Carved by Angels Ch. 04

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The world became frigid once more, covered with snow and ice from relentless storms. Cold flakes burned his face, threatening to melt away his white mask, scrape off the clinging lipstick. But no matter how furious the weather became, Sajery sat on the same bench he sat on ten years ago where he first watched his Kichay dance. Yes, it was a dance on blades, graceful and as beautiful as a glorious sunny day. The rink was gone now, had been turned into a cement park for those boards and shoes with wheels.

He was wrong when he said to Adonis that he didn’t want Chay back. Tears began to cascade down his face, lost in the melted drops from the storm. Loneliness had killed what was left of his soul, and the last remaining shred of it was part of the stone he had Chay had created with their forbidden love.

Drawing in a shuddering breath, keeping in a sob, he gazed miserably about where once his lover spun and spiraled in the air like a bird in the sky. Where Chay would leap into the air, arms drawn in tight to his chest, locks trailing in the air, suspended in air. Suspension – temporary removal; exactly what happened to Chay, who’d soon be reborn into the world, carved from marble, his life halted from the night his heart was stolen. Removed from life, and soon to be put back, ten years late, and without someone to answer the questions once he found out.

Adonis won. He had taken Kichay as a lover, had Chay “dance” for him for years now. Bedded him, touched him everywhere. Showered his Chay with kisses which his little skater had returned fully. The tiniest of whimpers escaped him, and the surface demon covered his mouth to prevent more from leaving him. Bowing his head, he let his tired eyes fall shut, not helping his imagination from ceasing the images of his lover and the Soul Master together. If that bastard followed his job correctly, he’d have Chay back with him by now, in his arms, keeping his bed warm. Sex was never the first thing he’d do with Kichay once he had him back – it was to take him out on his house’s balcony and watch dawn rise. Watch the sunrise on Chay’s beautiful face. After that, he’d simply lay in their bed, cradling the younger for hours, kissing him before resuming his hold. Ten years had left his heart barren, freezing as it was now, weather worsening.

When Kichay willingly, lovingly, performed oral sex to the Master of Souls for the first time, he condemned himself to remain in the Underworld for eternity. Any who consumed something while underground abandoned any hope of leaving rock and earth; even if it was swallowing the seed of a thief and lier. And to think it was just the “first time” Chay did so. Sajery began to sob now, hating the fact his lover had more than once, did anything sexual with Adonis.

The apologies. The falling to one knee and bowing. Nothing Adonis did had gained his forgiveness. Not even Adonis’s surrendering of Sajery’s promised soul in return for Chay’s. Nine years paid to Adonis, another near year of utmost misery. The idea of tearing down all three kingdoms had been ideal, as long as it brought Chay back.

Shaking from the cold, he finally stood, causing the snow that had piled up during his yearly visit to the square that used to be the skating rink. Angrily, his smoldering, hidden red eyes turned to the angel who followed him. Everywhere. The young creature, dressed in a ridiculous choice of winter apparel, stood there, eyes frankly curious as they looked at the once-was rink, to him again. Sajery hiked up his outer jacket, burying his gloved hands into pockets, and began the journey back.

A scream sounded out from behind him.

“The snow is cold, angel. Cold is that feeling that happened when your bare hands touched the snow. That white stuff on the ground?” He looked away with a scowl, “I told you to take those gloves, hand things…” His mutter was bitter, as if the creature would pick up on the tone, leave him be and return to its current home.

“Come. It’s time to go.”


“Haziel!” Setting down the oddly-shaped green thing back on the couch, he hurried forwards, arms scooping the little angel into his arms. With a yelp, Darquiel jumped away, his arms burning. “You’re hurting me! What happened? Did that demon cast a spell on you?” Asking angrily, quite tactlessly with the said demon just coming in from the outside, Quiel helped strip his dearest angel.

“No, Darquiel, hehe, he didn’t cast a spell on me! It’s called snow! It’s really cold, and there’s lots that falls gorukle escort bayan from where we live. You should come out too, maybe you could-“


Nothing marred his haughty features, not even after sending the little angel to the floor with a sudden slap. The little one began to cry, and was drawn into a protective hold from the older angel,

“How dare you hurt Haziel? I won’t continue carving your sin if you-” The angel never finishing his sentence, was picked up and thrown viciously into the door leading to his workshop.

“How dare you order me?” Stalking into the room – his force had the angel break the door from impact – Sajery gave a threatening growl. “Do what I commanded you to do! If not I’ll kill the little ones I had captured as well! Finish the fucking statue or I’ll kill this fool you clearly desire!” As he finished, the demon exited the room, grabbed his stalker angel, and tossed him to Darquiel’s feet. “And if you ever, ever refer him as a ‘sin’ again, I’ll rip your tongue out.”

His eyes fell to the angel, who met his gaze evenly. Tears were glittering in those lovely blue eyes, just like him. Him. Kichay. Such sorrow in those lovely features – every creature from the Upper Kingdom was fucking beautiful – and it was unbearable. He fled, Sajery, when the fallen angel reached out to him in a silent plea for help to get up.


The screaming was terrible. What a racket… Darquiel took up his tools once more and wearily began to chisel carefully at the block of marble. Within minutes he was already leaving work once more to cuddle his little Haziel, who had drawn too near the closed door that kept back the rampaging demon.

“Now Haziel, I told you not to go too close to that door. I want you over here, far away from it. Come on, you can watch me how to do carving properly.” His falsely bright voice fell dull again; Haziel, a naturally bright, cheery creature, wasn’t drawn to similar voices as his own. Grasping one of the angel’s arms, he tugged Haziel up off the floor, where no angel should ever be, and guided him back into his assigned chair.

“Why do you always venture so close to that thing anyways? Always following him, trailing after him?” Darquiel asked while working, asking as if this topic was just a passing thought. No, it was constantly on his mind, keeping him for focusing on his slave labor. The neverending question of ‘is Haziel alright?’.

“He’s hurting somewhere, something is not right, Darquiel.” The trace of sympathy in his dear one had his eyes narrow in suspicion, had him set his chisel and mallet down.

Haziel frowned, looking into his lap,”That demon is troubled somewhere, and-” His guardian interrupted him,

“Well, clearly it’s troubled, listen to it raging in there.”

“But Quiel, w-we’re angels…We’re supposed to ensure everyone’s comfort, keep them from growing dark within the heart. Don’t you think we should try to ease whatever it-“

“You’re right, Haziel, darling. ‘It’ is an it. Demons don’t feel, they’re just cruel and like other’s feeling, feeling things like pain. Is your arm alright, sweetheart?” Shifting on the uncomfortable chair, Haziel sighed quietly, nodded his head, leaving the conversation there. Darquiel never listened to him.

The screaming grew in volume, and although he couldn’t hear was exactly was being said, Haziel knew it was something to do with matters of the heart.


The clock that had once sat upon his bedside table ten years ago, the clock he took years to find, crashed into a wall. Everything he had found that was just like what he used to own when Kichay lived with him, everything was destroyed. They weren’t the same. And when Chay was brought to life again, it wouldn’t be the same. A sobbing scream tore at his throat, fueling him with the strength to send the heavy bookshelf into the door. Everything he had done in preparation to Chay’s preparation was ruined now. There was nothing to show for his lost ten years but the deepest scar in his heart. Nothing but the memory of serving for his lover. Would Kichay hate him for what he had become? Bitter and cruel, like every other demon he refused to become years ago.

What if his beloved Chay refused him in knowing he had become a murderer. Would he even be granted the honor of holding Chay, and if rejected, would he take? Take like a human, like those humans that led to Chay’s broken heart, now renewed by a few fuckings from the Soul thief? What if the one he he wanted for all these years, the simple act of embracing, nilüfer escort bayan was the one thing he’d never have again?

Finishing with a final toss of a book, one that he used to read to his lover many a night ago, Sajery collapsed onto his knees, falling forwards and sobbing. Everything hurt. It was as if his anger aimed at everything in the room had affected him instead. Tired, so tired was his heart that continued to beat.

“I need you Kichay, I can’t go on any longer without you. I thought I knew everything, being immortal and ageless. But I’m lost, I need you to be strong, to be by my side forever. Will you hate me? Will you hate me? I can’t even, I can’t even look in the mirror anymore and now turn away in disgust. I’m lonely, I’m lonely everyday, every night. I’m so confused when I walk streets that we would walk together. I’m tired, Chay, I’m tired. I can’t lie anymore, I can’t live without you. If you left me when you wake up, I think I’d die. I will die if you do. Nine years, and another believing you were truly lost, gone. Please, please make it stop. I can’t stop crying. Tears keep falling, and it burns. Please, please, please…If this works, don’t leave me. If you left me again, and said goodbye, I’ll die. The last time you left, you couldn’t say anything. You were stolen from me. But if, if you say goodbye, that would be worse. Chay, Kichay, I love you, I love you.”

The demon finally stopped speaking between sobs, merely cried in his arms now, sprawled on the floor. Tears glittered in his own eyes, as his sensitive heart heard the prayers the demon gave out, dared to offer to the Gods. Haziel wiped at his face – if the Gods wouldn’t listen to a demon’s prayers, he would. Ducking back behind the cover of a piece of door still hanging on by the lower hinge, Haziel tried to gain composure again, not wanting Quiel to know he’d been crying once the older came back from checking on the other angels.


Kissing the younger’s shoulders, mumuring his love, he continued his gentle rocking. Lifting his lower body up, he carefully lowered himself, thrusting deep, drawing pleased whimpers, the beginnings of sobs. Shivering as his bare chest brushed against Kichay’s back, Adonis moved from leaning his weight on spread palms on the bed to hooking arms under the younger’s with his elbows supporting him as he sealed their bodies together. Betraying a groan at the way the younger arched his hips up to meet his thrust, the Master of Souls suckled on an earlobe, making his way to the exposed neck drawn back that heaved with the rapid intake of breath Chay wasted on his sounds and sorrow.

He was always ready to cry when they made love.

Pleasure rattled through him, starting deep within him, that part that was being caressed over and over, then spread everywhere in explosions. His heart was affected the most, each time nearly too much, threatening to break him. Lips tickled his shoulders, sounding words that eased the pain in his heart, the disgust and fear ever-present, but also had him whimpering again. Grabbing the blanket’s edge, Kichay gripped tightly, trying to lift himself up for more until dropping his chest back down.

“A-Adonis! Mmm, I-I’m-“

“Shhh, It’s alright…” Biting down on his lip, Adonis fought to keep his last few thrusts gentle, the desperation to meet release nearly having the best of him; if it were not for Chay’s fears, he would’ve done so. But going slow, giving constant reassurances, made his heart flare even more. Gasping, he tightened his arms looping Chay’s, pressing his body as close as possible as he met his end. Kichay gave a cry when he spilled within him, back arching with following whimpers. Heaven reached him once more, even while being miles underground, far from the glorious light that spilled through clouds of pure white. The love he had for Kichay, the warmth he recieved, could have rivalled that of Heaven, Adonis was certain.

As much as he wanted to relax, simply lay with the human, he withdrew from his lover and set down to the side. Sweeping a hand over a shoulder, Adonis shushed at the sudden tensing, the shaking apology. Chay never joined him in Heaven, not at the same time; he had tearfully admitted once that his heart wouldn’t allow it, would protest until it truly hurt.

His heart can’t be fooled…It knows it loves another…Does not allow him to give in to such an act only for real lovers…

“I-I’m so sorry! I don’t understand, A-Adonis, I just… It’s always wonderful, but I never, I never…” Knowing by bursa otele gelen escort bayan now to not try to keep the younger from sobbing, Adonis guided the human to lay on his back, spread his legs. Kneeling between them, the Master of Souls lowered himself onto his stomach, shuffled closer until he mouth hovered over Chay’s hardened length. Wrapping a hand around the base, he pumped gently, kissing the inside of his beloved human’s thigh.

Suddenly shaking, Kichay’s hands found their way to the silky head of the Soul Master, trying to keep him from moving. His cheeks flushed a shameful crimson,

“Y-You shouldn’t have to, I’m, I’m sorry!” His whole body, inside and out, trembled as Adonis stroked him, “I do love you! I-I do…You should’ve have to, you should have to…” Turning his face to the side, he trailed off in sobs, bringing up hands to cover his mouth.

“I don’t mind, baby…It’s okay, I like doing this…” And he did. No matter what Kichay did or said, he truly, honestly, still loved his surface demon. The very core of Kichay was still reserved Sajery, even while he had no memory of the demon. It was that perfect, unconscious dedication that had stolen his heart, and would inevitably break his own. Sealing his lips on the engorged head, he began to suckle, claret eyes falling shut at the upward arch, the choked cry. Drawing more into his mouth, Adonis relaxed his throat and took all; fingers found their way into his hair again.

“Nnn, Adonis!”

Swallowing, making his throat muscles work around the sensitive length, he gave a moan, hands coming up to massage those ivory hips before reaching under, cupping the testicles. Kichay nearly shrieked, his whole body trying to leave the bed completely before he began to thrust in and out of his mouth. Following his lover’s motions, Adonis rolled the sacs, pumping them. Closing his eyes, he simply let the human move however he wanted, and merely followed. Followed him until the end…

“I’m, I’m, Oh Gods-” The human whispered, tugging at his locks; moaning in reply, the Master of Souls held Chay’s hips, tugging him closer, deeper. His lover’s thrusting became erratic, and his verbal warnings grew louder. Apologies began, the tears once more. Drawing his mouth away, letting his lips drag over the shaft, Adonis looked to his human’s face. The wanton lust and desire had his groin stir with heat once more, such an expression he’d never see again. Tightening his mouth just at the head, he sucked hard. His lover gave a sharp gasp, then arched off the bed, giving a scream.

He knew his heart was not his own anymore. It belonged to his beloved human.

Kichay was a sobbing wreck after he finally reached Heaven. His body trembled from the afterglow, and he whimpered between desperate kisses. So beautiful. Shushing his lover, Adonis lay on his back, and cradled the younger against him, running hands down Chay’s back.

Every second he stole, he prayed for it to last forever. The longer he stayed with what he’d stolen, the longer he wished for them to be parted. But it was far too late. Kichay had his heart, taken it in return for the life Adonis had took. They’d be parted, what he wanted and didn’t. It was now he who pleaded to Sajery to keep him away from Kichay. It was inevitable destruction, what the human brought.

A lie would tear him apart, the sweetness of Chay’s kisses bittered by knowing all he was to Chay was make-believe.

“I hope I dream of you soon again, Adonis. I love you, I love it when you bring me from my dreams to here…” The human thought he was a “dream-maker’s” favorite. Thought that he had captured a dream-maker’s heart and was summoned by dream.

Of course that’s what he thinks…I told him so… Trying not to let tears well in his eyes, Adonis smiled lovingly, tucking a few stray bangs behind Chay’s ear.

“I’ll take you here again soon, dearest. Sleep well, and take care. I love you…” Keeping back a sob, he pressed a kiss on the human’s forehead, and as he pulled away, drew out the soul. And never to replace.

Never to replace.

He always would promise to himself that he’d never put the human’s soul back into his body, but it was never more than a few days before his resolve broke. Crying, he laid his head upon Kichay’s chest, already freezing cold, and then began to sob. Allowed himself the grief of loosing his lover, his heart. There was no heartbeat sounding, no evidence that he had made love to Chay one last time. His body was still warm from their love-making, but that would soon flicker and die. A mere memory would never be enough.

Not even the statue Sajery would create in a likeness to Kichay could capture the beauty and perfection of the human.

Now alone, he laid in his large, canopied bed with the lifeless body of Chay tucked into his side. Alone and loveless.


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