Caught in the Act!

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I woke up horny and wet. I had been dreaming about all the nasty things we did together last night. My sleepy eyes focused on the silk scarves still tied to our headboard. My still swollen pussy immediately tingled even more with excitement. I look longingly over to side of the bed and envisioned your hard naked body tied there. I close my eyes and recall teasing you and riding you till I came all over your hard cock. “Damn Saturday morning meetings with clients!” I grumble.

Glancing at the clock, I realize that I had slept longer than I had thought. “Hmmm, maybe the meeting is already over.” I wonder out loud.

I fumble for the phone and dial your cell. “Good morning sleepyhead! A little worn out from last night still?” You answer cheerfully.

“Oh no. I need you more right now baby.” I purr into the phone. “Please come home now baby. I need to taste you. I want to suck your dick until you can’t take it anymore and then slide my wet little pussy down on it.” My free hand caresses my own body longing for your touch instead.

“Damn it! I wish I could! I’m on my way to another meeting across town. I just can’t miss this appointment. I’m sorry baby.” You tell me reluctantly.

You hear my sigh of disappointment over the phone. “I’ll come home early if I can today baby. Forgive me?” you ask.

I purse my lips into a small pout. “I’ll forgive you, but you’re going to have to do a lot of sucking AND licking up to me when you get home.” I giggle.

“Ah well, my beautiful princess, I happen to be in luck then because I can and will take care of that as soon as I get home. Gotta run now baby, I’ll talk to you later.” You say hanging up the phone quickly.

I sink down into the empty bed with a groan. My spirits have been dampened but the ache in my moist cunt has only increased.

Almost involuntarily, my hands wander to my big round tits. I start to roll my nipples between bahis firmaları my fingers feeling them grow hard as I touch them. They are standing straight up hard and begging for more attention. I remember how good it felt when you were playing with them last night. I squeeze them firmly mimicking the way you tease them.

“Mmmmmm” I moan softly as I push my breast up to suck on my nipple. My hips sway back and forth gently losing myself in desire. I feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter while I work over my own tits with my hands and mouth.

I open my legs wide feeling the cool air blowing down on my hot wet pussy. My ass is gyrating as if beckoning you to come and fuck me. One of my hands leaves my breasts and slides slowly down my tummy. I am teasing myself; moving in slow motion enjoying the feel of my soft skin. I stop at my pussy lips. I love the feeling of my bare cunt covered with my own sweet juice. I lightly trace the outside of my slick silky smooth lips with two of my fingers.

My left hand continues its torment of my hard nipples. I close my eyes enjoying my pleasure as I lightly run a finger down my wet slit. Just the slight touch on my clit causes me to gasp out loud. I slip a finger into my pussy thinking about how amazing it felt when you were finger fucking me last night. My hips rise to meet my finger thrusts into my own dripping hole.

“Mmmmmm God baby! I need you to fuck me!” I cry out as I start to work my clit over in small lazy circles. My breath quickens as I play with myself more intensely. I’m close to cumming as I start to flick my clit the way you do to me. I bury my fingers deep in my pussy and pull them out slathering my clit with my wetness.

My whole body is shaking with ecstasy as I work myself into a frenzy thinking about you fucking me. I’m writhing on the bed uncontrollably; torturing my poor little clit by rubbing it and stopping as soon as I’m close kaçak iddaa to cumming; pulling my fingers away and plunging then into my cunt.

Finally, feeling like I can’t stand the teasing any longer, I attack my clit with fast circles rubbing pussy juice into my quivering clit.

“OOOOhhhhh God! Mmmmmmm!” I cum screaming out your name.

It scares the hell out of me when I hear you respond. “You want me, you got me baby!” as you dive already naked into my trembling pussy. I barely have time to register the fact that you are really there before you start licking my clit.

“No, No, Noooooo! It’s too sensitive now!” I protest as you begin a full-scale onslaught with your tongue, fingers and lips. I’m trying to squirm away from you, but you are holding me down firmly.

“I know you have lots more in you baby. I’m going to make you cum over and over again.” You growl, barely breaking away from my pussy to answer.

My breath is ragged. I don’t feel like I can handle anymore. I’m whimpering every time you even barely touch my clit. My hands are clawing at the sheets shaking my head wildly back and forth panting. I’m close to tears when I feel my body responding to your attentions working back up to an even higher plateau. “Ahhhh mmmmm” I moan loudly my body trembling under you as I cum again.

“More baby, give me more!” you demand continuing to suck on my swollen clit. I can hear how wet my pussy is as your fingers drive in and out of it. You suck my whole clit into your mouth tickling it with your tongue while you suck on it. The sensitivity in my body is gone and all I feel is the pleasure you are so good at giving me. I grind my cunt into your face eager to cum again. My fingers tighten in your hair pulling you deeper into my pussy.

“God yes, more baby, more! Please make me cum again!” I’m begging you. You eagerly comply licking me and fingering me more intensely. I lose kaçak bahis control again when you hit my g-spot with you fingers. “Godddddd!” I yell out cumming all over your face.

I lose count of how many times you make me cum. You only stop when I’m so weak that my body is practically limp under you and I cum only in tiny little whimpers.

You finally slide up my body to face me. You kiss me deeply feeding me my own sweet juices off your tongue. “Clean my face off. Taste all that cum you rubbed all over my face,” you whisper as you slowly slide your cock into my pussy. I busy myself licking, kissing and sucking on your lips, tongue and face cleaning you off. Our bodies are moving together in a slow erotic dance. You make love to me gently and tenderly while we kiss. Your hands roam freely over my body making me shiver underneath you.

You reach under me and grab my ass drawing me more tightly into you. We continue the gentle, slow rhythm while your hands hold my ass in close to you. You pull me over on top of you with your cock still buried deep in my pussy. “Don’t move,” you tell me holding me tightly against you.

Except for our passionate kisses our bodies are perfectly still. I can feel your cock throbbing deep inside me. My juice is dripping out of me and down onto your body. I begin to clench my pussy walls around your cock squeezing you without moving anywhere else. I can tell my cunt massage of your cock is driving you crazy by your heavy breathing. “Mmmmm” you moan into my mouth as I kiss you.

I tighten my pussy walls harder against your dick feeling your body tense underneath me. “God yes!” you gasp as I feel your hot cum exploding inside of me. I milk your cock with my pussy drawing you and your cum deep into me. I’m sucking your tongue into my mouth to match the rhythm of my pussy contractions around you. I pull my lips away with small soft kisses as you recover from your ecstasy.

“How did you get here so quickly?” I ask still lying on top of you.

Your face lights up as you grin, “I was around the corner already on my way home. I couldn’t stop thinking about last night either.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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