Careful What You Wish For – Day 08

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This a work of pure fiction, all sprouted from my overactive horny brain. It contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts, that some may find disturbing. So, if you are still going to read it, after having been warned, then enjoy!

I write as a hobby and a distraction in this difficult COVID-19 era. Feel free to comment, but keep it civil please, I’m not trying to win a prize or get published!

Stay safe and share some extra love with those who need it most in these challenging times!


Careful what you wish for — Day 8: Thursday

Allie and Chris woke up, laying in each other’s arms. She looked up into his eyes and smiled.

“Good morning love of my life”, she said softly.

“Good morning my love”, he replied.

Allie’s hand caressed his stomach. Neither of them was wearing any clothes. As she kissed him softly on the lips, her hand slid down his belly, until she touched his hard cock. She grabbed his cock and slowly jerked it.

“Ow…feels like a serious case of morning wood”, she whispered in his ear.

Allie kissed Chris again and slipped her tongue in his mouth. She kept jerking off his cock. She loved the feeling of his big cock growing bigger and harder in her hand! Her pussy was getting wet and she used her other hand to rub her pussy. She started kissing his chest. She licked his nipples and softly sucked on them. She kissed his stomach and slowly slid further down in the bed, until she could take his cock into her mouth.

She sucked on his cockhead, sending shivers through Chris’ body! Allie slowly lowered her mouth further over Chris’ cock. She took his cock deep in her throat and made gurgling noises. Saliva flowed out of her mouth down Chris’ cock shaft. She loved sucking Chris’ cock and loved it when he blasted his cumload down her throat! But today she had another plan!

Chris was pushing his hips off the bed, thrusting his cock deeper into her mouth. Chris fucking her mouth like that, turned Allie on even more! She kept frantically rubbing her clit and felt she was going to come soon herself! She could hear Chris moaning and panting and could tell he was getting close to shooting his cumload! She moved her head up and down and her tongue slid along the underside of his cock shaft.

“Owww fuck Allie…..that feels so fucking good…..ahhhhh……keep sucking baby, I want to come so badly now…..owwww..yes….ohhh fuck……suck my cock baby……suck the cum out of my balls…..owww fuck, yes, just like that…..don’t stop….owww fuck….you’re gonna make me come baby!”

Allie kept sucking his cock and rubbing her own pussy. She felt the muscles in his legs and stomach tremble as she sucked him closer and closer to that moment of pure bliss! She felt her own orgasm building up quickly now and knew she wouldn’t last much longer herself.

Another dozen jerks and she suddenly felt Chris’ muscles stiffen. He pushed his hips off the bed and thrust his cock deep into her throat. His cock got as hard as a rock in her mouth and she knew what was coming! She wanted to give Chris something to remember today and she quickly pulled his cock from her mouth. She jerked his cock and pointed his cockhead straight at her face. She wanted him to give her a facial!

His cum erupted from his cock and long thick strings of cum landed on her face. Between spurts she angled her head in different directions to make sure the next spurt landed on another part of her face! She loved the feeling of his hot cum landing on her face! It felt so dirty, so slutty! All the cum landing on her face, pushed Allie closer to the edge of her own orgasm! But she didn’t want to come just yet! She had another surprise for Chris! She stopped rubbing her clit. Chris’ cock had stopped spurting cum and she quickly got up on her knees, turned around facing Chris and straddled him. She moved forward over his chest and lowered her sopping wet pussy on his face! She looked down at him and they locked eyes.

“Like your hot sticky present plastered all over my pretty face?”, she asked with a husky voice.

Chris just groaned with lust! Allie looked like a porn star looking down at him with his cum literally dripping from her face! He stuck his tongue out and pushed it between Allie’s pussy lips. Allie immediately started rubbing her pussy slowly over his face, her eyes glued to his!

“Oh yes baby….eat my pussy while you enjoy my cum covered face…..owww fuck, yes…..lick my clit like that baby…..ooowwww fuck…..suck it baby……ahhhhh….uhh…uhhh…..I feel so dirty…so slutty with your cum all over my face….now make me come please….I need to come so badly for you…..I want my cum all over your face too….ohhh….look, your cum is even dripping down on my titties….owww baby, please rub it in, will you?”

Allie leaned forward, resting on her hands above Chris’ head. She kept pressing her pussy onto Chris’s mouth as she moved her hips back and forth so that her pussy slid over Chris’s mouth.

Chris grabbed her tits and started maltepe escort rubbing his cum into them, teasing her nipples! Allie’s slutty performance had made him super horny and he wanted nothing more than for her to come so he could taste her pussy juice!

“Owww fuck, yes…..keep going….I’m going to come big time….. ahhhhh….oww….. uhhhh….uhhhh…. owww shit, baby…..make me come please….make me come for you baby….I want to fucking come in your mouth….I want you to taste my pussy juice….swallow my cum baby….enjoy my gift to you….I want my cum all over your face…..owww fuck, your tongue feels so fucking good in my pussy…..make me come baby…..owww yes…..almost……ahhhh…..owww yesssss…..I’m cumming….I’m cumming…..owwww YESSSSSSS!”

Allie screamed as her orgasm exploded in her brain and pussy! She closed her eyes and pushed her pussy on Chris’s mouth, clamping his head between her thighs and felt her juices running between her pussy lips. She heard loud slurping noises coming from between her legs, as Chris did his best to suck up all her juices! She felt so horny and lewd, it prolonged her orgasm and it felt like it was never going to end! Her stomach and leg muscles were shaking and her cunt just kept convulsing! She felt light headed! As she floated back to earth, she collapsed on top of Chris and buried her cum covered face into his pillow.

“HOLY FUCK!! I’VE NEVER COME THIS HARD EVER!”, she screamed into her pillow.

She lifted her head and slid down on top of Chris, until her face was above his. She looked at his face, all wet and slimy from her juices. She smiled at him.

“You look so fucking hot with my pussy cum all over your face, I want to remember this image forever!”

“You should see yourself in a mirror, looks like you had a gang of 10 guys cover your face with their cum! Fuck woman, you look so hot I want to fuck you so badly!”

Allie laughed.

“Me too baby, but saving that first fuck for my birthday makes all this teasing so fucking hot, it just drives me crazy and I love it!”

She kissed him passionately, mixing their saliva with the other bodily fluids covering their faces. They lapped each other’s faces with their tongues, blowing cum bubbles while laughing and enjoying their total intimacy!

“I feel I can just do and say anything dirty, slutty, kinky, hot or sexy with you! I love you so much!”, she told him with tears of happiness in her eyes. She rolled off him and got off the bed. She grabbed his hand and pulled him up.

“Let’s take a shower together and get some breakfast! I’m famished!”, she said.


When Joan woke up, the first thing she noticed was the silence. She missed the sound of Chris’ breathing, when he lay next to her. The sound of Allie being busy with something somewhere in the house. The sound of activity in the kitchen, or the TV in the living room. But now? Nothing! Realizing she was the only person in the house, Joan felt alone! She knew she had totally fucked up her life and it would be very hard to win Chris and Allie back, but she had to try! She got out of bed and went downstairs for breakfast. Afterwards, she showered and got dressed. She didn’t have a class until the afternoon and her sex therapist appointment was in the morning. She collected her purse and keys and drove downtown for her appointment.

When she arrived at the address of the sex therapist, a large stone house with a tiny sign next to the door that just said “Dr. Kate Miller”, she rang the bell. The door opened and she was greeted by a stunningly beautiful blonde in her mid-thirties. For a second of two, Joan was speechless! She felt her pussy tingle as she looked at the woman standing in the doorway. She had long flowing blond hair, that framed her beautiful face. She had ice blue eyes and full lips that just begged to be kissed!

“Hi, are you Joan?”, Kate asked with a warm smile.

Her warm voice sounded like music to Joan!

“Uhh…Joan?…yes….umm, sorry….i was just thinking about something else when you opened the door. Hi, I’m Joan Johnson. We spoke yesterday?”

Joan felt like a 16-year-old schoolgirl on her first date! WTF? She’s a sex therapist? Holy fuck! Kate opened the door and waved her arm to invite Joan in. When she passed Kate, she smelled a trace of a flowery perfume. ‘Owww…she even smells nice!’, Joan thought. She waited for Kate to close the door and lead the way. Joan followed her and looked at the woman in front of her. She was just as tall as Joan, same athletic build with a small firm ass she could clearly make out in the tight white leather skirt Kate was wearing. She wore white pumps and a white blouse and looked like she had just walked out of a photo shoot for a glossy magazine! Joan licked her lips. Shit, Kate really was a sexy therapist! She cursed herself! Kate was a sex therapist and Joan had better focus on the reason why she was here!

Kate offered her a chair and asked if Joan wanted something to drink. Joan declined and sat down. Kate escort maltepe sat down behind a glass desk.

“What can I do for you, Joan?”, Kate asked.

Joan had no idea where to begin and looked almost helplessly at Kate. Kate understood and explained that it might help Joan, if Kate asked her a couple of questions. Was she ok with that? Joan nodded affirmative. Kate started asking simple yes/no questions about who Joan was, what her gender identity was, what her sexual orientation was, if she was in a relationship, if she was married, if there were any problems in her marriage and if they were sex related, etc. Within 15 minutes she had a first idea of who Joan was.

The questions and answers had loosened Joan up and she started to elaborate on her situation. How she had met Chris, the happiness she felt in the early stages of their marriage, how Chris satisfied her sexually and how work-related stress and their work schedules had resulted in them growing apart in the last two years.

She told Kate about seeing Ulan for the first time in her class and later seeing him undress in the locker room of the swimming pool. She described how she had felt when she had seen his huge flaccid cock swing between his legs and how she couldn’t get it out of her mind. How she had seen Ulan fuck Ana and how she had gotten sexually aroused when she saw Ulan’s hard black cock sliding in and out of Ana’s pussy. And how she had wished it was her that he had fucked with that black monster.

As she told the beautiful blonde about her sexual experiences, Joan became extremely aroused! She was getting horny as hell and felt her pussy getting wet. She shifted in her chair a couple of times, just so she could create some friction between her legs! It felt so good! And doing it right in front of this beautiful blonde sex therapist made it even better!

She continued describing her encounter with Ulan in the Bell’s Club and how she had finally given in to her fantasies and she had sucked his huge cock, how he had fucked her and how she had finished him off with her mouth, swallowing his whole cumload! She described it in as much detail as she could, almost like it was a porn movie she had seen. She got hornier by the minute and felt a big wet spot forming in her panties. The blonde in front of her with her sexy body and her leather skirt had hardly moved. ‘She probably hears these stories every day’, Joan thought.

She continued to describe how she had fucked Ulan in school, how he had come in her panties and how she had first fucked two black boys and later a group of seven boys in a hotel room. She described in full detail how they had all DP-ed her and had finally completely exhausted her, each of them coming multiple times in her cunt, asshole and mouth. She told Kate she must have swallowed more than 10 cumloads that session! She noticed how Kate had shifted in her chair a couple of times when she told her about the gangbang in the hotel and sensed that her stories were finally having an effect on Kate! She then described how she had fucked Dan in her own bedroom, with her husband just a few feet away in the shower!

Joan was now so wet that she couldn’t control herself anymore. She placed both feet on the floor and slightly spread her legs, giving Kate a view on her wet crotch. Joan had kept one story for last! As she started talking about how she had fucked Ulan and Ana in the locker room, she closed her eyes and she slumped a little further in her chair, spreading her legs even wider. As she started telling how she had kissed Ana and how it made her feel when she had licked her wet black pussy, she slid her hand over her skirt towards her groin and started rubbing her pussy through her clothes. She was now so horny that she didn’t have to fake her panting or her moaning, she just wanted to cum while this beautiful blonde watched her! She peeked between her eyelashes and saw Kate staring at her crotch! Joan opened her eyes and looked at Kate. She grabbed her skirt and tugged it higher, revealing her crotch to Kate. She then pulled her panties crotch aside and started rubbing her pussy! She locked eyes with Kate.

“Telling you all the slutty things I did, made me so fucking horny! I have to come now! Like what you’re seeing? You like my slutty cunt, my puffy lips all open and wet? You want to join me? Please, help me come!”

Joan inserted two fingers in her cunt and started finger fucking herself. She lifted her legs over the sides of the chair and closed her eyes, enjoying the way she revealed herself to this blond goddess in front of her! She heard Kate’s chair move and the click clack of her heels as she approached Joan. Joan suddenly felt a hand on each leg and movement between her legs. Next, a warm wet tongue touched her clit and Joan moaned!

“Owww yesssss……lick me, please lick me…..please lick my wet slutty cunt…….I want to come on your tongue!”

Joan opened her eyes and saw the blonde between her legs. Her steel blue eyes locked with Joan’s, while she kept licking Joan’s pussy. Joan maltepe escort bayan could tell she was an expert at eating pussy! She quickly felt her orgasm building and within three minutes Joan came like a tsunami!

“Holy fuck! That felt amazing!”, she panted, trying to control her breathing again.

“Now we have that out of the way, shall we continue?”, Kate asked.

Joan frowned. Was she kidding her? Kate had just licked her to an amazing orgasm and now she wanted to continue like nothing had happened? WTF?

“And did all those sexual escapades you just described, take place with the consent of your husband?”, Kate asked bluntly.

“Uhh…no”, Joan said, feeling insecure about the sudden change in the blond woman’s attitude.

“So, you basically cheated on your husband? Like you did just now?”, Kate asked with a cold voice.

“Umm…well, not exactly….i’m…ummm….well, maybe….sort of”, Joan stammered.

“Sort of?…maybe?…not exactly?…Which is it, Joan?”, Kate asked.

“I don’t know! The first time it happened, it was just an accident. But his huge black cock felt so amazing, I just couldn’t say no after that. And every next time there was another new sexual experience that gave me an even greater thrill and more powerful orgasms! I have never come like I have in these past days! But it’s costing me my marriage and I don’t want to lose my husband! I guess I need help, right?”

“What you need, is to see this for what it truly is. You ARE fucking one of your students, so yes, you ARE cheating on your husband and yes, you ARE destroying your marriage! If you don’t acknowledge that truth to yourself, I cannot help you. Nobody can!”, Kate told her.

Kate’s words penetrated Joan’s mind like daggers and for a brief moment she could clearly see the situation she was in and the destruction she had caused. She felt so guilty towards Chris, that she started crying.

“I’m such a horrible person…..i have been such a bad wife!”, she sobbed.

She bent over and covered her eyes with her hands and bawled! Kate stood up from her chair and walked around the desk. She squatted in front of Joan and placed her hands on her shoulders in a comforting gesture. Joan slung her arms around Kate’s neck and rested her head on Kate’s shoulder, crying her eyes out. Kate carefully straightened up, pulling Joan out of her chair and hugged her. Joan felt Kate’s body pressed against hers, felt Kate’s blond hair touch her cheek, smelt the flowery scent of Kate’s perfume and felt a familiar tingle in her pussy! She let her hands slide from Kate’s neck, along her body to her hips.

She lifted her head and looked into those ice blue eyes. She felt the smooth leather under her hands and moved them around Kate’s body until they rested on her tight firm bum. Softly she pulled Kate’s bum into her body, inching Kate’s face closer until their lips barely touched. Joan had stopped crying. Her cheeks were wet from all her tears and she looked insecure into the eyes of the blond woman. Slowly Kate parted her lips and let her tongue slide over Joan’s cheeks, licking her salty tears. Joan closed her eyes and whimpered softly. Kate’s tongue slipped between Joan’s lips and Joan responded immediately, opening her mouth and welcoming Kate’s tongue with her own!

With her hands on Kate’s white leather skirt, she kneaded her bottom and felt her own pussy get soaking wet in seconds! The two women kissed each other passionately, swirling their tongues through their mouths, sucking and biting each other’s lips! Joan slid her right hand towards the front of Kate’s skirt and rubbed her mound. In response Kate sucked in Joan’s tongue and held it for several seconds. Encouraged by Kate’s reaction, Joan slid her hand down and under Kate’s white leather skirt. She first caressed her thighs and then slid upwards until she felt the wet crotch of Kate’s silky panties! Joan’s pressed her index finger between Kate’s pussy lips and moved her finger up and down, rubbing Kate’s pussy with her wet panties! Kate moaned in Joan’s mouth.

“Owwww….yes….rub my wet pussy…..ahhhh…..yes…..owww…..stop teasing me, stick your finger in my hot cunt…..owww fuck, keep rubbing my clit like that….ohhh yesss!”

Slowly Joan pushed Kate backwards against her own desk. When the blonde sat on her desk, Joan pushed her further back until she was on her back. Realizing what Joan wanted, Kate lifted her legs in the air. Joan pushed up the hem of Kate’s skirt to reveal her panties. She pushed Kate’s legs apart and dropped to her knees. She pulled Kate’s panties aside and buried her face in Kate’s cunt! She sucked on Kate’s labia, pulled them out and licked up and down her slit. Finally, she sucked on her clit, making Kate moan with sheer lust, while her whole body was shivering with sexual desire! Joan pushed her tongue into Kate’s pussy as deep as she could and lapped up all of Kate’s pussy juices! Fuck, this woman tasted so good! Joan kept licking Kate’s pussy while her hands moved over Kate’s body and grabbed her tits. She started rubbing and kneading the two perfect half globes that felt firm and perky. Kate’s nipples were hard and erect and Joan rubbed her thumbs over them to stimulate them even more. Kate felt her orgasm building up rapidly and moaned loudly!

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