Carrie’s Carnal Cruise

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Tom and Carrie Baker were reasonably happily married. Tom at 24 years old was an up and coming sales agent for a major corporation, was earning a good salary, plus his future with the firm held unlimited potential. Carrie was a writer, her romantic novels were starting to sell, she loved writing, and enjoyed working from home. The 22 year old attractive blond considered herself fortunate not having to worry about her income, and while her earnings were modest, when combined with Tom’s they were living comfortably.

Before their marriage Carrie was a virgin and Tom’s sexual experience was limited. Carrie was proud of herself for having the will-power to hold out until marriage. While Tom loved his wife dearly he wished that she was more adventurous in bed. He had been reading erotic stories on the Internet and wanted to experience some of the wild sex he was reading about. He indulged in fantasies of having sex with other women and even watching his wife with other men. The idea of having group sex or watching Carrie with another woman was also a major turn-on for Tom but the mere mention of such a thing to Carrie aroused nothing but her anger.

Meanwhile across town Lance and Isabella Armstrong were planning a holiday cruise to the Caribbean. Lance smiled at his wife of twenty two years and announced, “This year’s cruise is going to be the most exciting ever. I have selected the most attractive couples from all of our international offices and it will be a real blast. I have hired a Santa Clause, elves, and all manner of entertainment. I just can’t wait!”

Isabella exclaimed, “Oh me too; let’s seduce every couple on the ship. I know that we have a great circle of friends in our group but I crave some new sexual conquest; there is nothing better in this world than introducing other couples to our lifestyle. Who did you select from the local office?”

“Tom and Carrie Baker. Tom is a young 6’2″ handsome man with blue eyes and brown hair. His wife is 5’2″, slender, medium size breasts, blue eyes, blond hair, and the face of an angel. I’m looking forward to stretching her young pussy.”

“Yes, I remember her from the picnic. I want some of that sweet young thing myself but she seemed rather prudish. That will make the seduction all the more titillating.”

“As usual you are right Isabella; she is very conservative; her husband has confided in me that she was a virgin when they married, doesn’t want to try anything new sexually, and is uptight. I danced with her at the picnic and tried to press her sweet body into mine but she would have none of it. Seducing her will be a challenge but I feel sure that the rewards will be well worth the effort.”

“Oh Lance baby, I totally agree with you. I’m getting wet just thinking about turning the straight little wife into a cock-craving, pussy licking slut!” The Armstrong’s were swingers and Isabella was a buxom, 6’1″ bisexual beauty with long black hair, big brown eyes, long shapely legs, and was an alluring Italian, dark-skinned sex goddess that caught the attention of men and women alike. All that came in contact with her were in awe of her majestic presence. Lance on the other hand was 5’9″, brown hair and eyes, was starting to get a gut and was average looking but did have a nine inch cock that was very thick. He knew how to please a woman and had lots of experience. He looked his age of 42 but Isabella who was the same age appeared much younger.

A couple of days later Tom returned home from work, ran up to his lovely wife and excitedly announced, “Honey guess what?”

“I have no idea, did you get a raise or something?”

“Better than that, Mr. Armstrong has invited us to go on the Winter Holiday Cruise to the Caribbean next week! Just think we were selected over thousands of employees and it is well known that those who attend one of his bashes move quickly up the corporate ladder. Get your wardrobe together and pack for three weeks of partying. Just think! Three weeks of fun in the sun.”

“Oh I don’t know, Christmas is supposed to have snow and all. Will it seem like Christmas cruising the tropics? Not only that but Mr. Armstrong is as a dirty old man. His wife is a striking beauty; I don’t know what she is doing with him.”

“Oh come on now, it will be good to get away from the cold weather and we sure could use some fun. There will be all kinds of holiday parties; there will even be a Santa complete with elves and I hear he will be giving out expensive gifts. Looks aren’t everything and after all he is a hugely successful man. Not only that but I will be receiving a generous holiday bonus so it is not an option, we are going.” Carrie was not enthused but realized that it meant so much to Tom so she resigned herself to go on the cruise.

A week later they boarded an large luxury liner and were escorted to their spacious cabin. While they were still unpacking a carrier brought them an invitation to attend a dinner party hosted by the Armstrong’s. When they arrived at the private ballroom they were escorted to the boss’s table. There were about sixty couples at the party and Tom felt Escort Bayan honored to be at the head table. They conversed and enjoyed steak and lobster dinner and the fine red wine that was served.

After dinner the band started playing and Isabella grabbed Tom’s hand and insisted that they dance. Tom did not need much encouragement and soon felt his arousal growing as the enchanting beauty pressed her voluptuous body to his. Carrie was not fond of the idea but she danced with Lance. Isabella whispered in Tom’s ear, “Let’s go some place more private where we can be alone and don’t try telling me that you don’t want it because your hard-on is poking at me.”

“It is tempting; you are the most captivating creature that I have ever encountered but what about my wife?”

“Don’t worry about her baby; Lance will keep her occupied.” She took the beguiled husband by the hand and seductively urged, “Come with me on a trip to paradise baby. I am going to take you to places that you never even dreamed existed. All of your fantasies are about to be fulfilled.” Tom knew that it was not right but there was no way that he could resist the enticing sex goddess. As if under a spell he followed her into a room and gasped for breath when she disrobed. The amazon beauty had 40DD breasts, her brown nipples were long and pointy, at the top of her long legs was a lush mound of black pubic hair, her lips were so full and sensual, and when she undressed him nothing else existed but this stunning vision of sexuality.

She kissed down his frame until she reached his rock-hard 6″ cock. As it slid between her full lips and into her sucking mouth Tom had to fight the urge to shoot his load right away. He was holding on until she cupped his ball sack, squeezed, ran her long fingernails along his balls and up to his anal passage. The sensation was too great, the urge too strong, he couldn’t hold back any longer, and suddenly his gooey cum was spewing in her mouth. He marveled at the way she swallowed it all and licked him clean but feared that his climax was too soon and apologized saying, “I am so very sorry. I usually last much longer than that but you are so very sexy. Just looking at you is enough to make me cum.”

Isabella chuckled and responded, “Don’t worry baby it’s OK. I will have you up and ready again in no time at all; just relax.” She resumed sucking his cock and moved her body around so that her dripping pussy lowered to his waiting mouth. In a few minutes his cock grew stiff once more as her marvelous mouth worked on his manhood and his own mouth was feasting on her succulent pussy.

Out in the ballroom Carrie was feeling her drinks, trying to fend off Lance’s advances, and asking where Tom and Isabella were. Finally Lance took her by the shoulder, guided her to a room and boldly stated, “Your husband is in the next room getting his brains fucked out by my wife!”

Tears filled her blue eyes and she cried out, “You are lying; I don’t believe you. Tom wouldn’t do that to me, he loves me.”

“I’m sure that he does but lust and love are two different things. There are very few men or women for that matter, that can resist Isabella. She is a seductress of the first order. I have had a two way mirror installed so you can see for yourself but they won’t be able to see you.” Lance pulled back a curtain and Carrie pressed up against it and peered into the bedroom. The sight of Tom and Isabella engaging in a torrid sixty-nine brought forth feelings of, rage, heartbreak, and the fear of losing her husband but it also brought out a lusty arousal. The pretty little housewife couldn’t believe it but her pussy was dripping. Her mind told her that this was horrible but her body told her otherwise. Suddenly she recalled what Tom had said about watching each other and she had no choice but to admit that he was right.

Carrie was so engrossed in watching her husband and the sexy older woman that she didn’t notice Lance get naked until he pressed himself against her, cupped and fondled her breasts, and whispered in her ear, “I’m going to fuck you and you are going to love it!” His hot breath was in her ear, he lifted her dress to her waist. Carrie let out a lusty moan as she felt his enormous manhood press against her buttocks. She tried to protest but before she realized it her panties were around her ankles, his hot throbbing cock met the flesh of her shapely ass and two fingers were pumping in and out of her juicy little love hole. A sense of disappointment hit her as the fingers withdrew from her aroused pussy but not for long. The two fingers were replaced by his huge hunk of smoldering man meat. She could feel her pussy walls stretching as the big fat cock pounded her purring pussy. It hurt and frightened her at first but soon she felt nothing but pure pleasure and ecstatic eruptions as Carrie’s volcano flowed white-hot lava.

One orgasm after another flowed from her stretched cunt. Never before had her pussy felt so full. Carrie was gasping for breath, lost control, and cried out, “Oh yes, it feels so good, please keep fucking me. Faster, harder, please don’t stop. Hurt me where I pee; your big fat cock is driving me crazy. More please, oh my god, I never knew it could be soooo good! Yesssss, ohoooo, hell yesssss.”

Lance knew that she was his to do with as he pleased and taunted, “Yeah bitch, keep fucking back at my big fuck pole. You love it don’t you little slut? Tell me how much you love it.”

“Yes I love your big cock. I love it so much; keep fucking me please!” Lance finally shot his hot load up her slushy cunt, then pulled out with a loud ‘swish plop’ sound. Carrie collapsed to the floor in a heap. As she was trying to regain her composure he pulled her up on her knees and pressed his semi-hard cock to her pink lips. When she tasted his cum and her own juices she implored, “No, please don’t make me do this.”

Lance looked down at the pleading blond and inquired, “What’s the matter? Haven’t you ever sucked a cock before?”

“Only my husband and that was always before sex not afterward. I can’t put my mouth on your slimy snake.”

“Little girl, you have so much to learn. That is the good part, trust me. Put it in your mouth sweetheart and it will grow once more for your pleasure. Then you can feel it up your hungry cunt again. Wouldn’t you love to feel it back in your horny pussy?”

Carrie looked up at him then back at his gooey cock. She felt so humiliated and degraded but to her great surprise it turned her on submitting to this middle aged man with the big cock. She kissed, licked, and sucked his bulky organ lovingly until she could feel it harden in her young mouth. She trembled as she felt the thick veins run over her lips and tried to take as much of it in her small mouth as she could.

Isabella and Tom had slipped into the adjoining room unnoticed by Carrie but spotted by Lance. Isabella grabbed hold of Tom’s swelling cock and whispered in his ear, “You little pervert! You love watching your sweet little wife slobber all over my husband’s cock. Don’t you?”

Tom softly answered, “Well, yes, I guess I do.”

Isabella told him, “It’s alright, Lance and I love watching too. Being a voyeur is hot. The only thing better than watching is participating.” Lance laid Carrie on the floor, spread her slim legs wide, rubbed his cock all over her thighs and pussy lips, and then plunged his huge cock into her pussy to the hilt. Carrie was squirming, moaning, and humping back with fervor. Isabella observed, “Your goody-goody little wife sure loves that big cock and you love watching it. Would you like me to sit on her pretty face and have her eat my cunt out while he fucks her?” Isabella squeezed Tom’s stiff cock and asked, “You want to watch that, don’t you baby? I bet you have fantasized about this for a long time. Am I right?”

Tom mumbled, “Ya..yes I have. Do it; I want to watch.” Isabella didn’t need to be asked twice. She walked right over and sat on Carrie’s face and almost smothered the poor girl. Tom moved closer and saw his wife’s nose and mouth buried in Isabella’s hairy cunt. The amazon sex goddess would sometimes lift up so the girl could breathe and when she did Tom was astonished to see his wife’s tongue flicker in search of Isabella’s tasty treat. He knew full well just how alluring and delicious Isabella’s pussy was. Lance shot his load deep up Carrie’s craving cunt, poured drinks for Tom and himself, and invited the young husband to join him on the sofa to watch the wives go at it.

Lance observed, “Watching our wives eating each other out is so fucking hot. I suppose you realize that things will never be the same in your marriage but if you truly love each other then you can work it out. The main thing is to know the difference between love and lust. Isabella and I fell very secure in our relationship. We enjoy other sex partners but never deceive or cheat on each other. The main thing is to always respect your partner and never hurt her. If you enjoy multiple partners as it is apparent you both do then make agreements, set perimeters, respect each other, and enjoy your newfound world of sexual bliss. Now that your lovely wife is no longer inhibited your sex together will be vastly improved. It is all about contrast and variety; our beautiful wives are so different; that’s why you found it so exciting being with my sensuous Isabella and I loved fucking your sweet young wife. Just look at them go at it, I’m getting hard again.”

“I can see that you are but that is one boundary I don’t want to cross.” Tom worriedly told him.

Lance laughed when he realized what Tom meant and assured him, “Don’t worry Tom; Isabella is bisexual, not me. Let’s join the ladies.” They did and fucked each other’s wives but when Lance tried to penetrate Carrie’s tight little puckered brown butt-hole she screamed out in horror and pain. Lance stopped and looked over at Tom and asked, “You mean to tell me that you never fucked this sweet ass? Why not?”

“Well, I just didn’t think that she would let me.”

Isabella went to get some lube, covered Tom’s cock, and Carrie’s butt. She fingered the young wife’s butt getting the lube inside her and told Tom, “Put your dick in here and break in this virgin ass-hole. Do it baby, do it good.” Tom pushed his way in slowly and when the pain subsided and Carrie started enjoying the anal intrusion Lance joined in and stuffed his fat cock up her pussy. Carrie was yelling out in ecstasy so Isabella said, “This bitch is too noisy but I can take care of that.” She sat on Carrie’s face and the noise was now only muffled groans. Carrie was lost in lust as her mouth, ass, and pussy were filled with cum. She reached more orgasm’s then she ever thought possible before passing out from sheer exhaustion. Tom took his worn out but contented wife back to their cabin and they both got a much needed sleep.

After they got up in the morning Tom and Carrie ate breakfast in their cabin and talked at great length about the night before. They both agreed that they loved each other very much but wanted to continue their blissful journey into forbidden sexual adventures. Carrie gleefully blurted out, “I never imagined that I could be so wild and nasty. I am no longer a sweet innocent girl but have become a wanton slut but when we are not busy swinging you will have a full time job taking care of my carnal cravings. Are you sure that you still love the new me?”

“Hell yes, you are the same wonderful girl that I married but you have discovered a new sexual appetite, that’s all. I look forward to taking care of the new you. I love you and your wild display of passion last night only made me love you more.”

“I surprised myself; making love with Isabella was just as good as sex with you guys so I suppose that I am bisexual too.” Just then the phone rang, Carrie picked it up and it was Isabella.

Isabella asked, “So how is my little slut this morning? You’re probably craving my mouthwatering pussy aren’t you.”

“Well, yes I am. I was just telling Tom that I enjoyed being with you as much as the men. What do you have planned for us today?”

“So glad you asked darling. We are going to take you to see Santa and his helpers this afternoon and unlike the other Santa this one rewards naughty little girls not nice ones, so you should do quite well. We will stop by and pick you up at 2PM so be ready darling and of course your handsome husband is included; see you then.”

When the older couple came to pick them up for the Christmas party Carrie gazed lustily at Isabella in a short black leather skirt, halter top that could not contain her ample bosom, black stockings, high-heels and enviously stated, “Oh Isabella you look so sexy in that outfit that I feel so out of place in this sun dress but I don’t have sexy clothes like you. I feel like a plain Jane.”

The older woman smiled and responded, “Nonsense, you look lovely just the way you are. The sweet girl look is a major part of your appeal. Don’t make the mistake of trying to look like someone else; take my word for it, you will be desired and sought after, now come on.” They entered a large room that was lavishly decorated for the holidays. There were about thirty people in the room in various states of dress and undress. Isabella took Carrie by the hand and walked her up to Santa and his helpers and announced, “It is your time so go sit on Santa’s lap and see what he has for you.”

Carrie just stood there and in awe and marveled at the sight of a big fat Santa on a huge chair and six elves about three feet tall. Santa bellowed, ” Ho, Ho Ho, Come sit on my lap little girl and see what Santa has for you!” Carrie felt so self conscious as she meekly approached Santa and was fully aware that all eyes were on her. He bounced her on his lap and she could feel the huge bulge in his pants. Santa told her, “Put your hands in my pocket and see what I have for you little girl.”

He motioned toward the side pocket in his coat and Carrie reached in and brought out a spectacular jeweled necklace and exclaimed, “Oh my god! Is this for me?”

“Yes it is, that’s for being such a naughty little girl, now put your hand in my pants pocket and see what I have for you there.” When she reached inside she realized that there was no pocket and her hand was on a huge throbbing cock. She looked up to find that all eyes were still on her but the onlookers were beginning to fondle each other. Tom, Lance, and Isabella were standing with three black women. Two of them had taken out the men’s cocks and were stroking them while the other one had her hand up Isabella’s short skirt.

Instinctively her hand moved up and down on Santa’s shaft and she was shocked to find that her hand could not encircle the throbbing hunk of meat. She was both frightened and highly aroused when she realized that it was longer and thicker than Lance’s cock. Her thoughts were broken when Santa told her to stand and put the necklace on. As she did her eyes never left the tent in Santa’s lap. The elves took off her dress while she fastened the necklace around her neck. Carrie looked down at the elves and discovered that there were three males and three females. She thought about how cute they looked as they tugged down her panties. Santa instructed the girl to take off her bra but she had to do it with trembling hands as she felt tiny hands and tongues all over her thighs, pussy, and buttocks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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