Cat vs. Bats

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“Turn… over… Batgirl…” Sexual urgency and power seasoned the woman’s voice as she slowly and deliberately ordered me–not asked–to do her bidding. I swallowed hard and focused on my breathing to avoid hyperventilating. I was never so excited in my life.

My hands and knees on the mattress I arched my back so that my ass and soaking wet pussy were clearly exposed to the woman’s view: I was ready for her entry.

The muscular man, now wearing only his Batman mask, stood chained to the wall only ten feet from the bed where I was, unrestrained but completely in the power of the evil Catwoman.

“You want this, don’t you?” she whispered, her lips and chin alone exposed beneath a black leather mask.

“Yes!” I hissed. “I want it…” My voice sounded impatient, even to my ears.

“Batgirl! Try to resist!” the man chained to the wall barked. I was too far gone for that.

“You are so naughty, Batgirl. I’m glad you fell into my trap.” She sneered cruelly

I lowered my shoulders to the bed, spreading my arms wide. The weight of the beautiful woman pressed against my bare form. Sticky skin on the back of my thighs clung to her smoothness while her full breasts, shielded beneath her leather costume, slid across my lower back as she slapped her open palms flush to my hips. She gathered my loins in her grasp, aiming the firm rubber arrow at my most private parts. The well lubricated rubber tip of her dildo pressed against the opening of my body. A sigh slipped past my lips as the pressure of the rubber intruder increased.

“You should know you can’t beat the Catwoman.”

The massive device strapped around her slim waist split the lips of my pussy and plunged to the depths of my body in one rapid dive. A choking sensation in my throat strangled any protests I might have offered at this point. The depths her masculine weapon plumbed in my body had been, as yet, untouched. I gasped in a vain attempt to catch my breath. This attack was greater than any I had ever experienced in my short life. My heartbeat roared in my ears and the familiar twitch of an impending climax tickled my bellybutton. Was I coming already?

I twisted the sheets in my fists, both arms extended towards the edge of the bed, and gritting my teeth in a delightful combination of pain, surrender, passion, and sexual panic I felt every muscle in my body spasm. Uncontrolled trembling shook me to my core so that my entire body burned from the exertion of my mind-numbing orgasm. The scream I left in the pillow, no doubt, turned the avian filling to dust.

The woman chuckled quietly while she pulled the device to the edge of my sex and then plunged forward with all her strength, burying it as deep as my body could accommodate. I gasped and tried to call out for mercy but I could not make the words come out. She must have sensed my distress but leaned in close to the back of head to torment me instead of comfort me.

“Now, you’re a real Bat-woman.” I tried to voice some protest but nothing came out except the rush of my breath.

Wait! Let me explain how this all came to be.

My name is Jolynn. I’m 26 years old, pretty, though kinda short, but well built and athletic. I had a fantasy about Batgirl and Catwoman for a long time but never gave it a second thought until recently.

I read a story on the internet at some amateur porn site and liked it. I looked at the author’s information (Max was his name) and thought I would send him a note. What happened after that was more than I expected.

Max was an older guy, in his early 40’s, but the information he sent me about himself was kind of weird: almost guarded, like he did not want to tell me everything about himself. I pressed him a little and he asked me to relate the details of my sexual fantasy while he explained that he might be able to fulfill it “somehow.”

Against my better judgment I told him about my fascination with Batgirl, Catwoman, and a bunch of other stuff. A week later, when an invitation arrived in my inbox to a fancy costume party arrived I was intrigued. The invitation contained a coupon for a free hand-made custom Batgirl costume. With that, I was captivated. I didn’t care if this Max guy was a fat, horny, old Republican, it would be worth it for an evening as Batgirl. Little did I know…

The guy at the costume shop, where I picked up my outfit, looked at me funny and said, “This was a special order done as a one-of-a-kind. We’ve never had something fit to order like this one.”

“Whadda ya mean?” I inquired.

The man cocked his head, “Well, it was fitted to some clothes that we got about a week ago.” With his answer the man extended a bag towards me. “This is yours, I think.”

I shrugged, took the bag and the costume and went back to my apartment. When I opened the bag I found the clothes inside were mine!

Holy shit! I thought. They fitted this costume from my clothes. Somehow my clothes had been stolen to make sure this costume fit me correctly. My heart jumped. afyon escort This was not cool, at all! I picked up the phone to call the police. The idea of someone breaking into my apartment and stealing my clothes–regardless of the reason–was dangerous and I needed to contact the authorities. With the phone in my hand, I searched the bag for more clues but found none. The Batgirl costume beckoned to me and I just could not resist looking at it more closely. I put the phone down to examine the outfit.

The entire thing was made from black silk and the stockings felt like liquid satin across my palms. A lump built up in my throat. I had to try it on.

I stripped off my clothes quickly, despite a curious trembling in my hands. Each piece of the outfit slid over my skin smoothly. I was glad I had shaved that morning. As the fabric loitered over every inch of my exposed flesh I found a growing dampness between my legs. This crazy costume was making me hot!

When I pulled the tights on, a funny little lump in the crotch of the reinforced panty caught my attention because it pressed directly against my clit. This costume had everything!

In the mirror, with the garb in place, I looked like Batgirl. I was so excited I had to masturbate to relieve the incredible sexual tension the reflection caused in me. I sat in a chair so I could stare at the disconnected entity in the mirror, this Batgirl, who sat where I should have been, this female superhero looking more beautiful and more sexy than any female had a right to look. It was exciting to watch the sexy Batgirl in the mirror, plucking at her crotch.

My hand slid inside the black hot pants, pushing aside the silk stockings, so I could trace my finger along the slit between the lips of swollen puss. The first touch caused my entire body to shudder, I was that turned on.

My hand drove between my legs clawing at my clit trying to coax an orgasm quickly to the surface. The costumed figure in the mirror lurched forward and jerked several times as I rapidly approached an orgasm.

A loud knock on my door broke the spell.


“Who is it?” I squeaked. No one had used the buzzer to enter the building so it must be a neighbor, I thought. “Yeah!” I shouted. Another knock.

Damn it! I twisted off the mask, covered the rest of my costume with my robe and stomped towards the door, angry because someone could be so rude as to disturb my fantasy. I was irate and I did not even look out the peep hole, I just twisted the knob and yanked the door open wide.

A large man bulled his way through my doorway and twisted my arm behind my back. His huge palm covered my mouth before I could yell and he pulled my body tight against his thick chest.

Another man, considerably smaller than the one mashing me, followed us through the door shutting it behind him.

“Okay. Let’s get ‘er outta here.” The small one barked. I was terrified.

“Ya sure dis is her?” The big one asked with a boxer’s slur tinging his voice.

The little man stepped in front of us and pulled open my robe to expose my Batgirl costume. “Yeah,” was all he said. I lashed out at him with my foot connecting solidly between his legs. He fell to the ground in a heap.

“Dat wasn’t nice,” the big guy mumbled. He pressed an acrid smelling rag to my nose. The room began to spin and then I saw black.


When my eyes focused again I found myself in a dimly lit room, where the walls were covered in maps and drawings of banks and other buildings. Velcro straps held both my wrists and ankles tightly bound as I lay on what appeared to be a single bed.

Two men sat in chairs staring intently at me and a figure to my left. I turned my head and saw, to my disbelief, a woman in a Catwoman outfit pacing the floor. This was too weird!


The loud pop of her whip caught me by surprise. The woman dressed in the Catwoman garb sidled over to the bed where I lay helpless. Leaning in close I could feel her hot breath on my face despite the mask which someone replaced while I was unconscious.

“Batgirl, we meet at last,” she cooed.

“What the fuck?” I blurted out only to be interrupted by the sensual figure standing over me.

“Shhh,” she shushed me before she leaned closer. “There’s gonna be an extra thousand in it if you play this right,” she whispered as an aside.

“What are you..?” The woman’s hand covered my mouth quickly cutting off my protests.

“Shut up! These guys are gonna pony up another couple of grand if we do this like pros,” she hissed between clenched teeth. I shot a glance toward the wall and spied the two old men, one had his hand inside his pants.

“Wha…” I mumbled into the woman’s black gloved palm.

“You’re Batgirl and I’m Catwoman… and the guys over there are filthy rich. So shut up and be good.” Then there was a menacing tone to her voice. “Don’t make me play rough with you… Batgirl!” The last word was spoken loudly and seemed to be directed agrı escort at the two men by the wall.

The scenario was falling into place now. That Max character from the internet site had found some old geezers who wanted a Batgirl versus Catwoman sexual combat royale and Max was putting on a show for the old coots.

I was livid and decided I was not going to be a sexual minion for some guy, who broke into my house and had me kidnapped, scaring me half to death, just so he could line his pockets with some old geezer’s’ money.

“Bullshit! Let me up!” I barked.

The wooden handle of Catwoman’s whip pressed against my throat shoving my head back onto the pillow, roughly.

“Shut up, bitch!” she growled. “You are not fucking this up for me. You got it, Batgirl!” she finished through clenched teeth. I swallowed against the handle of the whip and nodded weakly.

I glanced back towards the old men, who grinned at my predicament.

“I’m not Batgirl!” I blurted out quickly at the old men. Catwoman shoved the whip’s handle hard into my throat again.

“You’ll have to do better than that, Batgirl.” These old guys showed great interest in the “Batgirl versus Catwoman” exchange playing out on the bed. It was as though they really believed that I was Batgirl and that the tall sensuous woman pacing around the bed was indeed Catwoman.

“Call the police!” I pleaded with them. My plea only seemed to pique their interest.

Snap! The whip cracked again, causing me to jump beneath my restraints.

“Please,” I begged the old men.

Catwoman leaned in close to my ear and spoke, “I’ve always wondered what it would be like to make love to a beautiful female superhero.” The dampness of her breath lingered on my cheeks as she finished and began to pace around the bed once again. “I had your Bat-man and he was like putty in my hands.” I looked towards the old men again and spotted a gleam in their eyes that suggested they must have also funded a Batman and Catwoman coupling.

I was being held hostage, forced to perform, what was my sexual fantasy (but merely a fantasy, I did not expect someone to kidnap me and force me into it) for the pleasure of some well-heeled old voyeurs.

Now, Catwoman slid up onto the bed so she could position her crotch only inches from my face. An intoxicating scent of female sexual aroma filtered into my nostrils. When men had smacked their lips and licked their fingers after dipping their clumsy digits between my legs I always thought they were being immature jerks, extolling the “scent of a woman,” praising it as something too precious to bottle. It always seemed, to me, the rantings of an insecure man-child desperate to prove he was discerning enough to appreciate the smells that emanate from between the legs of a female. But at that moment, strangely, I might have been converted.

It was a heady mixture of lust, mystery and sweat. Not that icky sweat that guys smell like after a basketball game but a subtle delicate scent. And mixed with the lusty aroma of a woman’s secrets it could only be described as, sex: pure and simple. I know that sounds dumb but the only thing I could think of at that instant was the word, sex.

My heart was pounding when I let my eyes drift up Catwoman’s black leather garb and I finally stared into her gleaming green eyes. She smiled slowly. She had full sexy lips like she had a double dose of collagen and all I wanted to do at the instant was suck on those lips covered in “fuck-me-in-the-mouth red” lipstick. I wanted to feel the heat of this beautiful sexy woman.

A woman! What was I thinking? This was a woman, the same as me. But the long slow lines of her body beneath that black leather and her sensuous movements–like a cat stretching after soaking in some sunbeam–was unlike anything I had ever seen in a man. And I like men. I like men a lot. This was something different: good, very good, but different. I think I was hooked right about then.

When I swallowed, an audible “gleep” brought a leer to Catwoman’s pretty face. She knew what was happening at that point and seemed to be proud of her sexual power over me.

“Okay… Catwoman,” I panted. “You’ve got me… what now?” My heart was pounding and I was afraid Catwoman could hear the beating of it in my chest. I was terrified and confused but mostly I was sexually excited, more than I had ever been with any man. Was I going lezzy? I didn’t think so but I was beginning to understand what men find so enticing about a strong and highly sexual woman.

Damn! I thought. I wished I really was Batgirl.

“Batgirl,” she cooed, “you are a superhero that exercises your control over men. But that control is useless against me.” A smug smile flashed across her lips when she pushed her crotch closer to my face: her knees firmly ensconced under my arm pits. “I’m in control here, Batgirl.”

With that, the woman playing Catwoman pulled aside the black leather fabric of her hot pants and arched her back slightly akdere escort so that the short cropped auburn hair of her pussy pressed against my lips, teasing my nostrils with that wonderful aroma of her body’s desire.

“Taste me… sweet, Batgirl,” she whispered. One old man leaned in closer leaving his hot breath burning my neck. I twisted my face away from her feminine musk, facing the wall opposite from the old men.

“Bring her tongue to me,” Catwoman growled addressing the nearest man.

“Yes, Catwoman,” the old man croaked in a raspy voice. His cold fingers slapped against my cheek and twisted my face back so that my mouth was directly under the woman’s puffy lips, hers 90 degrees to my own. The light colored wispy hair on her mons edged closer and I fought the panic inside me but found being gently forced into this act fired my ardor.

A bony knuckle dug into my ribs, urging me to sexually entertain this crazy chick playing the role of Catwoman with great relish. The old man grinned at me lasciviously as the woman’s vaginal lips touched my mouth. Another poke from his gnarled finger and I extended my tongue so that I could slap at her sex.

It did not taste bad, maybe a little like vegetable soup, but better than I expected. The slippery skin inside her lips was damp and I found my tongue gliding along her slit easily. Catwoman hissed in obvious pleasure when I directed the point of my tongue at the tiny bulge of her clit.

“I’ve dreamed of this day… Batgirl,” she growled while the old man panted nearby. I extended my tongue farther now and found Catwoman twitched her hips each time I poked at the small knot of flesh that controlled her pleasure.

“Um,” she moaned while she rocked her sex back and forth. I glanced into her eyes to see her eyelids closed with a sleepy look of sexual expectation.

God damn! That was the sexiest thing I had I ever witnessed. At that moment, I knew what men found so exciting about responsive strong women.

“Uhnn!” I moaned loudly when the old man’s finger slipped inside my tights and dabbed at my erect clit. I swear, it felt like my clit was vibrating and the gentle urging from the old man’s bony digit was all I needed to get my juices flowing.

My moan caused Catwoman to suck in a quick breath, hissing as she did.

“Jeez… Batgirl, you give the sweetest tongue ever. And I’m a cat, so I would know.” The last part she spoke with a giggle beneath her words. I think she really enjoyed my attentions. I’ve always loved pleasing my sexual partners, and this woman was enjoying what I was doing, that was for sure. I attacked her slick sex with new enthusiasm.

Her body jerked several times and her mons rode against my mouth so that the tip of my tongue could tickle her insides. This coaxed several low moans from her throat.

Leaning forward quickly she clutched at my head pulling my face away from her warm puss, regrettably. With her free hand she snatched her mask away from her face and leaned forward. I could not look away.

“This is my secret identity, Batgirl. But you’ll never live to tell anyone.” Her face was oval, smooth, and pale with a dusting of freckles on her cheeks. She was very pretty and as I peered into her sparkling eyes I thought she was pretty enough that she did not need to play this game to make the rent, but seeing the lovely face beneath her mask only fired my need to see this woman reach the pinnacle of sexual pleasure. I wanted to feel her puss against my lips when the blue flames of climax filled her vision, when sheet-clenching frenzy hit her, causing her body to twist uncontrollably. I wanted to know what it felt like to have another woman’s ultimate sexual joy brought on by the delicate lashings of my tongue. I needed to make this woman come.

I gasped when the old man buried a second digit between the lips of my own steaming pussy. Moisture seeping down my lips tickled me as the cool line of my own juices broke a trail of stinging lust along the folds of my body. I was lost in the moment and knew my life was forever changed.

A gentle rocking motion of Catwoman’s hips allowed me to dab my tongue at her clit several times and then burrow into her lovely hole with my eager flesh. It was easy and I had no idea licking a woman’s pussy could be so much fun. With each cycle of her hip thrusts I tried several different patterns of “lick and lap” and each seemed to thrill the woman astride my face more than the last. Catwoman responded to my oral “entertainment” more completely than anyone I had ever been with before.

I was tugging hard against the restraints that bound my wrists. I wanted to cup her sweet, silky bottom in my hands, to press my open palms against the firm flesh that I felt quivering against my collar bone.

Sensing my want Catwoman growled at the old man, “Release her, she’s mine now.” With that, my hands were free. Reaching over her thighs I cupped her warm legs in my hands and found myself in love. Not with this woman–she was obviously some nut case B-girl–or even women in general but I was in love with this situation. I was being held against my will and forced to perform sexual acts on a beautiful woman while I was in dolled up as Batgirl. That was what I loved.

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