I had nothing but paracetamol here so he would be going cold turkey, in the worst way.

“You know what’s coming next, Toby,” I said, as we sat around the fire that night.

“What do you mean Mom,” He said, looking into his coffee cup, his hands starting to shake.

“You’re out of drugs, and the nearest dealer is half a world away, it’s time to get clean,” I said, looking over to him hopefully.

“What the fuck would you know,” He shouted, his heckles up again.

“I have seen your father go through it many times,” I said, but I couldn’t keep the sadness off my face.

“I’m not him, he was a bad addict,” Toby said, lying to himself and me.

“In a few hours you will be sick and begging me to make it stop, then all you will do is sleep,” I replied, I had too much knowledge for my own good.

He blew me off, but I knew what was coming, and the mother in me wished I could stop it somehow, but he needed to go through this, to come out the other side. I was sleeping soundly when I heard Toby being sick, and the throwing up didn’t stop for the next twelve hours.

I took him down to the pond, rinsed his clothes, and had him strip and sit in the water to clean the smell off him. He was like a small child again, ready to comply with whatever I said. I told him to lift his arm to wash it, and he did what he was told. His body was soft and squishy, a roll of fat around the middle from not eating much, other than junk. I couldn’t feel any muscle in his arms as I washed him, but his package was a bit of a surprise, even flaccid it was an impressive size.

I put that out of my mind and focused on getting Toby through these few days because I would need his help to make a cabin if we were going to get through the winter. We also needed to build up supplies of wood and smoked fish or meat. He needed to help, or we would perish here deep in the wilderness.

Toby was weak and still couldn’t hold any food down after three days, and I was getting worried, but the glimmer of hope was that the water I kept offering him was keeping him hydrated. Day four, he started to eat food again but fell back to sleep straight after. He had a high temperature, but I had seen this before and kept up the paracetamol to help this and his aches and pains from the withdrawal.

“Mom, I need something more, the pains in my guts won’t go away, I am dying,” Toby screamed out, on the fifth night.

“You won’t die, baby, I am here to get you through this,” I said, but it only made him angry.

“You can’t help, I need gorukle escort heroin, and I need it now,” He yelled in my face.

I rode this rollercoaster for the next four days, one minute he was yelling at me the next he was hugged into my chest. Just as I was running out of energy myself, the sun rose on the ninth day, and the old Toby was back, the one before the drugs and before his Dad passed away. I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was up before me and tending to the fire. It was one thing he seemed to enjoy out here, collecting wood and starting the fire.

“We need to start building the cabin. It’s going to take a long time to build, and if we don’t have at least a basic one this winter, we are in big trouble. The wolves are fine now that there is plenty of food around, but they will come looking for prey in winter. And we are about the slowest prey in this forest,” I said, to help motivate him.

“I don’t know how to build a Lego set, how am I going to build a log cabin?” Toby asked, poking at the fire with a stick.

“My laptop is on the solar charger over there. It has videos on how to build one from scratch, step by step. I will need to help you pull the logs into position, so we need to build it close to the trees, so we don’t have to drag them far, but I also have to start the research I am being paid for,” I answered, trying to get dressed without flashing all my bits to my son.

“Any other good videos on there,” He responded, glancing at me as I changed. I liked that he was cracking jokes now, and it had been a long time since I had seen him smile.

“No internet access, so no porn for you,” I answered, tucking in my shirt.

To his credit, Toby spent the rest of the day watching the videos and sorting out the hand tools he needed. He chose an ax he liked and gave it a sharpen, the way he was shown in the videos, then after lunch he tried to cut down a tree the size he thought looked about right. It was still standing by dark, and I had to question whether he chose a tree too big, or did he lack the strength to cut it down.

“Is it too big?” I asked, trying not to insult him.

“No, I don’t have the skill or the strength to fell it right. I will just have to keep at it. My hands have blisters, though,” He replied, showing me his hands.

“Yes, they are bad, but they will toughen up,” I said, but mine will fare no better, when I help drag them into place.

I watched Toby finish cutting the tree down the next morning, and he trimmed it, and we pulled it into place. He spent a long time using an adze to cut a flat surface along the log’s top side. The tool looked a bit like a pick but with a razor-sharp edge. I was sure he would cut his leg off, but he managed to flatten the log over a few hours.

“One down, and well, a lot to go,” Toby said, as he stood on the log in triumph.

“Yes, this is going to take a while. I need you to come along with me to keep a lookout. I have to start searching for some bears and wolf packs in the area,” I said, while picking up the radio finder and getting the battery pack off the solar charger.

“Wow, what do I do with this?” He asked, as I handed him the pistol and holster.

“Put it around your waist and strap the bottom to your leg. Fire it up in the air to frighten off any bear or wolf that comes too close, but if you have to you must shoot the animal, but only to save us,” I replied, he looked skeptical.

“I am no gunslinger,” He said, putting the gun belt on.

“Look pretty good to me, I was a big western fan as a girl,” I replied, getting both of us laughing.

I started walking towards the first faint signal that came from the finder. As we walked, it got stronger than as we approached the top of a rise, I could see a bear with two cubs in the river below. I stopped Toby by placing my hand on his chest, and we sank behind the top of the rise.

“OK, keep a lookout behind us, you never know if another bear will come past this way looking for the same food that Mary has found,” I whispered, and stuck my head over the top of the rise to look for markings that might identify the cubs. They were too young to have been spotted last year, so I took note of their markings, and we backed away slowly.

I switched the receiver to another channel and could hear a faint signal again. It was in my notes as a female wolf. We walked along a ridgeline, and it ran into a shear wall. I thought she might be on top of the cliff then I spotted a cave at the bottom of the rock wall.

“We will have to wait and see if Aga comes out for a look,” I whispered to Toby as we crouched in the treeline.

“Who is Aga?” He asked, sitting in the grass next to me.

“She is the alpha female of a wolfpack that frequents this area,” I said, keeping an eye on the cave.

“Will they all be in there?” Toby asked, asking all the right questions.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but they wouldn’t usually stay in a small cave, with the whole pack of maybe ten or more they would be coming and bursa merkez escort bayan going all day,” I answered, but kept an eye on the cave.

Then I saw a male coming out of the cave, he was very underweight and scampered off into the woods. But the signal stayed in the direction of the cave. We waited a few hours, and the male returned with some food in its mouth. I took note of his markings, and he had a dark black color running down over his neck and shoulder, ending about his knee. We backed away and headed to camp.

“What’s going on with the wolf, do you think he has cubs in there?” Toby asked as we walked back to camp.

“I think it might be Aga, he is feeding, and I will check, but he could be her son,” I answered, worried for the pack.

“What do you think happened,” He said, reading my face.

“It could be several things. Hunters could have killed the rest of the pack, or she could have been run off by a rival. But the son should have left the pack by now and be with other young males hunting and fighting to gain strength to take on Atka, the pack leader, for control of the pack. We will see what unfolds. Another wolf in the pack has a finder, and if we track her collar down, we might find out more,” I said, smiling now that I had Toby interested in something other than drugs for the first time in his life.

We got back to camp and cooked up some food, cleaned up. Then I smelt myself and almost fell over.

“Keep that gun on and come with me, I need a bath, and I don’t want to be eaten by a bear,” I said, as I got fresh clothes and soap.

“It’s fine I will look the other way,” Toby said, as I stalled at the pond’s edge.

“Just keep an eye out for bear’s not my bare ass,” I joked, stripping down fast and sliding in the cool water.

I soaped up and washed my hair, and Toby was pretty good, I only caught him peeking once. When I finished I was drying my hair with a towel around me when Toby made a big splash as he landed in the middle of the pond. I threw him the soap and tried to keep my eyes off his erection, clearly visible in the spring water. I moved around, so I was near the gun and kept an eye out while Toby washed.

That’s when the problem started because he walked out of the water with his penis swaying from side to side as he grabbed his shorts and put them on. It wasn’t a problem for him, but I hadn’t even seen a man naked since his father’s death, and we had no privacy out here. I looked away as Toby took the gun off me, and we walked back to the tent. I had trouble getting to sleep that night as my mind kept flashing back to Toby’s appendage, coming out of the water.

I woke to the smell of coffee and found Toby sipping on his cup and poking the fire with a stick. I dressed in the tent and poured myself a cup too.

“Are we going back to check on the wolf today?” He asked, sipping on his coffee and tossing the stick on the fire.

“Once we get another log cut and in place,” I replied, pouring some hot water in my porridge mix.

It took Toby much less time to cut this one down and trim it, and we pulled it in place, at right angles to the other. I have seen cabins built out of bigger trees, but we would never get them up to the next levels by hand. When he had it flat on top, Toby picked up the pistol and a canteen, and we headed out for the day. I tracked down another bear and made a note of its markings but couldn’t find the rest of the wolf pack. We came to the treeline near the cave, and I still had a signal from within the cave. Again, after a short time, the male left, but the signal stayed steady in the cave.

“I am going in for a quick look,” Toby said, drawing the gun.

“No, an injured wolf is even more dangerous, I have no way of fixing you if you get a bad bite,” I said, but he was already moving towards the cave mouth.

I followed, and when we got to just inside, we could see the eyes of a wolf looking at us. I could hear the low rumble of a growl, but she didn’t move at all. She had withered away to almost nothing. She would have been eighty pounds as the alpha female now she was maybe thirty. She just lifted her head and bared her teeth, but still enough to keep us at bay. I looked down and saw her twisted leg and realized why she was in this state, the wilderness was a crawl place and the weak and injured perished so the strong can live.

“Mom, her leg,” Toby whispered, but not moving forward.

“I’m sorry, Toby, but there is nothing to be done,”

“But we can’t just leave her here,” He said, moving forward and getting a loud growl from Aga, stopping him in his tracks.

“Even with tranquilizers and a vet team, she would still be put down, her son is doing all she needs now, she probably wouldn’t even accept food from us,” I said, seeing the dark black color in her coat going over her shoulder and stopping at her knee.

I saw Toby’s shoulders slump, but we had to move, the male would be back soon, even a young one like him is very dangerous. We left the cave and watched from the tree line, as we saw the male come back and sniff about at the entrance. He was hesitant to go in, but his mother was inside, so he advanced, disappearing inside with a mouthful of food. He came back out and did a quick scout around and looked right in our direction. That was enough to get us scurrying away.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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