Captain Lee’s Dirty Secret Ch. 03

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Necessity may be the mother of invention, but Frustration is a real mother, period. It was almost midnight and I sat there in the Dallas club in Pusan, Korea clutching what was to be my last beer of the evening. In front of me was the beautiful Jin, looking at me cheerfully with those intoxicating almond eyes.

Her jet-black hair was perfectly styled, as always. Carefully curled and sprayed ringlets made of the most touchable hair fell just to her shoulders and framed her pretty Asian face. She always dressed like she was going to the symphony.

She had slender legs that were long for he small stature. That night, like most nights they were covered in black opaque stockings and when she sat and crossed them it was unbelievably sexy. Her dress had slits that showed off just enough of those small, pretty thighs to keep a boy like me turned on all night. It was form fitting at the waist, showing off her small but shapely hips and the front was covered completely, leading to a choker on her delicate neck. The back was totally open, revealing her sleek feminine curves. The dress was black too, of course. She almost always wore all black. It was one of the things that attracted me to her.

Oh yes. Jin really made my blood pressure go up. She also frustrated the hell out of me. She made it a point to find me in the club whenever I was there. She would walk up behind me at the bar, put her hands on my shoulder and whisper hello in my ear in that quiet voice, letting that pretty hair touch my neck. She always sat close, just touching my legs with hers and making it a point to show them off. She asked about my tattoos and I learned that she was a college student.

She liked to have conversations so she could practice for her English class. All the while she would buy me beer. We would talk and I would drink and eventually I would get drunk and she would walk me back to post, kiss me on the cheek and I would wake up the next morning in my bed alone. The next time I was in the bar, she would magically find me, and the whole thing would begin again. I often wondered what she told the other girls in her class about me.

This had gone on for about five days and I wanted to touch Jin so bad it was killing me. I wanted to slip the stockings off those legs, and lick every inch of them. At home in my drunken stupor, I would fantasize. What did Jin taste like? How would her petite thighs feel around my waist, or my neck? How would she sound when she called out my name? I could see myself stripping off her black dress and making love to her, slowly and gently on my bed. Then I would pass out.

This night would be different. I swore it to myself. My balls were throbbing and I couldn’t keep from getting hard at the most inopportune times. Captain Lee hadn’t been calling on me and Sgt. Jones was back to tolerating her Lilliputian husband for another year.

Jin was special. In a lot of ways she reminded me of my Melissa up in Camp Casey, the one who had left her fiancé for me and subsequently got me kicked out of the Second Infantry Division when she blabbed to her daddy, who just happened to be the American Consulate.

Jin, like Melissa had breeding and sophistication, mixed with a girlish giggle and plenty of attitude. Jin could also sing like a songbird and did often. She had all the makings of a future diva. Most of all, though, I liked Jin because she was a civilian. She had no use for military jargon, customs or uniforms. She was all girl, all the time She didn’t understand that part of my world and she didn’t care.

When we met, I was in civilian clothes so as far as she was concerned, that was the real Jack Green. I was just a beer drinking rock and roller from Texas who liked to tell jokes that translated poorly but laughed anyway.

As I cashed the last of my beer, I saw she was ready to buy me another, as per our “watch Jack get drunk, walk him home, and let him wake up horny and alone” ritual. I took her hand before she could flag the drinkie girl. Her hand was tiny compared to mine and I snatched it out of the air like catching a butterfly. She looked shocked.

“No more beer?” she acted surprised, as well she should. She was used to watching me put away eight or ten every time we did this ritual and this time I had made my second my last.

“Not this time,” I replied. I looked into her eyes and I think she understood. “Lets go to the Legion.”

“Legion?” her jaw dropped. The Legion was the name of a hotel down the street. In Korea it was common for G.I.s like me to pick up a girl at the club and stay there for the night. It was far from being the Hyatt Regency, but in our case, it got the job done. I had never asked Jin for anything like that before and to tell the truth I was a little afraid to.

Her eyes flashed and she looked a little embarrassed. There was no way to tell in the lights of the Dallas Club if she was blushing, but it wouldn’t have been a surprise. I thought she would get up and walk almanbahis out on me for sure! Then she smiled and nodded her head.

“Let’s go.” I stood up, keeping her hand in mine. She followed and hugged me close. Across the bar the owner, who we all called “Mama-san” gave me a wink. Soon we were out the door and into the night air.

Jin held onto my waist as we walked, not hand in hand like we usually did. Maybe, I thought, she had been waiting this whole time for me to say something. I put my arm over her smooth shoulders and pulled her close, smelling the Chanel No.5 she was so fond of wearing.

Other soldiers who saw us together gave me a nod of approval. They knew where we were going. She walked along, holding me and didn’t seem to notice the leering of the passers by. As we entered the Legion, an old Korean man greeted us. I paid him for the room and gave him a tip. He smiled and showed us upstairs. There was no key. The doors bolted from the inside. I led Jin in and shut the door.

As we stood beside the bed, I immediately began to kiss her. My mouth had been hungry for her for so long now I had to taste every part of those carefully painted lips. I held her soft face and gave her my tongue when her lips parted. She just held hers open, letting me do all the work, tasting any part of her sweet mouth that I wanted. I sucked on each lip, kissed them again and again and darted my tongue in and out as I caressed her face. Her mouth was delicious, like eating a pomegranate. It was everything I had imagined!

Her hands met with mine and she slowly began to kiss me back as she held my hands. When her lips finally closed over mine I felt so hot I almost passed out. I kissed her harder, starting to touch her through her dress with one of my hands. I moved my hand up her slim body, passing over her hip and one of her small breasts. I touched her neck and closed my hand around her supple throat. She gasped a little but didn’t fight. I kissed her hard, pressing myself to her, feeling her body against mine. Her hands went to my waist and pulled me closer.

I kissed down her neck and around her ears and I could hear her start to breathe harder. I knew she could feel the crawling vine of my hard-on as it crept down my leg and touched against her. There was no way to miss it. I squeezed her small, firm ass and pulled her to it, showing her what waited for her. I stopped and looked into her eyes, unhooking the little choker on her dress. It fell as I popped the clasps and she startled a little. Her hands left my waist and closed over her chest to keep it from falling. Jin looked away from me and held the top of her dress to her chest but she didn’t try to put it back on. I caught just a glimpse of two tiny, beautiful breasts and my cock began to throb as I pressed it against her.

I took off my t-shirt and exposed my bare chest. Then I took her hands away from the top of her dress, letting it fall down all the way. She wasn’t wearing a bra so when the top fell she was bare as well. Her little breasts moved with her heavy, excited breathing. There was barely enough for a mouthful, but my mouth wanted them nonetheless. The most lickable little nipples I had ever seen topped those tiny mounds and tonight they were mine. They stood perfectly erect and were thick with small pink areolas. I began to touch her little breasts all over, softly caressing them. I kissed my way down her neck and began to kiss around her breasts beneath those hard nipples. She tried to pull away, but I held her fast. When I started to lick her nipples, she gave them to me and moaned a little when I sucked and then licked harder. I took her left in my mouth and sucked until the areola turned red and then moved to the right. Jin’s breasts were the perfect little mouthfuls I had fantasized about on those nights I fell asleep alone. I took each one into my mouth and worked those little sweet nipples with my tongue while I sucked. I kissed some more, pulling her to me and letting her feel again what was growing under my jeans. I guided her hand to my bulging crotch and let her hold the throbbing mass. She squeezed and stroked me a little, though she never looked me in the eyes.

She felt my rigid shaft all over, moving her hand up and down my covered cock, pausing to pinch at the head and then feel behind it for my balls, which wanted to explode right then and there. I moaned a little too. I couldn’t help it. She squeezed harder and I pushed against her hands.

Finally, I slid my hand up her stocking-covered thigh and rubbed my hand across the crotch of her hose, feeling for her pussy. I found it and pressed my fingers to it and rubbing up and down through the silk. I kissed her panting mouth some more as we stroked each other through our clothes, moaning softly into each other’s ears.

I knew what I wanted to do next. The same thing I had been dreaming about every night when she dropped me off and I lay in my bunk in a haze. I had to take those hose down almanbahis yeni giriş and lick her all over. I needed those little thighs against my face.

I pushed her dress up above her hips and took hold of the waist of her pantyhose. I took both them and her panties down in one sweep, falling to my knees as I pulled. She let out a gasp and reached to cover herself but I would have none of that! I held fast to the clothes I had pulled off with one hand and took her pretty, pale ass in the other. As soon as I saw the bare flesh of her hips, I had to have them and began to kiss around them, getting closer to the small mound of jet-black hair between her legs. Jin’s body began to shake a little when I licked her hips and thighs. I kissed down her legs as I pulled off her hose and threw them on the floor. I came back up toward her pussy. I could tell now that she was wet. I could smell her sweet scent and it built a fire between my legs. When my tongue began to lick too close, she tried to push me away.

“No!” She cried out, pushing at my face and trying to squirm.

I pushed her onto the bed, forcing her legs apart and lashing my tongue right across her tiny slit. I did it again and she grabbed at my hair.

“No, NO…Oooh!” I found her clit and she stopped fighting at once, arching her back and bucking as my tongue teased at her little hood and hunted for the little swelling bead that waited inside. Her space was so tiny! I could lick it all with but one sweep of my tongue. It was dim in that room, but something told me, maybe it was the way she felt or how she seemed not to understand some of the things I was doing. When I tried putting my tongue inside her I knew. Jin was a VIRGIN! I tickled her cherry with my tongue and gave it a little bump with my nose.

Jin began to shudder and cried out. Most Korean girls are small, but it was clear that I was in undiscovered country this time. This changed everything! I had only had a virgin once before and at the time; I was just as awkward as she was. Now I had a special girl like Jin and the chance to give her something she never had before. My cock came to life and nearly broke through my pants.

I lapped at her clit, steadily harder, caressing her legs. They were tense at first and then became more relaxed. Every now and then, she would moan a little and I could feel her body shake. She started getting wet, just a little at first and then a lot as I got faster. I pulled back her hood gently, even then she winced a little, releasing her tiny clit and I tongued it quickly, flicking it as fast as I could. Jin cried out and came once, then twice. Soon she was coming in waves and each time, I would wait for her to peak and then rub her clit with my fingers, soaking wet as she dripped and then gushed her girl cum all over me. I took some time to stretch her little cherry with my finger, rubbing her sweet juice all over.

I stood up, leaning over her and taking down my pants, kicking them onto the floor. My raging cock fell out immediately. She looked at it, still out of breath and in wonder. I took her hand and guided it up and down the shaft, showing her what to do. I led her fingers over the head, down the underside and closed them around my balls. She squeezed a little and smiled when she heard me moan. She had been hesitant at first, but took interest when she saw how it pleased me when she touched. I took her other hand and showed her how to stroke me, holding the thick skin, just behind the head and squeezing as she worked it back and forth. She appeared to enjoy it and I liked watching her tugging at my cock, looking up at me to see my reaction.

She squeezed it in her hands, working it slowly and then faster as she gently squeezed my balls. My cock was so stiff it barely gave and she seemed to like that, tugging at it to see how much it could take. A little pre-cum glistened at the tip and she let go with a shocked look on her face.

“No, no.” I touched her face softly, “That’s good, it’s OK.”

“It’s OK?”

“Oh yes!” I smiled at her. “Jin, you are so good! Do some more!”

She was smiling now and took me into her hands again, this time with more spirit. She jumped back again when more pre-cum dripped out, but she was only playing. She giggled and squeezed me extra hard, trying to make even more come out. I let her play and squeeze as hard as she wanted. I knew she couldn’t hurt me. I took her hand away and looked into her eyes.

“First time?” I asked as I stroked her hair. She cast her eyes downward and nodded. I kissed her on the cheek as she had done for me so many nights. “Are you ready?” I spoke softly into her ear.

“No.” She shook her head. “It’s too big.”

“Just a little then,” I offered. “Not too hard, you’ll see. Do you want to try?”

“OK” she nodded and lay backward on the bed, looking away from me and spreading her legs slightly.

I lay down on top of her, stroking her smooth, naked body and kissing her mouth, almanbahis giriş forcing her gaze toward my face. I let my rigid cock guide itself to her, pressing against the outer lips of her little pussy, which was still beautifully wet from my tongue-lashing. I pushed against her, letting her feel the swollen head against her soaked pussy lips, still kissing her and feeling her soft body all over. I wanted so badly to ram it home and fuck that tight little pussy, but I held off, satisfying myself with pushing just the head inside. She moaned as I stretched her and I gave her a little more, just an inch or so.

“Ah-po!” she cried out, digging into my back with her perfectly manicured nails. That meant it hurt so I went no further, even though my cock ached to be deep inside her. I wanted to take her hips and plunge deep into her, feeling those tight virgin walls crush my hard cock.

Instead I gently rocked against her hips, giving that little bit to her slowly and oh so painfully gentle. Jin panted and moaned, her body tense and her virgin walls threatening to push me back out. Soon there was a change. Her moans became louder and she began to rock her hips against mine as well. Her eyes turned toward mine and they were full of fire and lust. She cried out but didn’t stop. The muscles in her legs began to relax and she rocked faster.

“Good, Jin!” I whispered to her. “Give it to me.”

“Aah!” She cried, but this time it wasn’t pain.

“More?” I braced my hands on her hips.

“Yes!” Jin cried out and I gave her a couple more inches. I rocked harder, pushing down into her, she screamed and clawed my back as I broke her cherry. She was hot and sopping wet now and so tight inside that it made me want to come immediately. Her nails dug into my ass and pulled me to her. I slowly fucked that virgin pussy with my entire powerful shaft, looking for her special spot. When I found it I let her feel it all, just once, in and out.

“Ah-po! Ah-po!” she screamed, but her hips never stopped grinding into mine.

“Stop?” I panted to her.

“No!” she cried. “Fuck me!”

I had never heard her curse before! When she cried it out like that, all out of breath, it made me so hot I couldn’t stop myself.

“I’ll fuck you hard!” I growled into her ear. “You feel so GOOD!”

I began pumping her little pussy with explosive force, pounding her small hips into the bed with each mighty thrust. She screamed out loud, clutching my neck with her arms, pulling her body close, taking each deep thrust, moving her hips in time with mine. She was too out of breath to form words or cry in pain. She could only scream in choked gasps with each hammer blow that fell into her.

I was giving it to her deep now; sinking all the way to my balls and heaving it back out again. Maybe it was too deep but she wanted it. Even though she called out in pain, her hands still held my ass and shoved me into her again and again. Time and tine again, I pounded her pussy all the way to the bottom and stretched her as I tried to force the length of my cock deep inside.

I was close, the combination of her flowing wetness and the constriction of her virgin walls was going to force the cum out of me. I growled as I fought to hold control.

“Ooh Jack!” she cried as she came and that did it. Her soft but tortured voice screaming my name woke up my dreams of her and I started to cum. I pulled out of her and stroked my long shaft, letting her watch the thick load pump itself out of me and onto her tiny, beautiful tits. It shot across her tits then a second load coated her stomach. The last just bubbled up, ran down my knuckles and dripped onto her mound where I was hovering in ecstasy.

We just lay there for a moment, breathing heavily, and then she got up a walked to the bathroom. She took my hand and led me in too. We stood before each other, naked and covered in sweat, mostly mine. Her small sleek body glistened all over, her face flushed and black hair in total disarray. I towered over her. I had been used to her in heels. Now both of us standing flat on the floor, I could see how much taller I was. Her skin was as pale as mine, but smooth and soft.

She took a washcloth, ran it under the water and began to clean me off, washing my balls and my half-hard cock with a delicate touch. She cleaned me carefully as I rubbed her shoulders and neck.

I had heard other G.I.s talk about Korean girls doing this, but it must have gone out of fashion because this was the first time I had seen it happen. I had just figured it to be part of the stereotypical legends of subservient Asian women. I guess Jin had heard the same rumors.

I took the cloth from her and washed it out. I then began to clean her the same way, making sure to get the cum I had poured onto her and the little bit of blood from between her thighs where I had taken her virginity. Afterward she hugged me tight and kissed my smooth shaven face.

We went to bed together, but when I woke I was alone. It was just like when she had dropped me off those times she got me drunk. This time I was alone in the Hotel. I already missed her. I never saw her again at the club or anywhere else. Why don’t the special ones ever last?

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