Caught In The Charity Thrift Shop

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“Oh now that’s nice,” I thought to myself as I sifted through the rack of the nicer dresses in my local charity thrift shop.

I love looking in charity shops as I can always find a bargain, especially at this particular shop in the Southend-On-Sea Victoria Shopping Centre. The staff are always friendly and do not mind one bit that the sexy female clothes I buy are for myself. In fact, Sandra one of the ladies, once commented that it was a refreshing change for a guy to actually admit to be buying for himself and not ‘for a friend’. She befriended me when I first went there and always wants to know what I have been doing and with who. Sandra knows I have a love for sexy female clothes, so she always has a little something put aside for me for when I call in, usually a satin slip or a sexy little underwear set.

Over the two years since my separation, I have discovered a new side to myself that had been hidden in the back of my mind from when I played at dressing up in my mother’s clothes. When I look back now, I did not realise that in my youth as a 10 year old boy, sliding a pair of panties and tights up my legs and feeling the sensations of running my hands over my nylon cased bum cheeks, would result in the path I now follow.

On this particular day, I had lifted from the rack a pale peach satin dress that surprised me by its weight. It was made from a heavy non-stretch satin, with a full taffeta lining that made a gorgeous swishing noise as I moved the dress side-to-side. It had a sweetheart neckline with little puff cap sleeves, and came down to just above the knee, with a centre split up the back. Around the waist was a fitted belt with a bow in the centre, all from the same slinky satin. I fell in love with the dress the moment I saw it.

Over my many years of married life, shopping for clothes for my then wife never caused me any embarrassment. In a shop, other shoppers are not worried about a guy picking out ladies clothes, as they are too involved in their own world to notice. In the shop on this day, I was aware that there were other people around behind me, but that did not worry me in the slightest. To this end, I held up the beautiful peach dress to my body to check the look. The label said UK size 10, so it should be a perfect fit. I ran my hand down the front of the dress feeling the soft material under my fingers “So soft” I said quietly, “and I have the perfect wrap I could team up with this.” I closed my eyes whilst running my hand across the fabric to feel the sensations through my tingling fingertips.

Perhaps I had taken a moment longer than was necessary holding the dress up to my body, or perhaps somebody had been watching me all the time I was in the shop, because escort as I was imagining how the dress would feel on my body over a sexy basque and stockings whilst a guy held me tight, a voice spoke directly behind me giving me a shock back to reality.” I think that dress would look fantastic on you.” My heart jumped, and then started beating harder and harder until I could feel it beating in my chest. I did not know what to do, panic shot through me and I was frozen to the spot. Although I often go out to party and I love to have fun with the guys in two of the TV clubs in the East End of London, I have never been approached by a guy whilst in ‘boy mode’.
“Umm, Thank you. Do you really think so?” I managed to say without looking around or moving, trying to keep my voice sounding calm.
“Oh yes baby!” he said, his voice as smooth as silk in my ears as I realised that he had moved even closer to right behind me. “That dress would make you look absolutely beautiful, along with a pair of stockings, sexy high heels, big hair, chunky jewelry and smoldering makeup. You would be the belle of the ball with all eyes gazing upon your beauty as you glide into the room. All the men would want to be with you and all the ladies would be envious of you. Your beauty would light up the room and lighten the heart of all you meet.”
“Oh my….” was all I could mutter, I was becoming lost in the moment. Here we were, in the corner of the shop, with other shoppers around us and I was being mesmerized by this amazing voice behind me, so close that I could feel his breath on my neck as he spoke.
“What’s your name baby?” he asked, as his arm slipped around my waist, drawing the dress I was still holding to my body and pulling me tight against his body.
“Lisa.” I quietly said.
“Well Lisa” he whispered into my ear, “I think that you and I should get to know each other better…..much better.”

I was now feeling so light headed that the room was spinning. My body had let its guard down letting my head drop to the side. My mystery suitor then sealed my fate. He lowered his head and ran his tongue up my neck from my shoulder to my ear, finishing up with a nip on my ear lobe.
I absolutely love having my neck and ears licked and nibbled, it is the one thing that can reduce me to a quivering wreck, and man behind me with his soft silky voice, with the wonderful smell of aftershave had ran his tongue along my sensitive part.
That was it, a gasp escaped my lips, my body shuddered and I realised that I needed to have this man, the man that was seducing me in public, the man that I had not yet seen. I spun around and was relieved to find the voice belonged to a handsome guy in his mid forties, nice dark brown hair, clean shaven, wearing izmit escort bayan a lovely suit that looked made to measure, a silk tie with a barbed wire print and a wide cheeky smile. Before I could speak, he took the dress from me and said “Come on, let me pay for the dress and go find a quiet coffee shop.”
He walked over to the counter and paid for the dress. The shop assistant on that day was Sandra, the lady who puts things aside for me. She greeted us warmly, commented on an excellent choice and took payment. As she handed the bag with the dress in to my man, she handed me a smaller bag.
“Here you go, these are for you.” she said giving me a wink.
“Thank you.” I said with a smile.
“No trouble honey,” she said with a grin, “Have fun you two!”

“Oh I am sure we will and thanks for everything.” he said to Sandra with a grin. “Come along my sweet.” and off he walked off towards the door. I was flabbergasted! Had this chance meeting all been arranged? I looked to Sandra who still had a huge smile on her face. “Well” she said, “what are you waiting for? Go on, off with you now young lady!” I mouthed my thanks to her and followed him out of the charity shop.

Stepping in line by his side, we walked without speaking a few doors down into the Wimpy where we found a quiet corner and ordered two cups of coffee.”I’m Mark” he finally said, taking my hand in his, “I am so happy to meet you, I am good friends with Sandra the shop assistant and she said that she had a regular customer that I should meet.”
I was still speechless, it had all been a set-up plan, but I was secretly pleased because here I was, sitting here with a handsome man who obviously wanted me judging by the effort he had taken to meet me.
“I can’t believe it,” I stammered, “How did you know I would be here today?”
“Sandra has been letting me help out in the store as she said you always come in on a Friday afternoon. I have been helping out for a few weeks hoping to meet you!”
“Wow, I am impressed! So how much has Sandra told you about me?” I quizzed.
“Well,” Mark began “you always buy something in satin, usually something quite glamorous, and you have a love of sexy lingerie too. Oh yes and that you like to play with guys as well as girls, which fits quite nicely for me as I also play with both girls, guys and especially tv’s.”
“Oh ok,” I replied taking his hand with both of my hands, “and do you think I would make a convincing girl?”
“Hell yes baby!” he replied, “You even look feminine as a guy, what with your fluffy high-lighted hair, black rectangular glasses and high cheek bones. You even have a soft feminine voice and no Adams apple. I imagine you look drop-dead gorgeous as a girl.”
“Why, izmit sınırsız escort thank you” I replied. I could feel my cheeks reddening and a bulge growing down below under his gaze. I tipped my head down and looked up sexily through my fringe.
“I expect you even wear something sexy underneath your boy clothes too!” he said with a sexy grin on his face.
“Of course! Purple satin full bum panties with black lace top hold-ups today” I replied with a wink. “It’s a pity I can’t show you here, we would probably be thrown out! But I would love to show you in private.”
“Oh good grief” Mark said as he shifted in his seat, “You do know how to tease, I need to sort myself out down below, and all this talk has made me hard as an iron bar!”
“Me too!” I giggled, “We need to get together for some fun. I would love you to treat me like a lady and make sweet love to me. But I would say that when I am in girl-mode, something animal comes over me and I become a bit of a wild man-eater!”
“That’s certainly ok with me” was his reply with a sexy wicked grin, “I have ways of training naughty wild things, and I would certainly love to treat you like a lady.”
“So how do we take things further?” I asked.
“I will be expecting you this evening at 8 o’clock sharp.” he said handing me his card, “my home address is on the back. I would like you to wear your new dress I just bought for you, along with the items Sandra handed to you.”
The bag from Sandra, I had forgotten about that! Mark obviously knew what was in there otherwise he would not have mentioned it. He had probably paid for them too!
“I will be there on the dot, dressed to impress and ready to please,” I breathed in my sexiest voice.
“I am sure you will my dear” Mark replied standing up from his seat “I must be going now but I will be seeing you later”

I waved Mark off and sat back down. My head began to spin again as I thought of the evening ahead. I then remembered the bag from Sandra, so with a flash I opened it and looked inside.
“Bloody hell!” I said out loud – realizing I had just said it out loud! Inside the inconspicuous bag was a black latex rubber corset and matching knickers. “I think I have just found Marks’ secret fetish.” I said quietly to myself breathing in the heady smell of gorgeous rubber, “He is a rubber lover! Fantastic!”

I also have a love for rubber and I have a couple of outfits from Honour, which cost me a small fortune. Quality rubber is expensive and easily distinguishable from the cheaper thinner type, and judging by the corset in the bag, Mark loves excellent quality. I started to imaging of all the fun we were going to have together. Satin and rubber was the order for tonight, this was going to be the start of something good.
“Ok girl” I said getting myself together, “better head home and start getting ready, these legs won’t get smooth sitting here!”

Love and sucks, Lisa xxxx

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