Candy Pt. 10

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“Did you fuck my mother?” Candy asked me. She was straddling me in a dining room chair and had my cock in her hand.

“I didn’t tell her anything about your sex life. And she asked.”

“But, did you fuck her?”

It would have been easy to say, “No,” since technically I didn’t. It was incredibly tempting to say that I fisted her and facefucked her and ate her until we were exhausted. But there’s a line it’s wrong to cross. “I don’t think it’s right — for me — to tell anyone about anyone else’s sexual activities. Did she look more relaxed today?”

“She looked exhausted and happy. And she gave you a long goodbye kiss, and grabbed your ass, so whatever you did was good for her. Did I see Iris grab your dick?”

“I’m not saying.”

“Feeling pretty cocky now aren’t you?” She gave the referenced member a good squeeze. “Kinky old bastard, seducing a coed and using her to get her little sister AND her mother?”

“Young seductress, using an older man to debauch her innocent sister and mother?”

She pulled off her T shirt. “Suck my tits, you kinky old bastard. I’m going to text Iris and see if she can get Mom to confess while they’re driving home.” She grabbed her phone and started thumbing away. I sucked and licked at her left nipple.

Pulling my mouth away, I asked, “How was last night?” Then I switched to her right nipple.

She told me, “You know it was in the jock dorm, right? I thought Iris would stand out in the gym shorts and T shirt, but everyone there was wearing shit like that. I looked weird in my party dress” (I love that dress, low at the top, short at the bottom, tight all over). “Cake everywhere at that party! Everybody built, ripped, and stacked. Everybody energetic. Sweat pants and gym shorts and workout clothes. All the little cheerleaders and gymnasts and runners going braless like Iris. All the big chicks in sports bras, some with nothing on over it. But these jugs you’re sucking on got some attention. Mine might not have been the biggest boobs there, but they were the biggest braless boobs and I stuck ’em out proud.”

She was tugging on my cock absentmindedly as she talked. I ran my hands up and down her sides.

“Everybody was drinking and talking, and it was way more active and physical than average: dancing, play-wrestling, grabassing. Those gym shorts and sweat pants are easy to slide your hand right down into. This one basketball player? He must have been about 6’8”. His dick was in proportion, if you know what I mean. I’m going for more of that some day.

“Anyway, Iris and I zoom in on these two football player, cut them out and we all go up to their room. Two sophomore linemen, easily over 6′ and 220 each. There isn’t much difference between them except one’s black and the other’s white.

“So we’re drinking and making out, and I say, ‘listen guys, tonight’s a special night for my sister, visiting the college and all, so I’m just going to sit back over here, and I want you two to fuck her real good, okay?’ And these guys, they’re so cute, they’re like, ‘Ok, ma’am’ like I’m an old lady. Iris says, ‘Come on fellas, I want your pricks in my mouth, my vag, my butthole, everywhere! I want to rim you and lick your balls. I want to do it all. Just one thing: you’ve got to wear a condom. If you want, you can pull out and take it off and shoot on my belly or my ass, but let’s not risk any diseases, okay?’

“Then they go at it. The two guys, Jerry and Ben, sit on one bed. Iris stands in front of them and pulls her gym shorts off. She isn’t wearing any underwear. She does a spin so they get a good look at her little patch of blonde hair and her pretty little butt that you found so delicious.

“Without a word, in unison the two of them hike their hips up and strip their sweat pants down, and they aren’t wearing any underwear. Jerry’s dick is semi-erect and dangling against his thigh.more than 7” long already. Ben’s full stiffy is just a little longer, pointing up at his six-pack.

“Iris steps right over to them and takes one in each hand. Standing up she’s just barely taller than the two of them sitting down. She kisses Ben and tugs on Jerry’s dick. Ben puts one hand on her shoulder to kind of steady her. I see his other hand rubbing up the inside of her thigh. Jerry has a hand on her ass. His hands are escort videoları huge! He totally cups one entire butt cheek. His finger tips are in her ass crack, rubbing across her asshole and pushing toward her pussy. His other hand is up under her shirt, massaging one of her boobs.

“For a while she switches back and forth, making out with both of them, stroking both their dicks, while they both run their hands all over her, then settle in at her pussy. They’re double teaming it like synchronized swimmers. One dips a finger in while the other rubs across the clit, then they switch. Soon Jerry has two big fingers pistoning in and out of her, while Ben has his hand, fingers split into a V, sliding across the outside. Iris is panting like a thirsty puppy.”

“A puppy?” I broke her train of thought. She glanced down, suddenly remembering she had my cock in her hand. Almost absentmindedly, she hitched forward, sat onto it, and started rocking her hips. She kept the rocking up as she returned to her story.

“Jerry’s going, ‘C’mon Iris. You know you ready. Let go, Iris. Cum for Ben and me.’ And she does. She shudders and wriggles and squirms and squeals — a good orgasm.

“Then she slides down onto her knees and starts sucking on Jerry’s cock. He keeps talking, ‘That’s right, Iris. Suck that shit. Wrap your lips around my licorice stick’

Iris bobs her head, taking as much of his long, hard dick as she can, slobbering all over it. Then she pulls off to switch to Ben.

“Right then I remember. ‘You guys need to put condoms on right now!’ I say. Iris pulls her mouth off Ben’s dick and rolls her eyes at me. You’d be proud, ’cause I insisted. Jerry and Ben say, ‘Yes, Ma’am!’ Iris sits up on the bed between them. I toss them each a condom. This is why I’m telling you this part: They put them on each other! Yes! They, like, give each other a handjob and roll the condoms on, like it’s the most natural thing in the world.

“Standing by the bed, Ben says to Iris, ‘C’mere. Stand up. I want to lick your love bucket! Iris, I want to eat your pussy.’

“Iris says, ‘How you gonna do that standing there?’

“Ben says, ‘Check it out.’ He and Jerry pick her up and flip her. Ben holds her in front of himself upside down, and plunges his tongue into her pussy. Iris’ head hangs right in front of his dick, and she wraps her lips around it. Jerry stands close behind Iris, wraps his arms around her to grab Ben’s back, and plunges his tongue into her asshole. The guys are forehead to forehead, with little Iris’ legs flailing all around. She’s squealing again, with Ben’s dick in her mouth. After a little while, Jerry says, ‘switch.’ They spin her around between the two of them. It’s like an X-rated cheerleader routine. Jerry and Ben start licking again. Iris sucks Jerry’s dick like it’s the most natural thing in the world.

“After a while, she asks them to put her down on the bed. She gets up on her hands and knees and says, ‘Spitroast time, lovers. I need a prick in my vag, and one in my mouth too.’

“Jerry gets behind her, grabs her hips, lines up his long dick, and rams it home in her honey pot. While he’s getting there, Ben’s setting his long dick in front of Iris’ mouth. Jerry rams her, her mouth jolts open with the shock, and Ben hits the back of her throat with the head of his dick. They set up a ferocious rhythm that has all three of them panting and moaning. After a little while, Jerry calls, ‘Switch.’ They quickly trade places.

“Now Iris starts sucking and fucking like it’s her job. She’s hammering back and forth, sucking on Jerry’s dick like a pacifier, squeezing and riding Ben’s with her pussy. Jerry grabs her head in both hands and pumps spasmodically, fucking deep into her throat as he cums. Ben holds her hips and works her like a fuck toy on his fuck stick. She squeals and shrieks. He grunts, pulling back on her hips, ramming her pussy as he spews his seed into the condom.

“They all collapse on the little college dorm bed.”

She stopped talking and switched from rocking her hips to bouncing. I tucked my head against her neck, nuzzling and kissing her. Her boobs were sliding on my upper chest. I had my arms around her, steadying her. Her pussy clenched and spread, caressing my cock from gaziantep escort bayan videoları root to tip. Her natural lubrication ran down over my balls. She kissed the top of my head, moaning against it, breathing deeply. I slid my hands down to grab her ass cheeks, massaging, clenching, pushing them in to increase the pressure. Almost on their own, my fingertips found her asshole and circled it. That was the final step. She threw her head back, moaning, “Oh, yes, yes, yes,” then tucked it down onto my shoulder. Her whole body shook and shuddered. Her pussy clenched tight around my cock. She stopped bouncing and I took over, lifting her ass and slamming it down repeatedly, straining to press my cock into her depths. Then I let go and joined her in orgasm, blasting jets of cum deep into her.

For a while we rested with her collapsed against me in the straight chair. She hugged me, nuzzled my neck, nibbled my ear, and whispered, “Do you know what would be nice right now?”

I said, “Do you know what I’d like to do right now?”

She laughed, “You made me love it, and now I want it all the time.”

I said, “Let’s go to the sectional. You can recline while I dine.”

She laughed again.

We went together to the living room, where she leaned back on the sofa, letting her ass hang at the edge. I got on my knees before her, and pressed my face up between her thighs. First I dipped as low as possible to get all the cum, lube, and love juice that was running down over her asshole. I pressed my tongue onto and past that little lovehole, slurping up all the mess I could. I worked on each thigh, savoring the flavor of her bitter vinegary vaginal sauce, and the snotty, musky overlay of my own juices.

“Yeah,” she said. “Oh, yeah. You lick me so good. Clean me so good. Clean that mess, yes. Now suck it off my lips.”

I did. I moved in, licking all around and over her wide and juicy honey pot. I explored the folds and creases of her cum-sprayed pussy. I licked her shaved mound. I plunged my tongue into the hot heart of her honey pot. I opened my mouth wide and covered her entire vaginal opening and sucked on it. Continuing that, I worked my tongue inside and upward. I found her urethral opening and diddled it with my tongue tip. I flicked at the underside of her clit. She came again, releasing more fluid, and ejecting a slimy strand of my ejaculate. I slurped it all up greedily.

Eventually she pushed my head away and invited me to join her on the couch. We kissed, hugged, and cuddled.

“So was that it?” I asked.


“With Iris and the football players. Was that it?”

“Oh! Not at all. We were just getting started, and it got really interesting and strange later.”

“What happened?”

“They’re all lying on the bed, and they notice the room is still full of the squishy sounds of sex. They look over at me. The party dress is bunched around my middle. My boobs are flopping all over. I’ve got my feet propped on the other bed. I’m jamming three fingers of my right hand as deep into my pussy as I can get them, and I’m slapping the top of my clit with my left. While the three of them watch, I bring myself to another orgasm. My hand is soaked, my thighs are soaked. My pussylips are rimmed with white foam. If you’d been there you’d have licked and sucked it all up.”

She kissed me again. Her nipples were erect nubs. I began to massage her breasts and gently pinch and pull the nipples.

“They’re all turned on by my show, and begin to grope and fondle each other. Iris gives them both hand jobs, occasionally going to cup their balls. They run their hands all over her, grabbing her little boobs, rubbing her pussy.

The guys are both half-hard again, and Iris goes to suck Ben. I have to tell them, ‘It’s not safe to suck that sloppy cock without a condom.’ Iris gives me a pouty look, but the guys are cool — beyond cool. Jerry says, ‘Hang on, Iris. I got this.’ He bends over and sucks Ben’s half-hard dick right into his mouth. He goes at it with a lot of motion and a lot of suction.

“Iris goes, ‘What the fuck! Are you guys gay?’

“Ben says, ‘No! Well, Jerry really likes to suck my prick, so sometimes I think he might be gay.’

“Jerry pulls his mouth gaziantep escort videoları off Ben, and says, ‘I’m not gay, but Ben wants my prick up his ass so much I think he might be gay.’ Then he starts slobbering all over Ben’s balls and jacking his dick.

“Ben says, ‘Look Iris, we grew up together, and you know, we were in locker rooms together since middle school. When we started thinking about, you know, sex, we were kinda there for each other, and we still are, but we aren’t gay. I think Jerry’s in love with you already.’

“Jerry laughed, ‘I think we’re both in love with you, Iris, but I’m still going to let Ben wake me up with a blow job tomorrow.’

“Iris says, ‘You guys are amazing! Would you do a 69 for me?’

“They swing right into position. Jerry is crouched over Ben, sucking hard on his dick. Ben pulls Jerry’s semi into his mouth and licks and sucks like they’re in a race. Iris says, ‘God that’s so hot!’ She bends down over Jerry’s ass. Looking right down into Ben’s eyes, she pokes her tongue out and darts it straight at Jerry’s asshole.

That goes on for a while, with all of them slobbering and moaning, and then Ben stops sucking and taps Jerry on the shoulder. Jerry pulls his mouth off Ben’s thick and veiny dick to ask, ‘what?’

Ben says, ‘Switch?’

“Quickly they flip around, and now Iris rims Ben. After a while, she pulls her face out of his ass to tell me she gets why you like asslicking. She wants me to take a picture.” Candy reached for her phone. “Look at this.” There’s Iris, eyes wide, mouth wide open, tongue out and pressed into the dark and rosy ring at the heart of a shady ass crack. “How’s that for a senior picture?” Candy joked. She started poking at the phone with her finger. “I’m sending it to Iris. Asking her if she wants to show Mom what she did last night. Haha!”

Then she showed me the phone and flipped through some more pictures: Iris squatting over Ben, lining his cock up with her pussy; Jerry fucking Iris from behind, while she lies on top of Ben, 69’ing with his cock in her mouth; a close up of a condom-covered cock pressed against a shiny butthole star, clearly Ben poised to fuck Iris in the ass; a blurry, jumbled mess.

“What’s going on here?” I asked.

She answered, “DP. Iris insisted she wanted one in her ass, one in her pussy.”

“Ass, huh?”

“Yeah, she wanted it bad. They’re going at it for a while again, like you see. Iris comes again and again. It’s good that those guys are so big, she’s crushed and quivering under Jerry and on top of Ben. That fucklicking…”


“Yes, getting fucked by one guy while another one licks your clit — we have to do it soon — and in this case Ben sucks Jerry’s balls and every now and then Jerry pulls his prick out of Iris and jams it into Ben’s mouth. It turns me on so much I start frigging myself all over again. I put my feet up on a desk and work a finger of one hand into my butthole while I slap my clit with the other hand.

“Iris see my finger in my butthole and starts off on how she wants a prick in her ass, now, tonight. I tell her she’s not ready, but she won’t take no. Then Jerry says, ‘Don’t worry ma’am. Ben knows how to ease into a virgin asshole. He’s very gentle. I should know: He did mine.’

“I say, ‘But she isn’t cleaned up!’ Ben says, ‘The condom makes that less icky, but it probably won’t be bad anyway. Iris, I’d be honored to be the first man in.’

“Next thing there’s Iris, face down, ass up. Jerry’s rimming her again, and Ben’s getting out a jar of some condom-friendly lube. He gets a big glob of it on his finger and works it into Iris’ butthole. He circles his finger, goes back for more lube, adds a second finger, stretches and presses her. Her back hole opens, and she moans into the pillow. She frigs herself. I frig myself. Jerry jacks Ben’s prick, smearing more lube all over it.

“He slides it into her easy, grabs her hips, and works his prick back and forth just barely inside her until she’s stretched and ready.

“He buries his prick in her butt, wraps his arms around her, and rolls onto his back. Iris is spitted on his prick and splayed open on display. Jerry moves between her legs and slides his licorice stick right into her pussy. Iris is the filling in a manwich sandwich. Ben humps up into her. All Jerry has to do is hang on. It’s a helluva ride. Iris squeals, like air coming out of a balloon, or an air raid warning. It goes on for a long time. She’s limp as a rag doll before Ben grunts and shoots in her back passage. He stops moving, so Jerry gets to work, and in a couple minutes he unloads too. All four of us are wrecked, but Iris is totally destroyed.”

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