Canoe Trip

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I have a short shorts fetish. I love the feeling of exposing my legs as much as possible and wearing tight shorts that reveal the outline of everything.

It was the middle of a hot summer and I was off on a Tuesday. I was looking forward to canoeing down a quiet river near my home. I like having a day off in the week as the parks, local rivers and lakes are usually quiet from the weekend crowds.

I was looking forward to getting some sun on my legs so I picked out my favorite white short shorts. They are about two sizes too small with only about an inch of inseam. The material is a thin cotton that becomes transparent when wet. I enjoy wearing them as the danger of getting wet in them is a real thrill. I also put on a tight black t-shirt to contrast with the white shorts. The t-shirt is cut off at the bottom so it barely touches the shorts.

I put my little canoe on top of my jeep and off I went to the river. During the summer months I always leave the doors and top off my jeep. The warm breeze swirling around my legs felt great and I was soon quite hard in my little shorts.

The boat launch was empty when I arrived which was a good thing. As I untied and removed my canoe from the top of my jeep, my hard cock would slip out now and then out of a leg opening. I kept having to stop and push it back up into my shorts.

My canoe is a one-person type. It sits quite low in the water and can easily be swamped. It is a thrill bursa eskort bayan if the wake from a passing motor boat rocks me and threatens to swamp the canoe. The thought of being caught in wet transparent shorts is exciting. My favorite fantasy is being gangbanged in my naughty little shorts. When I sit in these shorts the material is very tight and rubs my cock with every little movement. I usually have a wet spot on the front where precum stains the material from my excitement.

This day, the river was quiet. I passed no one as I lazily paddled around a couple of bends. Soon I heard some voices from around the next bend. As I came around it, I saw three young men, who seemed to be in their early 20’s, wading in the cool waist deep water escaping the heat of the day. As I came closer, we all said hello and made small talk about how nice the river was without the crowds. It turns out they also had a free day from the local college. As I came close, I really noticed how tight and short their swimwear was. Their swim shorts left nothing to the imagination as clear outlines were visible of some very hard large cocks. I found myself wishing I knew what was going on before I came around the bend and interrupted them.

The seat of my canoe is level with the top of the sides. They could soon see how short and tight my own shorts were. As I got near them, I noticed their eyes kept wandering down and gazing at my legs and bursa otele gelen eskort bayan shorts. I took a quick glance down and gulped as I saw a wet spot form on the end of the outline of my cock. I was dripping with excitement as I gazed at these three sexy lads. One of them reached out and grabbed the edge of my canoe as we said our hellos . Soon one made his way around to the other side. We spoke about how hot it was and how good the water felt. They asked if I wanted to join them, but I declined as I told them I did not have swim shorts with me. They told me what I had on was just fine. As they said this, they rocked my canoe a little so that some water splashed in. I laughed it off as I spread my legs a little to try and keep my balance. When I did this, the head of my cock slipped out of a leg opening of my shorts. I did not notice it at first until saw all their eyes locked on it. Then one of them said that I seemed to be enjoying this and they rocked my canoe a little more. Still more water splashed in, but I managed to keep dry. I quickly looked around and saw they all had their hard cock poking out of their shorts. It dawned on me that it looked like I was to be their afternoon entertainment.

There was no way I could hide my excitement and it was obvious to all of them the effect they were having on me. Suddenly their hands were on me. Groping and rubbing. The canoe bursa eve gelen escort was rocked more and slowly filled with water. My white shorts became transparent as I floated out of the swamped canoe. I was surrounded by them and the touching and feeling felt so good. They put me face down on an air mattress and quickly had a hard cock pressed against my lips. I opened my mouth and hungrily took the entire length in. As I started to suck one of them off, I felt the back seam of my shorts being slipped to the side and the tip of a hard cock rubbing my rear entrance. Some scented sun tanning oil was poured on me and that wonderfully hard cock easily slipped in. I came so hard I thought I would faint. The feeling of being stuffed at both ends was one I had always dreamed about. It felt so good to be fucked with my tight little shorts still on. I soon felt him cum deep in me after only a few deep slow thrusts. He pulled out and was immediately taken by the next one as I sucked the hard cock for all I was worth. It was not long till I felt the second one cum deep in me as I tasted that delicious sperm in my mouth as the third lad came at the same time.

We all relaxed on the grassy bank afterwards. They invited me to stay and have lunch with them. Afterwards they all took me again under the warm sun. A wonderful day that I will never forget. We exchanged phone numbers and I can’t wait to get together with them for our next adventure.

The boat launch was still deserted when I paddled back there to load the canoe onto my Jeep. As I did, I could feel the cum still seeping out of my well used ass. It felt so naughty having it running down my legs. My shorts still wet and transparent. As I drove home, I sat in that wonderful slippery mess that was oozing out of me. Pure heaven!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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