Carol’s School Tales Ch. 01

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I sat on the bed in what was to be my room for the next 6 months.

They stood in the doorway the pair of them, holding hands like I used to do with him.

“Well what do you say?” she snapped.

I swallowed, “Good night,” I replied quickly to get it over with.

20 minutes later I pulled the pillow over my head, to block out the sound from the next room. My husband was fucking his daughter!

Finally they stopped and the house was silent. This was our first day in this house, and I had to endure 6 months of pretending to be my stepdaughter! We had moved towns after it happened. I had agreed to this, but I didn’t realise how awful it would be. I was used to them fucking; it was something I had to put up with, until I was woman enough to face my mistake. This was my punishment after what I had let happen to Becky. More on that later….

I came down to breakfast still in my dressing gown. They were giggling together, that soon stopped when I entered the kitchen.

“I don’t think I can do this,” I mumbled.

Jim moved towards me, I could barely look him in the eye.

“You will for 6 months you will go to school and pretend to be Becky. Then when she gets the university placing things will go back to how they were. You do want that don’t you?”

“Of course I do, I love you Jim, but I just don’t think it’ll work,” I whimpered, finally making eye contact with him.

“Becky will teach you everything you need to know. You did the course work just years ago, it won’t have changed that much. Just get my daughter into university and things will be OK again.”

I watched him kiss her, as he did she looked down at me mocking me with her eyes. God I hated her, but after what happened she had a right to treat me as she did. Even so I still hated her.

I was very timid as an 18 year old, and that didn’t change when I grew into womanhood. At school I was the nerd, I did well with my studies, and everything was set for a good career. Back then not so long ago; I was the 18 year old girl with the brace on my teeth and a few spots on my face. My nickname was ‘Carrier Bag Carol’. You know the thing; go near me and you need a bag to put over my head. I cried at the taunts from boys and girls alike. One of my few friends was the ‘hot girl’ only because I did most of her work for her. Even so I marvelled at the way she manipulated her ‘many’ boyfriends. She was always up for a petting session; I would just go off and do her homework as she larked about with the boys. I convinced myself that I was going to save my virginity for the right man. Well that was my excuse for not attracting a single date! By the time I met Jim I had straight teeth, no spots or greasy hair, and two lumps on my chest that seemed to just sprout up all of a sudden. Jim swept me off my feet and we married, I still lacked confidence even with Jim at first, he thought it was ‘cute’ that I wanted to save myself until after the wedding. His daughter was quite simply, a bitch! She found just two weeks after her 18 bithday party, just how timid I was. She was like my friend at school, confident and cunning. She could twist her dad round her finger. I mean how many daughters would get away with calling their father’s girlfriend, a fucked up twat! OK he shouted, but 5 minutes later he was telling her how sorry he was for making her cry. Yes life with my stepdaughter wasn’t going to be chocolates and flowers.

“So we go shopping for you school uniform after breakfast Becky,” she said, happily holding onto my husband’s shoulder.

God this was so bloody humiliating, her calling me Becky, and I had 6 months of it!

“That’s good, from now on we swap names so we get used to it.”

I looked at Jim who was waiting for a response. I didn’t want to say anything but I had to show them I was willing.

“I suppose you are right.”

He left to go to work. As the front door shut I found myself cringing at the thought of my life as Becky’s, sorry Carol’s stepdaughter.

“You know it’s worth it just to get rid of me. When I go to university you will have dad back, so just do as I say and I’ll soon be out of your hair.”

“Not soon enough,” I mumbled under my breath.

She smirked down at me.

“Go and get dressed then we can get you kitted out.”

I got up and walked to the door. I felt weary and drained.

“B, Carol,” I corrected myself, “please will you stop having sex with…..”

I felt her hand on my shoulder and she turned me around.

“No, it’s your own fault; oh I know dad is very well endowed, but if you made more of an effort….”

“I can’t he hurts me, he’s too big for me,” I said, with my eyes full of tears.

“Then perhaps you shouldn’t have married him. How many in 2 years of marriage 6 times? 10?”

“It’s more than that,” I hissed, then I suddenly realised it was my husband’s 18 year old daughter I was talking to.

I pulled out of her grasp. Her next words had me stopping in my tracks.

“7, he told me, 7 little fucks, with you moaning that he Bahçelievler Escort was hurting you because he was so big!”

God was nothing sacred? Did Jim tell her everything? Well I suppose he was fucking her so why the hell should he worry about me! I went off to get dressed.

“Oh my god!”

“What?” I said, looking up at Becky.

“Christ you are suppose to be 18 not bloddy 23,” she said, and then started giggling.

I looked down realising the navy trouser suit and the handbag, wasn’t the clothes that I should be wearing if we were to carry this off.

She skipped off to her bedroom, well my bedroom, but then again it wasn’t I hadn’t slept there yet. I hadn’t slept with my husband since it happened nearly 5 months ago. I changed into what she brought back; she saw my cringing face that made her smile. I sat at the dressing table mirror as she tugged my blonde hair back into a ponytail. I didn’t even object when she started applying HER makeup to MY face. I looked in the mirror when she had finished. God I looked just like her! Well the makeup and clothes, which seemed to take the 5 years off my 23 that it needed to if this was going to work.

“God you do look like me,” she said, finally realising how well she had done.

So there I stood still cringing at the teenager looking back from the mirror. My eye shadow was thick and black, more like a tart would wear, but I knew some girls wore makeup like this so I wouldn’t look out of place. My lipstick was dark brown and hung heavy on my lips; normally I wore light pinks and soft reds. My top was a white tee-shirt that clung to my C cup breasts. It didn’t quite reach my navel, but the worst thing was below my waist. I wore black tights under a denim miniskirt, and knee length black boots with a 4 inch heel! I had seen Becky in this outfit loads of times. I hated her wearing it she looked like a tart. But now I was the one who wore it, I was the one who looked like a tart, and I was the one that was going to town to buy a school uniform! I shook my head and as I did I felt the large hoop earrings banging on the side of my neck, I normally wore little studs. Then in the mirror behind me I saw Becky. I turned round quickly not believing the reflection. There she stood in my white skirt suit 4 inches off the knee with black tights and her own black court shoes. Her blonde hair was up on top of her head in my clips. Her, no my black silk blouse was open to just below her breasts, showing a little of the soft round curves, everyone would see she was braless! Her makeup was similar to how I wore it, apart from the heavy red lipstick! She wore my pearl necklace and matching earrings. She even wore those fake glasses that you can get with a classy frame, it made her look older than 18, well that was the point. Then I noticed MY wedding rings on HER finger! It suddenly hit home just how far this was going.

“Becky I don’t want you to wear my wedding rings,” I mumbled pathetically.

“Oh and just how the hell do you think I’ll look if I don’t wear them? I am supposed to be married to dad.”

As we walked through the town men stared, lots of men, one of us got a wolf whistle, and a lorry driver blew his horn. I was shaking like a leaf, Becky was smiling.

We went into the shop, that’s when I heard her words that made me cringe.

“I need a school uniform for my stepdaughter.”

I didn’t take much notice of what we bought; I was in such shock. Becky seemed to take things in her stride, at least one of us could! Then came time to pay, I instinctively went to get my purse from my bag. But I didn’t have either! I just watched as Becky opened MY bag, and took out MY purse, that SHE had been carrying! She winked at me as she handed over my card to the sales girl. I felt queasy as she signed my name. I swallowed hard as visions of policemen swooping on us filled my head. The salesgirl just smiled and handed the card and the receipt to Becky.

“Thank you Mrs Norris.”

Becky walked out of the shop with me trailing behind her.

“Don’t look so frightened Carol, I’ve been practising your signature for a month,” she said, with a huge grin.

We went into a coffee shop, and slowly I began to relax a little. By the time we came out I was thinking that maybe this would work. OK the makeup would be the most important thing, but I felt strangely confident that my already young looking face could pass for that of an 18 year old, and not 23 as I was! Becky handed me a scrap of paper and I went to the newsagents and picked out the teenage magazines she had written down. As I waited in the queue to pay I became aware of the two men who had stopped outside. They were looking at me or rather my legs. They both came in and stood right behind me in the queue. I felt nervous as they moved close behind me.

“What’s your name darling?” one of them whispered.

I ignored him hoping the queue would soon move.

“You’ve got nice legs love. Why don’t you come for a drink with us?”

“No, thank you,” Bahçelievler Escort Bayan I said, trying to sound calm.

I could smell the booze on the breath of one of them. Then a hand stroked my backside. I jumped forward and dropped the magazines. Instinctively I bent down to pick them up, that was when a hand quickly shot between my legs and I felt fingers grab my ass UP my skirt!

“Leave my stepdaughter alone!”

My head spun round and there stood Becky. The two men backed away, by then a couple of men moved in and pushed the two drunks out of the shop.

“Thank you,” I mumbled.

I drove home still thinking of the men groping me. I realised then just how vulnerable I had been. I didn’t know if I could cope with this, but I had to try. Becky seemed to slip into my role quite easily; it was like she had been doing it all her life. I thought I would have to get a grip or I would be the one who blew our cover. I went to bed early and listened to Jim and Becky downstairs. They laughed and giggled at some TV program. Then I heard Becky call to Jim.

“Do you want a coffee?”

“Yes please love,” he replied.

My tears started to flow. Why were they still talking like that? Why couldn’t I sleep with my own husband? And why did they seem to enjoy playing these roles? I knew the fucking was to get back at me; they both made that clear, well Becky more than Jim.

The first time it happened I was made to watch! Everything was my fault. I didn’t have an argument with that. My husband had come home from the pub he was drunk, just enough to make him happy. Since it happened my stepdaughter didn’t feel safe so she slept with my husband. But I was still at the stage then of trying anything to get back a little respect. I had enough of Becky teasing me about her father coming home drunk and cuddling into her back. She had told me that sometimes as he slept he got an erection. She told me she realised how I might have trouble with his cock being as it was so big. Then she mentioned that as he slept he had put her hand on his erection! She admitted she jerked him off to get back at me, and it soon turned into a ritual every time he came home drunk! But this one night I wanted to prove to them both I was woman enough to give my husband what he wanted. Even if his cock did hurt me! I pulled Jim into my room, I began kissing him and playing with his cock through his trousers.

“Please sleep with me tonight?” I begged.

I could see he still wasn’t that interested. I pulled away thinking this was just too hopeless.

“I know about Becky, about Becky playing with you. I know I’ve hurt you both, but please give me a chance,” I said, finally opening my eyes.

He sighed heavily. Then he took off his jacket.

“I don’t want you going too far with her, it’s not right, she is your daughter, and, and the way you act with her, well it is going to lead to something worse. Please let me try and be your wife again?”

I watched him as he slumped in the chair.

“I love you, but what you did was, well unspeakable. I know I should have stopped sleeping with Becky ages ago. But every time I tried she said she was too scared to sleep alone. But I think it’s gone too far now.”

“Don’t say that, you can stop, you haven’t…..with her have you?”

“No but I…she…hell we both want too.”

He looked at me.

“I’m not a monk Carol, hell you knew how big I was, all that shit about saving it until we married. Christ I know sex isn’t the only thing to make a marriage, but fuck me I need it!”

“Then won’t you let me try before it’s too late?” I said softly.

He reached into his jacket pocket and threw a pack of condoms on the dressing table. It was now his turn not to look at me.

“You were planning to, tonight?” I mumbled.

“Becky wants to do it as much as me, I’ve been telling her no for sometime. But I, I cannot hold off any longer.”

I saw tears in his eyes. I looked at the condom pack, and then went to the window. I took a deep breath.

“Please listen to what I have to say, and don’t interrupt me until I’ve finished.”

I felt him walk up behind me.

“I want you to fuck me, and if, if I can’t take it, then……. But I still love you and somehow, I’ll, I’ll get something done to help.”

I felt his hand on my shoulder. It should have been a comfort but it wasn’t. He took my hand and we went to our bedroom. Becky sat up not even bothering to cover her naked breasts. She got out of bed in just her panties.

“You are not really going to fuck her are you?”

“You were listening,” I gasped.

She just stared at me like I was a piece of shit! I tried to ignore her but on her way out she kissed her father’s cheek, and then just raised an eyebrow mocking me.

I felt Jim between my legs. He had tried his best to get me in the mood but I had to lube myself. The searing pain shot through me. I whimpered and cried out. He hadn’t even started fucking me yet and I was in tears. My legs Escort Bahçelievler trembled and I bit my lip as he started moving. I was groaning praying that I could take him. He was only in me a little way, and he started off slowly, which I was glad about. He began to increase, but I wasn’t ready! He slid hard into me and I screamed with pain, again he pushed hard and I pushed on his chest. The third thrust was all I could take. I screamed at him to get out of me.

“I’m sorry,” I whimpered.

Jim lay on his back. I looked at the cock that I couldn’t take. My husband’s cock was too bloody big for me! Then she appeared at the bottom of the bed. I watched in disbelief as she rolled a condom on his huge dick.

“Becky….” Jim said a little shocked.

“Shush dad, it’s for the best,” she purred.

I went to get up and she pulled me back grabbing my hand. She straddled over his cock, and used my hand to help her down over his hard dick! I couldn’t move I was mesmerised as she slowly took inch after inch of his cock into her pussy. She gasped and panted but still wouldn’t stop. Finally she was sat right down on him.

“Oh god, oh fuck me dad you’re big!” she hissed through gritted teeth.

I watched her slowly lift then drop back down. I could hear her fanny squelching already!

Jim was moaning too, I think the beer had taken over now. I just looked at him as he groaned her name! His eyes were closed, and he was moaning. I looked at Becky she had been riding him hard for sometime. I could hear the slap of her thighs on his. Her breasts covered in sweat jiggled, and her blonde hair fell over her face. She had planted her feet either side of Jim’s hips, and she crouched down onto his cock and then pushed herself back up. I looked at the throbbing cock that she was taking with an ease that shocked me. Just watching his whole length disappear into his daughter’s cunt shocked me. She was whimpering slightly, but seemed to be in control, and not in very much distress. I suddenly felt incomplete as a woman. That should be me on top of Jim, not his bloody daughter!

“Oh god, oh fuck me, that’s fucking great dad!” she hissed.

I felt more pressure on my hand. Jesus I was still holding her bloody hand! She pulled right off of him, and then with her free hand pulled the condom off and threw it across the room.

“Becky!” I screeched, as she lowered herself back on his dick.

“Fuck the condom, I want his cum in my fucking belly!” she panted.

I could see how determined she was, the concentration on her face, and her sharp focused eyes looked down at her father.

“God look he’s fucking nearly a sleep, and I’m bouncing up and down on his dick, god that is so fucking sexy!” she spat, in an excited breathless whisper.

I tried to pull out of her grasp but she held onto me tight as hell.

“No you fucking stay there I’m about to come and I need, need you to hold me up,” she spat lustfully.

“Becky,” I whimpered.

She just ignored me still gripping my hand hard.

“OH, 14 fucking inches of cock, I measured it the other night,” she snapped panting hard, “OOOHHH! AAAHHH!”

I felt her shudder and at one point she nearly fell over on me. I just pushed her back upright! She chuckled as the orgasm she had just had slowly subsided. She still bounced hard onto his cock. She had this determined look on her face. It was like she was just so into pleasing him, that she didn’t give a toss about anything else.

“Oh fuck I can feel him coming! Jesus, Jesus!”

“Oh god no!” I whimpered.

“Fucking hell he’s throbbing like fuck! YES!” she screamed at the top of her voice.

“Oh Beck……BECKY!” my husband groaned, still with his eyes closed.

“Cum dad let me have it, give me the fucking lot!” she screeched, as she bounced wildly.

Jim thrust up into her, and she started screaming like some wild animal.

“See that is how you do it,” she said, mocking me with a smug grin.

I looked at her she had stopped now, and she just sat with her eyes closed. She panted hard due to the effort of fucking her father!

“Help me,” she whimpered.

I held both her arms as she eased herself up. She groaned and winced, and then she stumbled with her foot caught up in the sheets. She fell against me, and then pushed herself back. For a moment she looked shocked, and then she started to giggle.

“You better wipe your face; I’ve just smeared my fanny all over it.”

I rushed to the loo, and wiped my face frantically with a cloth. When I turned round Becky was stood naked in front of me.

“Christ hurry up before I drip everywhere,” she said, with a sudden burst of laughter.

I went to move out of her way, and then I saw my husband’s spunk on the inside of her thigh, and leaking through her tiny fingers that covered her pussy. Becky looked down wondering what I was so shocked at seeing. She grinned.

“Fucking gallons of it, I’ll be dripping for a week,” she said, with a huge devilish smile.

I went downstairs still trying to come to terms with what had just taken place. I was so disgusted with everything. My failure to let my husband fuck me, Becky’s apparent ease to take Jim’s cock, and Jim for just letting his daughter fuck him as he slept, and me again for letting it all happen, and to actually get wet between my legs!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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