Canoe Trip to Heaven

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I had just graduated high school and was on a church sponsored trip in the Boundary Waters area of the Minnesota wilderness. I was hopelessly inexperienced and virginal 18 year old and was thrilled to learn that I would be sharing a two-man tent with a junior pastor in training named Bryce. The rest of our group were in three large, 8-man tents, but we were the odd men out and housed in a two-man. Bryce was a young seminary student, handsome, fit, and I really liked him. We were driven to the put-in point by the outfitter and would paddle and portage back to the outfitter’s base camp over the course of the next 6 days.

After the first day of paddling/portaging, I was looking forward to a night of gratifying sleep and relaxation. That was not going to happen, as it turned out.. I was sore and worn out from the day’s exertions. Bryce generously offered to rub my sore muscles from paddling and portaging canoes and gear from lake to lake.

He asked me to lie on my stomach and began straddling me and rubbing the sore muscles of my back and shoulders. He was wearing nothing but his shorts, and I was in my swim suit. I was in heaven, having this 30-something seminarian rubbing my back and shoulders after a days’ toil and labor. In short order, it became clear that he was aroused. I could feel his hard cock rubbing on my ass as he massaged my sore shoulders and back. I played dumb for a time, but it quickly became too obvious to ignore, and I knew I had to make my move.

I was nervous as hell, being inexperienced and only 18. I pivoted my upper body to face him, and asked him “should I be flattered”? He seemed briefly flustered, so I decided to swing for the fences and I tentatively extended my arm and placed my hand on his growing erection and gently rubbed his cock through his shorts. He started, clearly terrified at the prospect of becoming a cliché church clergy youth predator. I sensed that he needed some encouragement, so I pivoted my lower torso as well so that my erect cock was pressing against his buttocks. Convinced that he was not alone in his arousal, he visibly relaxed.

I slowly rubbed his cock through görükle escort bayan his shorts, rejoicing in the visible reaction I was seeing in his face as he relaxed. Soon, it became clear that this was going to culminate in something more and I asked him if I could see it. He dumbly nodded, and I slowly unzipped his fly. I fished his cock out of his shorts and slowly begin stroking it to its full 6 inch length. I marveled at its natural lubricity and strength. I never considered myself interested in same-sex relations, but for some reason, I could not resist this beautiful man.

After a time, his breathing became very ragged, and I could tell that he was approaching orgasm. I whispered “Lie back.”

He happily complied, rolling off of me and laying back on the ground. I rolled over and pulled his shorts gently down, freeing his glorious cock . As I pulled his shorts down and off his legs, I found myself at his feet. I slowly began kissing his legs, working myself up his long legs until I was at his crotch. I licked his ball-sack, his inner-thigh, his taint, and found my hungry mouth at the base of his cock. I ran my tongue along the underside of his shaft, eliciting a low, muffled moan, as we had to be discrete in order to not attract the attention of the neighboring tents. I finally worked up the courage to take his cock into my hungry mouth and reveled in this novel sensation and taste. He tasted so good as I lowered my head onto his erect cock. I loved feeling it pulse and throb in my mouth as I bobbed my head. I was completely enraptured by this older man’s erect penis throbbing in my mouth as he unloaded into my mouth, shooting loads of ropey con into my eager mouth. It was salty, sweet, and tasted of vanilla.

I stayed on his cock until his erection subsided and slowly kissed my way up his torso, chest, nipples, and neck until I was raking my lips across his jawline and nibbling on his earlobe. I whispered “I’ve never done that before – I really liked it.” He begged for my discretion, as news of this would end his career, despite my being of legal age. I assured him that this would remain altıparmak eskort between us “I’m not going to tell anyone, but we have an entire week to explore each other’s bodies and try new things” hugging this bear of a man and rejoicing in our naked bodies against each other.

He reached down and pulled down my swimsuit, gently wrapping his fingers around my small erect penis. He pivoted and gradually moved his mouth down until he was poised over my erection. I had never really been with a girl before, only dating occasionally in high school and never getting past second base, so the sensation of feeling this older man’s mouth descend of my cock sent me into spams of joy. His hips were now close to my head, so I pulled him closer and put his cock back into my mouth and we were wrapped into an intimate 69. I grabbed his hips and pulled him on top of me, folding his legs around my head and pulling in deeper into my mouth. He bottomed out with his pubic bone on my face as his erection returned with full force. In this position, I was able to take his entire length into my throat. I’ve never had much of a gag reflect, so I surprised myself, and him, by deepthroating him as I let him fuck my face. Bryce’s second orgasm took much longer this his first, so I had a chance to improve on my technique and learn to enjoy the sensation of feeling his older man’s cock slip between my lips, mouth, and throat. I felt him tensing up and he began thrusting more greedily into my mouth, still bobbing happily on my own cock. I rubbed my fingers over his ass and gently massaged his rectum as his orgasm built. We came together in a shattering mutual orgasm as I thrust a finger into his rectum and felt his muscles contract and spasm with a powerful orgasm.

He pivoted back to where he was lying beside me and we caressed each other and he leaned in for a gentle kiss. Initially put off my kissing a man 15 years my senior, I grew to enjoy it and felt his tongue enter my youth mouth and explore. I reached down and slowly massaged his cock back to a full erection, now completely uninhibited about this new and nilüfer escort strange liaison. When his erection had returned, I reached over for my backpack and retrieved a jar or Vaseline, scooping a generous dollop and applying it liberally to his glorious cock and he looked on in mute amazement at what I was doing. I couldn’t believe I was doing these things with this seminarian, but was overcome with lust and wanton desire. I applied the remaining Vaseline to my asshole and threw a leg over his lap. I gently grabbed his cock and brought in up to my rectum as I straddled him, lowering myself slowly until I could feel his cockhead contact my young ass.

“Are you ready to fuck me, Bryce” I hoarsely whispered. Outside we could hear the lively conversations that continued by the campfire, oblivious to what was going on only a few feet away, separated only by the thin gossamer of canvas separating us. Kneeling across his lap, I lowered myself down, watching his face intently from only a few inches distance.

“Push into me,” I whispered, and Bryce gave his hips a short sharp thrust and his cockhead popped into my virgin ass, his face registered pure joy and pleasure. I felt a sharp pain at this alien invasion, but it quickly passed and I lowered myself down until he was fully inside me. I ground my hips into his, rotated my hips forward to that I could get as much of him inside me as possible. I slowly rose until only his head remained inside me, then slammed down hard, impaling myself. I spread my knees as far as they would go and leaned down to kiss him. He began thrusting up into me as my erect cock bounced on his stomach. A rainstorm had begun outside scattering everyone to their own tents and thankfully creating enough ambient noise to cover for us, as Bryce’s ministrations were creating a rhythmic slapping sound as his hips impacted my ass. “Fuck me, Bryce. Give it to me.” We were wrapped in this intimate embrace of legs, arms, tongues, and cocks as the tempo, strength, and force of his thrusts gradually increased until he was pounding me with all his might. I was building to a mind-blowing orgasm of my own feeling his cock mercilessly pound me. I finally could hold off no more and spurts of ropey cum covered his face and neck and he yelped and began cumming inside me.

I collapsed on top of him, covering his cum-covered face with sloppy kisses until he popped out of me.

It was going to be a great week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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