Callie’s Milk

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About a year ago my daughter met a guy who was the epitome of scum. She was eighteen, he was twenty-five and the two were about as well suited as oil and water. The one time I met Roger Banks, I remember being thoroughly disgusted; his long, stringy hair held as much oil as the crankcase of his Harley, his face, which was not what anyone would call handsome, was dotted with old acne scars and several blackheads. He was so nasty that I was afraid to shake his hand.

I didn’t believe at the time, nor do I now, that Callie had feelings for the bum. My daughter has always been one who enjoys shocking others, especially me, and her relationship with Roger was simply for the shock value. She loves it; seeing how far she can push the envelope, seeing someone’s face when she says or does something truly outrageous, is Callie’s idea of fun.

I gave up long ago trying to persuade my daughter that she didn’t have to behave so scandalous all the time. I tried to impress upon her that her behavior did not impress others, especially her mother and me. I may as well have been talking to a brick wall for all the good it did me. She never listened. Somewhere inside that pretty head of hers is the notion that she can do anything she wants. After all, she’s a very beautiful young woman, and everyone knows that beautiful women own the world. Well, that’s a little simplistic, but it seems to adequately describe my daughter and how she views the world.

About three months after Callie met Roger Banks, she became pregnant with his baby. Naturally, since Banks is probably one of the more revolting specimens of human nature, he fled town when she told him, and hasn’t been heard from since. I say, good riddance! In many ways, though, Callie has been profoundly changed by the incident. The prospect of having a baby, having to care for a child, has forced her to grow up and accept some responsibility.

At least, for the most part.

There is still a wild streak in my daughter that she hasn’t quite let go of. She still likes to taunt and shock people just to see how they’ll react. Janet has become immune to Callie’s peculiar behavior over the years and simply ignores her. I do the same and most times it works. But Callie never gives up. She knows, at the very least, she can get a reaction out of me. And that proved true a few weeks back.

Callie decided to breastfeed little Andy, who is now six weeks old, and she doesn’t seem to be bothered with the rules of decorum regarding the display of her breasts. Starting from day one, Callie would come into the den, sit on the sofa and pull out a milk-laden breast for Andy to feed on. Janet told me to ignore her, that Callie was simply acting up again. But, let me tell you that it’s hard to ignore such beautiful breasts, regardless of whom they belong to.

I’ve never really thought of my daughter in a sexual way, even though I knew she was every bit as beautiful as she believed. She has long red hair that she normally keeps tied in a loose pony tail behind her head, her skin has a soft peach complexion and her frame is slender and curvaceous. She’s only 5′, 5″ but her slender body makes her legs seem very long. She has green, mischievous eyes and sensual lips that can melt your heart when she smiles.

A couple of weeks ago when Andy was about four weeks old, Callie came into the den with Andy one evening while I was watching television. Janet was gone to one of her endless charity meetings and the three of us were alone in the house. Without a word, she sat down on the end of the sofa nearest to my recliner and exposed a breast for Andy to suckle. I have to admit that much of the problem I’ve had with Callie breastfeeding her son in my presence was that I enjoyed it more than a father should. It was hard not to watch and I would covertly glance at my daughter’s exposed breast many times. She’s caught me several times but she simply smiled without saying a word.

Callie’s creamy white breast had an effect on me. Maybe it was because Janet and I seldom have sex anymore, or maybe it was just because I enjoyed looking at a beautiful, milk-filled breast. Whatever the reason, seeing her breasts was intoxicating. I shouldn’t have been so aroused, especially with my grandson attached to the working end, but my cock quickly became a throbbing hard seven inches. Seeing my daughter’s breasts had become the most arousing experience of my life.

Suddenly, Callie turned her face to me and her eyes seemed to light up with the old mischievous quality that I had come to know so well. Her beautiful lips spread into a playful smile as she looked into my eyes. I knew she was about to say something shocking again but I didn’t mind.

“Do you like looking at my tits, daddy?” she asked with a grin.

“I ah…I’m sorry, Callie, I didn’t mean to stare,” I said hesitantly.

“Yes, you did,” she laughed. “You’ve been looking at my tits every time I breastfeed Andy.”

“Well, it’s not like it’s easy not to watch,” I said in my defense.

Without Merter Escort a word and her lips still spread in a playful grin, Callie exposed her other milk-filled breast. With her left hand, she gently cupped the heavy tit and lifted it. I just stared at it, my eyes riveted to the milky white globe and the dark, fat nipple that oozed milk.

“Would you like to taste my milk, daddy?” she asked softly.

“I…ah…maybe we shouldn’t have this conversation,” I stammered.

The truth is, I desperately wanted to feast on my sexy daughter’s tit and drink her milk. It may be wrong, maybe in reality my mind is really twisted and immoral, but the thought of taking that fat, brown nipple into my mouth was the most stimulating thought of my life. A fleeting thought that I was worse than Roger Banks came to mind but I quickly pushed it away.

“Why, daddy?” she persisted. “I know you want to. I can tell from the way you look at my tits that you want to suck them.”

That smile, the mischievous glint in her pretty green eyes, were signs of her old behavior. Callie was pushing the envelope again and trying to see how far she could take me. My pulse was racing, pounding away in my ears; my breath was ragged and labored; my mouth was as dry as desert sand and I couldn’t speak. I just looked at her, my eyes captivated with that soft, heavy breast she was offering.

Suddenly, just like that, it was over. Andy apparently had finished with his evening meal and Callie began the process of burping him. When that was over she stood from the sofa, carried her infant son to a playpen in one corner of the den and gently laid him inside. After she made sure he was asleep, she turned and locked eyes with me. Then, without a word, she slowly shrugged out of the denim shirt she was wearing and dropped it to the floor at her feet. Now she stood in a pair of skimpy panties that barely concealed the puffy mound of her pussy.

She walked to where I sat and crawled into my lap, her legs on either side of mine, and lowered her firm, well – rounded ass onto my lap. My gaze was immediately drawn to her heavy tits that she cupped with both hands. A tiny drop of milk clung to the fat nipple of her left tit and I licked my lips eagerly.

“Go ahead, daddy,” she said softly. “Drink me, taste my milk.”

“Oh, baby…”

“No one has to know,” she said in that soft, easy voice. “Let me breastfeed you, daddy.”

A tiny mewling sound came from my mouth as she touched a fat nipple to my dry lips. Without considering it any further, without thinking or acknowledging that what I was about to do was wrong, I opened my mouth and sucked the offered nipple into my mouth. Callie placed one hand lightly behind my head and held me while I began to feed from her nipple.

Callie’s breast milk wasn’t bitter, as I had been led to believe. Someone once told me that a woman’s breast milk is bitter and nasty but I thought my daughter’s milk was incredibly good. I began to suck with a greedy need, savoring the rich taste of Callie’s milk on my tongue.

“You like it, don’t you, daddy?”

“Yes, baby, I love it.”

“Suck my nipple harder, daddy,” she said. I heard the strain of something new in her voice that I hadn’t heard before and suddenly realized that it sounded very much like lust. “Make me feel it, daddy! Suck my titties!”

I complied. I began to suck Callie’s nipple hard, taking drops of warm, sweet milk into my mouth each time. Soon, I heard tiny gasps of delight coming from her as I feasted on her sweet, sexy tit. Both of her hands held my head, her long fingers combing through my hair as she watched me suck her nipple. I had both of her heavy tits in my hands and I began to alternate between them. I was like a kid in a candy store as I greedily sucked my daughter’s breast milk from both of her lovely, soft tits.

All at once, Callie began to move in my lap. She began to rock her hips, rubbing her panty-covered pussy along the fat shaft of my cock that made a nice bulge in my kaki pants. Back and forth she moved her delicious pussy, grinding and rubbing against my cock. I couldn’t believe that my daughter was dry fucking me! I was so turned on I could barely breathe. I increased the force of my sucking and started to bite and chew on her nipples, taking them into my mouth and sucking hard on them.

“Yessssssssss!” she hissed. “Suck my nipples, daddy! Suck them hard! Make them hurt!”

“You like that?” I gasped around a fat nipple.

“Yes! Oh, daddy, you’re such a good tittie sucker!”

Abruptly, Callie began to grunt and moan as she rocked her hips harder and faster. Her hands held me tight against her left breast as she suddenly descended into the depths of a fierce orgasm. I just sat quietly, hardly able to believe that my daughter, my sweet nineteen-year-old Callie, had just had an orgasm while dry fucking the bulge of my hard cock in my pants. I held her tightly, her left nipple still in my mouth, until she finally Merter Escort Bayan collapsed against me.

We sat this way for some time, and then she rose up and crawled from my lap. She walked back to where she’d dropped her shirt, picked it up from the floor and shrugged back into it. Then, with a tiny smile on her pretty lips she turned and walked back to where I sat. She bent at the waist, leaned in and licked a drop of mother’s milk that clung to one corner of my mouth.

“Any time you’re thirsty…”

“I know where I can get the best mother’s milk in town,” I replied with a smile.

She nodded, and then walked to where Andy lay sleeping in the playpen. I watched my sexy daughter take her son to the room where they slept, my mind reeling with all that had happened. The evening had started with her simply doing what she had been doing for weeks: exposing her breasts to get a reaction from me. Well, she did get a reaction; one I knew I wouldn’t soon be able to get out of my mind. When I looked down at the front of my trousers, I groaned loudly. There was a large spot that was the juice and cum from Callie’s pussy.

I quickly shoved my pants down around my knees, without caring who walked in. It didn’t take long, either. The taste of Callie’s milk, the feel of her nipples in my mouth, and the orgasm I gave her just because I was sucking her delicious titties, combined to send me into a mind-numbing orgasm. With the image of Callie’s tits in my mind’s eye, my cock exploded and ropes of thick, white cum shot into the air to land on the carpet at my feet.

Later that night, after everyone else had gone to sleep, I lay awake remembering what had happened between my daughter and me. As I had predicted, the images of that night would not go away easily. And I lay there anticipating the next time I would drink from my daughter’s sexy, young breasts.

* * * * *

I went around in a daze for the next few days, my mind absorbed with the images of my daughter and the warm, sweet taste of her breast milk. During that time I tried to analyze what had happened and understand why Callie had aroused me so much that night. The bottom line, which is so one-dimensional that it really may not explain it well, is that we were doing something that was wrong. Incest is considered taboo and is not very well accepted by most. The fact is, though, that people – at least in the time we now live – are drawn to what they’re not supposed to have. And what Callie and I did that night was even more breathtaking simply because it was wrong.

Still, I could not stop thinking about that night. It’s a good thing that I own my own company or I might have lost my job. I was so engrossed in what had taken place that I found it difficult to focus on daily tasks. Even my secretary and one of my foremen commented on the obvious lack of attention, wondering if I was all right.

The following night, which was Friday, I stayed up late to watch an old movie on cable television. Janet went to bed a few hours earlier because she had a charity event scheduled for the next day. I had hoped that Callie would feed little Andy again but she accomplished that task and put him to bed before Janet went to sleep. So, I sat alone in the den watching a movie that I wasn’t even interested in.

A little after twelve, Callie came into the den dressed in a bath robe, her long, red hair damp from a fresh shower. I was surprised. I had thought she probably went to sleep when she put my grandson to bed. I could feel my cock begin to stir under the robe I had put on earlier in anticipation of another opportunity with my daughter. She stopped in the center of the room and looked around.

“Where’s mom?” she asked.

“She went to bed a couple of hours ago,” I said, trying hard to keep my eyes on her face. “She has one of those charity events tomorrow.”

Callie grinned. “You know how sound she sleeps. It would take a bomb to wake her up.”

“I know.”

“Are you hungry?”

“Are you going to feed me?”

“I would love to breastfeed my daddy,” she said with a soft, husky voice. “I really like the way my daddy sucks my nipples.”

“I love your milk, baby,” I said. My eyes dropped momentarily to where I knew her breasts were under the terrycloth robe. “And I really love sucking my little girl’s tits.”

It was so bizarre having this conversation with my daughter. For nineteen years Callie had been my little girl, even though she had been a pain in the ass much of that time. Still I had loved her, and talking dirty to her was so far out in left field that I could hardly believe it was actually taking place.

“I also want to fuck you, Callie.” I had known I would say that and the words only aroused me more.

“Really?” she said with arched brow.


Without another word I shrugged out of the robe. Callie’s eyes dropped to my hard cock and her pretty mouth made a big O as she stared at it. A week before I would not have Escort Merter believed that I would be sitting naked in my recliner, holding my hard cock in one hand while my sexy daughter stared at it.

“You want my cock, Callie?” I asked with a lust-filled voice.

“Fuck, yes!” she hissed.

She quickly took off the robe she wore, dropped it on the floor and crawled onto my lap. Before she was even settled I pulled her face to mine and mashed my lips to hers. Callie parted her lips and groaned when I slipped my tongue deep into her mouth. I had kissed my daughter many times before but never like this. The feel of her warm, wet mouth on my tongue was stimulating and we kissed with a wild, intensity that took my breath away.

“Fuck me, daddy!” she hissed into my mouth. “Jam your big daddy-dick in my little cunny!”

“Oh, baby, I need your hot little cunt so bad!”

“It’s yours, daddy! Take it!”

Callie rose up, grabbed my hard cock with one hand and guided it to her sopping wet fuck hole. We both groaned in unison as the big head spread her lips wide and sank deep inside of her. There was a wild look in her green eyes as she settled onto my cock. Then, with a long groan of pleasure, she began to fuck me, her ass rising and falling while I rocked my hips to meet her thrusts.

“Suck my titties, daddy! Drink my milk!”

“You like breastfeeding me, baby?”

“Yessssssssss! Oh, fuck, yes! I love feeling your lips and teeth and tongue on my nipples!”

I began sucking her tits, alternating between the two, taking her warm milk into my mouth and savoring the taste. Callie groaned softly as she watched me feed on her beautiful tits. I couldn’t get enough of my little girl’s milk. I held her heavy globes in my hands while my greedy mouth worked on the fat nipples.

Her pussy felt like a glove made of liquid satin as she rode my throbbing meat. I could feel her juices gathering on my cum-filled balls. Her pretty face had transformed into a mask of pure lust, her green eyes wide with unbridled desire, and her bottom lip quivering with need. I released a nipple and leaned back to watch her pussy as my cock impaled it with each upward thrust. Her fat, shaved pussy mound, the pink, throbbing clit nearly drove me mad with desire.

“I can’t believe you’re fucking me, daddy!”

“I can’t believe it, either,” I gasped. “Such a nice pussy!”

“Do you know that my milk will be gone one of these days?”

“I know,” I said. “I’ll miss it, too.”

“It doesn’t have to be that way, you know.”

“I don’t understand, baby.”

She grinned and caressed my face with one hand. In a soft, barely audible voice, she said, “Cum in me, daddy. Cum in my pussy and make me pregnant again.”

I just stared at her for a long moment. Callie had taken me by surprise and I didn’t know what to say. My daughter had just asked me to make a baby in her. She leaned forward and kissed me softly, her tongue dancing lightly inside of my mouth.

“Are you sure, baby?” I asked after she leaned back and locked eyes with me.

“Yes! I want to have your baby so bad, daddy!”

“But…I mean…your mother-“

“Doesn’t have to know,” she finished for me. “I love you so much and I want to have your baby!”

“Oh, Callie, I love you, too!”

“Will you make a baby in me?”



Callie wrapped her slender arms around my waist and mashed her lips to mine. We kissed hard, our tongues clashing deliciously together. I held her hips and picked up the tempo, making my cock a hard, throbbing piston as it drove in and out of her pussy. She groaned into my mouth while the nails of her long fingers raked my back. I broke the kiss and greedily began sucking her tits again. I drank the warm, sweet milk from Callie’s tits while we continued to fuck with an intensity that I had never felt with anyone else before.

“Yessssssssss! Drink my milk, daddy!” she gasped. “Oh, fuck, I’m breastfeeding my daddy while he fucks my wet pussy! Oh, daddy, it’s so fucking good! Don’t stop fucking me! Drink your little girl’s tittie milk and fuck her pussy! Make a baby in my tummy, daddy!”

Callie babbled on, her body consumed with a wild-hot fire as we made love in my recliner. I was on fire, hardly able to believe that I was about to make my little girl pregnant. But, as I sucked her nipples and drank her sweet milk, I realized that I did want her pregnant. I wanted her to be pregnant with our baby, and this thought spurred me on. It wasn’t long before I knew that I was close.

“I’m close, Callie,” I gasped.

“Yes! Oh, fuck, daddy, I can’t believe you’re gonna make a baby in me!”

“It’s gonna happen very soon, baby, because I don’t think I can hold off much longer!”

“Do it!” she gasped. “Give my pussy your baby seed! I want it, daddy!”

I shoved my cock up into her pussy hard and fast one last time as it exploded deep inside of her. My whole body felt like concrete as I stiffened with the most powerful orgasm of my life. Tiny mewling sounds of pure unbridled passion came from Callie’s mouth as she began to climax. Her hips rocked and shuddered and grinded hard on my cock, milking every drop of seed my balls had to offer while she rode the wave of her own orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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