Car Trouble

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I trudged down the snowy trail and saw her waiting for me. My pride and joy stood before me, beckoning me towards it with its’ seductive air of elegance as well as grace. She was a sleek black Enzo Ferrari and she was simply beautiful. She had a 12 cylinder mid-engine berlinetta and was built using Formula One technology, such as carbon-fibre body, F1-style electrohydraulic shift transmission and carbon fibre-reinforced silicon carbide ceramic composite disc brakes. There were also other technologies that were not allowed in F1 racing but was a part of her system, such as active aerodynamics and traction control. It can reach 300km/h and it was one helluva car, truly. The Enzo’s V12 engine was the first of a new generation for Ferrari. It had dark tinted windows, giving it a very deadly yet alluring look.

I trailed my black leather gloved hand against her side as I whispered, “Hello, beautiful.” I slid into the car and immediately, the smell of the leathery interior wafted towards my nose, caressing it enticingly as I took a deep breath of it. I inserted the key into the ignition and twisted. The engine purred and revved into the cold winter night, such music to my ears that Mozart himself would have envied, I thought as I felt the smile on my face grow wider. I zoomed off into the night. I loved taking long drives in the middle of the night. Sometimes, I used it as a means to ease the tension and relief the stress that I had in my mind, putting out all the problems I had before me as I thought of solutions in solving them. On other occasions, just like that night, it was just simply to have a long drive. I stared out of the car window and admired the winter landscape.

The Moon had risen out of the horizon slowly like a majestic sea creature resurfacing for air before nestling on Her throne in the Heavens with the stars by Her side. They twinkled brightly around Her, as though doing a spectacular dance for Her and everyone on Earth as She shone her bluish-white glow onto Earth. However, the pristine gleam was closed off by thick winter clouds, dulling it to a monotonic grey, while a thick blanket of snow covered everything else in icy blue and pure white, turning my blurry surroundings into a frozen winter wonderland while the glossy black Enzo Ferrari raced through it. I stepped on the accelerator and the engine purred lazily as I sped faster. All of a sudden, the car coughed and it jerked violently forward before slowly stopping. Shit.

I twisted the key repeatedly. “Come on, baby, don’t die on me,” I begged as panic set in within me. It finally occurred to me that I was all alone in the middle of unfamiliar winter territory. I knew I was in trouble when all I got from twisting the key in the ignition, my desperate attempt at reviving her, was just fits of sputtering. Damn it, I cursed silently. I opened the door and slid out of the car, the frigid winter air punched me in the face as though I had been splashed by a bucket of cold water from the Arctic. My breaths came out in regular puffs of white in the air before vanishing before my eyes, and somehow, I felt more alone than ever. I checked everything under the hood of the car but could not find anything wrong with it, even my tank was still full according to the meter on the dashboard. Hmm…

I pulled out my cell phone. Maybe Zul might help, I figured, and just thinking about him brought a wave washing over me like how a constructive wave crashed onto the shore, bringing with it the rich sediments and silt just like how comfort washed over me. But that comfort was dashed, like how glass was smashed to a million smithereens against a hard rock, as I received no signal. Shit. I could feel my heart race wildly in my ear as though fulfilling a lifetime’s worth of beats. I could feel my breathing change from its’ light regular rhythm to one that was hard and rapid as more white puffs appeared before me. Damn you, adrenaline, I cursed silently.

Everything was silent around me, there was no traffic noise, no loud music from any bar, nothing at all. There was a slight breeze that tickled my cheeks but that too disappeared quickly. Okay, I told myself, I must not panic. Panic was the only enemy here, right? Right. But no matter how hard I forced myself to believe the lie, I knew that there were other things, or rather people, lurking out there. I stood there, waiting for somebody who happened to take a stroll on the road and might help me, as the clouds rolled in, cutting off the Moon’s light, darkening my surroundings. Yeah, what were the chances of that happening?

I shivered, and could not decide whether it was due to cold or fear. I figured it was cold because I could have sworn that the temperature was ten degrees higher earlier. Suddenly, I jumped as I heard the crunch of snow and ice underfoot. The noise was so loud and sudden in the silence that it sounded like an explosion in my ears. I looked around, my heart beating louder as though it would burst out of my chest, gaziantep escort and found the source. I saw a man walking and reassurance washed over me. I was saved. I waved at the man, signalling him towards me as he walked with the rhythmic bouncing gait of an athlete. By then, we were in total darkness and I could barely make out any features of my savior, or so I thought.

“Hey, man! Thanks for helping!” I began. He remained silent.

“I couldn’t get my car started and I don’t know why…” I continued but I trailed off when he took a menacing step towards me. I gulped.

Alarm bells rang in my mind as my muscles screamed for me to take flight but it was as though I was frozen solid to where I was standing. I snapped out of my daze and burst out running down the road, but he was tremendously faster than I was. Within seconds, he had tackled me to the snowy ground as we landed in a crumpled heap. I pushed him off me and burst off sprinting again. However, I did not realize that he had a vice like grip on my ankle and he pulled me, sending me crashing back towards the ground. The impact knocked me into a daze and I saw stars everywhere. The next thing I knew, he was sitting on my chest, pinning my elbows down with his knees. I struggled under him but he leaned more of his weight over me, pushing me down into the snow. He clamped something over the lower portion of my face and the last thing I remembered was succumbing to the tendrils of Darkness as I inhaled the sweet smell of chloroform.

The next time I woke up, I could feel a throbbing headache coming along, pounding away in my mind like some incessant jackhammer drilling away on concrete. My vision blurred and my head was spinning as sporadic bursts of stars as well as bright lights flashed before my eyes. I shook the dizziness away and slowly regained my vision. I realized I was kneeling on the floor in between two tall wooden posts. My arms were held out, as though I was being crucified, and my wrists were bound securely with rope to each of the wooden posts. I tried to stand up, but once I heard the clink of metal, I realized that my ankles were bound together by a pair of handcuffs. There was a rectangular wooden table set up against a wall and I could see a neat pile of clothes on it. I blinked once and I realized that they were my clothes!

I could see my blue graphic shirt, my black jeans, my black leather jacket and at the top of the pile was my black leather gloves. I looked down and I realized that I was left in my black Calvin Klein boxers as well as my black combat boots. This does not look good at all. What had happened? Memory dawned upon me like how the fiery golden orb of the Sun rose out of the horizon, bringing me comprehension as I remembered clearly what had happened. Oh, right. Suddenly, the door opened and he stood at the doorway. Instantly, I felt my blood turn to ice as I stared at my captor.

He was wearing a soft black turtleneck that subtly hinted at the body he had underneath and a pair of black baggy jeans that managed to delicately outline his muscular legs. He was wearing a pair of black leather gloves as well as a pair of black combat boots. I would have been able to see his face if he was not wearing a black ski mask and where his eyes were, sat a pair of black mirrored wraparound sunglasses, masking him in a shroud of anonymity that exuded an immense amount of power as he walked in with the rhythmic bouncing gait of an athlete that I had seen earlier. Somehow, his entire being stirred something within me and I could feel my boxers growing tighter at certain areas. I squirmed around, trying to hide my cock that was increasingly getting harder and forming an obvious bulge, but it was no use, my bonds were just too secure.

He walked over to the table, reached to the back of his jeans and took out a deadly Desert Eagle from the waistband. He reached down into his right combat boot and took out a six-inch hunting knife. I gulped. Any of those could easily kill me as scenarios of all the things he could do to me flashed before my mind, like a bad rerun on television, and most of them ended with me exploding in a crimson mist of blood, bone as well as brain matter. He placed them on the table, beside my pile of clothes and knelt down beside me as I cowered away. I could hear his light regular breathing and could feel him analyzing me, taking in every single detail as he committed them to memory. I averted my eyes away, feeling my breathing grow hard and rapid at the close proximity between us.

Then, he grabbed me by the chin, softly but firm enough to remind me where the power laid, and pulled my face towards his. I tried to decipher the eyes behind those black mirrored wraparound sunglasses, trying to find a piece of him, but all I got was just my own reflection staring helplessly back at me in them. He lightly slapped my face and it pulled me out of my stupor. I did not see it coming. It was swift and hard. He backhanded me and I could feel my cheek turning red as pinpricks of pain exploded onto my skin from the sting of it. I let out a wince, but he did not stop there. He slapped me repeatedly, going faster and harder with every slap he landed on both cheeks. I could feel them turning a bright scarlet as they stung from his blows. As quick as it came, it stopped.

He just knelt there, staring at me as my breaths came in raggedly from the torment. I could feel the coppery taste of blood in my mouth from when I had cut my lip with my teeth in one of his blows. I sucked on it, trying to take my mind of things. He raised his hand again, fast and swift, as I cowered away from another blow, my heart beating loudly in my ears as I waited in agonizing anticipation. But, there was nothing. He merely brought his hand close to my face before running the back of his black leather gloved hand down the side of my face, letting the smooth texture of his black leather glove slide gracefully against my stinging rough weather beaten skin as I shivered with desire. I could smell the erotic scent of leather from his gloves and could imagine it caressing my nose, sending it as well as my entire being to ecstasy that surpassed the seven layers of Heaven itself. He traced my sharp high cheekbones with a black leather gloved finger and I could not help but let the soft moan escape my lips as I felt my cock grow rock hard, being more erect than it was ever before.

All of a sudden, a blazing lecherous tongue of fire licked up my entire being as he ran a black leather gloved finger down the length of the vertical line dividing my abdominal muscles. I felt myself bowing to him, submitting myself to his command, as he trailed his finger slowly down my torso. I could feel my eyes rolling up in euphoria as I moaned with delight. I gasped out from the intimacy and stared at him. Who was he? What did he want? He looked down towards my groin and I could see my cock, all eight inches of it, pressed against my black Calvin Klein boxers. Within a short span of time, this masked stranger had taken me through worlds of pain and pleasure, getting my hard cock more erect than it was ever before. I could even see a small wet spot of my precum on it and I knew he did too, because he reached for it with his black leather gloved hand.

He grabbed the hem of my black Calvin Klein boxers and slowly slid it down, letting the soft cotton play across the contours of my skin as my cock was released like a wild animal from its’ cage, all eight inches standing proudly before me. He grabbed it in his black leather gloved hand before stroking it sensually, letting the leather of his glove as well as the skin of my cock merge into a single entity that made me gasp and moan in pleasure repeatedly. He slowly increased his pace and before long, both my cock as well as his glove gleamed with my precum. I felt it building up within me, a warm sensation that slowly spread through my system like a dragon slowly unfurling its’ wings in all of its’ majestic glory. I gasped out, “I’m about…”

He immediately stopped stroking, leaving my cock throbbing with the thirst of an orgasm. He stood up and I heard the creak of his black combat boots, shattering the still silence of the room. It was such music to my ears and it just fuelled the lewd fire within me as I watched him retrieve something from the table before walking away, heading towards my back. I did not see it, but I recognized the sound of it. All at once, the still silence was broken by the terrifying crack of a whip. I gulped.

I closed my eyes, awaiting in anguish for my torture to begin. I heard him swing the whip in the air once, cracking it in the air, giving me a sense of what was to come, before it came for me, swift and fast. I felt a blazing inferno of agony set my whole back on fire as I arched my back, feeling the tongue of flame brush against my skin as I felt it tear. I screamed out in agony, pulling against my bonds, a desperate attempt at freeing myself, but the scream just empowered his rhythm as he got faster and harder, tearing my back to shreds within minutes. I could feel my skin tearing apart with every blow he made. I could feel a sticky substance running down my back, stinging my wounds and I realized it was my own blood. I felt the whip lash through my back, breaking through layers of skin, releasing more blood as it dribbled along my back. I could feel tears welling up in my eyes, threatening to spill down onto my cheeks like an overflowing dam. But, no. I knew better than to show my captor any signs of weaknesses. I screamed my way through it, blow after blow he landed. It went on for what seemed like eternity. As fast as it came, it stopped.

I was breathing hard from the anguish as I watched him walk calmly towards me. I saw him caressing the whip lovingly. It was stained a bright crimson and I looked away, pushing away the image of my shredded back in my mind’s eye. He placed the bloodied whip onto the table and stood before me. For a moment, we just stared at each other. Even though he was masked, I could tell that his face was cold and expressionless. I could feel his inner satisfaction and it made me sick. He roughly grabbed me by the hair with the black leather gloved hand he had used earlier to stroke me, shoving my face towards his groin. He held me in place and I realized he was not going to undo himself, that was left for me to do. Forgive me, Zul, I told myself, for I needed to do this to survive.

I unbuttoned his jeans and pulled the zipper down with my teeth before pulling the hem of his black Armani boxers down, liberating his hard erect cock like a lazy panther stretching out in the warm caress of the Sun. It was impressive, a grand length of ten inches and it was dripping with his own precum. As I watched the tiny streams of his gold dribble down the length of his shaft, I felt my mouth salivate with an insatiable hunger. It was as if all my misery was forgotten as my inner Asmodeus, my inner lust demon, took over my entire being. I wanted him. I wanted him within me. I wanted him badly. I gladly took the entire length into my mouth, feeling the tip touch the back of my throat as I fought my natural gag reflex. Surprisingly, he pushed himself deeper into me and I could feel the tip sliding down into my throat, inducing a soft gag from me which I stifled discreetly. That was amazing.

I slowly wrapped my tongue along the length of his shaft, letting the soft mass that was my tongue send him tingles of zest before sucking on it eagerly, licking up his deliciously sweet gold as I heard his light regular breathing change to passionate sighs and gasps. He grabbed my hair tightly in his black leather gloved hands as I slid in and out of him while he thrusted himself into me. I licked ardently, not wasting a single drop of his gold which made me crave for the greatness of his white gold, making me even more keen at wanting him. His cock gleamed with my saliva as he slid himself out.

Before he got too far away, I stretched out my neck and sucked on his balls, inhaling his musky scent as my soft slippery tongue slid gracefully around his manhood, caressing every nook and cranny. It was amazing, feeling a part of him within me, letting my tongue cuddle against his balls as they tingled with joy. Oh, what do you have in store for me, I asked silently. I let his balls slid out of my lips with a pop and I stared at him seductively as I bit my lower lip. I could feel my lips swell up after all the sucking and licking, but I did not care, I wanted to conquer him so badly. He leaned down, our faces inches from each other, and I longed to see his face. We were both breathing hard from the intimacy that we had built up within a short time and the sound of it just made my body rock with concupiscence.

He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, exposing my neck before nuzzling his masked face into it. I kicked my heels with delight at the feel of his soft black ski mask nuzzling against my neck as I let out a long moan. I could feel him kissing my neck through his mask and I yearned to feel those lips upon me. When will that time come? He stood up, stroking his cock in his black leather gloved hand and I could feel my tongue lick my lips. Come on, I want that white gold, I anticipated hungrily. Looking back, I realized I was foolish for hoping at such a thing.

I felt a thin stream of water trickle onto my exposed body, jarring me out of my fantasy as the smell of ammonia filled my nostrils. “Hey, what the hell, man?” I protested as I cowered away from the river of warm amber yellow streaming out of his cock and onto me, but no matter how much I moved, my entire body was exposed to his stream, bathing me in his bodily fluid. He took a step closer towards me and I felt the warm yellow stream splashing onto my face, dribbling into my mouth which I hurriedly spat out. I felt the stream run across my hair as the smell enveloped me like a thick blanket. The bitter taste of ammonia was horrible in my mouth after the sweet taste of his gold. The warm yellow stream showered me from head to toe, leaving my exposed skin gleaming with his urine as he looked at me with contentment. He zipped himself up and stared at me through his black mirrored wraparound sunglasses.

“Bastard,” I cursed acidly. Without warning, I felt a blast of anguish as he landed a vicious blow to my gut. I screamed out in pain and saw him walking away through my fluttering eyelids before passing out.

The next time I woke up, I realized I was lying on something soft. Was I in my bed at home with Zul? Zul… God, just thinking about what I had done earlier made me cringe, but I had no choice, right? Right. I wanted to see him again, and I did what I did to do so. I wanted to be at home, in bed with Zul’s strong arms around me, providing me with a layer of comfort and security that I was longing for. I wanted to hear his light regular breathing, feeling his warm breath caressing my ear as he slept soundly. I wanted my Zul, and I hoped I would see him soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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