Cara’s Hairy Woman Fetish Changes

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A sequel of sorts to the story “Pursuit Of the Hirsute”, and the story tags attached along with the title and category indicate the subject matter. This is not a love story and is rather rough-edged.


Cara is a middle aged librarian who from her appearance fits a lot of stereotypes. A plain and rather mousy woman who wears a minimum of make-up and does little to enhance her looks, she rules the public floor of the library with an iron fist, saving her most caustic comments for the men she has to deal with.

To say that Cara didn’t like men would be an understatement. She had loathed them for as long as she could remember, the way they would always be sniffing around and staring at her, ogling her large bust and making crude comments that finally drove her to wearing breast compression bands around her chest.

Combined with the baggy tops she favored this achieved the desired effect of making her rather shapeless, and while it was a bit uncomfortable it was a lot better than having men gawk at her. She knew what they were thinking and Cara wasn’t interested.

Her position afforded Cara contact with a number of young women, enough to where Cara had very few lonely nights that she couldn’t have filled if she wanted, but Cara was particular. She wasn’t drawn to just any girl but had preferences and they were clear.

Cara liked younger women, and if they were half her age or less that was okay with her. Cara preferred that the girls be innocent as well. Innocent, naive or just plain dumb was all the same to her, only these days it seems that there weren’t as many of those as in the past, especially in the state capitol area she lived and work in.

Cara loved submissive women, which wasn’t surprising given her very dominant personality that sent unsuspecting people of both genders cowering when the chose to defy her. Many was the man sent packing at the library when they dared defy her, and if a girl didn’t know her place she wasn’t adverse to knocking them down a few pegs as well.

Her other preference – others had called it a fetish and she had never denied it – was that she favored hairy women. The sight of a lovely mound smooth as butter revolted her and that love of hair extended to the rest of the women’s body as well. How hairy was too hairy? Cara laughed at that thought because she didn’t think it was possible.

Things were so much different now than back in her school days when it seemed half of the girls on campus were free spirited women with hairy armpits and then some didn’t remove any of the hair from their bodies. Those were the days, Cara lamented. Now most of the girls walked around like plastic barbie dolls, and to Cara they seemed like empty headed bimbos.

So when the elevator repair company the state contracted with sent a couple of guys to repair the lift that serviced the libraries internal floors, Cara paid little attention until she took a better look, and then things changed.


Cara passed by the open door of the elevator that was being serviced, her eyes examining the worker busy repairing the control panel inside. This was not the first time the head librarian had gone past there looking in on the workers, but it was the first time she had looked closely at the workers who had curtly dispatched the co-worker to check the readings on the main control panel.

The man who was apparently in charge and had been so authoritative in dismissing the other worker was not a man after all but a woman, and now close up Cara saw that the name patch on her blue company shirt read PHYL, short she assumed for Phyllis.

She shouldn’t have assumed, Cara thought while mentally scolding herself. She loathed men for making assumptions about women and there she had been doing the same thing about this elevator repair person. She had heard the masculine sounding name, seen the rough features and the short black hair along with the rather muscular physique the sexless uniform only partially hid, so when Cara heard her coarse voice ordering the other worker around she had just assumed.

Shame on me, Cara thought as she looked at the busy worker. She’s a strident no-nonsense woman kicking butt in a male-oriented world just like I am, and Cara now looked at Phyl in a different light as she paused at the propped open elevator doorway.

Not my type, that’s for sure, Cara noted, because while she was as gay as they come her tastes ran towards the timid and meek type girls who did her bidding. This Phyl was certainly not like that and Cara didn’t approve of the chain link tattoos that encircled this Phyl’s biceps either.

Phyl did have something that caught Cara’s attention as she watched the worker prying open a stubborn metal plate, and the librarian sighed as she saw the dark black hairs peeking out from the edge of the short sleeved shirt when Phyl raised her arm.

Cara didn’t even have to peek up the sleeve to see what she loved, and that would have been impossible in this case because Phyl’s doeda biceps were barely contained by the fabric and when her work caused her to flex her muscles the action threatened to make the sleeves rip open as her muscles bulged.

You’re a hairy one alright, Cara deduced since the sleeves on the shirt were not all that brief which meant her armpit hair was long as well as plentiful, and as Cara’s eyes went down the worker’s masculine uniform she could only wondered whether the rest of Phyl was equally natural, since no flesh besides her arms were showing.

“This elevator’s out of service,” came the curt voice from Phyl in breaking the librarian out of her trance, dismissing Cara rudely like she had her own co-worker.

“Oh, I understand. I just happened to be going past and wanted to know how it’s going. My name is Ms. Janowsky and I’m in charge of the public floor, but you may call me Cara.”

“Bully for you,” Phyl said without blinking or stopping her work. “It will be done by the end of the day. That fast enough for you Karen?”

“Uh yes, and it’s Cara,” the librarian said.


“I think it’s refreshing to see a woman doing a traditionally male job,” Cara explained as the sleeve slid further up Phyl’s arm exposing still more hair.

“It’s a job,” Phyl replied, and after looking up and seeing the librarian still standing there she asked, “You need something?”

“Sorry,” Cara said and she felt her face blush, which was something that rarely happened with her, and then she leaned closer to the repair woman and explained in a subtle voice, “It’s just that – well – I find you very interesting. You don’t see woman as muscular as you every day, and I can’t help noticing that you don’t shave your armpits.”

“Well, if your customers don’t like it tell them not to look,” Phyl said after glancing under her arm to see what had Cara’s attention.

“They’re called patrons, and I don’t care what they think because I run the show here. Frankly, I find natural women intoxicating.”

“That so?” Phyl asked as she looked up at the librarian. “You big on natural huh?”

“Very much so.”

“Then why do you bind them down?” Phyl snickered, and when Cara gave the mechanic a confused look she explained, “Your tits. You are wearing a suppression band over them aren’t you?”

“Why yes – how on earth did you know?” Cara asked, having never had anyone notice before while she was dressed.

“Let me guess – you don’t like guys staring at your tits,” Phyl suggested. “You have big ones on you? You’re such a little thing it doesn’t seem possible you have all that much on top.”

“I’m – let’s just say I’m busty,” a noticeably flustered Cara responded as she looked around to make sure nobody was near.

“You always this tight-assed around people lady? All this busty and natural woman crap?” Why don’t you say what you mean?”

“I don’t understand,” Cara replied.

“If you want to see how hairy and muscular I am, why don’t you say so?” Phyl responded. “You know, you’re so much like a stereotypical old biddy librarian that it’s beginning to turn me on, and if you were to suggest you wanted to take me home and show me how big those strapped-down jugs of yours really are, I might just say yes.”

“Well?” Phyl said after a moment of stunned silence. “Or do you have to ask your little girlfriend over there first? The one peeking at us from over by the front desk. The one who’s pouting like she just lost her puppy?”

“Who? Laura?” Cara mumbled as she looked over at her administrative assistant who the librarian had recently dumped and was trying to get transferred away from here. “No. She’s – she’s nothing.”

“I’ll be done at 5 on the dot,” Phyl announced and with that dismissed Cara and went back to work.

“What are you looking at?” Cara hissed as she walked past Laura whose eyes were brimming with what were about to be tears. “Get back to work.”


“Uh – would you like to go out for a drink or something?” Cara asked the mechanic as they met in the rear parking lot after work. “After you clean up or whatever?”

“I washed my hands,” Phyl said as she waved her short stubby fingers towards the librarian, the nails virtually non-existent and the digits clean but rough looking. “You want me you take me as I am. Understood?”

“Why yes,” Cara mumbled in response, set back on her heels again by this coarse woman, and while the librarian supposed that many of those who despised her would take pleasure at seeing the usually aggressive and demeaning Cara taking the abuse instead of dishing it out, she didn’t know why she was actually absorbing it instead of walking away.

“I’ll follow you then,” Phyl said gruffly as she turned and headed towards a motorcycle parked on the side of the library.

“What are you doing Cara?” she asked herself aloud as she got into her car.

Indeed the middle-aged lesbian had other options. Laura for one, and even though eş değiştirmeli porno her feelings were hurt at having competition that hairy submissive would come crawling to her if the stern librarian so much as snapped her fingers.

The roar of the Harley woke Cara out of her daydreaming as the bike zoomed up behind her, and she spent much of the trip home looking back at the woman who was nothing like the kind she usually preyed on.

Phyl was not meek and weak-kneed in front of an assertive woman like herself. In fact, Cara told herself, Phyl was more like her than – well, like she was. She was a more forceful personality than she herself was, and Phyl was just an elevator repair woman. Maybe she was the supervisor of the guy with her but that was nothing like the stature of Cara’s position.

“I tell dozens of people what to do and when to do it,” Cara told the interior of the car as she neared her home. “The whole library is under my thumb. Even the male pigs upstairs.”

“So why am I acting like this? Letting her treat me like I was a nothing?” Cara whispered as she pulled into the driveway of her large ranch that she shared with no one. “Time to show this dyke who’s boss.”


“That skinny girl with the hairy arms,” Phyl said to Cara after the librarian closed the front door behind them and locked it, and as the muscular mechanic moved Cara against the wall and leaned over her, her hand on the door frame next to Cara’s head, their size difference seemed greater than ever.

To the librarian it seemed like Phyl was almost a foot taller than she was and the butch’s smile looked sinister as she looked down on Cara. The scent that wafted over Cara from the damp armhole of Phyl’s uniform shirt both repulsed and attracted Cara as her heart raced.

“Laura – what about her?”

“I ran into her in the bathroom before quitting time,” Phyl explained. “I told her you were taking me home with you and she started crying and ran out of the shitter.”

“She’s – dramatic,” Cara said.

“You must have something good,” Phyl said. “I need a drink. You got a bar in this place?”

“Yes – downstairs in the den,” Cara replied, and Phyl lowered her arm and let the librarian walk around her, squeezing the slightly plump butt as she did.

“Fancy place you got here – your ex-husband leave it to you?” Phyl asked as they entered the room.

“Husband? Hardly,” Cara proclaimed as she moved behind the bar, feeling a little braver back there. “I need no man for anything.”

“Just fucking with you sweetie,” Phyl snapped. “I can tell you’re a man-hater from a mile away. I don’t hate them, I use them. I use them and spit them out like I do women, and just like them they come back begging for more. Just like you will.”

“Uh – what would you like to drink?” Cara said.

“Bourbon,” Phyl proclaimed as she walked away from the bar and towards the couch by the fireplace. “In a glass if you must and don’t be stingy with it. You don’t mind if I get comfortable.”

Phyl framed the words as a statement instead of a question, and as Cara poured the drink she watched Phyl peel off her uniform shirt and set it aside. The woman was wearing a white wife-beater t-shirt and from the rear she looked more like a man than a woman. Phyl’s back and shoulders were broad and her neck was muscular and thick. Along with the chain tattoos on both of her biceps there was another on her back mostly hidden by the shirt.

I hate tattoos on women, Cara mused as she cleaned the little spill made by her shaking hands, and this woman is built like a weightlifter and acts and looks like a man. Then why am I shaking and wet?

After looking around the posh surroundings Phyl plopped down on the couch, apparently expecting Cara to wait on her. Cara came around the bar and brought the two drinks over, and as she set them down on the coffee table prepared to sit on the couch along with her guest, but Phyl had other ideas.

“Stay where you are – I want to get a look at you,” Phyl declared as she took the drink and downed it without blinking, and after leaning back into the couch draped her arm over the back of the sofa.

Cara’s breath made a raspy sound that she tried to stifle as she looked at Phyl. The snug white-t-shirt clung to breasts that weren’t much more than thick swells on her chest with fat nipples pushing out against the cotton.

Phyl’s ripped biceps, freed from the confines of the uniform shirt, were like softballs on her upraised arm and the tuft of black hair that filled the muscular hollow of her armpit made the librarian shiver as she stood there in front of her guest.

“You don’t try to hide what you like,” Phyl snickered as she looked over at her own armpit and grinned. “That weepy girl friend of yours at work – is she as hairy as I am – or aren’t you the type of broad that fucks and tells?”

“No matter,” Phyl responded without waiting for an answer. “What I want genç porno you to do is get your clothes off so I can see what you try to hide so hard.”

“Here? I mean, we can go upstairs and…”

“If I wanted to go upstairs I would take you up there,” Phyl said bluntly. “Unless I see something worth sticking around for the only place I’m going is home. Now take that blouse off.”

“Well?” Phyl said when the middle-aged woman stood there with a dazed expression on her face.

“People don’t talk to me like that,” Cara said, and while she started her declaration with defiance by the time she ended the sentence her voice was wavering.

“I’m waiting.”

Cara intended to tell this bossy woman to leave, or at least that’s what she told herself later, but what she did was to slowly unbutton her blouse, and after she reached the bottom and pulled the top out from under her slacks Phyl allowed herself a smug smile.

“That’s more like it,” the mechanic said as she sat on the couch smugly, and after Cara cast the blouse aside and reached for the clasps that held her breast suppression band around her Phyl noted, “You’ve got a little pit hair too, don’t you?”

“I’ve never shaved – not once in my life. I believe women are the perfect creation that shouldn’t be altered in anyway, certaintly not by a razor,” Cara informed her, pausing to lift her arm to show Phyl the modest swirl of brown hair in the center of the hollow before adding apologetically, “I’m afraid I’m not very hairy.”

“So I see,” Phyl smirked as she watched Cara resume unwrapping herself, and as more and more of the bandage came off and her breasts started becoming more and more obvious Phyl’s attention level increased. “Let’s see what you got there – damn!”

Phyl’s sigh came as Cara’s bust was finally freed from the restraint, and as the over-sized jugs eased down to the diminutive woman’s stomach it was clear that the librarian had gained some respect from the rough-edged butch on the couch although Phyl took care not to reflect that too much in her tone.

“Great tits honey,” Phyl sighed as her own nipples thrust out hard into the cotton of her t-shirt. “Your belly’s a little soft but not bad for an old lady. Massage those whoppers for me – bet it feels good to let them out of that vise – work those beauties. Damn, look at those nipples pop.”

“Can we go upstairs?” Cara asked as her little hands kneaded her pliant breasts, her thighs gently rubbing against each other as she fidgeted in place.

“Take the rest of your clothes off,” Phyl replied while ignoring the request, and after Cara pulled down her slacks she mocked the librarian’s full cut panties by saying, “Where did you get those undies from. Your Grandma? Get those sorry looking things off.”

“Not much of a bush,” Phyl commented after the baggy panties came down. “Now turn around and let me see that ass – a little doughy but not bad – now bend over and spread them.”

Cara’s face burned as she did Phyl’s bidding, and after she spread her buttocks apart to get her see everything apparently Phyl was satisfied because she rose from the couch and came around the coffee table to face Cara.

“Take my wife beater off,” Phyl commanded as she raised her arms, and Cara’s shaking hands struggled to get the snug t-shirt off the repair woman’s muscular upper frame. “Like what you see?”

“Yes,” Cara whispered as she let the tank top fall to the carpet, her eyes fixed on Phyl’s mannish upper body.

Everything about Phyl; from her thickly muscled neck, to her barely discernible breasts which were more like the pectorals of a body builder than the bust of a woman, to her bulging biceps which swelled even more as Phyl kept her arms up and flexed after the shirt came off and the thick tufts of hair in the pockets of her armpits sprang out, was far different a combination than Cara had ever seen before.

“You know what you want to do now,” Phyl said after a few seconds, and her left hand grabbing the back of Cara’s scalp and pulling her close made it easy for the librarian.

“That’s it – lick my pit hair. Suck it. Chew it,” Phyl commanded as she unnecessarily ground Cara’s face into the musky thicket. “You really got a thing for armpits, don’t you? Lick it good – lap it like a dog. Too bad the air conditioning was so high in your building or else I’d be real funky right about now, but I bet you wouldn’t mind that either – would you?”

Cara didn’t answer because her face was burrowing under Phyl’s arm, but if she could have replied she would have said yes, she was right. The pungent aroma and the bitter taste did not repel the librarian. Instead it incited her and after Phyl pushed her over to her other armpit jungle for a brief taste Cara was sorry her head was eventually pulled away although her scalp remained in the repair woman’s grip.

“Bet you want to find out if my pussy is as hairy as you imagined it, don’t you?” Phyl snarled as her steely eyes bore into Cara’s and her lantern jaw was clenched. “I saw you staring at me every chance you got today – wondering – right?”


“Well get down there and see what a real woman’s pussy looks like,” Phyl declared, and with that she pushed the older woman down to her knees. “Get the rest of this fucking uniform off me.”

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