Cathy Helps a Friend

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Cathy?! Cathy?!

Cathy felt someone rousing her from her sleep. It was her friend Millie. Millie would stop by most mornings for coffee and talk.

“Cathy? Do you feel OK?”

Cathy rubbed her eyes and sat up in bed. “I am sorry, Millie. I don’t know why I overslept.” It was only then that Cathy realized she was naked in front of her friend. Not that it mattered to her but it did explain the look of shock on Millie’s face. Cathy quickly grabbed her robe and covered herself and got out of bed and made her way to the kitchen to make coffee.

“Do you always sleep naked, Cathy?” Millie asked. It was somewhat out of character for Millie to pry. It was one of the things that Cathy loved about her friend. She was ok with whatever happened for the most part.

“Well yes, dear. Me and Don like sleeping naked. It is more fun that way.” Cathy noticed Millie’s expression changed. She had only been widowed a few months. Cathy thought to herself that she shouldn’t have mentioned anything intimate since the wounds of her loss were still so fresh. “I am sorry, Millie. I shouldn’t have said anything like that.” Cathy put her arm around her friend and they shared a soft hug for a few moments.

“Oh, its OK, hun. I shouldn’t have acted shocked. I know that some couples actually enjoyed that kind of stuff. Charles wasn’t much interested in…well…you know.”

Cathy wasn’t sure what to say. Millie was opening up in a way she never had before. Should she push to find out more about Millie’s life with her late husband? While she was pondering whether to push for more information, Millie continued, “Do you and Don have…um…sex…a lot, Cathy?”

Cathy was now the one who was standing with a stunned look on her face. She had never heard her friend use the word ‘sex’ before. She finally gathered herself and answered, “Well, we try to 3 maybe 4 times a week. Didn’t you and Charles have sex regularly?”

Millie looked down and shook her head ‘no’ and Cathy thought she could see Millie’s eyes welling up with tears. “In fact, it has been over 10 years since we had sex.” Cathy couldn’t believe her ears.

“You’re kidding me,” Cathy reacted without thinking, “What was wrong with him?”

Millie shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know. Once the kids were grown he spent most of his time either working on our cars or watching TV. I don’t even remember the last time we slept in the same bed, together.” Cathy sat in stunned silence. Don and her had enjoyed sex and she looked forward to him touching her and loving her body. She couldn’t believe that all men weren’t that way. Cathy got up and poured them both a cup of coffee and they sat at the kitchen table.

They sat in silence a bit longer. There was a tension between them that Cathy had never felt before. She had always felt so comfortable around Millie but now she had no idea what to say or even what to think about what her friend was admitting to her. Millie broke the silence.

“Cathy, do you…well…you know…enjoy sex?”

Cathy Casibom could tell that it was difficult for Millie to ask her and Cathy wondered where she was gearing the conversation. “Oh yes, Honey, didn’t you?” Millie just slowly shook her head ‘no’ and a tear ran down her cheek.

“Do you have orgasms, Cathy?”

By now, Cathy was getting excited by the turn the conversation was taking. “Yes I do,” Cathy paused for a moment then asked, “I assume you didn’t?”

Once again Millie shook her head ‘no’. “I was reading in a magazine down at The Hair Salon about how to have better orgasms. I never even had one that I know of.”

Cathy asked, “Didn’t it feel good when Charles would be fucking you?”

Millie shrugged her shoulders slightly and said, “I guess so. I didn’t hate it, but I don’t think it ever felt as good as they talked about in that article.” Cathy couldn’t believe her ears for two reasons. First, she couldn’t believe that Millie was opening up to her this and and second, that Millie had never had an orgasm.

“Millie, have you ever masturbated?” Cathy asked.

Millie furrowed her brow. “What do you mean?”

Cathy sighed and realized she was dealing with someone who was ignorant of the pleasure she had known for years. She also was begining to want to help enlighten her friend to the wonderful world of sexual pleasure. She thought maybe that was what Millie was leading up to but also wanted to make sure and not embarrass herself if Millie wasn’t looking for that. “You know, touch yourself. You know, between your legs.” Cathy didn’t know why she was so nervous about saying the word ‘pussy’. She could tell Don to eat her pussy and fuck her pussy and she had said the word so many times, even to other women. Maybe it was because it was Millie and it was a subject they had never discussed in the past. Either way, her own pussy was getting wetter the longer her and Millie talked.

Millie just sat motionless. There was a tenseness in the air. Finally, Cathy mustered up enough nerve and asked, “Millie, would you like to know what an orgasm feels like?” Millie looked up with her eyes wide open. They stared at each other for what seemed like an hour. In reality it was only a few tense seconds.

“Could you tell me what to do?” Millie asked.

“Millie, I would be honored to help you. Would you like that?”

Millie nodded. Cathy took a deep breath and stood, took her friend by the hand and led her to the couch. They sat next to each other and Cathy rubbed Millie’s shoulders. “You are so tense, Honey. That will never do. Just relax.” Cathy began to massage Millie’s shoulders and neck and down her arms. She pushed Millie back a bit and had her lay her head back on the couch all the while working the muscles in Millie’s neck and shoulders. “There, that is better. Does that feel good?” Millie nodded but didn’t speak. Cathy could feel her relaxing under the gentle massaging.

After a few more moments of running her hands over her Casibom Giriş friend’s shoulders, neck and arms Cathy got a little bolder and brushed her hands against Millie’s ample breasts. Cathy had always admired the size of her friend’s breasts. They were they big old-lady-tits that are so common on farm women. Millie didn’t react as Cathy rubbed the sides of Millie’s chest with her hands and Cathy was excited by the softness under her dress and bra. Cathy moved from beside Millie to kneeling in front of her, still running her hands over Millie’s arms and brushing her tits.

When Cathy got on her knees in front of her friend she began to get bolder with her hands. First she put her palms over Millie’s tits and gave them both a squeeze. Millie’s eyes opened in shock and then she smiled and giggled a little. “Whew,” Cathy thought,”I was afraid she was going to stop me.”

“So, you like that did you?” Cathy asked while she fondled Millie’s tits. Millie smiled and winked. Cathy put her thumbs over Millie’s nipples and pushed in on them, then began to pinch at them both softly.

“Cathy, you seem to know what you are doing. I am not the first woman you have done this with am I?”

Cathy didn’t know what to say. She realized that Millie was as ignorant to how experienced she was as she was ignorant to how inexperienced Millie was. “No, I have done this with a couple of others. Is that OK with you?” Millie closed her eyes and nodded.

Cathy ran her hands down Millie’s stomach and over her hips. She found the hem of Millie’s dress and pushed her way under it. She started working her hands up Millie’s thighs, pushing the dress up and bunching it up in her lap. Cathy squeezed her thighs high up and pushed them apart. Her fingers were only inches from Millie’s dormant pussy. She wanted this to be special for her friend so she didn’t want to hurry but her excitement was getting to her and she wanted desperately to bury her face in Millie’s pussy and lick her to the ultimate pleasure. Millie began to writhe her hips slightly under Cathy’s touch.

“Raise up for a second, Millie,” Cathy said. When Millie did, Cathy pulled her dress up to her waist, exposing her crotch. Millie sat back down and Cathy began to run her hands up and down Millie’s thighs, going higher each time and yet avoiding touching her pussy. Cathy knew how exciting it was when Don would tease her this way and she wanted Millie to experience the feeling and enjoy it the way she did.

“Oh, Cathy that feels very good. Are you going to touch me?”

“Yes, dear, I am going to. You want me to, don’t you?”

“Oh dear God, yes. I don’t know if I have ever felt this good.” Cathy hooked her thumbs under the elastic of Millie’s panties and ran them around the legs of her panties, still avoiding Millie’s pussy. “Oh my, Cathy, this is incredible.”

“Raise up again baby.” Millie raised her ass off the couch and Cathy pulled her panties down and off her friend, revealing one of the most unkempt bushes Casibom Güncel Giriş of hair to ever cover a pussy. Ordinarily, that would be a turn off to Cathy, but today it just fueled the fire inside her. Cathy planted soft kisses on Millie’s thighs and Millie gasped loudly. Cathy smiled to herself as she knew the feeling that her friend was having and she was thrilled to be the one causing it. Cathy ran her fingers up Millie’s thighs and then through the thickness of her pubic hair. It was damp. Cathy brought her fingers back down through Millie’s pubic hair and finally ended the suspense and made contact with her pussy. Millie jumped and her legs started shaking.

“Oh my God, Cathy, I have never felt anything that good.” Cathy softly worked her fingers up and down Millie’s pussy lips. They were wet already and made soft juicy sounds under her fingers. Cathy was careful to avoid touching Millie’s clit for now. She wanted to wait a bit before letting her friend have that feeling. By now, Millie’s pussy was oozing lots of juices and her aroma was intoxicating. She pushed a finger into Millie and Millie sighed and then took a deep breath. Cathy began to work her finger in and out, fucking her friend. Millie moaned and let out a little cry and a soft giggle. Cathy planted some soft kisses in Millie’s pubic hair while she worked her finger in her wet pussy. Cathy ran her tongue down and licked Millie’s pussy lips.

“Holy shit, Cathy, are you licking me?” Millie sat up straight pulling Cathy’s finger out of her.

“Relax, Honey, it is OK.”

“OK, I was just shocked. I didn’t expect that.”

Cathy grinned. “Maybe you didn’t expect it but did you like it?”

Millie laid back and spread her legs wide. “It did feel good. Do you want to do it again?”

Cathy nestled back between her friend’s legs and resumed her licking and fingering. Millie responded to the attention and Cathy worked her tongue into and up and down Millie’s pussy lips and softly would brush her clit. Soon, Millie’s breathing and moans got louder and more intense. Cathy knew that sign. She worked her lips up to Millie’s clit and began to softly flick her tongue over it. In just a minute or two, Millie began to cry out loud and utter profanity like Cathy had never heard her use.

“Sonuvabitch that sure feels fucking good. Goddammit, Cathy. Shit. Shit. Shit.”

Finally, Millie went over the edge and Cathy was able to give her the first orgasm of her 58 years. “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, yesssssssss.” Millie’s ass raised off the couch and then she abruptly collapsed and twitched several times. Cathy held on and kept licking and sucking lightly on her clit. “Stop, oh my god, please stop. Oh it is too sensitive.”

Cathy gave her friend’s pussy one last kiss and then sat back on her ankles looking up at her friend. She got up and sat next to Millie. She put her arm around her and let Millie rest her head on her shoulder. They stayed that way for some time. Eventually, Millie broke the silence, “So that is what an orgasm feels like. No wonder everyone likes them.”

Cathy knew this was not going to be the last time her and Millie would do this and she couldn’t wait until Millie returned the favor to her. That would wait until another day.

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