Cara, Daddy, and Uncle Johnny Ch. 06

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“Cara, door!” Uncle Johnny yelled.

He was sitting on the living room couch, watching the end of a football game. It was Sunday night, the game was just finishing up, and he was looking forward to finishing his beer, turning off the TV, and finding his sexy little niece to take to bed. He was leaving for a two-week business trip in the morning, so was spending the night at his brother’s house to have one more night with the nubile 18-year-old before his trip. Normally, she’d be curled up on the couch next to him, but Johnny hadn’t seen her for a little while.


The doorbell rang again. Wondering what she was up to, he yelled, “Cara, can you get the door, please?”

Bill, his brother and Cara’s daddy, yelled back from whatever he was doing in the kitchen, “Can you grab it, Johnny? I think Cara’s busy with something.”

Letting out a long sigh, Johnny put down his beer on the coffee table and stood up, making his way through the living room to the front entry. His mind on the game in the background, he opened the front door and then stared in surprise at who was on the front porch.

Lit up by the porch light, Cara stood on the front porch, but not as he’d ever seen her before. Her hair was down, framing her face and spilling over her shoulders and the collar of the tan, thigh-length coat she was wearing. The belt was cinched tight and her hands were in her pockets, so all Uncle Johnny could see of Cara’s outfit were the smoky, black stockings and five-inch black stiletto heels she was wearing. With her face made up with full makeup, including smoky black eyes and dark red lipstick, Cara looked like an expensive hooker standing in front of her own house.

“Is John here?” Cara asked in a sultry voice to her confused uncle.

“Bill?” Johnny asked. He turned his head back into the house to call for his brother, only to find him in the doorway of the living room holding a video camera, clearly recording, facing the front door.

Cara reached out with one hand and turned her uncle’s face back to her.

“You must be John,” she said, smiling, putting her hand back in her pocket. “I’m Cara. May I come in?”

Johnny nodded and moved back, holding the door open wide. Cara stepped inside and moved toward the living room, winking at her daddy and the camera as they backed up when she stepped forward. Stopping in the middle of the living room, Cara turned to face her Uncle Johnny, who had closed the front door and was now standing in the doorway of the living room, still looking at her as if he was confused.

“The man who hired me for the night,” Cara told her uncle as she untied the belt of her coat and pulled the sides open, “said I was your going-away present.”

She let the coat drop to the floor and Johnny, Bill, and the video camera all got a good look at what she was wearing.

The red of her lipstick matched the red of the ribbon and lace on the black corset she had on. The corset made her small waist look tiny, especially when compared to her enormous breasts spilling out of the corset top. Each breath made her nipples play peek-a-boo with the corset cups, and her 34J tits were pushed up almost to her collarbone, forming the deepest cleavage Johnny had ever seen. The corset stopped just below her belly button, leaving her entire pelvic area bare. Freshly shaved bare pussy lips called to Johnny, as he saw she was wearing nothing but those thigh-high smoky black stockings and the stilettos on her bottom half. Turning around to give everyone a good look, they saw that the red ribbon lacing up her corset was tied in a bow at the bottom, right at the small of her back, with the ends of the ribbon tracing over her tight, round, bare ass.

Uncle Johnny had to take in several gasping breaths, looking at his perfect little niece dressed up like the most expensive hooker he’d ever seen. He looked to his brother, standing in a corner of the room behind Cara, capturing this all on film, knowing they must have planned this together.

“I’m yours for the night, John,” Cara said to her uncle.

Johnny turned back to Cara.

“Sir,” he said.

“If you’re mine for the night, Cara,” Johnny said, taking a step closer to her, “call me sir.”

“Yes, sir,” Cara said, clasping her hands together at the small of her back to push her bulging breasts out higher and further.

“You’ll do whatever I want?” Johnny asked, stepping closer.

“Yes, sir,” Cara said, watching her uncle as he moved toward her.

“And you’re okay with this all being on film?” Johnny asked, stopping right in front of her.

“Oh, yes, sir!” Cara said, looking up only a few inches to her Uncle Johnny’s face.

She leaned toward him, liking the height her heels gave her, enabling her to whisper close to his ear, “And I really hope to be able to watch it with you sometime in the future.”

She winked at him as she pulled back and saw her Uncle Johnny’s beautiful, familiar smile cross his face before he looked her over again.

“Drop to your knees,” Escort Bayan Gaziantep Uncle Johnny ordered. “I’m going to listen to the end of this game while I watch you suck me off,” he told her. “Then we’ll see what else we can get up to.”

“Yes, sir,” Cara said as she sank to her knees on the carpet in the living room.

Her hands reached for her uncle’s belt buckle and she slowly undid it, popping open the button on his jeans, and pulling down the zipper. She could feel the hard length of his erection beneath the material as she pulled the fabric apart. Sliding her hands into the waist of his jeans, she smoothed them off his hips so that they dropped to the floor at his feet, leaving him in just a pair of boxers. Looking up into his face, Cara tucked the front of his t-shirt into the waistband of his boxers so it wouldn’t get in her way, and then she reached into his fly to grab for his cock.

“You’re so hard already, sir,” Cara said, carefully maneuvering his large rod through the fly.

Johnny just watched and didn’t respond as his hooker niece held his dick with one little hand, then carefully tucked the material of his boxers around his balls with the other. She licked him there first and Johnny closed his eyes at the feeling of his niece’s tongue bathing his balls just the way he liked it. He loved having his balls handled at any time, but particularly during blowjobs, he preferred to have them included.

“Great start,” he choked out, as he felt Cara’s mouth close over one of his balls, getting it nice and wet as she gently sucked, then moving to the other one.

His hands gently ran through Cara’s hair as he opened his eyes and stared down at his hooker niece leaving her red lipstick all over his balls. His dick got even harder as he took in the sight of her smeared lipstick. She pulled back to smile up at him and then opened her mouth and slid the tip of his dick in.

Johnny groaned as those wet, red lips closed over the head of his cock, sucking him in, her tongue teasing the head where the precum was already dripping. Cara pulled back, opened wider, and sucked him in again, getting him nice and wet as she worked her way down his big dick. She was still working on deep throating him comfortably, but tonight she was doing a great job as more and more of his dick disappeared into her mouth.

Moving her head back and forth, Cara moaned as she felt the head of his dick hit the back of her throat. That extra little vibration set Johnny off, and his hands fisted in her hair before he pulled her face hard onto his dick, almost mashing her nose into his pelvis.

“You’re my little whore tonight,” he told her, looking down at his wide-eyed niece, moaning around the mouthful of cock as he began to fuck her face. “I’m going to use you like I would my own personal little slut.”

Cara wasn’t used to her uncle or her daddy talking to her like that, but in her role as Uncle Johnny’s hooker tonight it felt right, and she felt herself getting wetter, even as she gagged and slobbered on the large dick cramming its way down her throat.

Involuntary tears started to roll down her face, smearing her makeup, and Johnny felt the cum in his balls start to churn as he saw a sight he thought he’d never see: his little niece, dressed up like a hooker, makeup destroyed, his big cock with her red lipstick all over it sliding in and out of her mouth. He fucked her face faster, thrusting harder, and then with a loud shout, he came, squirting into the back of her throat. She choked on the unexpected cum in her mouth and it dribbled out of her lips, down her chin, and onto her exposed breasts, both of which had fallen out of her corset with the vigorous face fucking she had been receiving.

Johnny pulled back.

“Swallow,” he told her, letting go of her hair.

She did, licking her lips, and even using her fingers to clean up some of what had dripped onto her breasts, then licking her fingers clean.

“Good girl,” he told her, tucking himself back into his boxers, then reaching down a hand to help her get to her feet.

She wobbled there slightly, big breasts bouncing, still gleaming with his cum, her face a mess, but her eyes steadily on his, waiting for his next command.

“Upstairs,” Johnny said. “Where I can give you a proper spanking for looking like that tonight.”

“Yes sir,” Cara said quietly, trying not to let a grin spread over her face.

She let Uncle Johnny lead the way, following him out of the living room and up the stairs. She knew her daddy followed with the video camera behind them, silent, watching as the camera picked up the way her tight ass jiggled as she walked up the stairs in stilettos, her pussy peeking out from between her thighs.

The camera followed them down the hall to the master bedroom the three of them often shared.

Uncle Johnny pulled off his shirt, but left his boxers on as he sat down at the edge of the bed.

“Come here, little girl,” Uncle Johnny said.

Cara was already moving toward him when she said, “Yes, sir,” the way she knew he liked.

“That’s right, Cara,” Uncle Johnny said. “You’ve been a naughty little girl tonight. And do you know what happens to naughty little girls?”

Cara stopped and stood next to him where he sat, his cock already tenting his boxers again.

“They get punished?” she asked.

“That’s right,” Uncle Johnny said. “Now lay down on my lap so I can give you the spanking you deserve.”

“Yes sir,” Cara said, as she draped herself across his lap. Her breasts hung over the side of his legs, bulging out on either side of her tiny body as they pressed into the bed. Her knees were on the bed, her legs stretched out behind her, the stilettos still on as she raised her butt up for her uncle to use.

“Now, Cara,” Uncle Johnny said, caressing her tight ass, getting her used to the feel of his calloused hand against her soft skin, “bad little girls need to own their punishments. Do you know what that means?”

“No, sir,” Cara said, squirming against the hard pipe of his cock pressing into her stomach, pushing her ass up a bit to meet his hand.

“It means,” Uncle Johnny said, watching his brother come closer with the video camera to pan down the length of Cara’s body spread across Johnny’s lap, “that every time you get spanked, you need to call out the number.”

Johnny brought both hands down to his niece’s ass and pulled her cheeks apart for the video camera, letting his brother see inside to the little brown hole winking above the pink slit below.

“Yes, sir,” Cara said, as her uncle dipped his fingers between her thighs, feeling the moisture there, getting the tips of his fingers nice and wet before circling her little backdoor.

Bill’s own cock felt like steel in his pants as he watched his brother’s hands all over his baby girl’s ass. Holding the camera steady, Bill zoomed in on one of his brother’s fingers gently penetrating Cara’s asshole to the first knuckle, sliding in and out for a few beats before suddenly bringing his hand back and smacking her loudly on the ass.

“Oh!” Cara’s body jerked at the unexpected assault. Her ass smarted where her uncle had smacked it, but he had clearly gone for sound rather than pain as it had surprised her but not really hurt.

“One, sir,” Cara remembered to say, as she felt her uncle’s hand smooth over her ass again.

Bill and Johnny admired the reddened skin on that perfect ass, grinning at each other. They had both wanted to spank Cara in a sexual way for a long time. Bill had been hoping the night would lead to this when he had come up with this plan with Cara, but he could hardly believe his luck that he was going to get it all on film to edit and watch later.

Smack! Johnny’s hand came down again on Cara’s other ass cheek.

“Two, sir,” Cara called out, squirming on her uncle’s lap again.

That one had hurt a little bit more, but had also made her pussy gush.

Uncle Johnny’s fingers dipped down between her legs again, spreading her thighs a little further apart. From his angle at the foot of the bed, Bill and the video camera could see right between his daughter’s legs, could watch as his brother slid two fingers into Cara’s pussy and fucked her for a few minutes before bringing his hand down on her ass for a third time.


“Three, sir,” Cara said again.

Smack! “Four, sir.” Smack! “Five, sir.” Smack! “Six, sir!”

Uncle Johnny smacked Cara’s ass in quick succession, wanting to see how pink he could make those round cheeks, enjoying the way they quivered beneath each smack, and loving the way his cock would jerk with each one. Pushing his cock up into his niece’s stomach, he enjoyed the pressure while running his hand lovingly over her warm bottom. It was pinking up nicely.

Pushing his entire hand between his niece’s thighs, he pushed her left leg off the bed, so that she had to half-kneel, half-stand with her left stiletto planted on the ground next to the bed. That opened up her pussy for his whole hand to cup, and for his brother’s camera to see inside.

“I think someone’s enjoying their punishment,” Uncle Johnny commented, able to slide three fingers inside his niece.

“Only because I enjoy your hands on me, sir!” Cara gasped out as her uncle fit his thumb to her asshole and pushed inside on the next thrust.

The camera zoomed in on the three fingers in Cara’s pussy and the finger in her ass as they fucked her several times between pulling back and then smacking her directly on her exposed pussy.

“Oh! God!” Cara cried out at the unexpectedly different placement of the last smack.

Smack! Again, Uncle Johnny’s open hand came down on her open pussy.

“That’s not what you’re supposed to say,” Uncle Johnny reminded his niece.

“Oh! Sorry, sir!” Cara stammered, her pussy pulsing inside as Uncle Johnny spanked it one more time.

“Seven, eight, and nine, sir!” she said.

“Good girl,” Uncle Johnny said, running his hands over his niece’s pink ass and red, wet pussy. “Now for something special for your final one.”

Johnny looked over at Bill. “Why don’t you put that camera down,” Johnny suggested to his brother, “and give me a hand here?”

Bill smirked at the pun, but moved quickly to not miss out on the opportunity. Earlier in the evening, he had set up a tripod in the corner of the room, pointing directly at the bed. After putting the camera in place, making sure it could take in all of the action, Bill moved toward the bed, where his daughter lay facedown on his brother’s lap. Pulling his shirt over his head, leaving him in just his jeans, Bill stopped next to the bed.

“Together?” Johnny asked, raising his left hand up above his niece’s ass.

Bill nodded, stepping closer. Johnny spread his legs so that Bill could step between them, his legs pressing against the side of the bed, his hard cock pressing against his little girl’s side. Bill raised his right hand and together the two brothers brought them down on Cara’s toned, pink ass.

“Ah! God! 10, sirs!” Cara cried out, her entire body jerking at the double-slap to her ass.

She felt four hands running over her body, two hands playing with her ass, one hand smoothing over her back, and one hand reaching under her body to palm a large breast. Her head swam at the sensations: fingers playing with her pussy and ass, sliding into each, pulling her cheeks apart, wet fingers tangling as they teased her various openings.

Bill loved sharing his daughter with his brother, and was touched that Johnny had pulled him into is, as Johnny could definitely have had Cara all to himself for the night. With two fingers of his right hand buried up Cara’s pussy and his left hand full of her massive breast, the only thing that could be better would be if his aching dick was out of his pants.

Johnny must have had the same idea, as he reached his right hand beneath Cara’s body and maneuvered his dick out over the waistband of his boxers, pointing straight up and pressed between his hard abs and Cara’s corset.

“I’m torn,” Bill laughed. “I want my dick out, too, but I don’t want to move either hand.”

Johnny laughed. “I know what you mean.” Johnny’s left hand was occupied with his niece’s ass, his index finger lodged deep inside it while his fingers gripped her reddened cheek.

“Any chance you can help a brother out?” Bill asked, looking at Johnny’s free hand.

Johnny mentally shrugged. It wasn’t like he and his brother hadn’t touched dicks before when they were both fucking Cara.

“Why not?” Johnny said, reaching across Cara’s back to unbuckle his brother’s belt.

Unused to undoing a belt from this angle, it took him a few moments to get the thing undone. Cara wished she could see what was going on. She loved it when her daddy and her uncle got sexual with each other. It made her so turned on. She had a secret plan to try to get them to do more with each other, as they both continued to fuck her. This seemed like a good start! She turned her head, and could just see over her shoulder to where her uncle’s fingers were fumbling with the front of her daddy’s jeans. Luckily, her daddy was wearing a button fly all the way down, so with a few little pops, his pants were open.

“No boxers?” Johnny asked, as his brother’s pubes came into view.

“Nah,” Bill answered, getting harder by the second as his brother’s hand reached into the open fly of his jeans. “I wanted easy access if I needed it tonight.”

Johnny’s hand closed around his brother’s big dick and pulled him up through the opening in his jeans. “Good thinking,” he said, reaching below to cup his brother’s balls and pull them out as well.

“Thanks for the hand,” Bill said, looking into his brother’s eyes while his brother still had his hand on Bill’s balls.

A moment passed as the two brothers stared at each other over Cara’s naked ass. Then Johnny gently squeezed Bill’s balls before drawing his hand back.

“Any time,” Johnny said easily, before fisting his own dick.

“Now that you’ve had your punishment, little girl,” Johnny said to Cara, “it’s time for your reward.”

“Thank you, sir,” Cara said with a trembling voice.

She had felt that moment between her daddy and her uncle, and had almost cum from the potential of that moment. She was more than ready for whatever her reward was.

“Bill, can you help her up, please?” Johnny asked his brother, removing his finger from Cara’s ass.

Bill pulled his fingers from his daughter’s pussy, wiping them along her asshole and across her red ass cheeks before helping her to pick herself up from her uncle’s lap.

Now standing next to the bed, both his brother and his niece looking at him, Johnny directed them to what he wanted next.

“Cara, you’re going to turn around and let me fuck that tight ass of yours,” Johnny said, enjoying the view of his busty niece’s bare breasts and pussy framed by her outfit while she stood there waiting for his orders.

“And after I’m in her ass,” Johnny said, switching his gaze to his mostly naked brother who was standing there shirtless with his big hard cock hanging out of his jeans, “you get to fuck her pussy.”

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