Caught in the Act Ch. 04

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


This story is fictional. All persons depicted are over the age of 18. All names have been changed to protect identities.

This is a sequel to my three previous stories. If you haven’t already read them, you may want to.


This story does include instances of forced lesbian incest, piss, shit, and vomit. If that’s not your thing, stop reading right here. If that is your thing, please continue.



Arielle leads me to the bedroom, and tells me to lie on the bed. While I do that, she goes to her bag and grabs a clean pair of panties. They weren’t just any panties; they were a white pair of lacy thongs.

She lies on the bed in front of me, and starts rubbing her thongs on her soaking wet pussy lips. My cock is getting hard again, though I’m not sure it can do much more so quickly. She was just starting to push the thongs into her tight cunt when we hear the front door opening.

We both know trying to hide now would be useless, so we go out to the living room to greet my wife, Arielle’s sister. At first, Ashley is stunned. Then she starts yelling and cussing at both of us. We don’t care. We look at each other, then back to Ashley.

We both move toward Ashley at the same time. When we reach her, we start stripping her clothes off. Ashley tries to resist, but she can’t overpower both of us. We finally get her as naked as we are.

Ashley tries to cover up, but Arielle holds them to her side. I step toward Ashley, staring into her eyes. I lean over and kiss Arielle, snaking my tongue into her mouth and hers into mine. My eyes never leave Ashley’s.

I tell Arielle that we’re going back into the bathroom, and she gets a wicked grin on her beautiful face. Ashley simply looks puzzled. I tell Arielle to get into the tub with Ashley.

I grab my now rock hard cock and aim it right at Ashley’s face. As soon as my stream of piss starts, Ashley tries to turn away. But Arielle grabs her face, and opens her mouth. Now that she has no choice, my urine lands right in Ashley’s mouth and flows out down her chin.

Arielle, the filthy slut she is, starts licking my piss off Ashley’s chin. Then she starts drinking it right out of Ashley’s open mouth. I laugh at how much of a dirty whore she’s become in a single day.

Arielle proclaims that she now has to pee, so we switch places. She spreads her wet pussy lips, and aims her stream right at Ashley’s open mouth. Again, Ashley tries to close her mouth, but I don’t let her. I do exactly what Arielle did. I start licking Arielle’s piss off Ashley’s chin, then right out of Ashley’s mouth.

When Arielle is done, I kiss Ashley. I force my tongue into her mouth, forcing her to taste Kartal Escort her sister’s salty piss. As I’m doing this, Arielle has begun sucking on Ashley’s chubby tits. Ashley tries to pull away from her sister, but we both hold her in place. I tell her that the sooner she accepts what’s happening, the easier it will be for all three of us.

It’s not long before I’m licking Ashley’s fat bald pussy. She starts moaning, and I can taste her juices flowing in her cunt. Then Arielle sits on her sister’s face. At first, Ashley does nothing. Then Arielle grabs her sister’s head, and brings it up to her wet cunt.

Reluctantly, Ashley sticks her tongue out. Arielle starts rubbing her pussy lips on her sister’s tongue. It doesn’t take long for Ashley’s arousal to get the better of her, and she grabs her sister’s thighs, pulls her pussy down, and buries her tongue into her wet cunt.

I tell Arielle to turn around, and she does so while I position my dick at the entrance to Ashley’s pussy. I slowly push my cock into her tight cunt, kissing Arielle as I do. I start ramming Ashley’s cunt, making her moan into her sister’s pussy, which makes Arielle moan into my mouth.

With all of the moaning, and the two sexy women I’m with, it doesn’t take long for me to be close to cumming. Instead of flooding Ashley’s pussy, I pull out and unload on her fat belly. Arielle excitedly licks up my hot sticky cum. I tell her to not be stingy; Ashley likes cum too. Arielle turns around and kisses her sister with an open mouth, which Ashley happily accepts.

They share my cum between them for a couple minutes before Ashley breaks the kiss. She says she has to use the bathroom. I tell her to piss on me and Arielle. She says it’s not piss, but “number two”. Arielle and I exchange a quick grin, and I tell her that’s even better.

Suddenly, Ashley’s face is struck with horror and disgust as she realizes what I meant. I tell her to get over her disgust quickly, cause Arielle and I have to go again any way. Since I’m already standing, I simply squat over their boobs and let my bowels go. I release every ounce of smelly shit right onto their boobs.

Arielle begins smearing my shit onto her sister’s big tits, while Ashley starts vomiting from the horrible smell. Arielle immediately places her face under the torrent of puke spewing from her sister’s mouth. Once Arielle’s face is covered in Ashley’s puke, Arielle starts to retch. She sits back up, and spews her vomit directly onto Ashley’s face.

This only makes Ashley puke that much more. I decide to add my own vomit to the mix by spewing right onto both their heads. Arielle begins rubbing all the puke and shit all over her sister’s fat body. Enjoying the sight, I decide to start stroking my cock.

Arielle says that her belly is Pendik Escort full, and she needs release. So she and I switch places. I start kissing Ashley and fingering her increasingly wet pussy. Ashley starts moaning into my mouth. We then hear a loud plop, from Arielle’s shit landing right on Ashley’s filthy tits. A few more soft turds join the pile, then I start smearing Arielle’s delicious poop all over Ashley’s big boobs, chubby belly, and even on her face.

Arielle then squats down, placing her shitty ass right over her sister’s face. Obviously, Ashley resists at first. But a few hard smacks to her boobs lets her know that non-compliance is not an option. So Ashley starts licking the shit directly from Arielle’s ass crack.

I move toward the other end of the tub, where Ashley’s shitty wet pussy is waiting for me. I spread her thick thighs. Those thighs used to be creamy white, but are now covered in shit and puke. I place my cock right at the entrance to Ashley’s pussy, then ram it straight in as hard as I can. While I’m fucking Ashley’s wet cunt, I decide to play with her shit-covered boobs. I lean down and start licking her nipples, licking up some of mine and Arielle’s shit. Then I lean up and kiss Arielle, sharing our mixed shit with her once again.

Before I cum, I pull my dick out of Ashley’s tight pussy. I remember that she had to shit too, so I decide to check how full she is. I start rubbing my fingers on her hole, lubing her up. Then I push one finger inside, looking for a prize. My finger hits something after only pushing one knuckle inside. I grin to myself.

I aim my hard cock right at her shit-filled hole, and push it in slowly. Ashley wasn’t expecting my dick, so she tries to get away. But Arielle is still sitting on her face, keeping her in place. I push my cock all the way in and leave it there for a second. I start pulling out, and see my dick is streaked with Ashley’s shit.

I then start relentlessly pounding Ashley’s shit box. I can feel her shit every time I thrust inside. Arielle leans down and starts licking Ashley’s pussy. Seeing them in that position, with my cock pounding Ashley’s tight shit hole, sends me over the edge. I suddenly stop thrusting, and release a fresh load of cum right into Ashley’s shit-packed asshole.

I pull my dick out, and Arielle grabs it hungrily, eager to lick her sister’s shit off my cock. Ashley’s asshole is suddenly empty, and the muscles too weak to close quickly enough, so her shit starts flowing out of her hole. I move Arielle, and grab some of Ashley’s shit in my hands. I bring my hands up to Ashley’s face, and she immediately knows what to do.

I push her shit into her mouth, then I kiss her so I can taste it too. I start licking at Ashley’s shit in her mouth, and I feel her tongue working Göztepe Escort around it too. When we’ve finally eaten the load of shit from her mouth, I break the kiss. I look down to Arielle, who has begun smearing her sister’s shit all over her face, boobs, and pussy.

I tell Ashley to stand up, and Arielle to lie down where her sister was. Ashley then says that she has to piss. I tell her to just piss on Arielle’s face. She won’t mind; in fact, I think she’d love it. She enthusiastically nods her head in agreement. So Ashley aims her piss right at Arielle’s face. I decide I want some too, so I lie down next to Arielle.

After a couple mouthfuls of Ashley’s hot piss, my cock is hard once again. So I move back down to Arielle’s deliciously filthy pussy, and just slide my dick inside. Now that she’s being fucked, Arielle’s lust grows. She plants her mouth right on her sister’s pussy, and starts drinking her piss directly from her cunt.

I decide to lick some shit off Arielle’s tits, then I kiss Ashley and share it with her. We all three start moaning loudly, and I know we’re all about to climax together. It’s not long before Ashley starts squirting cum all over her sister’s face. Having her sister squirt cum on her face sends Arielle over the edge, and she starts squirting cum all over my cock and stomach. Seeing them both squirting is too much for me, so I unload my cum right in Arielle’s shitty pussy.

Ashley loves my cum too much to not go after after it, so she starts licking her sister’s shit-covered and used pussy. She manages to get all my cum out, then kisses Arielle to share my jizz with her sister. I’m too spent to keep going, so I just lie down between them.

After a few minutes, it’s time to clean up. Again. So we three set to work cleaning the entire tub. With three of us, it doesn’t take long. Then it’s time for a shower. The shower takes longer, because now Ashley and Arielle can’t keep their hands and mouths off each other. It gets especially great for me when they both get soapy at the same time, and soapy water starts flowing down both their sexy bodies.

I get hard once again, and they decide to take care of it together. Ashley and Arielle both drop to their knees. Ashley takes my cock head into her mouth while Arielle starts licking the shaft of my dick. They swap roles a couple times. Then Ashley decides to deepthroat my cock while Arielle starts licking my balls. They switch roles on this too, with Arielle deepthroating my dick while Ashley licks my balls. With this slutty duo working my cock, it’s not long before I’m ready to cum again. I let them know I’m about to cum, so they both get under my cock and await my jizz. I manage to shoot several long thick ropes of cum onto both their faces and pairs of boobs. Which they gladly lick off each other and share with a deep sisterly kiss.

We step out of the shower, and towel dry. As we’re drying off, Arielle leans to Ashley and whispers into her ear. They giggle, then run into the bedroom together. I just know that they’re up to no good.


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